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  • PlainrockVlogs

    My dad told me that the remodelers thought it was an eviction house and was freaked out.

    • Elias Argumedo
      Elias Argumedo


    • Andrew braitwaite
      Andrew braitwaite


    • JL Ecleo
      JL Ecleo

      Oh. Whoops. 😅

    • FakeExøtic


    • Allan Vue
      Allan Vue

      OK 👌

  • Insane Demon
    Insane Demon

    Now I want to see him buy a whole Goodwill and destroy the entire store

    • Bucket Boi
      Bucket Boi

      what about a literal 10000000000000000000000 dollar big ass electronic store

    • SpookPlayz

      Then he would be stealing money from the poor

    • ZeusManioYT

      if he is super rich, maybe yes

    • xSookio

      geometry dash

    • Brutpenta

      I'll beat you, Supersonic. *43% never forget*

  • Whanos

    King should start a demolition company. It’s free content and he has plenty of experience

    • SupItsThatDude


    • XxIank03xX


    • CalizMSP

      “YoU CoUlD’Ve GaVe mE ThAt GaRaGe!”

    • ApplyTube


    • Texas Ball The Unofficial Channel
      Texas Ball The Unofficial Channel


  • asianboi.mp4

    I love how he went from small toy to a whole house

    • SKIIPA

      bored smashing: the multiverse

    • FunkyFan296

      Bored smashing - air

    • Bucket Boi
      Bucket Boi


    • leonora yalung
      leonora yalung

      Bored Smashing | THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE

    • -time-

      @Conor Kindlon Bored smashing | the milk way

  • ILoveApple & Youtube
    ILoveApple & Youtube

    “You can destroy everything and they’ll clean up” You’re so lucky.

  • Isaac24

    I'll admit, that was pretty awesome. But, will you show the house once it's completely remodeled? I want to see it!

    • KittyCat2470

      I do too!

  • SuperO64

    When one man does better than a demolition crew

    • KlosekRB

      He has 5 times the salary too

    • Zhong xina Good
      Zhong xina Good

      He did better


      Bomb: f you demolition crew Idk if its a crew: good job

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD

      @lebron jahamez k.

    • lebron jahamez
      lebron jahamez

      @Marcela XD shut

  • Emnii

    Now I understand why he freaked out when he accidentally hit the wall while destroying the light🤣

    • Zylan austin Pagunsan
      Zylan austin Pagunsan

      Like and ahahhzhahahhahaha

  • Ninja Cacodemon is sus
    Ninja Cacodemon is sus

    0:00 Intro 0:22 Vlog before the first scene 2:00 Alternate angle of the first scene ( Destroying the ship and the edge of the counter ) 2:04 Vlog after the first scene 3:02 Alternate angle of the scene 2 ( Kicking the door at the parents bedroom ) 3:09 Vlog after scene 2 3:27 Deleted scene 3:47 Vlog after the deleted scene 3:58 Alternate angle of scene 3 ( Cutting down the curtains ) 4:03 Vlog after scene 3 4:10 Deleted scene 2 4:19 Vlog after deleted scene 2 4:26 Alternate angle of scene 4 ( kicking down the closet door in the parent bedroom ) 4:31 Vlog after kicking down the first closet door 4:56 Blooper of scene 5 ( Throw a hammer at the mirror which he took it out of the bathroom. You hear why later I won't list it ) 4:59 Vlog after blooper of scene 5 5:03 Alternate angle of scene 5 5:06 Vlog after scene 5 and explain why he took it out of the bathroom 5:35 Alternate angle of scene 6 ( Eating snacks and mouthwash ) 5:43 Blooper of scene 6 | 5:58 Deleted scene 3 6:04 Vlog after scene 6, Blooper 2 and deleted scene 3 6:35 Scene 7 alternate angle | 6:38 Vlog after the thing hits his chin 7:02 Busting open the pantry door ( Scene 8 ) | 7:05 Vlog at the middle of scene 8 7:08 Continue to bust off all the pantry door ( Alternate angle for 7:02 and 7:08 ) 7:15 Vlog after scene 8 | 7:33 Scene 9 alternate angle ( breaking the stove ) | 7:37 Vlog at the middle of scene 9 7:47 Blooper of scene 10 throw the sledgehammer at the oven door but he used bat instead so that's why a blooper 8:03 Alternate angle of scene 10 | 8:07 Blooper to break the inside door of the oven and 8:11 is an alternate angle of the didn't fail 8:13 Vlog after scene 10 | 8:29 blooper of scene 11 throw stuff at the dishwasher 8:32 Alternate angle of dish breaking 8:35 Blooper of the second stuff | 8:38 Alternate angle of the second and third stuff thrown and broke at the dishwasher 8:43 Vlog after scene 11 | 8:48 scene 12 YOU'RE AN ACCOMPLICE alternate angle and 8:50 vlog after that 9:15 Alternate angle of smashing the cupboard scene 13 | 9:19 Vlog after scene 13 | 9:25 deleted scene of smashing the chopping block | 9:39 Vlog after smashing chopping block| 9:57 Kick in the door and spill wine everywhere scene 14 and alt angle | 10:09 Vlog after scene 14 | 10:15 scene 15 kick down the closet door and put ketchup on the floor alt angle 10:21 deleted scene of putting ketchups on the curtains | 10:28 Vlog after that deleted scene 10:44 All the recreate of the horror movie scene ( scene 16 ) 12:00 Breaking the closet door with a sledgehammer scene 17 alt angle | 12:09 Final horror movie recreation | 12:15 Vlog after scene 17 | 12:46 Blooper of skateboard indoors into sauce packets | 13:42 Alt angle of scene 18 ride into the sauce packets | 13:51 Vlog after scene 18 | 14:10 Scene 19 paint the curtains while skating | 14:14 vlog after scene 19 14:45 Scene 20 mopping the floor with a can of paint ( purple ) | 15:00 Deleted scene to wash all the paint away but failed at 15:19 Scene 21 mopping the toilet floor with purple paint | 15:23 vlog after scene 21 | 15:50 Scene 22 make the stairs and under his shoes with purple paint |

    • AitorPikachu100

      Good job!

    • Ninja Cacodemon is sus
      Ninja Cacodemon is sus

      I wasn't able to make it in 1 day but maybe the second day I can finish this long timestamp and if your using it on a phone please make sure if you click read more most of the comment will be this timestamp.

  • Poor Door
    Poor Door

    I have never seen King in the mom costume without doing the mom voice. It just feels strange to me.

  • TanjiroSayian

    To be honest. Your prob either my favorite or second favorite content creator on all of social media probably 1 though I love your funny jokes and you don't do random trends like every other content creator

  • Stephen McEvoy
    Stephen McEvoy

    Love how the smash theme plays as he destroys the “Farrah” faucets (lol)

  • Kirb Gamin
    Kirb Gamin

    I love how he is laughing and having fun

    • Kirb Gamin
      Kirb Gamin

      @LitRandomness TRUE

    • LitRandomness

      I’d be having fun too if I got to smash a house

  • Jason

    This man went from making skits to total chaotic destruction

  • omar elgebali
    omar elgebali

    he went from destroying a tamagotchi, to a full out house. Also love your vids

  • Bulbazorio

    Thanks for the tutorial I can't wait to try it at home!

    • Bulbazorio

      @frostspiritgaming111 lol

    • frostspiritgaming111

      Oh n- wait I'm to late

  • Jose Escobar
    Jose Escobar

    This video plus him bored smashing that house so he can remodel it are my new two favorite videos lol

  • Skellys

    Love the changing of angles for bloopers and real shots

  • Johan 💕
    Johan 💕

    I wanna see the aftermath of it being fixed up 😂

  • Huntengone

    I just love how crazy and creative he is with his videos

    • Naim Rancier
      Naim Rancier


    • renxxzz

      Lol this is funny

    • tr uck
      tr uck

      @renxxzz it’s kinda creative about how he does it

    • Cpm Gamer Yt
      Cpm Gamer Yt


    • renxxzz

      His videos are only about destroying stuff its not creative lol

  • Kaizir

    "This is why Zillow estimates our house at $4"

  • ShadowZavi

    I like how he went from breaking electronics to breaking very expensive stuff

  • vanahssOMG2443

    29:15 I've been repeating this 100 time's already 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jamilet Ramirez
    Jamilet Ramirez

    Thank you for the tutorial came in really handy 😊🙏

  • DancingQueen597

    Him trying to kick the door down reminds me that clip from shark tank where the inventors were trying to demonstrate how easy it is to break down a door and for the life of him he couldn’t break the door 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AveryTubeStudios

    Out of curiosity, is the GameCube your least favorite Nintendo consle? It always seems to be getting smashed in these videos.

  • Sooup

    the "no real blood" writing actually makes it more creepy lmao

    • RHYN0 - RhinocerosSpartan
      RHYN0 - RhinocerosSpartan


  • The Shafin Show
    The Shafin Show

    Can we just appreciate the fact that he was so tired but he did not show any tiredness on the video

  • February

    They better cast you in the second "Crazy Rich Asian" movie bro.

    • ThatDudeNeon

      @MagicWizurd it might have been a joke/icarly reference, since icarly is also "from" yakima

    • 哥哥 Logan
      哥哥 Logan

      @proman i inni bruh

    • proman i inni
      proman i inni

      @MagicWizurd he was born in china. It was shown in moving on video about china products

    • Rondell Cato
      Rondell Cato

      NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??******

    • michael_17

      @MagicWizurd where you are born does not affect your nationality

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett

    I wonder what the remodelers were thinking when they saw holes through the doors of the house.

  • Tjaigo308

    I love seeing these types of vids, they are just so chill

    • solaris !
      solaris !

      Bro- I-

  • Ghost Rha
    Ghost Rha

    Plain rock you should get one of those electricity checking things "That was a tech tip from a Ghost"

  • Nick

    This man must have the best parents ever to let him do that. I wish my parents were this chill with me breaking stuff.

    • Rafael Albiter
      Rafael Albiter

      @Nick yeaaaaah

    • Nick

      @Rafael Albiter And people wonder why everyone hates autocorrect...

    • Rafael Albiter
      Rafael Albiter

      @Nick lol you mistyped king ,

    • Nick

      @Rafael Albiter I know that, but either way, my parents wouldn’t let me do that in a million years. I wish my parents were cool like King’s are.

    • Rafael Albiter
      Rafael Albiter

      @Nick the remodelers would have done the same thing anyways

  • Playzify

    8:04 I’m at a graduation party writing this right now and I was barely able to keep my laughter in same thing with 9:57

    • Helix Adam Oxford
      Helix Adam Oxford


    • Playzify

      @Máté Antal it’s still funny to me

    • Playzify

      @Máté Antal I do not care

    • Máté Antal
      Máté Antal

      there's not really anything funny about those scenes though?

  • WindowmizedDude

    18:58 proves plainrock is a hard working youtuber and deserves more subs.

    • Learning Blocks
      Learning Blocks

      Me too.

    • I’m dying Inside
      I’m dying Inside

      I did that every month Just a normal stuff

  • Pikachu with a hoodie :3
    Pikachu with a hoodie :3

    I see this house as plainrock’s canvas, considering this is the most expensive thing that he’s ever broke

  • Dylan

    When you realise the ink cartridge was probably one of the most expensive items destroyed

  • Kyle Boyd
    Kyle Boyd

    17:06 I can't stop laughing at king throwing random stuff🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ian Kim
    Ian Kim

    Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of board smashing! today, we’re gonna smash a house!

  • Rashal Studio
    Rashal Studio

    Alternate title: turning an old house into a 1 dollar detroit home

  • Marcela XD
    Marcela XD

    I like how he used red paint and wrote on the door that it wasn’t blood, I thought he had a nosebleed and used the blood for that.

  • aj

    Everyone here is clicking this not to break a house, just to know the magic behind this

    • aj

      @Abraham Garcia oh ok

    • Abraham Garcia
      Abraham Garcia

      Well I have before but we were remodeling it

    • Nicholas 6301
      Nicholas 6301

      @aj hi

    • aj

      @Nicholas 6301 hello...?

    • Nicholas 6301
      Nicholas 6301


  • jbcooler ninja
    jbcooler ninja

    he really jumped the shark on this one there is no topping this no amount of destroying tech can beat this

  • pudełko

    30:57 This clip could be memed to plainrock's very end. Espacialy the part where he smiles weirdly. Gave me creeps...

  • The Epic Timmy ant Tommy Mitsubishi,Toyota,smart
    The Epic Timmy ant Tommy Mitsubishi,Toyota,smart

    The type of wood on the doors is very old wood so that’s why you see it break so easily when you poke the doors

  • Saeko

    i like how he did everything in the safest manner lol

  • prod by blu
    prod by blu

    Seeing plainrock in such a welcoming soft and vulnerable manner makes this video one of a kind. A light 6 out if 1O

  • savagebanks

    man is one of a kind, legend, absoloute legend

  • The Pebble
    The Pebble

    Imagine the previous owners of the house watching this video lol

  • Littleduckjesus

    Nice vid! Just a question... When The pandemic is over Will you start upload more frequently?

  • Joe White
    Joe White

    He went from smashing a Tamagotchi to literally smashing a graphics card for a PC

  • Catface

    The remodelers probably had a mental breakdown when they saw the state of the place 😂

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD

      @Catface yeah

    • Catface

      @GalaxyBloxy I mean with how much they have to clean up

    • GalaxyBloxy

      He said they know what is happening

    • AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      They actually did said the pinned comment

    • Nusrat Parveen
      Nusrat Parveen


  • Jaco Xia
    Jaco Xia

    I love smashing houses for absolutely nothing but entertainment, it’s so fun that I do it like everyday

    • Florecita Rokera
      Florecita Rokera


  • Brandon Kasal
    Brandon Kasal

    I love how I only get Nintendo ads when I watch plainrock`s videos lol

  • Onlylegend27

    Fun Fact: kick the hinges to break the doors down

  • nissan gt-r
    nissan gt-r

    Plainrock 4 years ago: I destroy every kind of tech Plainrock now: I destroy everything exists

  • KC Amethyst
    KC Amethyst

    it makes me feel a million times better knowing your parents gave consent to the destruction of their house. regardless, funy vidoeo

  • ChocoMilk

    17:10 for some reason I have a fear of the sealing fan falling on me because it wobbles a lot

  • ES2G

    He finally did it guys, what we have all been waiting for...

  • Raymond Dhondt
    Raymond Dhondt

    You should do before and afters when they renovated the house

  • Daphne Sheets
    Daphne Sheets

    8:40 is literaraly every Zelda player when they see a pot

  • Rodolfo Feliciano
    Rodolfo Feliciano

    You're like scaring their son when you're a mom

  • Debbie Ramirez
    Debbie Ramirez

    "I bought this cheap little house from a thrift store" wow never thought he would say that

  • Electron Dylan
    Electron Dylan

    The boss fight of all bored smashing 🔨

  • Kristian Nowak
    Kristian Nowak

    King: "The over the range thing" Me: "You mean the 'Oven Overhead Light and Fan'?"

  • Joed Ezekiel - that spidey guy
    Joed Ezekiel - that spidey guy

    ah, the most legendary plainrock video gets a behind the scenes.

  • KingHay05

    Bloopers: That’s A Lot of damage Alternate Angle: Maybe We Need A Little More

  • KittyCat2470

    Lol I loved this alot!!! @Plainrock124 DO MORE HOUSE SMASHING AND MOVING ON VIDEOS *_PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!_*

  • BustaDaKid

    Ahh yes, I too like to start off my mornings by wrecking my house

    • M


  • SmashFocus


  • Mr Asian
    Mr Asian

    Man this vlog is longer than the smashing video itself

  • Edgar Morales
    Edgar Morales

    You have to show us the house when the renovation is finished

  • Tree Dao
    Tree Dao

    Me: Mom can I have some cash? No. Plainrock: Mom can I destroy you're house? YES YES OH HONEY DO WHAT EVER I LOVE YOU!!!

    • the mario gamerr✨♥️🖤
      the mario gamerr✨♥️🖤

      @dave yea

    • the mario gamerr✨♥️🖤
      the mario gamerr✨♥️🖤

      @Phantom_Wolf52 ya

    • Phantom_Wolf52

      @dave yeah

    • dave

      @Phantom_Wolf52 and Plainrock will get Money from IRglo 😅🤣

    • Phantom_Wolf52

      He was destroying the house cuz it was being renovated

  • xlolopip

    If this house was haunted you know who is coming after King......

  • Reuben Davis
    Reuben Davis

    I told myself that I would not do all of that destruction in this house, just to understand about that

  • shop aka htw
    shop aka htw

    Someone should put the alternative angle's and deleted scenes into the official video.

  • oB Silent
    oB Silent

    Honestly I really like your voice overs

  • Nova Rodriguez
    Nova Rodriguez

    wow i havent seen plainrock in 2 years he looks so much older sound older too, less squeaky and pimply 🥳👍

    • HaxMcGee

      Haha yeah that usually happens when you grow up 😉☺️

  • Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr
    Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr

    Lololol when you spat out the chips and stepped on them I was confused and actually was not thinking it was you wrecking the home for a moment I hate built in chopping blocks and electric stoves

  • OrangeyMaq

    I love that there is actually a lot of prep and planning before actually doing this

  • LiftEnthusiast2020 OFFTOPIC
    LiftEnthusiast2020 OFFTOPIC

    17:01 that ceiling fan is from King’s new house

  • JL Ecleo
    JL Ecleo

    Plainrock124, this is really good! Great job! 😎 Plainrock124’s Parents: How many stuff can you break that we wanted you to do it? Plainrock124: *Yes.*

  • Melter Shorts
    Melter Shorts

    Here’s Jakecup 11:11 Here’s Joseph 11:15 Here’s Jackson 11:20 Here’s Jordon 11:25 Here’s Jayden 11:28 Here’s Joe Mama 11:33 Here’s Jerome 11:48 Here’s Jonathon 11:57 Here’s Johnny 12:13

  • SharkyBoi Show
    SharkyBoi Show

    You should do a house tour in parents new home after done remodeling😏

  • mercedes Forza thing
    mercedes Forza thing

    Moving on taken to the next level

  • Sky Theory Studios
    Sky Theory Studios

    King: I am cutting down these ugly curtains Also King 5 second later: shocking, right look how beautiful they are

  • Desmond gaming
    Desmond gaming

    5:46 that part made me laugh lmao

  • ReaptheWhirlwind

    When your mom tells you to put on your running shoes so you can sprint through tall grass and catch more pocket monsters.

  • Amanur Rahaman
    Amanur Rahaman

    4:45 How could the door be stupid, it’s doing it’s job 🤨

  • You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days
    You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days

    Imagine naming your child “A house”

    • the chain starter
      the chain starter


    • not making actual vids anymore
      not making actual vids anymore

      that gives the title a whole new meaning

  • Nero

    Imagine driving around with a pickaxe, sledgehammer, and a gamecube

  • Luis Angel Santos
    Luis Angel Santos

    Netflix seriously needs to call Plainrock to give him a Netflix series

    • MagicToast


    • Alex Echevarria
      Alex Echevarria

      Omg yessss

  • Cpm Gamer Yt
    Cpm Gamer Yt

    That's why our body Hurts sometimes because someone is destroying you lol

  • Pandora

    The dislikes are from the people who wanted the house

  • Itz Blaze No Schedule Robotics 👻
    Itz Blaze No Schedule Robotics 👻

    11:10 Thiss is my personal time stamp for this scene.

  • Stealth Ninja Cubing
    Stealth Ninja Cubing

    When the 'behind the scenes' is longer than the actual thing.

  • George Pearse
    George Pearse

    You destroyed 2 most expensive things good job :)

  • MyLegendary27 / ραяαиøια
    MyLegendary27 / ραяαиøια

    This is the new expensive thing to destroy…sort of

  • SirMikay

    Not going to lie, this "prank" sounds like something DaddyOFive would do to his son...

  • Phoenix

    When your parents are done remodeling the new house, parents house tour?