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  • Plainrock124

    You're wrong, this year was good!

    • Catman2020

      @uDoom ok ....

    • Built different
      Built different

      Best year can’t get a PS5.

    • Joshua

      Your body is not your fault

    • Pew.mp7

      Twin bro , stop it!

    • Skyflyhigh

      @Gabe B COVID is bad not good

  • Ralph Antonise
    Ralph Antonise

    IRglo themselves didn't make it, so the best content maker did!

    • Ralph Antonise
      Ralph Antonise

      @tommy bakes SO TRUE

    • tommy bakes
      tommy bakes

      LOL even IRglo wants to forget 2020 AND 2021 ever happened

    • Hat kid
      Hat kid


    • Gwilym Rhys
      Gwilym Rhys

      @Auroramystic Imagine making videos about roblox

    • Shadynut

      mR bEaSt

  • Wower29

    Dude he’s actually right these events were pretty good before things got real

    • Gemstone64

      @Mr. Tenor oh

    • Mr. Tenor
      Mr. Tenor

      @Gemstone64 that’s a cigar not weed

    • Cheems

      Things never got real

    • Gemstone64

      @Sergeant Timothy wut

    • Sergeant Timothy
      Sergeant Timothy

      @Gemstone64 bruh

  • Tamay

    Fun fact: No one expected this.

    • PleaseHelpMeIAmTrappedInABasement Hi
      PleaseHelpMeIAmTrappedInABasement Hi

      Tamay Mr. Beast did

    • ShaneGames

      I did

    • Pepo

      @Teri Woofer  the last 4 years

    • Tamay

      @Teri Woofer  IRglo is not making a rewind this year, so i thought some people will think that plainrock wont do it too.

    • cupertinomimi


  • Jacob Love
    Jacob Love

    Fact: Every Plainrock Rewind is better than IRglo Rewind

    • Nick

      @Flaming pickle DONT TOUCH ME THERMOSTAT

    • Tornow1500


    • Flaming pickle
      Flaming pickle

      And mr beast

    • AteBlueGirls

      expect for Mr.Beasts

    • CarlosO5910


  • Super-Bowl Ring
    Super-Bowl Ring

    If King Liang could’ve done anything this year, that would be yell going through the animal crossing new horizions line yelling “BROKE ASSES!”

    • Super-Bowl Ring
      Super-Bowl Ring

      Exactly they’d be waiting in line for so long they couldn’t get it and have to waster the money on their rent

    • MANNY

      That wouldn't really make sense because they're in line to buy one

  • lexd283

    I like that the expensive mistakes made it into the rewind *He did it for us.*

  • Lewis Whotton
    Lewis Whotton

    This one is so much more depressing than the main channel Plainrock rewind!

  • TanaPsycho100

    Out of all the youtuber as I watch, I always keep up to date with Plainrocks videos! Love you plain rock toys!

  • ash

    It’s been a good year for the channel , hoping to see more!

  • Imagination

    Plainrock I don't think you will see this but I am big fan and love your content. I loved seeing you grow this year on your channels and as a person. And I wish you a great 2021! 🍾

  • Zack

    Plainrock: You're wrong, this year was good! 2020: Wait....that's illegal..

    • Neda Domenika
      Neda Domenika

      Plain rock pulled a no u for covid

    • Danny Stavs
      Danny Stavs

      @Maximiliano Fernández Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

    • Mr cheznuts
      Mr cheznuts

      Plainrock124: * walks into 2020’s room * 2020: why do I hear boss music

    • Danny Stavs
      Danny Stavs

      2020: Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?

    • Maximiliano Fernández
      Maximiliano Fernández

      Yay 😋 Next gen videogame contwolles


    PlainrockVlogs: You’re wrong this year was bad! Plainrock124: You’re wrong this year was good!

    • cod and fun *bruh moment*
      cod and fun *bruh moment*


    • Amber Mature
      Amber Mature

      Good af-ter noon

    • Amber Mature
      Amber Mature

      @HonkYGaming Hel lo

    • HonkYGaming

      U got yingyang'd

    • Amber Mature
      Amber Mature

      @[COMING SOON] For me it at is five ow-ers ago

  • Golden Phoenixx0
    Golden Phoenixx0

    Thank you plainrock for making the year a bit better and I hope you have a great 2021

  • Atrocious2K

    I swear this guy is going to have the best stories to tell his grandchildren

  • Toon-LinkN124

    Happy new years! May the next year of Plainrocks be best!

  • 8DAudio&More

    i hope everyone reading this has an amazing 2021 god bless you and your family ❤

    • ItzThomas


  • Aarry

    not even 2020 can stop this man

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin

    Your videos are the best on IRglo. Keep doing what you do best!

  • Unknown_360

    It gives me back the memories 😌 I want more in the future

  • AppleBoy '
    AppleBoy '

    previous year: "making vlogs was fun this year!" this year: "making vlogs was the worst this year."

  • Darris On the go
    Darris On the go

    I wish you would upload more often. Really enjoy your videos.

  • no one
    no one

    ngl this was the only channel that helped me forget how bad things were around me

    • Flaming pickle
      Flaming pickle

      @no one yeah bro I’ve just been very down this year but kings videos always cheered me up

    • Gabriel M.
      Gabriel M.

      Know what you mean

    • no one
      no one

      @Flaming pickle Man never brought up covid on his vids which let me forget and has kept uploading good content even if it is 2020

    • Flaming pickle
      Flaming pickle

      Same bro kings such a good person

  • Gem Goblin
    Gem Goblin

    The hair icon is finally has returned

  • MariusSirr

    Dude, I've been a fan fro m like like 2018, congrats and this year was shit. You made it very better. Keep up the good work

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara

    Remember When Plainrock Was Bald? Yeah, Me Neither.

    • Pot

      Ye lol

    • DarkUranium / TehTHQSpartan / CartoonistHypernova
      DarkUranium / TehTHQSpartan / CartoonistHypernova

      Yeah, I saw the video shaving himself

  • victorthe gaming
    victorthe gaming

    We want more vlogs here and videos in main channel please. Come on content King

  • Cat man Ragge
    Cat man Ragge

    You did good this year PlainrocK👍🏾

  • That Animatronic Person
    That Animatronic Person

    This is alot better than IRglo rewind

  • Otto

    What a year managed to watch every video on both channels this year

  • Desmond Ruhling
    Desmond Ruhling

    At least in the midst of all this chaos, we got a brand new Mario kart game! * cough, sarcasm, cough *

  • Lemonzløl

    Even when he destroys stuff and gets a lot of hate for it, he still is positive and thx everyone

  • Nathaniel2256


  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob

    King you should make more videos or make them way longer. ❤️

    • bonel

      He didn't have to

  • PlxsmaX

    Fun Fact: Plainrock124 is the only IRglor who has made a positive and negative video for 2020.

  • Wilyentity

    Damn did I really miss King without a shirt in jogging

  • tom

    Oh, I get it. the main channel loves this year while the vlogs hates it. Interesting.

  • Saucy Boi
    Saucy Boi

    0:19 gotta love how the tree is upside down

  • Tsz hei Leung
    Tsz hei Leung

    Fun fact: he puts his Christmas tree upside down

    • Mr. Tenor
      Mr. Tenor

      I thought I was the only one who does that

    • Nate Creeden
      Nate Creeden

      That was one of my favorite parts! 😅

  • TheGoofyDino

    this year will forever be remembered

  • Jacob Clinton
    Jacob Clinton

    the best one when he destroyed the animal crossing switch, watching the animal crossing community flip their shit was funny af

  • Matty

    Let's all just ignore the upside down Christmas tree at the end 🙃🌑

  • Jesus Ahumada haro
    Jesus Ahumada haro

    great job king keep it up!

  • Macfan124

    Well at lest you entertained me throughout this year

  • Alexis Cerda
    Alexis Cerda

    Honestly I like the vlogs more than the main channel

  • Jace Cleveland
    Jace Cleveland

    Damn, you weren't lying on your other channel when you said that you'd have a more negative outlook on the year 😔

  • Nidula Perera
    Nidula Perera

    Happy New Year King Hope you hit 1 million subs

  • The Cookie
    The Cookie

    Happy new years y’all ! :3

  • Oculus

    The not so real IRglo rewind we didnt need at all to finish off 2020.

  • Heiden Lam
    Heiden Lam

    I see you have updated the intro, outro, channel banner, and your profile picture, man of culture.

  • Kono Bryan Da!
    Kono Bryan Da!

    Can’t wait for the Japan vlog!

  • Rory

    "Nobodys early they are just on time, like im late." -strange guy on the internet

    • Cody Schroeder
      Cody Schroeder

      @Rory okay?

    • Rory

      @Cody Schroeder do you just go around on the internet telling that to people who make a joke. Also i didnt copy this smart minds just think alike😌i will await for ur response

    • Cody Schroeder
      Cody Schroeder

      @Rory Well what I mean it has nothing to do with the video and I've seen this format way too many times.

    • Rory

      @Cody Schroeder i didnt copy but okay🤷🏻

    • Cody Schroeder
      Cody Schroeder

      Please stop with the copied comment.

  • Wasthomashere

    I slightly forgot that there was this one short period of time where he was bold until the hair grew..

  • Friendly Sounds
    Friendly Sounds

    Dude after all these years i didn't even realize you have a main channel lol

  • DH The Nomad
    DH The Nomad

    This Year For This Channel was sadly poor but i have good hopes for 2021

  • thatdriedmango

    I was confused why he changed his pfp, then I realized he had grown his hair after being bald.

  • Fan Coolans
    Fan Coolans

    Who else was reminded of rewind because of this

  • Bruh Entertainment Studios
    Bruh Entertainment Studios

    0:01 Staying positive is 2020 is not a good thing

  • Luz isn’t that sus
    Luz isn’t that sus

    This is the- *uses fingers to count* 11th rewind including the one by IRglo Wait a minute

  • Fnaf is my game YAY
    Fnaf is my game YAY

    1:29 is it just me or does king look like a Kung fu master, or in other cases Bruce Lee

  • Danial Merican
    Danial Merican

    Happy new year to everyone here!

  • FM Dev
    FM Dev

    Hey king! What was the bestest video you made in 2020? :)

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User

    one of the worst things of 2020 was that we couldn't see King's E3 vlogs ):

  • I.R.G. Arts
    I.R.G. Arts

    You were so positive in your main channel

  • CarlosO5910

    Happy New Year, Plainrock124.

  • Clixx Cubing
    Clixx Cubing

    The begining got me laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SpeedyFAST2006 Official
    SpeedyFAST2006 Official

    How I think of 2020: January 2020: New year, new luck. February 2020: Yeah! I'm really excited! March 2020: Don't get your hopes up. April 2020: *2020 uno reverse card* April - December 2020: We came to ruin lives. My mind: Did I miss something? *I was too busy on my anime for over 7 months.*

  • FreshyGK

    We miss Baldrock124

  • Bakir Beslagic
    Bakir Beslagic

    Plainrockwlogs and plainrock124 rewind in the same time! Congrats!!

  • Luca De Gabriele
    Luca De Gabriele

    0:12 I mean you could always get a Japanese Passport and Visit Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. Happy New Year King!!!

  • Ibrahim Ayyub
    Ibrahim Ayyub

    I watch all of his videos every day

  • Mitchy is Itchy
    Mitchy is Itchy

    I can’t wait for the Super Nintendo world vlog

  • Dwayne The Rock Fazbear
    Dwayne The Rock Fazbear

    *"I'm a motorist, BEEP BEEP!"*

  • Adas Ziętek
    Adas Ziętek

    Plainrock:im trying to stay positive Everyone:you shouldn't have said that in 2020

  • NateChenheng13

    fun fact: he used his iPhone to film the first scene

  • Tsukishima Kei
    Tsukishima Kei

    imagine a kid saying “i wanna be this guy when i grow up” (no hate tho)

  • Someguyoninternet

    Well atleast everything isn't destroyed. yet..

  • Do the Mario
    Do the Mario

    Best video of the year was the wii fit one lol

  • Skaterock 136
    Skaterock 136

    You're wrong, this year was good!

  • cummy yummy
    cummy yummy

    That actually was a good year

  • I Agree
    I Agree

    Now I'm watching this before watching the one on the main channel ;D.

  • Sawyer Princl
    Sawyer Princl

    2020 was the best year ever

  • Alfonso Leon
    Alfonso Leon

    I know for sure you’ll get 1 million subscribers next year

  • Zoe Zweckbronner
    Zoe Zweckbronner

    2020 was good in the beginning, but got worse 😔😔

  • Shayan Gaming
    Shayan Gaming

    Who's been a TRUE fan of “plainrock” FOR OVER A YEAR”✈️"

    • Ps4_Player309

      I’ve been a fan for three

    • Grafton Gazaway
      Grafton Gazaway


    • SMG4654

      I’ve watched him for 4 years

    • A man of culture
      A man of culture


  • Lintyskate559

    It really has been a year already damn

  • Wasthomashere

    This year was as decent, well both positive and negative.

  • Backupketchup Extra
    Backupketchup Extra

    This video put me in 50 kinds of pain

  • The Animatebook
    The Animatebook

    Love the background music and the two Rewinds...

  • RandomYTvids

    Hopefully 2021 will be better king!

    • RandomYTvids

      I commented This 3 months ago, and I know it was worse that 2020

    • EASBear2007

      2021: • The Capital Riots • 3 New Zealand Earthquakes • Venezuela Exodus • Iceland Volcano Eruption • some Legends Dies • Returned Droughts

  • Getscolded :/
    Getscolded :/

    Plain rock the man who buys things just to waste lol

  • Antyy

    I just noticed every video in New York City plainrock has made there has been horrible weather

  • Christina Masterson
    Christina Masterson

    This rewind so much better and anypreson make a rewind is better than IRglo.

    • DH The Nomad
      DH The Nomad

      @Big Garf Says the Man Whos Never Been In A Relationship

    • Big Garf
      Big Garf

      @misterkuda simp

    • misterkuda

      @Big Garf we can understand it so nobody cares

    • Big Garf
      Big Garf

      Learn how to type and speak

  • Jakub Janicki
    Jakub Janicki

    This felt more like a montage

  • Mobile Game Man
    Mobile Game Man

    2 videos in 2 days what a great birthday present for me

  • alpitu21

    Thanks for uploading this at 1Am

  • MetraSightseerRailfan

    1:58 I think I know what Plainrock said.

  • Betty Rubble
    Betty Rubble

    Plankrock124: 2020 this year is good Me: wait this year is suck and as hell

    • Cosmo Trolls
      Cosmo Trolls


  • Fnafable

    Omg I'm in a loop. You told me to watch the positive one and on the positive you told me to watch the negative one. It will go on for years

  • Diedraft

    When the Apple car comes out, will you buy it instead of a second testla?