Yes! I finished paying off my home loan!

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    I can't believe they turned Animal Crossing into a real thing... And yes, that is my Animal Crossing bedroom in the thumbnail. Moving On... OWN HOUSE EDITION

    • Areebaplayz

      Dey Egypt the

    • Areebaplayz


    • zItsHuskyXD

      King! can you also make a video called: "ENTIRE HOUSE TOUR" that must include how the house is from inside cause you only showed the rooms, the setup, etc. I wanted that you could also make that video to see how the whole house looks like, cause i feel like it's similar to that ROBLOX "Suburban" house from Templates (what a popular name) but REAL modern. I don't know what else to say so..bye bye

    • krikor1000

      @Kangaroo Fam Φ. 5

    • Sherlynn Lim
      Sherlynn Lim


  • Carson_idk1 カーソンIdk1
    Carson_idk1 カーソンIdk1

    I love this guys humor, he’s so funny and “sarcastic” 😂 Merry Christmas bro.

    • XxsonicthegamerxX

      @I _ P Ik I had to deal with 2 9 yr olds one said my grammar sucks and one was being mean over cause I made a live stream on 10 f**king subs

    • Calvin Inyallie
      Calvin Inyallie

      Merry Christmas 2021!

    • RJ??

      I agree

    • rodri 2010
      rodri 2010

      E CHRIMA

    • Witali Koch
      Witali Koch

      I love his videos

  • Thomas farquhar
    Thomas farquhar

    King is the only guy that can get away with owning a Tesla as part of his personality

    • CG4165

      @Helix Adam Oxford I was thinking Elon musk

    • Jeremy K
      Jeremy K

      @Helix Adam Oxford that was 3 months ago honestly i don’t remember lmao

    • Helix Adam Oxford
      Helix Adam Oxford

      @Jeremy K whos the big man

    • Thomas farquhar
      Thomas farquhar

      @JaydenMu Ew don't cough on me you could have a disease

    • JaydenMu

      Cough'' WHATS INSIDE'' Cough

  • Lucky Ocean
    Lucky Ocean

    Jokes aside, it's actually impressive owning a house at his age

    • Mr Ellie
      Mr Ellie

      but he does bring over 2000 pound/dollers/yen/bitcoin

    • Kriaz

      @Harvey Watson some people move out but probably rent a small apartment

    • PremiumLiam


    • Oh

      @blue screen of death xgy

    • Oh

      @blue screen of death user interface and a part in this article on Monday is it is that you will find it in a different direction or the same way

  • Sean Madison
    Sean Madison

    i swear plainrock is mainly the only youtube who hasn’t fallen off. keep working hard!!

    • Dylan H.
      Dylan H.

      Nathaniel Bandy?

    • SoftFlutters

      Scott the Woz?

  • SLone3251

    Congrats on owning a house at such a young age. I love how the house is a kid's dream come true. You could game for days on end.

    • SLone3251

      @Random Star Wars roleplayer When did I say he couldn't/wasn't allowed to own a house? I just congratulated him because it's not common for someone that young to own a house. TF is wrong with you...

    • Random Star Wars roleplayer
      Random Star Wars roleplayer

      Dude he’s like 21 years old he’s allowed to get a house if you like 21 or older you stupid or something?

  • Deria17kk

    I can't express how much i like this guy and his content

    • Citex23

      Same here

    • zuko firebender
      zuko firebender

      its because people like you his content is now sensitive and bad. i miss the old days :(

    • Slug

      @Grant joke :husk:

    • Deria17kk

      @[insert username here] yes

    • Slug

      @AVS what girlfriend? Ykyk

  • Dark Pit
    Dark Pit

    I love the echo, makes it feel like he is in control and king of the house. His name is literally King.

    • smartsh 6109
      smartsh 6109


  • Maffoo

    "I hung up all the Mario plushies I have that can fly." Cappy, on the drawer: Am I a joke to you?

    • TheOnlineMaster 534
      TheOnlineMaster 534

      Eats both

    • Jammbette

      Yeah stoopid

    • Mino Kirb's
      Mino Kirb's

      *nahh he’s just a hat*

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy

    I like how his room tour took 40 minutes and his house tour took 15 minutes

  • Ateks

    Nice job man I’m really proud of you

  • Mr spaghetti
    Mr spaghetti

    We’re so proud of you 👌🏻

  • #ThatMario Guy
    #ThatMario Guy

    I love how he calls the old hardware “gross”😂🤣

  • jufu

    This man has Mac pros, but just uses a MacBook at his desk… A true legend

  • Plainrock 124 Fan
    Plainrock 124 Fan

    Love the house keep up the awesome house love the video's

    • Plainrock 124 Fan
      Plainrock 124 Fan

      thank's for the like

  • J Squad airlines
    J Squad airlines

    You are the best youtuber ever! Merry Christmas “little Timmy”

    • YaBoiYeezy


    • Shah


    • NicePot

      Mhhh a know he everithing smash but is best

    • Jadenkiwi Gomez
      Jadenkiwi Gomez

      Yah you must spy little Timmy’s house

    • FilmsbyUS

      124 likes a dream came true

  • MBackmsn15

    “Now I have a big brother in every room.” I love that 😂

  • Level Crossings 2022
    Level Crossings 2022

    2020 was a smashing year.

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    Either you’re smart asf or you just put so much thought into your videos! Keep it up 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • GuilianPie

    This is the best house tour I’ve seen so far.

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes

    He seems so much happier living in his own home. Merry Christmas plainrock hope you have a great day.

  • Aila Gabrielle
    Aila Gabrielle

    "I do want to get a second tesla sometime" well that dream is now true

  • Danny Anaya
    Danny Anaya

    Hey King your house looks nice looking forward to seeing more videos of it in the future

  • Elijah’s World
    Elijah’s World

    Wow this room looks incredible

  • Tom - Cartoon
    Tom - Cartoon

    let's see if he will make up for the lack of a 2019 room and setup tour by doing a 2021 one

  • Konner Kern
    Konner Kern

    Nice new house I love all of you’re vids but the most weird thing is the first video I saw of you was ‘How much Nintendo stuff I have’ Merry Christmas plainrock

  • Forza 2 Pizza
    Forza 2 Pizza

    Man he has soo many Easter eggs Like Linus tech tips and Jerry rig everything and iJustine

  • Erick Winchester
    Erick Winchester

    6:37 The bedroom, where all the action happens

    • [sus]pect

      As in Building my lego AT-AT on the bed

    • ErNIZ

      The office, The REAL action happens

    • Rocket J. Sykes
      Rocket J. Sykes

      @DiamondMan343 yes

    • DiamondMan343

      Again, not sex

  • Asetia4116

    its funny how King actually kept the shoe holder from when he took shots of sprite at Walmart every time he saw a Ryan toys review item

  • oakbama

    “if you trip and slam your head you’ll probably die” -king 2020

    • lamar davis
      lamar davis

      T H E M O R E Y O U K N O W

    • I watch videos
      I watch videos

      @OH BILLY Stop bringing up politics

    • Brayden McDowell
      Brayden McDowell

      King 2021

    • fairy

      OH BILLY get tf out

    • Nyrdla Fernandez
      Nyrdla Fernandez

      4:57 ???

  • Underline Motorsports
    Underline Motorsports

    I would for sure get along with him in person lol

  • S-Kelly

    add some glass cabinets to expose the old tech, like the small consoles and stuff, along with the other collectible junk

  • IMeme

    I love your house it looks 100% Modern but the exterior needs some work but I'm owning a house soon and it will be the same but the doors will be different and also bad 👎 love it good job old owners and king liang

  • Lucas Palma
    Lucas Palma

    King making a tour about 2 rooms: 40 minutes King making a tour of a house: 15 minutes Is this what they call confusion

  • Freddie Mercury fan
    Freddie Mercury fan

    7:07 Nobody rob him. His army of Apple tech are very powerful, and they are undefeated.

  • SleepyFox

    This is literally my dream house.

  • sofia H
    sofia H

    you are awesome when i turn 20 next year i hope have the same type of home and success as you

  • Jajuan Atkins
    Jajuan Atkins

    6:11 If they know what they’re in for and can leave right away then they’ll steal it before they leave right away

  • Green Eagle
    Green Eagle

    I'm so fucking proud of you and the way you've grown and evolved. Good job man. I love all of your vids and have been watching you since 2015 and you've really helped me through hard times and I will continue to watch you because you're so fucking great. Nice house btw lol

  • Braydon fitch
    Braydon fitch

    The part when the stove explodes Lol.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jordan Kuo
    Jordan Kuo

    If you are going to use a micro wave for a main cooking appliance, then I recommend to get the trader joes brand microwavable meals. They're soooooo gooooddd

  • Alison McGregor
    Alison McGregor

    it’s a pretty nice house!

  • FjodorGj1024

    I like your house it looks cool 😃

    • FjodorGj1024

      I love your house

  • Lane Curtis
    Lane Curtis

    Dang man that's a real nice house I wonder how much your rent and bills are in my opinion it's a nice house but too many rooms

  • Romaan#1176

    you inspire me alot i wish to have a very nice looking and good room/setup fror good prices

  • Lagzol rblx
    Lagzol rblx

    I love how the fan just laying there dead 7:34

  • BonnieBoi 9743
    BonnieBoi 9743

    14:23 If you put a Series X there, it's a slight risk, cuz its as tall as a desktop tower and idk if it'll get sufficient airflow

    • BonnieBoi 9743
      BonnieBoi 9743

      You could set it sideways maybe but....i don't own one, I just have a Xbox One S

  • Marshallstew

    can u do a bored smashing “PARENTS” house

    • DanielZero

      hey uh, good news.

    • Windows NT4
      Windows NT4

      Yes do it bored smashing old house

    • SilverGlaceon YT
      SilverGlaceon YT

      Bored smashing: Parents

    • SilverGlaceon YT
      SilverGlaceon YT

      @Cooper honey r/woooosh

    • AngelTheOrangeShyGuy

      U gonna pay for the nuke

  • Alexander Ortiz
    Alexander Ortiz

    Congratulations 🎉 plainrock124 🥳

  • Fare B
    Fare B

    Hey i know i am late i watched this video like 50 times but it just hit my head build a pool in your backyard

  • Swifty

    Kings old rooms took 40 minutes and his own house took 15 how?

  • Kisha Teacher
    Kisha Teacher

    i love the new house

  • fern lew
    fern lew

    King, I love your videos!

  • Galactic

    Imma turn out like you Your my role model 😀

  • Wong Eden
    Wong Eden

    That’s a nice home to live in


    ever since he moved out of his old house (the one where he filmed 50 ways to break a 3ds) I've always wondered this WHERE THE HELL DOES THE COLORFUL TAPE COME FROM. go to near the end of the video where he talks about the gas fire place. he has always had that colorful tape and I've always wondered where the hell he gets it from.

    • Ryker Irontooth
      Ryker Irontooth

      Nintendo labo.

  • Flip

    Kinda surprised at his eye for aesthetic. Actually decorated his house better than i did mine lol

    • Caleb Wen
      Caleb Wen

      Apart from the fridge...

    • Isaiah Rymer
      Isaiah Rymer

      @Prosam 124 no u

  • Alex

    Yay! I finished paying off my home loan!

  • ii_Jackson

    2:46 "It's Electric, So I Don't Have To Worry About Any Random Explosions" -PLAINROCK2020

  • Jonathan Morales
    Jonathan Morales

    I like how he has the tanacon bag in the closet

  • KyaputenBad

    I love his content

  • Somebody that I used to know
    Somebody that I used to know

    Asian Parents: “IRglo as a career will not work!” PlainRock: *Ends up buying a house before he’s 25 and makes more money than his parents*

    • Lol

      @Gnarmvir check his previous videos. It contains Asian content.

    • Lol

      My parents say that being a IRglor is ‘not a real job’ but at the same time, they say coding is. I would kinda agree because you do IRglo whenever you want whereas coding means coding websites requested by a company.

    • loolooart

      @Gavin Bottom it said 25 when I commented that. He edited it lol

    • Phantom_Wolf52

      @loolooart he literally said BEFORE 25

    • brubru

      My dad moved out when he was 20 or 21

  • Legendcodm

    You should get electroboom to upgrade your breaker box

  • Quix


  • Asetia4116

    those hanging lights can be raised and lowered, it's just a tedious process

  • Lynne Lopez
    Lynne Lopez

    This guy should deserve 100000000000000 subscribers

  • nihuux_.

    The house being purple kind of reminds me of the man behind the slaughter's house-

  • Gucci gang fidget spinner No
    Gucci gang fidget spinner No

    It’s actually a really nice house


    When he always tries to make a normal video without breaking stuff, but he stull breaks something

  • Craiger

    This house Amazing!


    I like plainrock's voice personally, his voice make me happy

    • Jose Escobar
      Jose Escobar

      This comment now has 124 like's lol

    • Loomie

      @Plainrock124 fake lmaoaoaoaoa

    • narutosheadbandlol

      @Plainrock124 cap

    • Plainrock124

      Hi I am plainrock124

    • Teenee Chan
      Teenee Chan

      Happened to me

  • James Beam
    James Beam

    I love the explosion clip thanks plain rock. Btw I watch your channel for 3 years going to be 4

  • sucré

    4:56 lovely much needed demonstration

  • KingmartinFTW

    “Socks are a necessity if you don’t want your feet to get sick” He says as he’s not wearing socks

    • Lol

      Or just wear slippers so you won’t slip

  • Old reliable Productions
    Old reliable Productions

    Damn you should get foam sound proofing in your VR room.

  • M1D45

    "I hung up all my mario plushes that could fly, hehe."

  • Naz does stuff
    Naz does stuff

    Wow he actually got a next gen that he is keeping

    • Gurinder lotey
      Gurinder lotey

      He has ps4 and ps5 he is a Sony Fanboy

  • «John»

    this house has a strange amount of similarities to mine

  • Alex Will
    Alex Will

    this guy should get a cat

  • Rob Wilcox
    Rob Wilcox

    I love how he throws the cealling fan like it’s nothing

  • Plumbasket

    I loved your house

  • McMicro

    I guess we now know what King's favorite shape is... IT'S SQUARE

  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer

    Imagine he gets married and one of his sons finds a rare Mario figure in a Cereal Box and he just jumps across the table and mauls him in stealing the figure.

    • Jammbette

      @chicken fish he is?

    • chicken fish
      chicken fish

      He is asexual tho. Idk if he will have children

  • Sparky's Customs
    Sparky's Customs

    In the VR Room you need to paint a wall green For stream's I guess

  • Triman

    I like how he censored "Hey google!" since android users would get their phones triggered by assistant

    • ▪︎[Fàllèñ]▪︎

      This happens tk me all the time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Windows 7
      Windows 7

      7:29 hey beep

    • ProGamer

      @NotAlotOfSauce Samsung used to be android but samsung makes their own phones now

    • Overpowerdog bulldogRock
      Overpowerdog bulldogRock

      My whole house would have gone off

    • Camera king 124
      Camera king 124

      It was mainly for a google home

  • John . com
    John . com

    Finally he can cook salmon with out fear

  • Tomasz Fiutek
    Tomasz Fiutek

    Its very nice house!

  • Gtyr555 ctr
    Gtyr555 ctr

    I love plainrocks vids because he funny and he is my favorite youtuber,

  • Themegabuilder_5

    ive been waiting for this vid ever since he moved

  • Sebafromgreece

    I love how rich he is

  • Cole Prodinsky
    Cole Prodinsky

    7:41 "having the closet inside your bathroom is even better, because if you forget your change of clothes, after your done showering, you don't have to run across the whole house naked" lmao

  • Josh and Olly Plays
    Josh and Olly Plays

    2:49 when your mum asks you to help with the cooking.

  • Edmonaise

    Other people: Selling their Tesla Plainrock124: I don't want money, I want debris :)

  • Computer Nostalgia
    Computer Nostalgia

    9:17 That’s a fairly new looking dryer unit. I’m pretty sure it’s just lint buildup in the dryer tube that leads to outside. It can cause the dryer to perform worse.

    • KingTurkeySub

      Could also burn the house down lol

  • StarChief

    10:23 Just get a new breaker that doesn't trip at your tesla's current draw

    • Devin Seeley
      Devin Seeley

      @StarChief yes

    • StarChief

      @Devin Seeley It is if you properly rate your system. He could also buy a 2-phase adapter and get someone to wire a socket for it.

    • Devin Seeley
      Devin Seeley

      Might not be the best idea

  • SlipCynical

    4:00 you unlocked the: fork | fade collection: unensils

    • Elite Alpha
      Elite Alpha

      Egg fork

  • 4ndr3wTully47

    the only room with a skylight, and you use it for the only activity where you won't see it at all.

    • andrew21

      makes sense

  • Ethan1234

    Legend says, the handyman still hasn't picked up his ladder

  • Slothievr

    Alternative title: ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF HOARDERS

  • karendestroyer

    the skylight is why there's basically a hallway from it