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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Favorite Pokemon game definitely was New Horizons

    • Chicken_Man


    • Chicken_Man


    • Leonel Ochoa
      Leonel Ochoa

      My favorite Pokémon game for Gen 8 was Adele’s 30

    • II_Haso

      You like new horizons? Sorry, but I’m going for new leaf.

    • DahDude101

      Mine too

  • Travis Halstead
    Travis Halstead

    To all the Pokémon fans, when you think about it, him shredding the cards adds value


      To what?

    • bunny lol
      bunny lol

      the cards are trash

    • Nathaniel

      @pap Jpap and I'm unsubscribing from your mom I have Pokemon cards but I don't care cuz I used to be into them like a year ago

    • pap Jpap
      pap Jpap

      I’m unsubscribing from plainrock124

    • That guy ,
      That guy ,

      I’m a pokemon fan but love this.

  • Cherrycake 7
    Cherrycake 7

    I don’t know why but I found the cards going into the shredder really satisfying. Can you do some normal packs, like battle styles or evolving skies in the future?

    • Rocket J. Sykes
      Rocket J. Sykes

      he's not a pokemon yt

  • SandDab

    Don’t worry everyone he just hides his collection in the shredder

    • Cyber Faniel
      Cyber Faniel

      Random beggars: U cOuLd HaVe GiVeN tHaT 2 mEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe Me: stop get some help

    • Alyzza R
      Alyzza R

      Plot twist: plain rock secretly likes Pokémon

    • Axolotl in a bucket ^-^
      Axolotl in a bucket ^-^

      @J Man yeah that is where i keep my shiny Charizard

    • Loveless Ali
      Loveless Ali

      @ZeXo that is where I hid my homework that is really important oops

    • Heiden Lam
      Heiden Lam

      @Punkymonplushstudios Alright then

  • themanmike

    This guy is the South Park of IRglo. He doesn't give a shit if something is politically incorrect or controversial, he just does it anyway.

    • Daytona Chaos The Destroyer
      Daytona Chaos The Destroyer


  • eggs

    00:24 I like how much this shows he doesn’t care about the happy meal 🤣

  • Howard The alien
    Howard The alien

    Best unboxing ever! I'm actually laughing my ass off

  • Bender1699

    *calls a Snivy a praying mantis* Every Unova fan: 😔

    • OneShadeOff

      Ye sad :(

  • Leaf

    i legit cant be offended by this, i love this.

    • Freshoost

      Who can

    • Leaf

      @BreakingBlaziken It was friday night funkin snivy though

    • BreakingBlaziken

      @Leaf Its snivy the grass type from unova region

    • BlueÖysterStan


    • Leaf

      @Wobbles the Snake That's exactly what it is

  • SeleverRyanReacts

    No matter how much I love Pokémon, I still love watching plain rock lol

  • Nick S
    Nick S

    I love how brutally Honestly King is about everything. He doesn't give a shit about anything 😂

    • Daytona Chaos The Destroyer
      Daytona Chaos The Destroyer


    • Ihatemylife

      @Nova Orange welcome to the club

    • Nova Orange
      Nova Orange

      @CaptainHarry64 had a fucking stoke reading this and died

    • Nick S
      Nick S

      @ThicCForehead Excuse me, how old are you buddy?

    • ThicCForehead

      shut up

  • crumbInk

    I like how he just names the Pokemon by their Appearance lol

  • AtlasTheLucario

    when he "accidently" shredded the cards i dropped laughing

  • Spotify Ad
    Spotify Ad

    Imagine how much an unopened pack would be in 20 years

  • Pixal Ubers
    Pixal Ubers

    I remember getting cards from mc donalds. And they were dripping in grease.

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid

    Now there will be kids yelling at you for “wasting food”

    • Alan Brzeski
      Alan Brzeski

      He instanly commits a sin at the start for throwing mcdonalds happy meal but im not hating

    • Citex23

      He ate the food don't worry

    • Xav.

      Wait, you can eat pokemon cards??

    • Rudi


    • Some Kid
      Some Kid

      I feel like this came out the wrong way, I meant this in a joking way, idc about McDonald’s or Pokémon

  • Kabeer the Avgeek
    Kabeer the Avgeek

    "And a bowling ball" I couldnt stop laughing

  • DylanBrawlStars

    I just want the McDonalds 😂

  • Spamzz

    I laughed so hard when he put the cards in the paper shredder

  • Team Blue
    Team Blue

    Hey, you know those shiny cards can be like $50 xD

  • JustFaiz

    He's just putting his cards Into his "collection box".

    • Roblox Jacob
      Roblox Jacob


    • Gxmeboy

      @KyriakosDaWeirdo (CURRENTLY ON REPAIR) /whooosh

    • Syno

      @KyriakosDaWeirdo (CURRENTLY ON REPAIR) R/Whoosh

    • Sonic 🦔🟦
      Sonic 🦔🟦

      @JustFaiz yea dud

    • clap boii
      clap boii

      I hope there alright lmao

  • xiex

    I have so much respect for him shredding the cards.

  • Blacknight The Nightwing
    Blacknight The Nightwing

    Me watching the first pack: Those are some good cards. Plainrock: (Shreds them) Me: I should have expected that.

  • Pg3d Master
    Pg3d Master

    this is so brutal and funny at the same time lol

  • charlie

    I think you'd do great at comedy. You always make me laugh lol

  • MrJayPerfect

    The Series That We Didnt Need But Wanted

  • a b
    a b

    You know its professional when the pro shreds the cards

  • Ray / Exception
    Ray / Exception

    As a pokemon fan, I approve of this video

  • Pikachu

    You can't escape me, plainrock 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jello

    I aint gonna lie, the sound of the cards shredding was kinda relaxing lol

    • clap boii
      clap boii

      It's his collection box lmao

    • Hecker 420
      Hecker 420

      I’m kinda tired

    • Erick

      Bro honestly it was

  • AtlusPatlus

    4:37 Another shiny charizard

  • Numb~N!xrø

    I always laughed at the Nintendo fan boys when king destroyed Nintendo stuff now I know how it feels

  • OzomeEpicBoi

    Definitely sending this to my friend who owns a Rainbow Charizard

  • Shadøw Vex
    Shadøw Vex

    He knows how rare some of those cards are, right? Next time i recommend keeping them or selling them once the toys are not in the mcdonalds happy meal. Great vid btw.

  • Meequalsjeff

    I love it how he is just calling pokemon random objects and animals.

    • XSladeNinja

      I used to be a big fan of pokemon but ur right

    • Clan TX
      Clan TX

      he isn't lying

  • Noms1

    Can't wait for episode 2!

    • Gabriel Davidson
      Gabriel Davidson

      And I can’t wait for the hate comments

  • nathaniel

    I know that the box was *empty* so don't yell at king that he's wasting food.

  • PR124 and CMB
    PR124 and CMB

    When you say bowling ball about the card I was hysterical laughing

  • Caleb Saucedo
    Caleb Saucedo

    I love how you just shred it after he doesn't like it

  • Lemondae

    Most professional card opener 👏

    • Jason the guy who can do stuff
      Jason the guy who can do stuff

      and went to the shredder

  • Eevee Lover
    Eevee Lover

    2:29 He shredded that like the Club Penguin “stonks” when Island got released.

  • Bryce Lee
    Bryce Lee

    "bowling ball" LMAO

  • asterisk

    “Rule 34 furry stuff”

    • Fabio NP
      Fabio NP

      @peter gikas Did you know that Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3”03’ tall and 63.9 pounds, this means they’re large enough to be able handle human d*cks, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there’s no doubt in my mind that an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have s*x with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll Eyes, Captivate, Charm, and Tail Whip, along with not having fur to hide n*pples, so it’d be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Pokémon comes close to this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white. Vaporeon is literally built for human d*ck. Ungodly defense stat+high HP pool+Acid Armor means it can take c*ck all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more!

    • Fabio NP
      Fabio NP

      @[insert username here] it's the 2nd for me.........

    • Underverse thecool999a
      Underverse thecool999a


    • [insert username here]
      [insert username here]

      @peter gikas I give condolences for your poor soul.

    • peter gikas
      peter gikas

      @[insert username here] not just one half of it is rule 34 *i need bleach now*

  • Shuma-Gorath246

    I think he should do this more often because I think it's pretty entertaining.

    • [insert username here]
      [insert username here]

      His disappointment at the recurring cards he doesn’t like is genuinely so funny.

  • Skilly

    plot twist: he just destroys stuff so he can feed his dustbin

    • Linnymiddy

      And paper shredder

  • AustinTheAustin

    The best Pokémon opening E V E R..

  • ItsPickaxe

    Favorite Pokémon game definitely was Keep it Or Shred it.

  • Pablo Potato
    Pablo Potato

    thank you finally straight to the point

  • Robot Vacuum Demos
    Robot Vacuum Demos

    800k subs! Can’t wait for that second gold play button!

  • BiGfRuItS

    I like the way he said "very nice selection" as he just shreds them

    • Compital's Channel
      Compital's Channel

      I don't

  • NoboEpic 64
    NoboEpic 64

    How could you I live in Australia you killed my hopes and dreams gnarly joking keep doing what you’re doing you’re the most funniest person ever

  • wye tt
    wye tt

    you can only get starters in these happy meals btw

  • Svicidal.th0ts

    “Oh damnit that was the shiny one” *tries to grab it* “nvm its gone”

  • ShortAnt

    The fact that he thinks that the holo is a shiny is hilarious

    • NCGames Blue
      NCGames Blue

      He Must Be Lucky. XD

  • AmazingGuy 14
    AmazingGuy 14

    Kids be like: NO if you want you can send Pokémons to me

    • Lucassaur0

      That was a fucking pain to type because of the auto-corrector lmao

    • Lucassaur0

      Butt me wnt thm gwaaaaaaaaaa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 wy no snd to meeee me mome dnot buy my cadrs pokeman :(((((((((((((

    • Seannightwal

      Not a kid, but a little bit triggered tho hehe

    • Hii


    • AmazingGuy 14
      AmazingGuy 14

      @Policarpo Sagaral Well then keep scrolling

  • The Unknown Person
    The Unknown Person

    I love this whole vid except when he Shredded Rowlet 👌

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez

    This physically gave me goosebumps

  • DuckTheBoi

    I’m not mad about the shredding, I’m just mad at how much he got

  • Anna Tellez
    Anna Tellez

    Lol the pikachu is rare and he shredded it lol had me laughing for like 20 minutes how he said another pic then ripped it lol

  • Nathan Kim
    Nathan Kim

    Anyone else remember getting gold plated Pokemon cards from Burger King some 25 years ago?....God I feel old. Imagine Plainrock trying to shred those!

    • Ronnie 2.0
      Ronnie 2.0

      My friend has one that he got from his dad it’s a pikachu

    • gaming 'N Loads of Fun
      gaming 'N Loads of Fun

      I got a sparkly cosmog from mcdonalds

  • Doge Boi
    Doge Boi

    Ah, yes. My favorite Pokémon. Bird.

    • KVisser26 Games
      KVisser26 Games

      Mine is rule 34 furry

  • DWoopers

    Even tho I love pokemon, my least favourite thing about the video is when he threw the food behind him

  • Gabe filonov
    Gabe filonov

    I'm pretty sure this is the best card opening ever made

  • KazandraDoesCrap

    Why not use water type starters? We have: Ugly Looking Frog Another Ugly Looking Frog Ugly Looking Gecko (PRETEND IT'S NOT A GRASS TYPE OKAY) And a Sea Otter.

  • SupMichael

    Imagine how much he would regret this if one day one of those cards becomes rare, and could sell for thousands of dollars

    • SupMichael

      @Leon S. M. well I guess

  • Let your NERD OUT!
    Let your NERD OUT!

    when i saw that litten my heart dropped thinking he would shred it.. but he didnt... yes! edit: you monster.

  • Hokage-sama Lush
    Hokage-sama Lush

    As a Pokemon fan watching this right now wishing I had these it's funny and I'm subscribed to him.

  • XxJesseyt

    I’m showing my friend this I hopefully we still be friends after I show him this

  • BlueDemon

    can we talk about how fast his hair grew lmao

  • Roy Morris
    Roy Morris

    Your best episode of this year

  • Le fy
    Le fy

    He could of sold the hollows and reverse hollows and made made money then he spent 🥲 but content is content!

  • yeet exe
    yeet exe

    I can just hear the professional pokemon card collected out there

  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

    10 years later: holo grookey from mcdonalds is now rarer than charizard Plainrock: 👁👄👁

    • JP7

      @Destroyer 83 I think its the other way around concerning you can’t get a joke.

    • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
      Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

      @Destroyer 83 no i dont like pokemon anymore i was joking on how ironic it would be if that happened

    • mikaeel

      @Destroyer 83 how tho lol

  • Super Channel
    Super Channel

    This just brings a smile to my face Pokemon cards being shred It suddenly Gave a smile

  • No reputation
    No reputation

    We don’t need to be greedy and have two . Also plain rock: Buys like 5 million Pokémon cards

  • Curtis Mcgarry
    Curtis Mcgarry

    do this with a first edition booster pack

  • ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽

    im a pokemon card collector and i dont know why a piece of cardboard is so much worth it, Kinda reminds me of nintendo labo

  • Brother Ozzo
    Brother Ozzo

    Were you actually gonna expect a shiny charizard in it

  • iThankfulDudes

    I feel like PlainrockToyz should be its own IRglo channel and not be part of PlainrockVlogs

  • Super Yoshi
    Super Yoshi

    As a Pokémon fan I find this amusing

  • JackieWackie

    I honestly don’t care for Pokémon cards, but that squirtle hit hard…

  • TheGoofyDino

    plainrock: **calls charmander charizard** me: “I think I can let this one slide”

    • Diane Crow
      Diane Crow

      aren't they the same thing

    • Hue Nguyen
      Hue Nguyen

      Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Greg Burke
      Greg Burke

      I think I can't let this one slide

  • XvZGhost

    I think it’s funny to think he actually accidentally got rid of the pikachu

  • a great name for this user
    a great name for this user

    Off to find crybaby’s wish me luck

  • Rose Kaw
    Rose Kaw

    The shiny ones you got has value!!!!!

  • fluxtrux

    Looks like that electric rat has resurrected as a mcdonalds happy meal.

  • ItzTRC Legos & Gaming
    ItzTRC Legos & Gaming

    Plainrock congrats on 800k on your vlog channel👍

  • Ciaran Diamond
    Ciaran Diamond

    That shredder has paid for it’s self again and again

  • ziphix

    are we gonna talk how he called foil cards shiny

  • Loomie

    Its super professional that kids wants him to stop what hes doing because its too much professionalism for them

  • FireLion12Yes

    Bro I’m dying from laughter

  • Rust Kun
    Rust Kun

    When he keeps the Charizard is kinda cute

  • DevoutTfue

    i love this scene "5:15" 😊😊😊 actually.. LOL 😂

  • Super Mario Bros The Channel
    Super Mario Bros The Channel

    Pokémon!!! Gotta Smash Em' All!

  • Rabea Khaton
    Rabea Khaton

    love pokemon but this is funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Mario Gamer
    Mario Gamer

    It's satisfying to watch the Pokemon cards to get shredded.

  • Boomsitkle


  • Tiny_VR

    4:38 it’s definitely a charzard but tiny

  • Sparwhal

    I'd really like to see a Rowlet bowling ball XD

    • Amogus Xdlol
      Amogus Xdlol


  • GlamrockGamer

    He called my favorite pokemon an ugly weasel XD