Oil floats on water. Wait for it to rain. Cover yourself in oil. Fly.

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Take a shot of oil every time I say oil.

    • Elite_Gamer

      @Simply Maplee then don't watch the channel (if this was a joke i'm sorry)

    • Orla Fitzgerald
      Orla Fitzgerald

      No King I won't

    • Zach Does Animations
      Zach Does Animations

      @Brian Ramirez, at least it’s not motor oil

    • Zach Does Animations
      Zach Does Animations

      @Simply Maplee, it’s his decision

    • minkey playz
      minkey playz

      so you want us to die?

  • John

    It’s always a good surprise when Plainrock uploads

    • Itzadedmeme

      This seems like a botted comment, but it could be real

    • Ness

      @da cardboard human I mean it's his stuff he bought it so he's entitled to it which means he can do whatever he wants to it :/

    • Hannah Humphries
      Hannah Humphries

      Cool via you may break a fan next

    • Dr Carrots
      Dr Carrots


    • da cardboard human
      da cardboard human

      no.not when he destroys stuff

  • -AbPz- Gaming
    -AbPz- Gaming

    I really hope money dosent change this guy because his personality and his comedic sense of humour are awesome

    • Ryan

      one of his online personality trait is literally "too rich to care", so any extra wealth probably won't change much

    • CuddlesDaRabbit

      Yep, unlike my friend, he said i was a noob at a game just because he had money, and sadly, money in the game i was playing provided advantages, so i unfriended him.

    • Jack Franklin
      Jack Franklin

      If it was going too it would have by now

    • The Flying Strike
      The Flying Strike

      Probably will anyways lol

    • Chevy Blue
      Chevy Blue

      Just realized this is his vlog channel

  • DJTech

    Plot twist: she intentionally spilled oil on it expecting King to buy her a new one but her plan failed

    • The SuperSonic Gamer
      The SuperSonic Gamer

      true dat

    • ArijSingh15

      Ur right

    • ttv_matsko


    • Richard Espinoza
      Richard Espinoza


    • DoesntSee

      She throws the macbook pro out the window pLease Can yoU buy Me a nEw onE

  • bloomin'

    When she gets a new macbook air: OMG KING I ACCIDENTALLY PUT IT IN THE OVEN 😭😭😭

    • Jotaro's Memes
      Jotaro's Memes

      Didnt watch it all the way

    • Timothy Cayden Sumana 1302039
      Timothy Cayden Sumana 1302039

      king: -_- u kidding me...


      @Maria del Carmen Beltran Ortiz ok

    • Maria del Carmen Beltran Ortiz
      Maria del Carmen Beltran Ortiz

      Hyyjt c ja hebbeb☑✅

    • Starling

      He then gets her another MacBook and she throws it out the window

  • Steven Martell
    Steven Martell

    You should have taken it to a shop that does component level repair. The 2016 and up MacBooks are really not hard that hard to take apart and running the board through an ultrasonic cleaner almost feels like a requirement after a spill like that.

  • MatterMedia - ‘Cause it matters.
    MatterMedia - ‘Cause it matters.

    “So much oil, that the U.S. Military is knocking on my door.” - King Liang, 2021

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N

      Does this mean that X is made out of oil

    • SmashingThreePlates

      That made me burst out laughing!

    • The SuperSonic Gamer
      The SuperSonic Gamer

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Giochi

      @Axo animations ftw

    • Axo animations
      Axo animations

      @Giochi wtf

  • FireFox Gamer
    FireFox Gamer

    Plainrock124: “my main profession is breaking things, not fixing things.” Also plainrock124: “the repair shop put the MacBook back together wrong, so I put it back together properly again.”

  • ducc

    Make sure to make it hollow, take out all of the components as a big clump then clean it extremely well. So oil wouldn't get on the clamshells. You can probably do what ever you want with the components.

  • Beedgehog

    "The Macbook Oil is the best Macbook we have ever made"

  • Tryhard M
    Tryhard M

    The amount of oil that his sister spilled on the laptop is surprising to me.

    • Svetlana Tsvetkova
      Svetlana Tsvetkova


    • Dragonking

      @Mohammed B. maybe she wanted to coock it.

    • aripistola

      she must have thought the macbook was the pan

    • Opti 790
      Opti 790

      @李 在中Zane Diezel Juan I don't think she would be that rude

    • 李 在中Zane Diezel Juan
      李 在中Zane Diezel Juan

      I think his sister wanted an m1 MacBook so she plotted a way to get one by “Accidentally” spilling oil so she can get a new one then got downgraded to a measly MacBook.

  • David

    Plainrock content is like gold!!!!! Not uploaded for week but, once he uploads it’s legendary


    "so much oil that the US military is knocking at my door" gold

    • Cat boi
      Cat boi


  • J PG
    J PG

    I have to say I prefer your vlogs to the main channel, but I think that might be because I’m not particularly concerned with tech and more entertained by your personality

  • Aiden Hasani
    Aiden Hasani

    So this is why my mom used to start crying when oil was spilled on the floor. She wasn't wrong tho, it was on our floors for two years. The whole family cried at some point.

    • MaddoxChi

      uhh, i think thats something personal to talk about my guy

  • CodeConsole

    i think this is the biggest role his sister’s ever played in a video

    • TeddyBear Gaming
      TeddyBear Gaming

      What about “using an old Mac for a week”

    • qarten???

      had a bigger role in "using a old macbook in 2018"

    • The SuperSonic Gamer
      The SuperSonic Gamer


    • Munx

      @SoloSlater yeah fair enough

    • WindowmizedDude

      2nd place is fixing my sister’s MacBook. This is not the only one

  • Meliodas Okumura
    Meliodas Okumura

    I love your vids! Keep up the great content

  • Sos

    I have not seen this man in the longest man, glad to see he's doing well.

  • T- 475
    T- 475

    Plainrock: *Exists* Depression: What is happening to me? Why am I melting?!

  • soup

    i like this style of video's he should do this more often.

  • Iker Schroeder
    Iker Schroeder

    He is literally the best big brother a sister could have

  • OcelotMx5

    Try and see if you can let the oil just drip out over time. I would take the back cover off and let it sit. You can try to remove the glass over the display and clean it out so you can see through it.

  • Jess

    Although this video was pretty much for “fun” for content, it’s still satisfying to watch.

  • Mista Play
    Mista Play

    I’m surprised he didn’t make any “cover yourself In oil” jokes

    • Micheal3104

      *Cover your MacBook in oil*

    • Mista Play
      Mista Play

      Oh, I’m an idiot.

    • v8s&v10s

      @Esiayo Alegbe lol

    • Esiayo Alegbe
      Esiayo Alegbe

      Read the description.

  • James

    I love how you didn't get mad at the repair people for not being able to do the repair to the fullest extent, but rather on Apple. It's really cool to see that behavior from people.

    • JinkZ


    • Windows Tips
      Windows Tips

      @Electronics & Chill yep !

    • Electronics & Chill
      Electronics & Chill

      i work at a pc repair shop and we always open the laptop/desktop and clean every side of the components with a soft brush and a piece of cloth. it's not that hard to disassemble it. just don't mix up the screws

    • Forzamon: The guy from Reddit and Discord
      Forzamon: The guy from Reddit and Discord

      I wouldn’t have complained either if I was charged 50 bucks. But they charged $130 for barely anything done. Apple would’ve at least got the job done. I would rather give $260 to Apple if they would actually got the job done. But I wouldn’t be that mad bc they’re only a small business. If they were a large corporation, that would be a different story...

    • zNoah

      In my case I would be mad. I don't care if you charge me 150-250usd extra for taking it apart completely, as long as they clean it deeply and carefully.

  • help me reach 12k subscribers with only one video
    help me reach 12k subscribers with only one video

    Moral of the story: never watch IRglo while cooking with a bottle of cooking oil near your MacBook Pro

    • Aiden gamerson
      Aiden gamerson

      Or any other laptop you're using.

  • the Danydhwan
    the Danydhwan

    Hi plainrock124 before doing any thing else try keeping it in the sunlight for a few hours the oil inside it might drain out

  • ilikemacsalot

    I have that Mac Mini, it is pretty good. It also (the usb) goes at 7.2 mbps (mbps means megabytes per second)

  • The Dab King
    The Dab King

    I think from this video, we have learned that companies that repair technology SUCK!

  • Thwomp

    “No! I’m not gonna destroy it,so many memories were made on this thing!” Wii U: Am I a joke to you?

    • Dylan Rivera
      Dylan Rivera

      @dude man face he did break a wii

    • dude man face
      dude man face

      Wii: am i even more of a joke to you

    • Natd0gsef _
      Natd0gsef _

      @Dylan Rivera without the GamePad you basically can't do jack shit

    • Dylan Rivera
      Dylan Rivera

      @Natd0gsef _ at least you can use the console without the game pad (not really)

    • Natd0gsef _
      Natd0gsef _

      @Dylan Rivera well the console anyway the GamePad was fucked

  • Friendly Neighborhood Nerd
    Friendly Neighborhood Nerd

    A few years ago someone wanted me to fix an iPhone that had olive oil damage done to it🤣🤣 the screen got messed up, but after replacing it, works just fine!

  • Kieran Baack
    Kieran Baack

    That MacBook has been through a lot like the battery dieing when its at like 20-30%, editing almost all of his videos, giving it to his sister, his sister spilling cooking oil on it, the laptop getting replaced again, and now it is retired as a decoration.

  • Its_Primo

    I say take out the components at least and clean the shell from oil, then try and put it back together in a way that it still could be a prop/decoration.

  • Shadow Noir
    Shadow Noir

    Ah yes, the very begging disassembly and reassembly reminds me of the clamshell repair videos.

  • Zfo

    “So much oil that the US military is knocking on my door at the moment” 💀💀💀

    • CasGames

      He about to be drafted

  • Mahad Playz
    Mahad Playz

    How much oil did she spill? Cuz it looks like she dropped the oils whole bottle on a macbook pro😂😂

  • XXSefa

    it always amazes me how many weird ways people damage their devices and i thought dropping their phone into toilet was weird enough

    • Begginers' Guide to Code
      Begginers' Guide to Code

      Im surprised since oil is a good isolator...

  • Exiler300

    So relaxing to see someone destroying technology. 😌😌

  • Dan P
    Dan P

    So, what did we learn? When you have oil in your laptop then try to fix it yourself because the people that try to fix it at apple are scammers

  • NintendoGP

    He... Is probably the first ever person to say, "Thanks, Apple."

  • Teshaun Gordon
    Teshaun Gordon

    "my main goal is destroying things, not fixing them" - king liang 2021

  • Jack Allen Walters, Jr.
    Jack Allen Walters, Jr.

    Put it in an oven at 100 F for a few weeks, it may thin the oil enough for it to all drain out .

    • Ness

      It might make his oven explode but it will be worth it

  • Casey Morrison
    Casey Morrison

    if you had a dollar for every time you destroyed something how much would you have

  • Speedemon

    Moral of the story: *Stay away from cooking oil with electronics*

  • greatstOne99

    “So much oil, that the U.S. military is knocking on my door at the moment” I get the joke lmao

  • slimeplayz

    She took the "Cover yourself in oil" meme too seriously

  • Nish

    Plainrock, very important question: Do your old Mac’s still have iCarly wallpapers?

  • gipugly

    Shouldn't any kinda oil be harmless to electronics? Maybe even helpful?

  • Paulbond3

    To take all the oil out just call the US military, they have a lot of experience

  • Your Local Egyptian Sphinx
    Your Local Egyptian Sphinx

    The repair shop could've put the laptop in distilled water and leave it in there for 24 hours and take it out and rub it with alcohol then let it dry.

  • EasonTek2398

    Your M1 is faster than your 16 inch MBP in terms of CPU Performance, but your 16inch MBP has a better GPU (OBVIOUSLY)

  • Shay Devlin
    Shay Devlin

    You know something is wrong when the word sister and MacBook is in the same sentence

    • neneee !!
      neneee !!

      @MrJ0mmy I was actually about to say "Hey, that's not true", but then I remembered all the phones and tablets my sister broke.

    • pigeon

      @MrJ0mmy *females*

    • pigeon

      @coryhasnocory basi

    • MrJ0mmy

      Yeah females dont take good care of there stuff i lots count how many phones laptops my sister has broken and my mum always breaking stuff

    • EAST6


  • Vrshark

    Do I even want to ask why he's wearing a mask in his house 😂

  • Unknown#3142

    I am surprised that he actually maid a attempt to fix it

  • nope

    lol they destroyed the display with pouring all that alcohol in it, it moved the oil around, also the water in it did that too.

  • de_egggroll

    I feel a disturbance in the wind its telling me he'll most likely break it for a skit in a future plainrock vid😂

  • Beedgehog

    "Introducing the 'Macbook Cooking Oil'. It gives you a smart kitchen"

  • Blase

    Normal peope: Oh no! I have oil on my laptop, time to take it to service. Plainrock: Ok it destroyed let's destroy it even more

  • BotLegend

    Every plainrock upload is like Christmas Day🎄

  • player 69
    player 69

    i wish he recored his reaction i would love to see it

  • WiiPlayGames

    Remember when King said he doesn’t like IRglo videos with all CAPS titles, but now most of his videos have it

    • Jbl Family XD
      Jbl Family XD

      Yea lol

    • Seth Anime boy
      Seth Anime boy

      I know

    • Aaron Dalton
      Aaron Dalton

      @scfluffy_vlogs you are right

    • scfluffy_vlogs

      Hes fallen into the pit of ✨Caps✨

    • Rivv04

      It's the algorithm man

  • Heroeyes

    Who else here thought he would make us see what would happen if cooking oil was poured on to it to see how it would be damaged?

  • Lol

    Plainrock’s sister: Spills cooking oil Hugh Jefferys: Hi guys, welcome to this video, today we have a MacBook THAT HAS COOKING OIL SPILLED ON IT. Yes, you heard it right, cooking oil.

  • Jack Gaming
    Jack Gaming

    Is there more episodes of the collection of Macs coming soon?

  • Kat

    To me it kinda seems like the cooking oil won.... Even though the Macbook still worked

  • MrScooba

    Is it just me or does that “cooking oil” look like the battle pass?

  • NotLamb

    i can’t stop replaying this. if I replay this then I’m gonna drink cooking oil.

  • RockyDoesStuff

    *a few months later* Sister: Hey King, it happened again but with tuna this time King: Oh sh!t easy content!

  • Elan SP卐
    Elan SP卐

    Yay finally watching the most casual and normal video on youtube , An expensive piece of metal vs oil

    • Sammyconray

      Ur name 😳😂

    • Sammyconray

      Ur name 😳😂

  • Looney Badly
    Looney Badly

    You know every video that Plainrock124 uploads. It’s a great video.

  • Niloy Zaman
    Niloy Zaman

    If king keeps that laptop,the oil can go up to battery and have chances of explosion

  • D3vilKites

    Did you know? Everything is pure content for Plainrock

  • NeptuneFusion

    Do you realize that the apple silicon MacBook Pro, which only costs a little more than the silicon MB air, can probably out perform your 16 inch MacBook Pro it by leaps and bounds. In my opinion, You should have turned your travel/bedroom MacBook into your 16 inch one

  • Apple SheepPlays!
    Apple SheepPlays!

    welp, his now 5 year old MacBook Pro, is now retired, I remember watching him unbox it years ago :'(

  • David

    5:15 I was about to comment “destroy it for board smash video” 🤣🤣🤣

  • iMac G5
    iMac G5

    Oh yeah, this happened to me, but replace oil with isopropyl alcohol. It took a few days to dry, but my MBP is back in service again! So yeah, try that, but I don’t think it’ll work because oil doesn’t evaporate at cooler temps

  • Dancing Fan
    Dancing Fan

    how do you spill THAT much cooking oil on a laptop

  • I like mkwii
    I like mkwii

    "Remember, my main profession is destroying technology not fixing it." King 2021

  • Eric Choi
    Eric Choi

    The US military is probably going to put down that repair shop for good for not saving the cooking oil.

    • Aeq

      Oil floats on water. Wait for it to rain. Cover yourself in oil. Fly.

  • 『マリオ』

    nah, i think this is a perfect opportunity to make a video titled "50 MORE WAYS TO BREAK A MACBOOK"

    • Tom - Cartoon
      Tom - Cartoon

      no 5:15

  • hi

    The m1 is perfect for traveling CUZZ its energy efficient so it's perfect

  • MostButtonP

    When a technology destroyer is much better than a repair shop XD

  • Spinosaurus

    But what if the same happens to you? Will you have any backup plan?

  • Metal Wusky
    Metal Wusky

    my day always gets better whenever plainrock uploads

  • Binglar

    Forget all of those tech repair you tubers, we have plainrock!

  • Tiffany Saltsman Baxter
    Tiffany Saltsman Baxter

    ah yes,the cooking oil here is made out of cooking oil

  • The Boogie Meister
    The Boogie Meister

    When you take that “cover yourself in oil” meme too seriously

    • The Boogie Meister
      The Boogie Meister

      @I'm not a regular human no

    • I'm not a regular human
      I'm not a regular human


  • Gio Playz
    Gio Playz

    Oil can be sometimes that strong

  • Blitz_Officiał

    Bro if there that much oil she didn’t spill “some oil” she dumped the whole Bottle 😂

  • Alex Flaus
    Alex Flaus

    Hey plainrock124 I like your content it makes my day and it makes me happy when I see you upload 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Joker knight 124
    Joker knight 124

    Must feel good to have a MacBook Air again

  • Joo Gamer
    Joo Gamer

    Sister: spill Oil, oh well time to cook the apple to eat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tristan

    Oil isnt conductive at all so it wouldnt of had been damaged.

  • MaryJaneDoer

    Remember the girl with 4 macbooks for different uses that went viral? Thats the vibes plainrock hives me

    • Dodge Gaming Official
      Dodge Gaming Official

      Oh yeah i remember seeing this vid were this guys macbook died like the battery then he got a new one from his bag

  • グリッチくん

    Note to self: don't actually cover yourself in oil

  • raymon sudarma
    raymon sudarma

    you should smash the oil laptop before it spills to your other laptop

  • Panashy89

    The face at the end tho 😂😂

  • TheasIN Live
    TheasIN Live

    I thought cooking oil didn't mess with electronics. Turns out I was wrong.

  • St

    Rest in piece the laptop, Had a hard life.

  • Dariel Rosario Diaz
    Dariel Rosario Diaz

    Put the MacBook outside to get cold air LOL