Can't get kicked out from a convention if I kick everyone else out... 🤔

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    The real victims of TanaCon were the cars and hedges, R.I.P.

    • TheOfficialDinkyTheRabbit


    • TheVibingCat54

      Hello plainrock

    • Fluffy


    • GoombaHead


    • Miette Vaught
      Miette Vaught

      it wasn't tanas fault it was Michael's

  • Zach Choi ASMR
    Zach Choi ASMR


    • bruhmagone69

      Wait your famous

    • Wizard_34


    • Fluffy

      Both are terrible

    • Mysticforest 25
      Mysticforest 25

      Why hello there fancy seeing you here

    • gamelife__

      what u doing here

  • SplattJahh

    Rewatched again during quarantine, turns out I missed a lot of stuff. Honestly hilarious.

    • A random guy
      A random guy


    • xuqra

      Still true

    • I Was Thinking
      I Was Thinking

      @Shadynut yea

    • Jay James
      Jay James

      Don’t even get me started on the stuff I missed out on

    • I Was Thinking
      I Was Thinking


  • BlackDuty100

    Image just seeing plainrock in a crowd full of girls in a tana event

    • Mysticforest 25
      Mysticforest 25

      I would be so happy

    • supreme supreme
      supreme supreme

      ... i hope the girls do not show up at this tanacon again ...

    • Official Moai
      Official Moai


    • TrixusPlays

      *it's his event now*

    • SupremeDreams 2.0
      SupremeDreams 2.0

      A Plainrock

  • 8Bot 367
    8Bot 367

    “So how’s Tanacon going so far?” *GOOD* “So how’s Tanacon going so far?” good “So how’s Tanacon going so far?” AWFUL *REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND*

    • Dee’s nuts
      Dee’s nuts

      900th like

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD


    • Essence C
      Essence C

      1:43 *GOOD* 😁😃 2:14 *good* 😐🙂 3:07 *AWFUL* 😠😤 5:22 *REFUND REFUND REFUND* 🤬😡

    • Cheeto Dog
      Cheeto Dog

      **instant forgiveness**

    • Nicholas Poole
      Nicholas Poole

      That’s funny

  • Fleure Vellinga
    Fleure Vellinga

    Everyone: **screaming** Him: REFUND!! everyone: silent

    • Rexthedinopup2 : The Sequel
      Rexthedinopup2 : The Sequel

      He got the chant he wanted, only he didn’t find the right time to say it lol

    • ElectroMagnetic

      That one dude: *SHANE DAWSON SHANE DAWSON*

    • DaOfficialNolan


    • D218

      Also everyone a second later : *REFUND REFUND REFUND*

  • Jennifer Fix
    Jennifer Fix

    You know Tanacon was terrible when people start saying that they'd rather be at a Jake Paul concert 😂

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD


    • rocraft plays
      rocraft plays

      wow ur verified way to flex XD

    • AMY K
      AMY K


    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD


    • ejjk ejjejej
      ejjk ejjejej

      God bless everyone,,.

  • weonlylaughhere

    I love how everyone outside was yelling "REFUND, REFUND" the first time and then he joins in and they instantly all stop and look at him with a shitty look. And, ive never related harder.That is what would happen to me

    • ThreadyChimp 556
      ThreadyChimp 556

      Everytime I make a joke in class, sad times

  • Archbob

    Watching these huge crowds during 2020 gives me the shivers

    • Sammy Kirschten
      Sammy Kirschten

      @Ace of Hearts I know but if this was in 2020 COVID would be higher than me after I bought 420 on discount

    • dut dut 2.0
      dut dut 2.0

      Fire Fly Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ wait you just agreed with him

    • Fire Fly Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ
      Fire Fly Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ

      @Happy Planet Nobody so get out.

    • Ace of Hearts
      Ace of Hearts

      But this was TanaCon 2018

    • Happy Planet
      Happy Planet

      Who asked

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    Imagine the anger, the frustration standing in line that long just for it to get canceled

  • Sean Fred
    Sean Fred

    I think he actually enjoyed the revolt and chanting “refund”

    • Jeff The Mercenary
      Jeff The Mercenary

      Its funny tbh

    • Eithan Batalla
      Eithan Batalla

      I enjoyed it too tbh

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.

    And we thought the Jake Paul concert was the worst

    • Ibran MlR
      Ibran MlR


    • Luugi


    • Syukri517

      Everywhere I go, I see your face

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD

      i love the comment section of this video.

    • The Gaming Canadian
      The Gaming Canadian

      I'm surprised you don't have the maximum amount of replies by now...

  • Nick Perro
    Nick Perro

    I love how footage from this got into a serious documentary about the event.

    • Prince Ramos
      Prince Ramos

      Yeah by SunnyV2

  • Edgy Weebus Jesus
    Edgy Weebus Jesus

    you can hear everyone’s happiness deteriorating as time passes

  • EstebanPlays VideoGames
    EstebanPlays VideoGames

    Tbh if I was at that event, I would have flipped the entrance table and sued the lady that pulled the middle finger 4:39 savage

    • markbtelevision

      No you wouldnt.

    • Dafortnite World
      Dafortnite World

      @JosephxHiro yeah

    • JosephxHiro

      Lol he right, she secretly did 😏

    • amNein

      I don't think she actually flipped a middle finger. It just looked like it

  • DeepyWasTaken

    Tana: **holds gun to every hostage** Everyone: REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND

    • supreme supreme
      supreme supreme

      ... 🐑🐑🐑 ...

    • DaOfficialNolan


  • Pirate Dog
    Pirate Dog

    I could never act like these people crowding around Tana like vultures. It's embarrassing. Sheep sheep sheep.

    • supreme supreme
      supreme supreme

      ... ewe ewe ewe ... tana the canibal con ... and " tanas vision " cann-eye-ball ...

    • Luis T.
      Luis T.

      Gotta remember that four hours under the sun isn't exactly... enjoyable

    • chubbyillusionist

      zerodawn09 And I cringed after the scene where they instantly forgave her for her selfishness, like "Tana, Tana!!" instead of "Fck you, Tana, for making us wait for million years!"

    • chubbyillusionist

      zerodawn09 No, dude. You cannot change these sheeples because it is in their blood, of patronizing something or someone that/who shouldn't be patronized. No matter what you do, unless dictate them like very terrible despot, they won't change and learn their mistakes. They need constant discipline by someone who is superior, whether he/she is good or bad person. And most of all, they want group mentality and conformity raher than thinking outside the box.

    • zerodawn09

      yea its sad that after that how many sheep will still like and forgive her. to many stupid people out there. learn from your mistakes dont repeat them.

  • god man
    god man

    5:25 plainrock waited his whole life for this moment.

    • Jeff The Mercenary
      Jeff The Mercenary


    • Jems41


    • GeoDemon._.

      R E F U N D

    • NetherNotHiding


    • Aksel playsz 🇲🇨
      Aksel playsz 🇲🇨

      ReFund Refund

  • Kingsegull

    And this is how the coronavirus started...

    • Kingsegull

      @markbtelevision its called a joke

    • markbtelevision

      No its not. Research the great reset. What a br aindead comment by you.

    • Joe

      @Profess That's the joke LMFAO

    • Profess

      @Kingsegull Take a joke LMFAO.

    • Kingsegull

      Johny rage I know it’s a joke

  • SpraySprint

    I love when ever King asked "Hows Tanacon?" Their response was more depressing every time.

  • JakeSpelar

    Tana: I’m gonna make people stand in line for 5 hours!!! Coronavirus: it’s time for Coronacon!!

    • the misadventures of the toppat clan the series
      the misadventures of the toppat clan the series


    • Definitely not an Engineer
      Definitely not an Engineer

      Bro coronacon sounds good actually

    • amNein

      @Iron Knight nein We go to coronacon to get the virus

    • amNein

      @EagleofYT lol

    • temp1

      Jun 29 2018

  • Brock Smith
    Brock Smith

    You sir sacrificed your self for this, I appreciate what you've done good sir 👏

    • Emma Hollow
      Emma Hollow

      Bless him 🙏🏾

    • Loki Lowkey
      Loki Lowkey

      I commented and no one would comment my comment in my comment by commenting?

    • Bag

      Iamdacookie that doesn’t make scents either

    • Lilythenerd

      Sierra Lewisss it didn’t make cents either but it still made me laugh

    • Artemis

      Brock Smith what??? That didn’t even make sence

  • Dakota Bryson
    Dakota Bryson

    Remember when we could go into public and not feel guilty about it? The good ol days

  • Royal Thundair
    Royal Thundair

    One of my favorite youtubers, honestly because of how grounded King is. Actual quality content without pushing it a lot.

  • SK Productions
    SK Productions

    we gotta find the guy who threw the box he actually seems like a good person

  • Fauzan Aziz
    Fauzan Aziz

    I guess there's a good reason why people like tana exist. So that people can learn what not to be

    • supreme supreme
      supreme supreme

      ... 🦸...

  • 𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐚 . . ♡
    𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐚 . . ♡

    coming back after 3 years I’m so glad this was a thing I loved it!

  • geo

    9:52 when you realise how much of a mistake this was

  • Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison

    This is a great video and Can't stop rewatching it! I think I broke the replay button.

  • dL_Riptide

    5:11 everyone chanting tana one dude chanting shane

    • Sad Man
      Sad Man

      @ThreadyChimp 556 lmfao

    • Justsomecodplayerhere

      @Sad Man lmao

    • Mario Antonio Crespo México
      Mario Antonio Crespo México

      @lara lara even a child will one day become old. No one stays young forever. Kids deserve to hear the truth no one stays young forever!

    • Mario Antonio Crespo México
      Mario Antonio Crespo México

      @Waffle man you won’t be a child forever. No one stays young forever. We all must age & get older one day that’s part of life.

    • ThreadyChimp 556
      ThreadyChimp 556

      Over 6 months of arguing have been recorded here lol

  • Digmer

    So tana leaves as she see the mess she created, how her beloved fans are sunburned and neglected, then goes to party with bella thorne and dares to cry on shane dawsons shoulder when she is called off??? She cant play the ignorance card again, she knew her fans (mostly teens) were upset, but she leaved them behind to celebrate her birthday and get wasted. Thats disgusting, abusive and just heartless.

    • Foolio_ gaming
      Foolio_ gaming

      @bean why not 3🤷‍♂️

    • bean

      Why is there only 1 reply? Make it 2!

    • Pablo Delgado
      Pablo Delgado

      She's a trash person and those that defend her knowing all of this are worse than her

  • GhostyZ

    You can just hear the enthusiasm of the kids going down every time he asks them how's tanacon

  • BroRaceRs 2137
    BroRaceRs 2137

    How does this only have 2.4 million views. This is so hilarious, I can’t believe it.

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith

    I can't believe he's been through 2 concerts and managed to keep his sanity.

  • shalama123

    I died at the “how to get away with theft” also anyone here from the rumors that tanacon is happening again? There’s a new Instagram for it

    • er.you25 [#]
      er.you25 [#]


  • ThisisTom

    Tanacon felt like a school event

    • I ran out of ideas
      I ran out of ideas

      You’re not wrong

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      Looks like one too.

    • FeelsNotgoodMan

      I felt nostalgic reading your comment

    • gabbygabs

      The school events were better.

    • Crow The Wicked
      Crow The Wicked

      Nah, school events are at least organized.

  • Jason Giecek
    Jason Giecek

    3 years ago, we discovered Tanacon!!!! Thanks Tana!!

  • Arobloxgamer Foraworld
    Arobloxgamer Foraworld

    3:19 “it’s our first time at a convention so we have to be patient” little did she know that when she was at the front of the line it got cancelled edit: actually 3:15

  • Cool Master Charlie
    Cool Master Charlie

    5:15 I literally laughed so hard at this part 😂

  • Ohmie Levisope
    Ohmie Levisope

    Idk why some people are driven by their emotions and act crazily and chaotic whithout ever stopping to actually think what they are doing right and wrong. This is especially true with teens and some adults that havent fully grown up and it pisses me off.

    • chilling with aaliyah
      chilling with aaliyah

      um it was hot. there was no food nor water. with the heat, frustration, and dehydration um...people aren't going to act right. the marketing team did a bad job. they should have been keeping track of the ticket sales, have better security, and should have monitored the demographics and look at her fan base. It takes time to make a convention. not three-six months.

  • Karos

    Dude sacrifices his life for us, quality perfect content

  • The Documentary
    The Documentary

    “Don’t you have a failed marriage to go to?” “Shut the f*** up!” “Refund” *Walks over bushes* *steals badges*

  • Cool Master Charlie
    Cool Master Charlie

    5:14 I literally laughed so hard at this part 😂

  • Mattblaze1477

    Tana made me stand in line in the scorching heat for 5 hours and all I got was this lousy free T'shirt.


    Damn YOUR VIDEOS ARE FUNNY AND GOOD 😂 keep it up!

  • Ibukiily

    The person saying “Shane.” Is My Hero

    • IsithPlays

      I sure bet you like Shane still

    • Berry

      This comment section did not age well lmaoo

    • i cant think of a name
      i cant think of a name

      Well that aged poorly

    • elissa

      this didn’t age well

    • 5G JJBA trash
      5G JJBA trash

      @Roblox Gamer_YT ohh noo the foreshadowing thatshane did smth bad

  • ItzPyro

    Bro I miss plainrock back in 2018 this was like the best time for plainrock, one of the times where he produced the best content.

  • Jacqueline Chrisman
    Jacqueline Chrisman

    Watching in 2021 and this kind of crowd is CRAZY! It feels like 100 years ago. I can't imagine this now.

  • Jack Lewis
    Jack Lewis

    Imagine tana and Bella Thorne walking past a tone of young girls and plain rock

    • Emma Hollow
      Emma Hollow

      That’s a W

  • Kaiyo

    Plainrock said STOP STEPING THE HEDGES Girl:GUD Girl:Instant Karma *falls into hedges

  • Smashin' Abe
    Smashin' Abe

    I'm pretty sure this will go down in history as the most disastrous convention ever conceived

  • Monster Gacha
    Monster Gacha

    9:13 "You guys are killing it!" "*GUD*"

    • Milkless cereal
      Milkless cereal

      @Obi Wana Kookiee I found your username hilarious

    • Obi Wana Kookiee
      Obi Wana Kookiee

      I found that part hilarious

  • I91AM

    4:41 I really love how she was desperate to do a middle finger.

    • EstebanPlays VideoGames
      EstebanPlays VideoGames

      Conflex she must go to jail for 3 years

  • Adapt TrixyLC
    Adapt TrixyLC

    Pure content still worth watching in 2021

  • Vincent Loya
    Vincent Loya

    The worst part about tanacon is that it turns out the whole thing was a scam.

    • Larry Campos
      Larry Campos

      i guess u could say it was a tana-CON

    • Vincent Loya
      Vincent Loya

      AmazingAlex Vlogs yep

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      Kyungmi Park check out his second video on it. Apparently both of them had some ulterior motive which he will reveal in the next video

    • Ahri Park
      Ahri Park

      Sean M. You guys should all watch Shane’s video about it. Good Times were the ones trying to fix it for everyone while Tana was out partying right after her failed convention. She cares so much about you guys right? Lol

    • James Fleming
      James Fleming

      im glad i didnt go but how was it a scam? nvm

  • Dr Sparkles
    Dr Sparkles

    Rewatching this after a few years and this is still as funny I remember

  • happyCrappyloser

    I feel sorry for the employees

  • Jackman Studios
    Jackman Studios

    I’m glad this is the only experience of tanacon and I didn’t actually go to tanacon

  • EditGiovanni

    It seems social media got lot worse over this year. I miss the old days

  • Phoenix

    Wow Tanacon looks so unprofessional and chaotic... I feel bad for all the people that went and hope they get their refunds! Also Rip the cars and hedges....

    • Kyu

      No refunds

    • Phoenix

      Panic! _exe_ oh wow

    • cxrsedaep

      I was there I saw the guy who made the video I was in the video ugh thank god we got our refund tho because I WOULDVE SUED!!!

    • Murdu

      Phoenix Productions and floor

  • Danny Anaya
    Danny Anaya

    It feels so wired to be watching this in quarantine

  • Kruss321

    The balls it takes to go to a tana convention

  • Nathan Pintar
    Nathan Pintar

    I know I’m a bit late to this video but I have to give King Lang credit for thinking about the vegetation and the litter

  • mPotatoLord Boi
    mPotatoLord Boi

    Imagine this event happening during the pandemic lmao

  • Unknowing

    I'm rewatching your videos man and I think this is right around the time I started to follow.

  • hahaha hahahaha
    hahaha hahahaha

    Instant forgiveness?! Yeah they deserve to be waited that long. No harm done

  • XboxSaiyan

    If tana actually searched this up 8:38 🤣

  • l

    Him being so loud in the crowd made me so embarrassed lol

  • J

    The editing of this video is really what makes it LMAO

  • Irwan Chandra
    Irwan Chandra

    This is the most beautiful convention I have ever seen

  • Cole Clark
    Cole Clark

    “I feel like I’m in soup!” Best part hands down 😂

  • Kevin

    Looks like everyone who went to Tanacon has been Tana"conned"

  • MSP Spotter
    MSP Spotter

    Now you will be known as “The one Asian kid who canceled tanacon” (holy crap 400+ likes? Thanks)

    • skflmgjok

      And the kid that went to the jake paul concert

    • MSP Spotter
      MSP Spotter

      GamersucRB do you want me to put in the comment that it’s A JOKE

    • MSP Spotter
      MSP Spotter

      Derp Derp lol what ok I fix it

  • CrispyCooki

    I wonder what going to a Con must feel like

  • Spooky GT40
    Spooky GT40

    "So this, is what the dreams feels like, this is the victory we longed for" -Niko Bellic

  • Pichu65

    I just keep can’t get over this it’s so funny

  • The Institution
    The Institution

    3:53 What is Jake Paul doing there?

    • Kindy The Cyborg
      Kindy The Cyborg

      @PersonOnTheInternet oh

    • PersonOnTheInternet

      @Kindy The Cyborg because he’s considered human garbage

    • Kindy The Cyborg
      Kindy The Cyborg

      @PersonOnTheInternet What joke?

    • PersonOnTheInternet

      @Kindy The Cyborg no you don’t understand the joke

    • Kindy The Cyborg
      Kindy The Cyborg

      @PersonOnTheInternet Its really not .-.

  • blxe mxxn
    blxe mxxn

    I love how everyone’s so stressed and mad but he’s actually laughing lollllll😂😂

  • Mihika Roy
    Mihika Roy

    The real victims of TanaCon were the cars and hedges, R.I.P.

  • Nemanja Popadic
    Nemanja Popadic

    4.39 Man the way that lady looked at him always makes me laugh Keep up the good work ;)

  • 。Rilakkuma 。
    。Rilakkuma 。

    I guess the only fun time at Tanacon was ranting “Refund!”

  • de-whey

    Honestly I would pay £20 to see plainrock

    • supreme supreme
      supreme supreme

      ... is 20 pound sterling the current lap dance rate💰... i am joking ...

  • Gacha Raccon
    Gacha Raccon

    Takes 5~ hours to get in. Finally in: *Sorry it's cancelled*

    • Phantom_Wolf52

      Gacha Raccon yet tana still beat mr beast the person who encouraged people to help plant 20 million trees to help the environment in the content creators awards

    • HI Person
      HI Person


    • idiotsnicker

      Kinda sus

    • Sammys Family channel
      Sammys Family channel


    • Bepis skeetus
      Bepis skeetus

      @BryanW22 oh hey Carlo, what's up?

  • Degen

    this is low-key terrifying...

  • TheEpicEevee

    I loved this vlog so much

  • TrialMester Gaming
    TrialMester Gaming

    They really should have named it Tana-Con if the guests are treated like that

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer

    REFUND! REFUND! REFUND! Nice proof on proving Tana wrong. Lol

  • Melissa

    I just don't understand how people can just forgive her that easily

    • I Got MCR Tickets And You Didn't
      I Got MCR Tickets And You Didn't

      Zyzz Insecure, yes. Virgins? Not likely. Airheaded preteens usually aren't smart enough to keep their v-card for long.

    • Danyyousi

      They are just kids :P

    • nix

      Melissa cause theyre bunch of idiots

    • norah

      Noxx ✧ funny thing is she knew people would be waiting outside and wanted that because it would make her event look better. She does mistakes over and over again and it's the same bs crying and sorry. She only did this out of revenge and not the love of her fans. I watched Shane's video too and it just solidified to me she is just so irresponsible and acts like she's still 13. People like you need to stop defending her and saying "oh everyone makes mistakes" like that justifies everything that was done on a whim. It's really pathetic and just shows how fans like you are so delusional. She could kill someone and you'd say "oh, everyone makes mistakes ". Just stop.

    • kuwromii

      Maybe watch Shane’s video and see she fucking takes the blame and admits she fucked up and is trying instead of just acting like nothing happened, I’m guessing you’re a perfect angel and you’ve never fucked up in your life no matter the topic

  • Puddles

    I wanted to watch that one part but ended up rewatching it. haha it's still entertaining.

  • GP33-Technology and Streams
    GP33-Technology and Streams

    I love how like 4000 people were all in like a 50 foot rectangle

  • Pixel-elf Pixxy
    Pixel-elf Pixxy

    Right in the hour of need, Bella Thorne came and saved Tanacon

  • Ninja

    I like how he jokes about it in front of her face 😂

  • Common Loser
    Common Loser

    She has scammed people multiple times before (for example, her depop situation where ppl were buying items and she wasn't sending them). I don't understand why people are defending her. She went into this fully aware that she would be making money off of people without giving a shit about anything else.

    • Char Ginn
      Char Ginn

      Kos 291 You're not wrong!

    • Marjorie Blacksim
      Marjorie Blacksim

      The crazy part is she made a NO MONEY off of this. People like you are just pulling shit out of your asses.

    • Kos 291
      Kos 291

      Char Ginn it's like a cult. Not that suicidal but a lighter version of cult

    • Saucy mcnuggets
      Saucy mcnuggets

      The fans are just bizzare

    • Char Ginn
      Char Ginn

      Common Loser Some fans are just bizarre. All the proof is there but they'll support her til the end? Doesn't make sense

  • Jxcjp Rage
    Jxcjp Rage

    This almost makes the fyre festival look like heaven

  • Ono Michio
    Ono Michio

    I respect the people who were insulting Tana

  • Denis

    imagine if this was in pandemic

  • Ricardo Obida
    Ricardo Obida

    man i wish i was in tanacon i could've cause a riot bet it was fun to cause a riot

  • Jay FcT
    Jay FcT

    He finally got his "REFUND" chant😂😂

    • I Got MCR Tickets And You Didn't
      I Got MCR Tickets And You Didn't

      I mean, I would have shouted the same.

    • moose edits
      moose edits

      Velocerbate primarkkk

  • Rat Gosh
    Rat Gosh

    The ambulance you were pointing at was the same ambulance that escorted the girl that got severely injured at this event. Tana is definitely getting sued

  • GigaChad

    The fact that vidcon wanted to give people refunds for tanacon shows how bad it went