i didn't mean to break it...
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  • PlainrockVlogs

    I rate the game a 7/10. Main Video: irglo.info/from/gdZobZ6We5rHc5c/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Fuks To Suks
      Fuks To Suks

      Yo Ur Videos Are Cool😎

    • Oswald the lucky rabbit
      Oswald the lucky rabbit

      Agree I love mario

    • Joseph Wallace Pike
      Joseph Wallace Pike

      Break not please

    • BEANSUMAR2006


    • JackAttack gaming
      JackAttack gaming

      3/10(just kidding Mario 3d world:7/10 Bowser's fury:10/10)

  • Mr. Goat
    Mr. Goat

    I think this is legitimately the first time that King regretted breaking something.

    • Rosemary Uagbor
      Rosemary Uagbor

      I agree

    • ZudaWuda Jordan-Townsend
      ZudaWuda Jordan-Townsend

      And he goes right back to breaking stuff

    • ZudaWuda Jordan-Townsend
      ZudaWuda Jordan-Townsend


    • kaisogod

      @Yasir Hussain i doubt he cares about that he just said dammit

    • AGamingHussain786 Subscribe
      AGamingHussain786 Subscribe


  • TimeBucks

    please continue to Smash Stuff it incredible content!

    • MichaelEpicA

      @konkey kong. *smashes monke* nope. Monke dead.

    • Arsene Lupin
      Arsene Lupin

      Some People are so stupid to Come share hate to a TECH DESTRUCTION channel

    • pap Jpap
      pap Jpap


    • T-pose Knuckles The Meme Approver
      T-pose Knuckles The Meme Approver

      You are here :o

    • sy1

      your grammar doesn't suck so much

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow

    Mom: it’s okay, your cousin will take good care of it and be gentle. The cousin:

  • Phantom

    Lmao! I can't believe you regret breaking this, even though you said "I cherish every moment of destroying it." This is pure comedy. Keep up the great work King!

  • lil sxd boi
    lil sxd boi

    4:12 “dang, i didn’t have to buy a new copy of the game” *breaks it 3 seconds later*

  • Jen

    Plainrock: I don't want to crack this counter Plainrock: 10 seconds later smashing the switch on the counter harder


    Congratulations on making it to the trending page, King.

  • Your Local Cash Register
    Your Local Cash Register

    My favorite part of this is being able to see the game slowly die on the screen

  • Kevin Adames
    Kevin Adames

    This is hurtful to watch but its satisfying at the same time.

  • Kartracer67890

    I just find it funny how king is a huge Nintendo fan and ended up drilling through the game card 😂

    • Cinko515

      @drabin The irony of it

    • Angel Wayne
      Angel Wayne


    • drabin

      He is a huge nintendo fan and destroys nintendo products since like 8 years, what is funny about it

    • Emery Edward
      Emery Edward

      Lol yes

    • MxkiiLoL

      True XD

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    I love watching Plainrock break things I can’t even afford 😌



    • Just a normal cat
      Just a normal cat

      Tell me whats the point of copying peoples comments is it just for fame or what?

    • John 'Soap' Mactavish
      John 'Soap' Mactavish

      Can't affford or even purchase at all because they're sold out. e.g. Metroid dread special edition :)

    • ChrisPenguin47

      I can’t even buy the broken models

    • ez kill kid
      ez kill kid

      Bruh you can sell your cheeks to buy stuff with your pfp

  • SuperNickid

    @PlainrockVlogs: I seriously thing if the broken cartridge still works you should not have destroyed it, just in case you accidently drill into the pin of the cartridge on the new one. Or broke it any other sort of way that it does not work anymore by accident.

  • 8DENZ

    I feel sorry to PlainVlogs for breaking the new game :(

  • Marty

    Damn king you actually regret something never thought I would see you regret something.

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara

    That’s kind of rare he doesn’t want to break something lol 😂

    • Kimberly Tungren
      Kimberly Tungren


    • talha sharief
      talha sharief

      I now right

    • MasterkeyGaming

      Yea, he didn't want to break the Luigi Cart but had to do it for content 😂

    • Heroheenie

      He's more careful on his vlog channel.

    • powerful man
      powerful man


  • Dopedruide

    i got no doubt that after glueing this together the switch will work perfectly^^

  • Golden Garbage
    Golden Garbage

    The fact that it still worked after that was just insane

  • bloopymicrowave

    Question is, after folding it in half, does it work?

  • Indeed good indeed good indeed good indeed good
    Indeed good indeed good indeed good indeed good

    A king that cures my depression.

  • Abdulhafeez Jammel
    Abdulhafeez Jammel

    You know what this calls for..... EXPENSIVE MISTAKES PART 3.

    • sivsaz2011 A̸j̸
      sivsaz2011 A̸j̸

      And he broke his blue yeti mic.. ITS GONNA COME OUT SOONN

    • Charles Bonamy
      Charles Bonamy


    • Andrea

      @Abdulhafeez Jammel no problem ;)

    • Abdulhafeez Jammel
      Abdulhafeez Jammel

      @Andrea ahhhhhhhh thx

    • Andrea

      300th like

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    3:36 I’m just accidentally bored smashing everything today

  • ugaarbruh

    Him: breaks his switch Me: breaks my pencil oh sh*t

    • Gavin Ranger
      Gavin Ranger


    • ruvzyvat

      I dont get it

    • Shallbric

      here we go again

  • Trinitron Productions
    Trinitron Productions

    gotta love how you spent $60 for a new game you didn't need cuz the other one still worked

  • Beat-wread

    This exact special edition switch was my first console after 2 years. I had a 2ds but broke it when walking

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick

    Plainrock: I didn’t mean to do it. Also plainrock: shows cartridge that looks like it’s been in someone’s ass

    • Jackorooney

      Hold up

    • Dany Greaves
      Dany Greaves

      @一新名2021 i dont see nothing

    • 一新名2021

      @Dany Greaves r/woooooosh - Look at the commenter's name and profile picture. You'll understand.

    • Dany Greaves
      Dany Greaves

      What the f*ck

    • 一新名2021

      Well, you have, as well...

  • Monke191

    I can't believe he actually broke something he didn't want to for once

  • Bob the cat
    Bob the cat

    I love how it says gorilla glueIt’s so strong but you take out the joy con in like two hits

  • Raiden

    Game was pretty great I enjoyed it but hated the last level it took me 3 hours to beat it

  • Blixvii

    whenever he mentions the game hes so specific about it

  • Random Poorly Drawn Dragon
    Random Poorly Drawn Dragon

    The fact that the game card still worked even it looked like it got tun over by a truck was just..."nani?"

  • CarlosBeam Lion
    CarlosBeam Lion

    Now that’s what you really call braking the game

  • Quackishy

    ''now i have to buy another 60 dollar game'' *says that while hes holding a broken 300 dollar switch*

    • Zipline

      @Arthur damnnn

    • Arthur

      @Zipline in Canada they come to 90 dollars with tax...

    • Zipline

      a VIDEO-GAME for 60 DOLLARS

  • Kapi

    This hurts my soul and also this is the first time he regrets breaking something lol

  • Not Valk
    Not Valk

    This is what I done to my 3ds one time. I was upset that SM64DS wasn’t working so I smashed it on a table over 20 times, broke the cartridge then put it in and it got stuck but I took apart the 3ds and threw the cartridge in the trash.

  • ultimategamer

    When you bang a switch repeatedly on your bathroom counter and are worried about cracking the counter 😂

  • Zia Zampoloo
    Zia Zampoloo

    him: purposely breaks many switches me: oh cool him: drops his main switch once me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Darwin the masshole 2002
    Darwin the masshole 2002

    To all the people leaving hate comments technically he didn’t break the game it’s still works

  • h

    its just so weird when he is just always destroying stuff and then you see these behind the scenes videos and he has an ifixit kit and hes carefully taking the switch apart lol

    • OddGBMO


  • Marc McCusker
    Marc McCusker

    Wow. To all the poor people out there without a switch watching (just like myself) I feel your pain 💔

  • JB Films
    JB Films

    Heads up: You don’t break something someone gives you.

  • Zøøm

    Hugging my switch tightly while watching this horrifying video

  • Super girls
    Super girls

    It’s ok plainrock, our team make to many games 😂

  • Static animations
    Static animations

    “I hope I don’t crack this counter” -some one who is smashing a 300 dollar device over and over onto the counter after decorating it beyond recognition

  • mvp remix
    mvp remix

    Don’t worry! It’s your first time customizing stuff! Goodluck for the next one🤗👏🤩

    • mvp remix
      mvp remix

      @BubbaIsWeird bruh its a meme

    • BubbaIsWeird

      nobody listens to among us fanboys

  • Dopey Ginger
    Dopey Ginger

    As a Nintendo fan, this was painful to watch 😣

  • lugi

    Wow, this is the only time plainrock didn’t mean to break something.. Or regretting it.

    • Johnly101

      Actually there is thousands of times he didn't mean to

  • lexd283

    *Well, they had us in the first half not going to lie.* i thought he smashed it lol but it was unintentional

    • George

      He said that in the title-

  • Xavier Padilla
    Xavier Padilla

    I rate the game 10/10 also I had to beat the game with my brother and Furry on my own

  • Jason MacFerren
    Jason MacFerren

    Knowing him and the title I think he did this intentionally

  • Nintendo&Disney&Pixar Fan2001
    Nintendo&Disney&Pixar Fan2001

    Hmm I wonder what bad Switch games would deserve to be drilled like this.

  • ⭐Shin 狐⭐
    ⭐Shin 狐⭐

    If you didn't finish breaking that copy, I guess you coulda raffled it, or even sold it for a high price XD

  • Hailey Hung
    Hailey Hung

    I love watching Plainrock break things I can’t even afford 😌

    • YoCroky

      @Spooky Eleven and no i dont pirate games lol

    • YoCroky

      @Spooky Eleven i dont think you know what a joke is bro

    • Spooky Eleven
      Spooky Eleven

      @YoCroky you still pirate games you muppet

    • YoCroky

      @Spooky Eleven it was a joke you muppet

    • Spooky Eleven
      Spooky Eleven

      @YoCroky first of all nothing wrong with being poor, if you are poor I find it funny you can spend 40 bucks a month on internet and you don't go asking people on youtube for money, second of I hope you go to jail for pirating

  • felipe cardenas
    felipe cardenas

    Tip: if you have progress in your game, you broke the game accidently and you buy another copy and put it in in your switch, you still have the progress 😃

  • Bryan Playz
    Bryan Playz

    A few screwups in the making of the main video, but in this one, you basically broke it

  • Link but cooler
    Link but cooler

    Yes the game cartridge is definitely the most valuable thing destroyed

  • Sean Mishler
    Sean Mishler

    Just watching all the furious Nintendo fans comment is so funny 😂

  • Toad The Gamer
    Toad The Gamer

    The game card: still functions even after being drilled King: He's too dangerous to be left alive!

  • angle

    I get mad when he breaks things but i still love Plainrocks videos and watch em

    • Ken

      Idk but i not mad and i like this planrock124 channel i watch i feeling happy

    • unfunny guy
      unfunny guy

      why do u have a lot of subs

  • Frogtharer

    When he realized that he broke the cartridge he was having a bro moment then bought a new copy. He is a fan of nintendo but yet always destroys Nintendo products. Plus when he did that he wanted to play the game so he screwed up.

    • Frogtharer

      Made a smart move about breaking it.

  • brix max
    brix max

    *smashing switch against counter * „I hope I don’t break this counter!“

  • epin_gamer420

    content on this channel is am emotional rollercoaster lol

  • TheFatViking

    I love these little bonus bits, I'd like to see these types of videos here after the main channel videos are finished

  • OkieGamer

    He knows how to break he also knows how to fix

  • ToyKid22

    When you see “The software was closed because the game card was removed” but you didn’t remove the game card

  • AJafk

    2:10 thats litterally what my joy con looked like when i broke it

  • Sewwfffyhjijui

    I would've paid you $70 for the broken Mario game

  • Dunke Kuong
    Dunke Kuong

    When plainrocky123 releases 2 videos in one hour, you know it’s good content.

  • Choctaw Comanche
    Choctaw Comanche

    I will be a plainrock fan forever

  • regulargodzilladude youtuber
    regulargodzilladude youtuber

    and i was here wondering why there was a shortage of switches lmao

  • Escanor

    Me who wants the game, asked for it for my birthday, didn’t get it, then watched this makes this video a 20/20

  • Emiliano Ramirez
    Emiliano Ramirez

    I can’t believe plainrock got a #30 on trending

  • Raheemation Studios
    Raheemation Studios

    My little brother with my laptop, "I'm just going to play on it!" *What my little brother does within 2 minutes* 1:52

    • Supersonic30

      it took me like 5 seconds in the walmart demo to learn what button tales the controllers off

    • Hedge

      @Gunter GT that almost happened to my brother but i became mad at my parents and i give him a chance to play

    • Hedge

      im a little brother and i give many chances for my big brother to play on his laptop

    • Sam The Man
      Sam The Man

      Juice You too have a good day

    • Juice

      @Sam The Man welcome back, happy friday :) i was off today the staff had training

  • Brayden Nelson
    Brayden Nelson

    He is the god of destruction and I respect that

  • Dave Nova
    Dave Nova

    This is somehow satisfying _and_ painful at the same time.

    • J

      Lol yes bc i want this game but what he does is funny

  • Noam Barazani
    Noam Barazani

    Am i the only one how enjoy this the same amount as the main video i don't know why but this is intersting to me

  • Radar_the_fox

    "i was planning to take it out and play with it" -Plainrock124, 2021.

    • Gokan Productions
      Gokan Productions

      @the bread full of dread 😳🤚

    • *insert name here*
      *insert name here*

      that’s what she said (also i heard that part when i saw this comment)

    • Antyy

      Thats SUS

    • the bread full of dread
      the bread full of dread

      Me at night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Nyco 05
      Nyco 05


  • nathaniel

    Thank god it still works. I won't blame king from his *accident* 🤪🤪

  • Noel0522

    Plainrock: i didnt mean to break it... Everyone: yeah i belive that

  • Shift Page
    Shift Page

    plainrock: complains about breaking the game the broken switch: *am i a joke to you?*

    • Conor Kindlon
      Conor Kindlon

      He was planning on using the game. He wasn’t planning on using the switch

  • rach2880

    This video probably made him 10x the amount of money that thing cost

  • derpzzz

    when I saw him drill the area where the cartridge was I was like “wait did you remove the cartridge” apparently he didn’t.

  • Max the meow man
    Max the meow man

    When you realise the game still works :o

  • CoolBroCarlson

    Gorilla Glue for the Hair. No Gorilla Glue for the Switch. Yes

  • Wasthomashere

    Man's literally almost broke the game tho

  • just lucas
    just lucas

    i never knew plainrock is a engineer

  • Dragonking

    You should have gotten the golden coins for the kinda broken cardridge.

  • Melia Lahyani
    Melia Lahyani

    *smashes switch on the counter* "I hope i don't crack this counter"

  • Greg Heffley
    Greg Heffley

    Looks way better that that old Mario switch!

    • Gabriel Davidson
      Gabriel Davidson


  • juan cante
    juan cante

    1:50 well that's one way to get the joycons out

    • Conor Kindlon
      Conor Kindlon

      He gorilla glued the joycons on. If you don’t know gorilla glue is extremely strong industrial glue

  • golden

    imagine saying you didnt want to break something but your whole channel is based around breaking stuff

  • Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke

    Good, that port is already superfluous!

  • The Golden Flexer
    The Golden Flexer

    Let's be honest how much money he spent on these videos

  • Diana45251

    Everyone: Ooooof For everyone who is triggered. Me: I love PainRock videos because he’s cool and ironic

  • JTARB 2004
    JTARB 2004

    I’m guessing that king actually got another one of these switches one to smash and one to keep

    • Shawn Stuart gaming 08
      Shawn Stuart gaming 08


    • Popilo 5656
      Popilo 5656


    • Peter L
      Peter L


    • Tart 51
      Tart 51

      Yeah he usually gets another one

    • mango rakoon
      mango rakoon

      I don't think so the mario switch is just a different colour and that's it

  • Cringycoolkid15

    Man you could have sold it as “slightly used” on ebay

  • Gaming With Geeks
    Gaming With Geeks

    Plain rock: regrets killing a game card that’s costs 60 bucks Also plain rock: DRILLING A HOLE IN A 300 $ DEVICE

    • Bunny Crossing
      Bunny Crossing

      He gets money from haters like you lol

  • Llif3

    Plainrock: Showing us the broken game cartridge End Cards: *i don't think so*

  • 【ツItzz_xMoneixツ】

    Alternative title: plain breaks a nitendo swich and breaks a chip

  • TheToadFan95

    "I'm just accidentally Bored Smashing everything today"