Don’t let your dreams be Memes. Drop out of college for a free Tesla!

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Was gonna add the first part to the new Tesla Delivery Vlog, but I forgot!

    • Emily Alie
      Emily Alie

      You make my day better and better

    • Emily Alie
      Emily Alie

      @Ileana Suliok ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

    • Ileana Suliok
      Ileana Suliok


    • Anthony_gaming

      e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

    • kevin cassie
      kevin cassie

      @Kevin Pano That ford

  • John

    2017: Plainrock uses his boosted board more than his car 2021/22: Plainrock’s boosted board is no where to be seen

    • Marco De marzo
      Marco De marzo

      @Hank J. Cookie yeah boosted went bankrupt

    • PremiumLiam


    • Useless

      2021/22 plainrock is a sigma male

    • Param_Plays YT
      Param_Plays YT

      He sold it

    • Paradoxical

      Because boosted is a dead company and it probably broke and there’s no way to fix it

  • lucidmusic

    Ive literally been watching plainrock for 3 years- found him in December of 2018. Even bought his axis of evil merch. He is one of the few youtubers i have never lost interest in. Keep it up! Luv u king!

  • BeefGaming2O

    I’ve been watching your videos for 4 years now. I’m glad to see you grow. You’ve came a long way too. You have your own place and you even destroyed an entire house. Keep up the good work.

    • Pyry 300
      Pyry 300

      @Phantom SSS Don't tell others to use grammar if you don't use it

    • Phantom SSS
      Phantom SSS

      @1 year waiting to get 50 subs before talk pliss learn English first

    • 1 year waiting to get 50 subs
      1 year waiting to get 50 subs

      He destroyed is dream too

    • mimo


    • that Big and fat kid
      that Big and fat kid


  • YumiNee

    ah yes, plainrock124 flexing his tesla again! now thats a great content to watch.

    • Clyde6790p

      @Firas W.A. Electric cars: *less flammable* Gas Cars: *instantly explodes on gas station*

    • Amiel28boyz2020

      @Manhar's Wii thats probably a man -DarkAltrax

    • sephorate

      @Firas W.A. normal cars are way more flammable

    • Firas W.A.
      Firas W.A.

      @Cake Karen ev's are boring because they don't have sound, plus it's flammable

    • Cake Karen
      Cake Karen

      @Firas W.A. I don’t understand why y’all gotta hate on Tesla I mean what’s the problem???

  • Xx god of all rappers
    Xx god of all rappers

    Look at this man went from driving a booster board from 2017 and 2021 he got one of his dream cars :) we love u king

  • FadegamingEXE

    He looks so happy about his new car. Also looks like he painted his Subaru red, wonder why.

    • fa lingo
      fa lingo

      @Ze_rivera Roblox nope, look at his vlog vid getting the car, he says he got the extended range model

    • Ze_rivera Roblox
      Ze_rivera Roblox

      @fa lingo he even SAID it was plaid

    • fa lingo
      fa lingo

      @Ze_rivera Roblox its not only the plaid that has that lol

    • MichaelEpicA

      @Ze_rivera Roblox no it isnt. he got the long range

    • Ze_rivera Roblox
      Ze_rivera Roblox

      @Apple SheepPlays! It is dumbo it has yolk steering

  • Jintana Rawdsukumaal
    Jintana Rawdsukumaal

    finally , the first motivational related content by him that i ever saw !

  • Benithefunny

    Will We are all proud of you you have come a long way Great graphics Vary high graphics

  • Creeper Shorts
    Creeper Shorts

    Plainrock124 looks so different in 2017 to what he looks like now. Evolution is real


      But with different glasses

    • Eymanyouwell

      he looks the exact same lol

  • Stefan Mičanović
    Stefan Mičanović

    This is classic Plainrock ladies and gentleman, just the way we love him!!! Please never change King!!!

  • Smiley

    I remember seeing that video back in 2017, and thinking: "Plainrock will never like driving" Boy was I wrong.

  • revilNO

    I’m glad that you flex, while still making good content.

  • NotFOURgaming

    plainrock: uses the toy car Tesla Tesla be like: am I nothing to you

  • alex12win

    It's strange to think that it's already been 5 years, I started watching your channel around the time you uploaded the smashing Chinese tech video. I'm just confused how that's been 5 years, My perception of time is getting concerning...

  • HolaNoob

    you deserve it keep up the good work!

  • Ghost

    This is so inspirational, im so glad you now own the Toy Tesla Model X.

  • Lou_fn

    Crazy to see how far you have come

  • More Subbickbe Stuff
    More Subbickbe Stuff

    Sometimes dreams can be your reality!

  • GoPlayerOne

    I can't believe you got it after years of sweat, tears, blood, and hard work 👍🤯

    • 1 year waiting to get 50 subs
      1 year waiting to get 50 subs

      Destroying it too

  • Javi _ CountJugg49
    Javi _ CountJugg49

    All jokes aside you came up with your own content, never copied anybody else videos. Did everything on your own with no help, thats the best way to come up 💪🙏👍 respect king


    It's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨

  • Youtooz Goldie
    Youtooz Goldie

    I’m loving these shorts!

  • Ahmed Ali Zaidi
    Ahmed Ali Zaidi

    I love the part when you drive the tiny car :)

  • theworstytper1234

    2017 : Maybe someday, I will own a Tesla… 2021 : *LITERALLY HAS 2 DIFFERENT TESLAS*

  • FakeExøtic

    Remember guys, he used to love his boosted board

  • ValiantGrumps

    that's how you know king is living the dream


    Keep up the good work man !!!! 🤣🤣👍


    I still remember when king still uses a boasted board

  • 2 Hotty Scotty
    2 Hotty Scotty

    This was a really inspiring video

  • Cowboyslinger

    The most motivation ive gotten from king lol

  • aristidis

    A grown man playing with a Tesla toy care on top of a real Tesla Model S. You got my Sub.

  • Anonymous Moon
    Anonymous Moon

    Congratulations on your new car! (Hope you don’t get sideswiped or keyed)

  • lkeboiflac

    Yo Plainrock, this got nice edit skills 😎

  • Brad Casper
    Brad Casper

    Constant hard work returns. Keep it up abd you will buy roadster in future.

  • Dunno

    we need shorts like this

  • mushy inky
    mushy inky

    beautiful felxing content, always makes me envious. perfect.

  • Lintyskate559

    I started watching u in 2017 and still do to this day

  • gusherz

    I'm so proud of my boy

  • Joe

    So inspiring 🥲

  • donnacha ryan
    donnacha ryan

    Nah this inspired me no joke bc it’s my dream to have a tesla and work for tesla in software engineering

  • Arconnelly 53
    Arconnelly 53

    You know what would make my dreams come true? The satisfaction of seeing no teslas very going near my neighborhood.

  • Def not Brayden
    Def not Brayden

    Lol you find a way to squeeze all the content out of anything you can

  • jack

    Break the old dream and get a new one 😜

  • Masman30

    Congratulations on the Tesla!

  • NEONTH Shorts
    NEONTH Shorts

    Love the ending 😂

  • Apple SheepPlays!
    Apple SheepPlays!

    You now have a Tesla lodged in the hood of your Tesla XD

  • r-cup rider
    r-cup rider

    He's actully dreaming about an Tesla with an combustion engine because he's doing engine sounds.

  • CsBercel

    Finally, you're making shorts

    • Luci 138
      Luci 138

      @No One Exactly

    • No One
      No One

      @morsznetik TikTok 2.0

    • morsznetik

      @Luci 138 why?

    • Luci 138
      Luci 138

      Shorts are cringey

  • TechDude99

    This made me smile.

  • King otter 2
    King otter 2

    I love these shorts more pls

  • LuckiYT

    This is why i love this channel

  • Nishanka

    I also have a dream of having tesla model s, with the normal steering wheel

  • Antonio Garcia Reyes
    Antonio Garcia Reyes

    Congrats for you king 🚗

  • Bee Queen
    Bee Queen

    You took the some of the of words out of my mouth. Expect it will make me like driving more lol.

  • Random vids Studios
    Random vids Studios

    Yes I will make my dreams come try my dream is to be a bird 🦅

  • FunnyMonkey7706

    It's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨

    • JustANaturalCarGuy

      You got the wrong channel

    • Nooby Yuri
      Nooby Yuri

      Fuck no. Just- fucking no god please no. No. NO. NOOO.

  • Gaming Paxtion
    Gaming Paxtion

    I wanna a model x Tesla to flex lol

  • Wispie

    For some reason, I expected this to get a lot more views especially because it’s on shorts but I guess not.

  • shinyeevee

    You are really starting to get into the yt shorts lol

  • Dunks59

    now make my dreams come true cuz i need a tesla

  • eefy diez
    eefy diez

    I’m also pretty sure in 2016 he mentioned he wanted a tesla model s as his dream car when someone asked him, think it was the 8000 sub one

  • Sean Sweet Johnson
    Sean Sweet Johnson

    From Macbook to Macbook Pro From Subaru Impresses The Ladies (Impreza) to Tesla Model 3 From Iphone 5 or 6 to 13 Mini From his child house, his parent new house to his own house From Old Glasses to Bluetooth Glasses From PlainrockProduction to Plainrock127 Never give up on your dream! ❤

  • Kikicho

    soon when teslas become a thing he will reset this dream

  • Kritin Jaiswal
    Kritin Jaiswal

    It's about drive it's about power


    We need a weird flex tesla modes S

  • Émile Larivière
    Émile Larivière

    You see kids, dreams come true. If they are imaginable, they're possible.

    • Tri_Zer

      only if u destroy stuff for fun lolll

  • ZzSloex

    So inspiring

  • Deeznuts Ree
    Deeznuts Ree

    So inspiring

  • Juan eduardo Zorrilla chavez
    Juan eduardo Zorrilla chavez

    finally a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery emotional video

  • Mickey mass
    Mickey mass

    This is enough to make a grown man cry

  • San

    Congrats king 👑

  • Daiy_n

    Congrats on you're new "Tesla"!

  • Andrian Yarosh
    Andrian Yarosh

    Your the funniest IRglor ever

  • Joy jelks
    Joy jelks

    You are the awesome IRglor!!!!!!!!

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger

    Beautiful car man.

  • Danny Knorr
    Danny Knorr

    I love ur content

  • Sim Racers Garage
    Sim Racers Garage

    Good job, good car

  • Captain SoMeister Assemble
    Captain SoMeister Assemble

    I want to learn how to drive

  • nayobtw

    Wow how inspirational

  • Craftinite

    Man keep goin king!

  • Wolf Playz
    Wolf Playz

    it would've been funny if he panned over to a fisher price car

  • ComradeSizzle55

    So inspirational


    Him: this will make me hate driving less Me: wait ist it bc they drive themself?

  • EverythingMatters

    hes hopping on to shorts? Never expect that to happen

  • Hellcat 707
    Hellcat 707

    Do a 0-60 on your Tesla Model s plaid

  • Mohammed adil Khan
    Mohammed adil Khan

    Good see you happy king 👑

  • Rune Van Rie
    Rune Van Rie

    New Tesla fire 🔥

  • A Garcello Fan
    A Garcello Fan

    This was really happy until a toy car came out of nowhere

  • Ahxmde

    So inspiring

  • Yinon Weinstock
    Yinon Weinstock

    🎉 congratulations!

  • Shaan136

    Some day later when there is lots of taxes to pay

  • BokiMC 🅥
    BokiMC 🅥

    Ayo 😳 "It's not a mistake" ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE

  • Nexus896

    Bros making TikTok’s now 😂

  • Wind Bolt
    Wind Bolt

    Nice video👌

  • Katyushka Aleshkov
    Katyushka Aleshkov

    Tesla delivery vlog? Is this a new Tesla? Or your current one?

  • gibbeh

    I’m guessing that car would be a Trabant 601 LX

  • blamed brige750
    blamed brige750

    Finnaly, you posted a new shorts video

  • pokotendo

    super motivational ;((((

  • Fnaffan777

    This is very uplifting for a Plainrock video