Why I have trust issues with Giveaways...

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  • iinsomnia

    I just watched a man open bags of chips for 15 minutes what am I doing with my life.

    • Black Moon
      Black Moon

      Well it's somewhat entertaining I guess

    • XBT_ Broken
      XBT_ Broken


    • CuddlesDaRabbit

      U ain't alone bud

    • Noobiez

      Wasting it.

    • LuccasSilvaM

      @Jan Rebollar not stonks

  • WolfstrikeX

    2020: idiot buys chips to get a switch 3030: idiot buys switches to get a chip

    • Yinna de La cruz
      Yinna de La cruz

      Merry Christmas 2021

    • Егор и Монстры
      Егор и Монстры

      5050: idiot buys windows 10 laptops to get a Switch OLED

    • i am stupid
      i am stupid


    • Windows 7 (Meme Edition)
      Windows 7 (Meme Edition)

      4040: idiot buys oled switches to get a limb

    • d

      It makes sense because switches in 3030 are $1 but rare

  • K Rukus9 Editz
    K Rukus9 Editz

    On the bright side, King's tastebuds will be happy for years.

    • Golden Person
      Golden Person

      @deez or king has diabetes

    • gaming 'N Loads of Fun
      gaming 'N Loads of Fun

      Yum mould

    • Christopher Perdue
      Christopher Perdue


    • Bakhar Gokadze
      Bakhar Gokadze

      @Anonymousperson124 imagine not caring about being rude

    • Anonymousperson124

      @Bakhar Gokadze ehs

  • SmithAndrew 1
    SmithAndrew 1

    At the lunch table the next day: King: what do you want for those fruit snacks? Friend: idk, what you got? King: 637 bags of doritos

    • Sylar Hunt
      Sylar Hunt

      What made u think 637

    • Jayden 889
      Jayden 889

      @NinjaBL0X every flavor that ever existed

    • Bakhar Gokadze
      Bakhar Gokadze


    • Throw Away
      Throw Away

      @NinjaBL0X Cool Ranch, Nacho cheese and Spicy Nacho

    • Robcraft

      @NinjaBL0X Pie Flavor

  • FriendlyOmnic

    actually this proves his point on why he doesn’t do giveaways.

  • Cattoh

    This guy: opens $300 worth of chips to win a switch Some random 5 year old: wins 1st try

    • Diesel fumes
      Diesel fumes

      @y lol some of these people don’t even have Reddit? What’s your point 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Chao's Stuff
      Chao's Stuff

      5 year olds are chads

    • Origami

      Just visual.

    • NikoD

      @e v no lol its still 300$ lol i dont where you got the info that the price dropped

    • felix bakat
      felix bakat

      @ChazzaBB BRUH CHILL

  • kazz Khan
    kazz Khan

    I died of laughter when a guy said FUCK WALMART

    • Егор и Монстры
      Егор и Монстры

      Mii: Fuck Plainrock: Walmart

    • F E I S T Y
      F E I S T Y


    • Is_Burritoo


    • Thehistorymattersfan

      I did I say that tell me

    • 𝗦𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗽𝗶𝗼𝘀 𝗥𝗲𝘅
      𝗦𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗽𝗶𝗼𝘀 𝗥𝗲𝘅


  • TheSlanksterWam

    Good thing he did self checkout, else the employees would have some questions.

  • Wakka Flocka
    Wakka Flocka

    This guy makes me feel better of all the money I wasted

  • empty

    Cashier: “Why do you need this much chip’s again?”

    • CarlosO5910

      @Randy For Walmart, but at Safeway, there was a cashier

    • GM guy
      GM guy

      he was at self checkout .-.

    • Blitzen Bugatti
      Blitzen Bugatti

      Plainrock124: To increase my chances of winning. Me: Are you gonna eat the chips? PR124: No.

    • Ship 01
      Ship 01

      @SmashedCaboose r/ihaveredit

    • 11 Year Old Bluey Fan
      11 Year Old Bluey Fan

      King: I need to win now take my money

  • Radi2x

    Legend says hes still eating the chips

    • Егор и Монстры
      Егор и Монстры

      I am allergic to chips

    • maaz mohammed
      maaz mohammed

      ah yes

    • CasGames

      he also donated some

    • Aleksandar Spasovski
      Aleksandar Spasovski


    • Ohhooode

      Legend has it he returned them

  • Quby Animates
    Quby Animates

    Honestly I really hope some of this food was donated

    • Hania Azhar
      Hania Azhar

      Hope not expired

    • Almighty 090
      Almighty 090

      he probably stashed it and ate some bags

  • cap

    Fun fact! with all the money he spend on chips he could bought a switch for a normal price!

  • Cobalt Bleu
    Cobalt Bleu

    Congrats on your win man!

  • Dr. Phil M&M
    Dr. Phil M&M

    i just watched a dude open chips and enter codes for 15 minutes straight.. feeling good

  • truebluevoodoo

    Walmart employee 1: Sigh, it's that Asian guy again... Walmart employee 2: _calls manager_ Put the chip aisle on lockdown

    • trash

      @Егор и Монстры i want dorito

    • Егор и Монстры
      Егор и Монстры

      Chip aisle is gone! Finally some closed, allergic, unhealthy, dangerous, deadly (when you eat too much) aisles never opening ever again!

    • trash

      @Cartoon puff die of laugh

    • kirby the cat
      kirby the cat

      @trash trash

    • Cartoon puff
      Cartoon puff


  • Aidan The Awesome Yt
    Aidan The Awesome Yt

    Looks like you saved $9 Great job plainrock for sacrificing your time for video games

  • maro kuma
    maro kuma

    Your videos are so addicting.. I really can’t stop watching xD. Keep up the good work 😗

  • CorruptionRBLX

    7:50 when you realize you just got the wrong chips

    • Aphid

      hate it when I the wrong chips

  • Great White
    Great White

    Now I understand where all the math equations come from Plainrock actually has 758 bags of chips and wants to give half to charity how much does he have left so it’s true

    • 1wjpf_

      i did the math and it would be 379

  • PlainrockVlogs

    Hope you enjoyed the clown music, because I think it suits me well for somehow wanting to make this video. Yes, it's suppose to drive you insane the more you listen, because I want you all to feel how I felt, spending $300 on freaking chips and having to enter codes every night. P.S. Don't buy anything to enter this contest. It ended several days ago. P.P.S. Not sponsored by Frito-Gay.

    • •xᴜxɪ•

      Frito... Gay?

    • Bluefish_124

      Frick Walmart

    • raihan mahmood
      raihan mahmood

      Clown music annoying. Cause your annoying

    • 3770610 3770610
      3770610 3770610


    • CBB

      You're a genius

  • Callum McLelland
    Callum McLelland

    When you realise he could have bought a Nintendo Switch brand new for the same price

  • MeDzanix [メドザニックス様]
    MeDzanix [メドザニックス様]

    If this man runs out of chips I'll be damned

    • Super sus
      Super sus


  • Pancake Cookie
    Pancake Cookie

    so far this man is a hero from saving us from this scam look at all those bags he brought aand still no win

  • adster does stuff
    adster does stuff

    The perfect example of dedication

  • Genos Demon Cyborg
    Genos Demon Cyborg

    Kids: trick or tre- Plainerock: *”throws chips at their faces”*

    • Mooshi

      @JobSalty7835 i don’t think chips or gum expire

    • Егор и Монстры
      Егор и Монстры

      Terrible bf? Where's your terrible gf?

    • Егор и Монстры
      Егор и Монстры

      @Mnrr.6131 : Gimme dem chips Me: Gimme dem chips so that way I will smash it

    • A random guy
      A random guy


    • Girthy Pewds
      Girthy Pewds

      no she spelt plain wrong

  • Lemon Cardboard
    Lemon Cardboard

    Imagine what this man can do with the food stamps...

    • Remora

      Cure world hunger

  • Top Hat United
    Top Hat United

    Imagine eating all of those chips without a drink

  • zach duperron
    zach duperron

    7:50 this caught me off guard lmfao 😂

  • Anonymous

    It just me or are his vlogs more entertaining than his real channel?


    Asian guy: walks in Walmart Walmart employees: *awww shit, here we go again.*

    • Bright roblox girl
      Bright roblox girl

      @Snow_Playz same

    • Open Source Is ❤️
      Open Source Is ❤️

      @DREXZY Some things shouldn’t be joked about tho. The definition of humor is pretty fricked nowadays

    • Open Source Is ❤️
      Open Source Is ❤️

      @Ashton 19 How?

    • #1 Troll
      #1 Troll


    • kirby x21
      kirby x21

      @Seba boi Motosport hum yes he is he is chinese and I did not assume that

  • Øřəø

    Legends says that he's still eating those chips

  • Musa 2.0
    Musa 2.0

    You gotta give props to his patience man

  • Mantas Krisciunas
    Mantas Krisciunas

    9:27 imagine his FBI agent checking in and just seeing chips

  • Gaming Nugget
    Gaming Nugget

    Haven't watched the full video yet but I'm imagining the pile of chips on the floor 🤯

  • truck297funny

    I can imagine spending $300 on chips and only getting a little Mario toy that u can buy at the dollar store 😂😂😂

    • NCR Veteran ranger
      NCR Veteran ranger

      @xXTye GachaXx yeah

    • krisppy kreams
      krisppy kreams


    • Ryan Wachira
      Ryan Wachira

      Sergio it’s a yoshi

    • AmazingJuniorBros

      Aqua Monkey he’s referencing to the mario franchise characters, not mario himself.

    • BizarreVR

      Thanks for spoiling it /:

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    The diet of an American house hold so beautiful that can last an American household 6 minutes

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader

      @Immortal Socks oh sorry for spreading misinformation

    • Immortal Socks
      Immortal Socks

      An hour?!!?!?!?! That’s 60 minutes!!! You meant 6 minutes right

    • LoganOnline

      oh yea I forgot he’s Asian and was born in China WHOOPS

    • d0ppio

      @LoganOnline he's chinese..

  • Mikey M
    Mikey M

    An endless supply of chips for King and his family

  • The Terrible Artist
    The Terrible Artist

    This man could become the new big ed after eating all of that.

  • Alex Slusher
    Alex Slusher

    Walmart: Must be one hell of a party this guy is having if he's buying this many bags of chips."

  • template

    This, my friends, is how gambling addiction starts.

    • O Fam
      O Fam

      @trash the video says that he won 1 so stfu

    • Dislikeçı Adam
      Dislikeçı Adam

      No it starts by our fucking brain making fucking dopamine

    • template

      @2 2gZee I don't get pussy, I get dogs.

    • trash

      reee i don't care anymore

    • kirom

      @template true

  • Clickable_Nonsense

    Imagine spending more than the console itself (If he didnt refund half of it)

  • ZoomerBeaver13

    I mean, at least he has enough chips to last for his lifetime.

  • 34-Mitul Kotak
    34-Mitul Kotak

    that's enough food for me to last for an eternity.

  • CuddlesDaRabbit

    I would end all those bags of chips in less than 2 days...

  • Zen

    “Win every hour!” *spends two weeks trying to win* *doesn’t win*

    • szyus gaming
      szyus gaming

      @Your Boy Lemon he can

    • Your Boy Lemon
      Your Boy Lemon

      Yuri Boyka no one asked u

    • szyus gaming
      szyus gaming

      @Ilay he can.

    • szyus gaming
      szyus gaming

      @Your Boy Lemon he can.

    • szyus gaming
      szyus gaming

      @Dead Account he can

  • Espeon804

    This dude always have chaotic energy. Lol

  • Cayman the Man
    Cayman the Man

    This is almost like spending $300 on a actual switch

  • Dr.KarMichael And Jones
    Dr.KarMichael And Jones

    14:24 I have no idea why I find that so damn funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Marko Knoll
    Marko Knoll

    If he has any chips left to spare, I would happily help him with taking care of it (it shall not goto waste)

  • koca gaming
    koca gaming

    If you think about it He pretty much bought a nintendo switch and got a whole bunch of chips

    • stewart sad boi
      stewart sad boi

      @Thomas Lane lol we can say chips if we want shut up

    • DaCringeyBoi Channel
      DaCringeyBoi Channel

      @Thomas Lane no I think ur just fucking stupid we say CHIPS not Crisps

    • Thomas Lane
      Thomas Lane

      @DaCringeyBoi Channel nah it’s crisps I think ur autocorrect is just messed up

    • DaCringeyBoi Channel
      DaCringeyBoi Channel

      @Thomas Lane no that’s how the other part of the world says it we say chips

    • Alex likes pie
      Alex likes pie

      He could’ve bought the switch with how much he spent on the chips

  • #1 Troll
    #1 Troll

    When you want a switch so much that you payed the exact same amount of money as a regular switch

  • Walker

    When you legit could just buy the red box switch for the money he spends

  • YTGamingYagoPlayZ

    getting one of those with chips is pure luck

  • Sin

    With the money he spent he could have bought a new one without buying those chip bags

    • Hamox

      But he won't get views and earn 1.5k

    • Bobbi Rakus
      Bobbi Rakus

      EXACTLY!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • goyangi

    only king would buy 300 dollars worth of chips to win a nintendo switch

    • AIA Productions
      AIA Productions

      Which is literally what the console costs

    • Aleksandar Spasovski
      Aleksandar Spasovski


    • zZap

      NO SHIT

    • I'mBigBoned

      LIES... (I would too.)

    • Give me subs Or give me ded
      Give me subs Or give me ded

      I mean technically he got a switch and hundreds of bags of chips soooooo

  • Chrixters Obłivion
    Chrixters Obłivion

    I wonder if he's still eating this Chips LOL

  • Queequester

    I think this proves that stores just make these things to hope that people spend more money.

  • NotBlue

    “Of Course He has the Worst Flavors” Doritos: Am I a joke to you?


    Honestly I'd eat all of the chips

  • KansaiFPS

    He's ready for quarantine

    • my nose is blind
      my nose is blind

      But where's the toilet paper

    • cerrito altavis
      cerrito altavis

      Yes Ik lpl

    • Yinna de La cruz
      Yinna de La cruz

      Merry Christmas 2021

    • F.D029 vlogs
      F.D029 vlogs


    • F.D029 vlogs
      F.D029 vlogs


  • zixder

    I see this as an absolute win I get tons of chips.

  • SakuraEclipse

    this man really spent $600 for chips and a switch

  • Short boi
    Short boi

    Lesson learned use $300 on chips and you’ll get both a switch and chips or only get chips :)

  • The House Of Random Videos
    The House Of Random Videos

    King: *Spends entire life savings on chips* King Mom: Your a disappointment

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    Gets a ton of chips Gets a chance to win a switch Gets content for IRglo I SEE THIS AS AN ABSOLUTE WIN!

    • O Fam
      O Fam

      And he also made more money from it

    • Kami No Yami
      Kami No Yami

      @Aksel Hunderi or sell switch

    • Kami No Yami
      Kami No Yami

      Its good as you can get the chips and free switch

    • Stormblade

      TheJollyLoli Close enough I guess

    • Eli

      @Stormblade he broke around even actually.

  • Flying Frog 55
    Flying Frog 55

    This reminds me of the time I went up to kids every day during lunch and ask for their lunchable boxes to try to win a switch...

  • Dakus

    Now I want chips.

  • Егор и Монстры
    Егор и Монстры

    I am allergic to chips, I am no longer gonna buy chips ever!

  • DefinitelyNotOllie

    Imagine if he actually ate all the chips lol 😂

    • Elzbieta hłyń
      Elzbieta hłyń

      He would vomit

  • Bonos

    "Do you want to donate to Fight Hunger?" Plainrock:"No, I don't think i will."

    • Bonos

      @Mike Hunt me too

    • Bonos

      @Mois's Keller hahahaha

    • Mois's Keller
      Mois's Keller


    • Master Aiex
      Master Aiex

      Chips basically have no calories amyway

    • Future Sf㴀
      Future Sf㴀

      @Harsh Ghuman honestly, I died to this comment lol

  • Shamil Fernando
    Shamil Fernando

    Plainrock buys a regular bag. Plainrock, "Sh*t!"

  • Itstheguy 12
    Itstheguy 12

    This proof how hard a contest is

  • Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi Oma

    Let’s hope he made his money back from the video

  • Steven

    He's probably still eating those chips a year later

  • Faint

    Guy: *at 3am restocking the chips after 5 minutes of closing* King: LET ME IN LET ME INNNNNN

    • Infinite

      When I forget my phone

    • Cryptic Bëast
      Cryptic Bëast

      Guy: *DAGA KOTOWARU*

    • Danny Le
      Danny Le

      Wait I thought Walmart never closes well in my area it doesn’t

    • TNH

      Noah Mcadam forbes I mean he still got the chips so it’s a win win

    • Mudalad12

      The Idiot i would would kill for a walmart to close at 2:55. No seriously.

  • MexicanShyGuy

    7:49 I laughed so badly

  • a B
    a B

    I would just do it for the chips lol

  • XxXJChampXxX ;D
    XxXJChampXxX ;D

    No chips we're harmed in this video

  • Project_Boredom

    7:50 I wonder what happened there. Maybe he was trying to get the Switch with chips too but when the employees told him they were all sold out of chips. Little did he know the dude in the next few isles was the reason why there were no more chips with the Switch giveaway.

  • Bm Cj T
    Bm Cj T

    Next vid Giving hundreds of chips to homeless

    • Ultra Gaming
      Ultra Gaming

      @Bm Cj T ok? whats ur point?

    • Fortnite Blaze
      Fortnite Blaze


    • Alec

      the teenaged mrbeast

    • Walker

      @Dave Miller yeah

    • A Thicc Cookie
      A Thicc Cookie


  • Adrastos 164
    Adrastos 164

    De cierta forma si ganas la consola ya tienes mucha comida pero las posibilidades de ganar son muy pocas 😔

  • Jadsworth

    He could’ve scanned the receipts and got gift cards

  • ATM

    He used self checkout for a reason. 😆

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    The funny thing is, I did one of these sweepstakes last year, but they were for lunchables, and I won a Nintendo Switch with ACNH and Super Mario Odyssey

  • Archant

    Also known as the competitive smash player diet.

  • 私は孤児を食べる

    If he was a middle school kid, he could sell the bags for a dollar each and make bank

  • Pe6ce

    He prolly made enough money off of this video to buy an actual switch

  • Aj Gamez
    Aj Gamez

    The funny part is that he could have just bought a actual switch with the 300$

  • Pric3zulstarYT

    Cashier:"how many chips do you want?" Plainrock:" *Yes* "

    • MalicousTV

      @Messirve$tfu War Criminal

    • Blend

      Me: asks my teacher what phone he has. My teacher: “yes”


      Messive you just like ur own comment to make it look like ur ratio'ing somebody on twitter, also ur linking subreddits when you arent even on reddit.

    • Messirve

      @angel r/nobodycares

    • angel

      @Messirve r/getfuckingabsolutelybacklashedatbyeveryoneinthecommentsection

  • Kasaï TV
    Kasaï TV

    "Ah shoot here we go again." 😂😂😂

    • Meme Stealer
      Meme Stealer

      @DJ Stuiter how was that a whooosh? And this isnt a reddit video

    • F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L

      @DJ Stuiter its spelt woooosh

    • 11 Year Old Bluey Fan
      11 Year Old Bluey Fan

      @DJ Stuiter I knew it was a joke

    • DJ Stuiter
      DJ Stuiter

      @11 Year Old Bluey Fan r/whoosh

    • 11 Year Old Bluey Fan
      11 Year Old Bluey Fan


  • Festive  Floppa
    Festive Floppa

    Who else just miss the nostalgic feel of king's old vids?

    • BasicallyImBobby

      This feels like a video that could have came out today; I get nostalgic when I rewatch stuff before his 1st move out

  • MinerBloxer64

    The new window he opened up was a winning lol

  • BrickBlox1

    I like how he refers to himself as “idiot”

  • Domeen0 Gt
    Domeen0 Gt

    Walmart employee: The rich Asian hobo is here again. Walmart employee 2: *reloads scanning gun*

    • MichaelEpicA

      Spiriti 28 r/ihavereddit shut up about wooosh in the yt comments this isn’t Reddit

    • 3x3


    • OridinaryGuy29

      Fuck America and Walmart or Wallshit lol ha ha ha ha HA HA HA!

    • A A Ron
      A A Ron

      ZeTTeR r/wooosh

  • Umut

    Legend has It, he Is still eating those chips today. Edit: with his Taco Bell Xbox series X cups.

  • Bumpadump

    I wonder if he still has chips and if he would share

  • shamus george
    shamus george

    I honestly thought he was gonna get the switch using the chips


    Legend has it he has a bunch of Fritos now

  • Danke

    Next video: i bought nintendo switches till i got a bag of chips

    • Jeremiah's Life
      Jeremiah's Life

      @flip889 next video:idiot spends 1 cent on a nentendo switch on ebay

    • Cat Vlogs
      Cat Vlogs


    • Colton Cummings
      Colton Cummings

      Out iqed

    • Super gamer
      Super gamer

      Actually not

    • Minty

      Oh yeah