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  • PlainrockVlogs

    big moves are happenin'

    • theantianimealliance🏳️‍🌈⃠


    • abandoned603

      @OnlineGames lucky 500th

    • OnlineGames

      499 anwser on this

    • abandoned603


    • PremiumLiam


  • TheGamerFromMars

    Lol, not even the charger worked?

    • Viki Viki
      Viki Viki


    • Wolf Tannen
      Wolf Tannen

      My two favorite channels here HOW

    • Kanye's Ghost
      Kanye's Ghost

      Thats what she said

    • Glitch Kit
      Glitch Kit

      So is his haircut

    • Giannis Antetokounmpo
      Giannis Antetokounmpo


  • Jojostrips

    3:14 the way he added the really bad distortion and also just jumped back really made my day 😂 good work

    • hampter

      WHAT IS YOUR PFP?!?!?!?!?!?

  • mrdriftman

    My expensive mistake was: buying a lot of video games and not playing them.

    • Crimson Jay
      Crimson Jay


    • Dynx

      I bought maden 21 but did not play it but in a few weeks I decided to play it 😂

    • v i l l a g e r
      v i l l a g e r

      mine was using like 4€ to roblox :/

    • PrinceRuby


    • Night

      My expensive mistake:I accidentally pour oil on an smart TV My expensive mistake 2:I accidentally drop my ipad

  • Julius Zietlow
    Julius Zietlow

    7:19 The battery is glued into the top case (where the keyboard is placed). They are instructed to sell the whole top case instead of the battery to make more money.

  • FingerLock GD
    FingerLock GD

    This might be the closest we ever get to how not to unbox Super Mario 3D All-Stars: 9:24

  • Spørg Casper
    Spørg Casper

    cool haircut

    • Pushpinder Kaur
      Pushpinder Kaur

      Almost bald tho

    • PremiumLiam

      @Ian no u

    • PremiumLiam


    • Ra Fa
      Ra Fa


    • JELLY bean fan .-.
      JELLY bean fan .-.

      Ok boomer. Jk

  • why so sus
    why so sus

    The good night girl was pretty funny though lmao Hope you recovered

  • cupman 2022
    cupman 2022

    He had to say "hey ladies" this is why I love him



  • Tubs Max
    Tubs Max

    I genuinely appreciate him muting the alexa call word😂😂😂

    • kantraa


  • Angel Duran
    Angel Duran

    This dudes vids are so random and interesting. He keeps his content vague and funny as well. Props to you man great content 👍

  • R.I.P Windows XP
    R.I.P Windows XP

    Waiting for the day that he does a bored smashing on a house Edit: Nice

    • Privity

      he has

    • AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      He already did

    • System32

      Aged good

    • Sangeen Taimur
      Sangeen Taimur

      He has smashed a house

    • Phantom_Wolf52

      Now he actually did it

  • Duckboi the succboi
    Duckboi the succboi

    Whenever I feel like screwed up or made an "expensive" mistake I watch this vid

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    i love this vid and it put a better mood in be because i have to do FSA practice and its timed, this really helped me without getting stressed, thank you alot plainrock124 for making this video a good video and mood making.

  • radishify

    I love how transparent king is.

  • george northup
    george northup

    im so glad that you were able to grow to be so successful ive been watching since the sonic claw machine video and its awesome you've cam so far

  • Fer Reaf
    Fer Reaf

    King in his "Goodnight Girl" recreation: looks 15 King right now: looks 30 2020 was really that long...

    • Nutella Josh
      Nutella Josh

      @Fer Reaf I was actually wondering that

    • Fer Reaf
      Fer Reaf

      Alexander Jarvis nah it was probably some paint he put on his fingers or something

    • Alexander Jarvis
      Alexander Jarvis

      also did he really bleed from his head after that recreation

    • Cronky Boi
      Cronky Boi

      King became a 35 year old smash player

    • 🚮yo

      Also king looks more swole😂

  • Super Maronic LP
    Super Maronic LP

    I feel like he’s been doing a lot of exepnsive mistakes lately....

  • Greathut

    “VR is fun, right?” Immediately know where he’s going with this, right?

  • AnAverageUser _
    AnAverageUser _

    As a Rift S user, I've hit my ceiling fan lights more times than I can count.


    2 years later, Moving on MOTHER EDITION


      @Turtle Tech 👨‍🌾

    • Turtle Tech
      Turtle Tech

      I can do the “board SMASHING”

    • Declan C
      Declan C


    • EPIC GAM3Z01_YT
      EPIC GAM3Z01_YT

      1 year after that: moving on, OWN LIFE EDITION

    • Vasta_Ali _Adel
      Vasta_Ali _Adel


  • Recarsonated

    8:55 I hope every youtuber starts censoring alexa so it doesn’t activate anything in my room

  • Alejandro’s Channel
    Alejandro’s Channel

    I started dying of laughter because you have to pay for the Mario pin shipping because it may break up the hopes of thinking that it’s free at all

  • Adverstal

    I think I can relate to this video a lot, for I am an expensive mistake 😂

  • Smiling Monkey
    Smiling Monkey

    Don’t move out of your parents house that’s where all the nostalgia is

    • M.L

      ur pfp lmao

    • iDiEYoU

      Too late bro

  • The Seed
    The Seed

    I don't know why this hit me so hard but I remember watching him when he was 14 making videos to show to his school and telling me what to do in a hotel, now he owns a house and a Tesla. I feel like ive grown with him and seeing him as a responsible adult I felt proud.

    • The Seed
      The Seed

      @Franklyn Chacha did you see the end of the video

    • Franklyn Chacha
      Franklyn Chacha

      He lives with his parents rent free

  • Tom Wray
    Tom Wray

    I find this guy so entertaining for some reason his talking is just entertaining


    the sliding closet door thing legit happened to me too when I was filming a video :0

  • TheToadFan95

    The "I bought a house" part always cracks me up

  • GRaY

    While watching I made my own expensive mistake: I broke my $200 desk🙄😒

  • Julius Zietlow
    Julius Zietlow

    2:20 I got some Samsung Buds when they were brand new. I got them in a store, opened the box and used them. Sadly when I put them back into the charging case, the whole set fell out of my hand and rolled down some stairs. Everything has scratches now.

  • LuccaDoesStuff

    My expensive mistake: Buying Super Mario Galaxy when 3D All-Stars would release 5+ months later.

  • Joshua Luangphakdy
    Joshua Luangphakdy

    When he said good night he really meant it lol 😂

  • ValdoDaSnail

    5:57 I was wheezing to death XD

  • Waterloo

    Plainrock: "I hate what I just said" *turns off camera* later: so how much did it make so far?

    • Haq


    • Extra Ordinary Garbage
      Extra Ordinary Garbage

      So true though

  • The enderman king
    The enderman king

    I also see another problem with the headset you could damage the lenses if it’s in the sun for too long

  • yeah boi
    yeah boi

    When you say this thing is microwave proof I laughed

  • Sniper

    I remember when I was at a VR place and I was playing a fighting game and punched the wall so hard.

  • solarLola

    He’s very honest and has nothing to hide

  • Among US Sloppy Toppy
    Among US Sloppy Toppy

    This man has a under rated IRglo channel. He needs more love and support so i'm going to buy his MERCH.

  • ケイコ君 Keiko-kun
    ケイコ君 Keiko-kun

    8:55 Thanks for Alexa-proof, King.

  • Game player official
    Game player official

    This is why you need a VR room which now you do have at his new house

  • matthew マシュー
    matthew マシュー

    Out of anything he could’ve bought, he bought a house, a goddamn house

    • Minetwine


  • It’s Christina
    It’s Christina

    When you call a channel a ghost town then a year later you have almost 1 million

  • Chuck E. Cheese's Illinois
    Chuck E. Cheese's Illinois

    Few years later.... "MY(NEW NEW) EXPENSIVE MISTAKES"

    • Tibor 8.b
      Tibor 8.b


    • WeezleWax

      My AirPods broke 5 minutes after buying them I bought mario 3d all stars 2 because it was only available for 1 hour

    • FireFox Gamer
      FireFox Gamer

      ME ME, not NEW NEW

    • SuperFnafSonic 18
      SuperFnafSonic 18

      Chuck E. Cheese's Illinois ey you here

    • Chuck E. Cheese's Illinois
      Chuck E. Cheese's Illinois

      @daniel no, I'm a fan(One of the more serious ones)

  • Bentley Steven-Lee Dolzadelli
    Bentley Steven-Lee Dolzadelli

    You should do a board smashing "Cheap as hell Chromebook" and make it a series it would be funny

    • Tomb Raider Gaming
      Tomb Raider Gaming

      @Nyle Callao yeah, yeah.

    • Nyle Callao
      Nyle Callao

      lol sorry my bro using my acc bruh he love trolling

    • Tomb Raider Gaming
      Tomb Raider Gaming

      @Nyle Callao Hell, a swear? You ain't right in the head

    • BombardieTim

      @Nyle Callao ig you are 7 yo here. Board is a typo or autocorrection. He didn’t even swear lmao

    • Nyle Callao
      Nyle Callao

      Stop swearing 7years old kid u cant even spell bored right

  • justinrealsteezy

    The good night girl killed me😂😂😂💀

  • shop aka htw
    shop aka htw

    7:57 plainrock predict the future

  • JustBeasty

    am i the only one that have been loving 3D all stars? Ive beaten all 3 games and am getting 100% on all 3 of them. Its been super fun, i also have never played 64 and sunshine. So yeah ive been loving it

  • Gremlin Gaming
    Gremlin Gaming

    Plain rock: uploads twice in one day Me:Impossible.

    • it me
      it me

      that's not the plainrock i know

  • taher Alharthi
    taher Alharthi

    his hair is growing very fast like in a few months his hair will be back to normal

    • OffBrandMega

      If only you knew at the time he would cut it again 😂

  • NintendoGAMER13 - Andreaspoz
    NintendoGAMER13 - Andreaspoz

    Man I understand you i made the same mistake with mario 3d all stars when i have all the 3 games included

  • MC _88
    MC _88

    10:15 The delivery of this line is oddly satisfying

  • Smokn Hot Babe
    Smokn Hot Babe

    3:13 what a masterpiece

    • franeke


    • Gucci Killo
      Gucci Killo

      Should've won the T-shirt

    • chocoeggz21


    • woogie


  • Micky Carter
    Micky Carter

    Ah the first IRglor who actually admits they hate that they're selling themselves out

    • 𝓢 𝓸 𝓯 𝓘 𝓪
      𝓢 𝓸 𝓯 𝓘 𝓪

      Gus johnson too

    • FriendlyOmnic

      @Walker if you go to his about page he says no garbage raid shadow legends sponsorships lol

    • Tomb Raider Gaming
      Tomb Raider Gaming


    • Walker

      Why he never gets sponsorships

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    6:30 yet the cycle count is only 171... must have had it plugged in 24/7 at 100%

  • sivsaz2011 A̸j̸
    sivsaz2011 A̸j̸

    We need a part 3 with your blue yeti microphone lmao

  • Domojar

    the biggest flex was the "frozen" paper plate

    • CaptainBeely


  • KiStick

    when he gets a girl pregnant and gets a kid(dont get your hopes up king) he will have to make a video titled "My new expensive mistake"

    • Sonic plush pals
      Sonic plush pals

      No no he virgin

  • Jandel

    This guy really make me laugh😂😂

    • Pancit Plays
      Pancit Plays

      He’s the punching bag of IRglo

  • Pancake

    If I get any money, this might be the only time I actually buy youtuber merch

  • Dr.KarMichael And Jones
    Dr.KarMichael And Jones

    0:46 I love that he hated saying that🤣

  • a person
    a person

    Plainrock: *barley has any room to use vr* Future Plain Rock: Vr room.

  • Shadynut

    his "old enough to consent" thing was implying that he spent about $18000 on the bored smashing Tesla video. God damn

  • MadWolfDead

    the actual fear in his eyes when he saw the blood

    • isowkii

      @dotios125 yes it is

    • dotios125

      @HanzClifford Apique are you stupid

    • dotios125

      @isowkii it was not

    • Logan Jacobsen
      Logan Jacobsen


    • Slug

      Its not real. Just part of the skit

  • Nolan

    You have to give him credit for never making merch

  • ida

    Pains new move in naruto: SCALPETARY HAIR DEVASTATION

  • KyriakosDaWeirdo (CURRENTLY ON REPAIR)
    KyriakosDaWeirdo (CURRENTLY ON REPAIR)

    The repair shop also should have used isoprophyl alcohol to soften up the adhesive, not replace the entire top! What a rip off! Also you can get the battery from this thing off from iFixit!

  • Musicgamer234

    Why is everything you buy ends up being extremely expensive!?

    • Shadynut


  • Zakrzakiem

    Can’t wait for: “MOVING ON: PLANET EDITION”

    • Tibor 8.b
      Tibor 8.b

      That you aren't waiting for: "Moving on: Existing on IRglo"

    • Perverted Gamer
      Perverted Gamer

      Lol r u serious?

    • LDimno

      @Default Icon that's out of this world! ahaha kill me

    • Kristian Adlianitski
      Kristian Adlianitski

      So funny 🙄



  • Cloud

    Hopefully, he doesn't get the iPhone 12 as he already bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which would be another expensive mistake.

  • Jaxson za tech
    Jaxson za tech

    Actually he could have gotten the battery fixed if he spilled dust on the keyboard and the butterfly keyboard would of got stuck so they would of replaced it because the butterfly repair program and they replace the whole top case

  • ADî?

    I love 3:20 and the end of the video I laugh soo hard


    Yeah hoarding games is a problem of mine, I haven’t really bought retro games in about a year but I also have all the super mario 3d all star games but never really played them, put a couple hours into mario sunshine on my switch and enjoyed it

  • M3atMaster36

    I mean eventually we’re all going to have expensive mistakes... Nope just Plainrock124

    • Mark2's Car224
      Mark2's Car224

      2 people ruined 124 likes It’s at 126 and I wanted to be 124

    • oosra

      RioluPlayz yes

    • RioluPlayz

      @oosra meaning we all are because everyone was a child at 1 point we are all just expensive mistakes

    • oosra

      Oh I have an idea for expensive mistakes: Children

    • rokurua - ロクルア
      rokurua - ロクルア

      I wanted to buy two switches at launch, one to keep for when a security exploit would eventually be found. But my local gamestop was only letting me order one switch, and amazon was out of stock at the time. Instead of waiting for amazon to restock, I decided to buy a marked up scalp unit on ebay. It cost me €732.15, not including the ludicrously high shipping cost attached. On top of my main switch, which costs €330 over here, rrp. I managed to brick my other switch when installing cfw, which is something only an A-grade dumbass could pull off. I decided that I didn't use the online services enough to warrant me not installing cfw on my main switch. I managed to fuck that up too, somehow. That's the story of how I managed to lose out on €1060, all because I wanted to play xenogears on my switch lol

  • Captain SoMeister Assemble
    Captain SoMeister Assemble

    I made an expensive mistake once like that before

  • saveh ghazal
    saveh ghazal

    Real fans would see that his hair is finally growing back damn

  • Dannytheskater2020

    I spitted out sprite when she said “service”

  • Real 8oy
    Real 8oy

    3:20 as soon as he fell i got a heart attack ad

  • Addy's Story
    Addy's Story

    I tried it in my neighbours home and I still got the police called on me. Idk why.

  • Spader Min
    Spader Min

    You are giving the 13 inch MacBook Pro the ‘Air’ treatment (remember that video)

  • Saketh Dinasarapu
    Saketh Dinasarapu

    Wait a second… if the capacity is nearly 80% doesn’t it make sense that it dies at 20%??? Because when you charge it to 100% it’s technically at 80% at the start…..

  • Eamo gaming
    Eamo gaming

    You are a very unique IRglo and I love it

  • EstelleTheLame

    I was destroying a micro USB cable when you talked about the camera that still takes micro USB cables lol also good video

  • TheTuxedoPog

    I watched the first bored smashing actual tesla model S, couple days later i was confused why the video was gone.

  • Raiyan Mostofa
    Raiyan Mostofa

    Been watching him since he was smashing dumb walmart phones Kids grow up so fast

  • Naz does stuff
    Naz does stuff

    The house one didn’t aged well since I am pretty sure the house in both the new moving on house video and house tour are in the house he pulled out of

  • Ben Spahr
    Ben Spahr

    When you’re 13 and your taller than a 21 year old

    • SoapyTV

      Legit same

    • westonntx

      I'm 14 and I'm 5'3

    • Beta Gang Time! ベータギャングタイム!
      Beta Gang Time! ベータギャングタイム!

      @gil no u

    • gil

      @Ben Spahr damn I swear your literally such a cry baby your trying to insult me on all of my comments I made but keep on failing get a life😂

    • Ben Spahr
      Ben Spahr

      @gil no, you didn’t what’s your point? And also why are you looking in the comment section of a 8 month old video 🤦‍♂️😂

  • roburt

    Ahhh, the echo jump. It’s happened too many times for me

  • Antmanplayz

    When he said “ why did they have to put the design on the back?” What if he was wearing it the wrong way. XD

  • James Kreutzer
    James Kreutzer

    Plain rock in 2015:I hate that my camera can’t use a cord Plainrock in 2020: THIS THINGS STUPID IT HAS TO USE A COD

  • BlitzarVR

    King: “So I was playing Echo VR…” Me: OH SHI-

  • Felipe Freitas de Lima
    Felipe Freitas de Lima

    Plainrock: In terms of money, I lose money to make money

    • Walker

      Kinda of a mrbeast start except barely ever is there a sponsor on either the vlog channel or the main channel

    • SGoof

      And mrbeast.

    • Vasta_Ali _Adel
      Vasta_Ali _Adel


  • Stinky Stanker
    Stinky Stanker

    It's important to note that Reds commit nearly 52% of all the murders in Among Us, which is astounding when you take into consideration the fact that they make up 12-13% of the population. It gets even more astounding when you start considering the fact the bulk of Reds committing these murders are probably ages 8-18 which is probably around an estimated 6-7% of the population that means that around 7% of Among Us Players are committing around 50% of the murders.

  • Meggy's Paradise 🦑🌇
    Meggy's Paradise 🦑🌇

    I don't blame him for trying to break 3D All-Stars It's really boring :>

  • Michael Pastras
    Michael Pastras

    It's ok you did not replace the the batery at the macbook . It had a good end recently

  • Gregory Kroll
    Gregory Kroll

    "Goodnight girl, ill see you tommorow." *dies*

    • Sandalee Land
      Sandalee Land

      @Kristian Adlianitski yea it is

    • 1Up GAMERS
      1Up GAMERS


    • Matthew Hurren
      Matthew Hurren

      @Br Uh That's Part Of The Meme

    • Br Uh
      Br Uh

      he didn't won because his mic sucks

    • Kristian Adlianitski
      Kristian Adlianitski

      So funny 😐

  • Tom Wray
    Tom Wray

    Respect bro keep it going

  • Harsha Dudipala
    Harsha Dudipala

    I love how the price of the hoodie is $69

  • TheCreativeMadness

    I like how he advertises. Me too bud. I also hate saying it lol.