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  • Nelson Alfaro
    Nelson Alfaro

    King: Halloween is over, the ghost can’t legally haunt me anymore. The ghosts: aw shit he figured it out!!!

    • chaymaa merjan
      chaymaa merjan

      @Skitl no 15 plus I didn’t even reply u ghost seeing man

    • Devilsaur

      @chaymaa merjan sugar

    • MrsnuggolesCassieFrankie Loves Animals
      MrsnuggolesCassieFrankie Loves Animals


    • Joe Nuts
      Joe Nuts

      That one chad ghost: fuck the rules I’m about to beat your fucking ass.

    • Leon Hsu
      Leon Hsu

      OK this one is the damage and in this time of night is going to close going to die and it’s going to close for $1000 and then if you paid it do you got will make pigs in a pot and payment OK you wanna make up a lot appointment today and you get lots of dollars we need to get diamond nightI’m a die dollars it’s going to make Mikey Mike in the door with 145 then reckon guy and 66 6 x 66 and then by 6600 and45 and I make this one and a mini egg every day Mikey Mike where the raccoon die and spooky doing and then I come to Tokyo biggest thing come to here and then do not go boogie spoons house do not go 666

  • CC 3
    CC 3

    watching this almost a year later miss the old days.

    • Noah_Kai 🅥
      Noah_Kai 🅥


  • Memes Ahoy
    Memes Ahoy

    You really don't know if ghosts are real unless you experience it yourself King: *hold my camera*

    • Prince Ramos
      Prince Ramos

      @person from tds His full name is King Liang

    • Prince Ramos
      Prince Ramos

      King Liang

    • person from tds
      person from tds

      Did he legally change his name to King Liang?

  • Guppy

    plainrock: *looks under bed see's nothing* also plainrock: terrifying 9:05

    • Sir Supermeme
      Sir Supermeme


  • Infinitesky236

    by far this is one of my favourite plainrock vlogs videos

  • Joseph cavagnaro
    Joseph cavagnaro

    6:37 the middle knob is used to control the flow of the water from the faucet to the shower head

    • Hutch Banning
      Hutch Banning

      @1Loopie I am from the future

    • 1Loopie

      Belen Ramirez your 4 months late so ofc he’s not gonna answer

    • Belen Ramirez
      Belen Ramirez

      No duh he just said that

  • Timeless

    King: points camera towards his heart His heart in the image: 💙

  • I27T I84
    I27T I84

    3:22 "everyone in the room was talking about going to a party and that made me really depressed" relatable

  • NayomiPqstellz

    Well there’s this haunted place next to my house and my old house was haunted too..my mom said she saw a floating shadow the shape of a woman we found out it was my aunts sister..my dad said one of his co workers felt some breathing behind him at work..

    • QueenOfGold

      I think my house is haunted...

    • Twisty

      I remember when I was just playing with my friend on mic on my game console on 1:AM when everyone was asleep my friend told me that in the mic he heard whispering in the mic it might’ve been just my mic but I don’t really know.

    • Rebrutez

      Maybe that is because they heard the stories and they imaginne ghosts, that also happens to me but i dont remember that name's effect

  • CZF1K

    At least you were in the room one of the greatest rock and roll legends stayed in

    • The Boondocks Episodes
      The Boondocks Episodes

      @Thincabl3 that was a while ago I have nothing to do with that

    • Thincabl3

      @The Boondocks Episodes nobody likes him🤣

    • Mitchell skates
      Mitchell skates

      @[insert username here] i’m not a kid. i’m a retarded kid.

    • Mitchell skates
      Mitchell skates

      is it the guy that was rocking with his guitar on the sidewalk?

    • Hammy

      @xx Drdoom The dark slayer xx Jon Bon Jovi

  • Abysse

    The fact he got chipotle for $4.45 just for wearing a hat

    • Parada__

      @Colson Wood CLEETUS

    • Parada__

      Well he's gonna be on the toilet for a while 😆😆😆😆

    • Jordan Anim8s
      Jordan Anim8s

      That was pretty 'shady'

    • Padmaja Doddasomayajula
      Padmaja Doddasomayajula

      ClearAbysse y

    • Abd -_0
      Abd -_0


  • BraydenTheBear

    Hotel: is slightly scary Everyone: it’s hunted

  • Nickthegod654

    This is like that kind of thing in a horror movie where someone "disrespects the ghosts" or some shit and then dies

    • Tony The 2nd
      Tony The 2nd

      @Carson Elias And the person who posts the new videos is a very good impersonator.

    • Carson Elias
      Carson Elias

      We regret to inform you that King Liang died 5 minutes after this video, all videos after are made by his ghost

  • Aaron Ramos
    Aaron Ramos

    Thanks King for all of the good content I watch you when I am bored thank you for saving my boredness

  • Shiv Sharma
    Shiv Sharma


  • Jazwareser

    Moving on... to a hotel? Next video: Bored smashing House

    • Chris Plays0427FGTeeV
      Chris Plays0427FGTeeV

      He actually did bored smash a house

    • NotMaxPlayz #mayquit
      NotMaxPlayz #mayquit

      You got your video idea approved a few months ago

    • Winning Smile
      Winning Smile

      @Pablo grammar*

    • Izzy Has farted
      Izzy Has farted

      This aged like milk

    • Green Shy Guy
      Green Shy Guy

      @Pablo roblocks

  • Krafti Gamer
    Krafti Gamer

    I genuinely thought there was going to be a jump scare when he did bloody mary XD

    • Krafti Gamer
      Krafti Gamer

      @CIA ikr

    • CIA


  • Nightly Collabs
    Nightly Collabs

    The best part of this video: @9:08 : there’s a guy outside going ham on the electric guitar, he make me feel safe

    • Sunny Sky
      Sunny Sky

      @Nightly Collabs I was watching trump hosted and the comment glitched and they came from here

    • Nightly Collabs
      Nightly Collabs

      @Sunny Sky just simply go with your gut feeling

    • Sunny Sky
      Sunny Sky


    • Sunny Sky
      Sunny Sky

      HOW DUDE

  • Barsin Badeghat
    Barsin Badeghat

    I’m wondering why he gets naughty on Halloween nights😂

  • TheDarkWolf

    Damn he's lucky he got to be in a room where Bon Jovi stayed at

  • Lil Space Boi
    Lil Space Boi

    This dude somehow made a video about staying at a haunted hotel fucking hilarious

    • Егор и Монстры
      Егор и Монстры

      If I never had glasses, I see worse If I had glasses, I see better

  • Caliphi Alburati
    Caliphi Alburati

    When your doing Bloody Mary you need candles too

  • Sticky Burger
    Sticky Burger

    I love the fact he sarcastic with ghosts 😂😂

  • Gamer_ guy1475
    Gamer_ guy1475

    The fact that he though that a house to be rented was scary was so fucking funny

  • Pob

    Plainrock watch out a ghost is behind you Oh no He can't hear us, He has airpods on

    • Heisenberg


    • beto medina
      beto medina


    • Zap FN
      Zap FN

      xXHULLS FINESTXx lol

    • ツtha B3NT0
      ツtha B3NT0


    • Greg.

      let’s try signing it to him. 🧏‍♂️🤷‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙅👩🏻‍🦽🧑‍🦯 🥜 ---> 👻 👨‍💻

  • Moxy the Bambi Fanboy 💙✨
    Moxy the Bambi Fanboy 💙✨

    14:00 The “IS THAT SPIDER-MAN?!?!” Got me lol

  • Memeboss 2.0
    Memeboss 2.0

    Me: looks at the thumbnail Future me: still waiting for kings mansion 1 and 2

  • Scumber

    You gotta love ❤️ that thumbnail camera quality

  • HrHeroOfficial

    I’m pretty the front desk guy turned off the light on purpose so that people think it’s a ghost.

  • Dell Pickle
    Dell Pickle

    I have to admit, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a interesting and silly continuation of the ghostly franchise

  • alanas cesnauskas
    alanas cesnauskas


  • Party =)
    Party =)

    5:02 "Wow I've always wanted one of these" Luigi-

  • Cbanzzzz

    8:17 the only action king will ever get 😆🤦🏻🤣

  • Beat-wread

    Is it me or does this vlog feel comfy

  • Guppy

    plainrock: see's a minion costume or any minion also plainrock: ugh

  • AtomicFreak

    4:35 there's no way Bon Jovi stayed there, that's amazing. He's one of my favorite rock artists.

    • Hayley Waalen
      Hayley Waalen

      My mom's crush!

    • Crxsty

      @Hongkham Luangrath drunk ass man or dumb 8 year old who thinks he’s smart

    • Kirbo

      @Hongkham Luangrath you did pay attention to the name on the door, right? He literally mentioned in the video that “every room has the name of a famous celebrity who stayed there”.

    • Hongkham Luangrath
      Hongkham Luangrath

      And also what are you doing here talking about something about ROCKARTISTS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Hongkham Luangrath
      Hongkham Luangrath

      What do you mean

  • Jack supreme wagner
    Jack supreme wagner

    *proceeds to do stuff to the skeleton* couple of minutes later king: time to tuck in *mr skeleton*

  • 1wjpf_

    4:54 when i’m about to go down the long slide

  • BlueWxters

    I was right next to my mom when you said "I wonder if anyone has had sex on this chair" She made a weird look at me 🥺

    • Unkown Purple_alien
      Unkown Purple_alien

      Holy shit actually??

    • Devilsaur

      HyperPlut0 lol

    • developer

      I’ve never seen a comment that’s so cringe

    • Hailey Brooke
      Hailey Brooke


    • Masoud Mirzai
      Masoud Mirzai


  • c00lk1d86

    When King said "Ok Google turn off all the lights" my Google home went off lol

  • The Secret Life Of My Guinea Pig (GInger)
    The Secret Life Of My Guinea Pig (GInger)

    i love your videos i watch them alot

  • Ar Ar
    Ar Ar

    Quite possibly the saddest Halloween ever

  • Mark Danial
    Mark Danial

    I love the videos and just watch for memories

  • InsertNameHere

    the scariest part in this whole video was King drinking hotel water...

  • Real Laza
    Real Laza

    well at least we know who to call when there is a ghost

  • WayneGamesComedy

    he made this so less scary haha

  • DuckVoice

    “Stop spinning its scary” Plainrock124 2019

  • ᴢ.ꫀ.ʀ.ꪮ

    Ghosts are scared because he is recording all the time 😂😂😂😂

  • Sondos Ramy
    Sondos Ramy

    The scariest room for me is the bath room

  • SH4DOW

    Plainrock: The lights won't turn on Guy: UHHHHHH plainrock:ok thanks

  • Robros

    Bruh he actually turned of all my light with ok google and I freaked out because I am home alone with my door closed

  • TheRegularTerrarian

    The next person who goes into Room 305 is gonna see that skeleton in the bed

    • AnimationNerd

      @t_fman what the hell

    • Kawashi

      @t_fman You are a 3-year-old child. Maybe he is from another country, so please take it up

    • Thė KĖÑÑÆ S.N.P.S
      Thė KĖÑÑÆ S.N.P.S

      @t_fman im not

    • DrDerpyest


    • Peypin

      With white stuff all over it

  • Sad creeper
    Sad creeper

    After u said the guy in the electric guitar was goin ham I laughed so hard

    • Hongkham Luangrath
      Hongkham Luangrath

      No U did it you TNT

  • Crispiest Chris
    Crispiest Chris

    What scared me is what he was doing with the skeleton 😖

  • Derek Ferrell
    Derek Ferrell

    8:47 (kisses Skeleton) Yeah. This Skeleton is gonna come in life in the middle of the night and kill me.

  • ugly rat_gaming
    ugly rat_gaming

    Even though this stream started at 1pm for me it was night in Arizona which is the state next to mine


    The scariest thing ever 6:46

  • officialdumbazz

    "the scary part is a room is 150 dollars" Im like "falls of chair" HOLY SHI-

    • Kralovetz GMD
      Kralovetz GMD

      Me every day when I’m depressed

    • TheLittlMouse


  • Joshua Vasquez
    Joshua Vasquez

    when he said ''before we start the vlog'' it looks like a bunny costume is behind him in the dark door just looks like it

  • KitttMaster420

    Luigi has been real quite since this came out

  • RMM

    12:19 split second you can see something hot inside

  • Therese Magallanes
    Therese Magallanes

    king: I have live in this town all my life Old town: Am i a joke to you?

  • Barbara J.
    Barbara J.

    "what's for dinner???" "we're having -leftovers- chipotle"

  • shrek twin
    shrek twin

    The most scary part is was $150 😂😂

  • Justin Garlinghouse
    Justin Garlinghouse

    Is none going to comment about how he is staying in the same room that once had Jon bon Jovi in it

    • Super Italian Bros. Me
      Super Italian Bros. Me

      Yes. I did

    • Brett Wilson
      Brett Wilson


  • catguy06

    you need to post more i need content to stay alive

  • EXPO

    15:25 king becomes a kid again for 1 second

  • 30_OrMoreFPS ez
    30_OrMoreFPS ez

    literally 2 nights in monte vista is more than my laptop

  • Banana dreams
    Banana dreams

    If you stop perfectly on 19:05 You can see someone said come that’s goofy

  • Josh Hennessy
    Josh Hennessy

    King: gets g7x mark 3 Seconds later... King: I’m returning it Why don’t they work on the bad things

    • Vid

      @jaemin penta no it’s the correct video

    • Noah_Kai 🅥
      Noah_Kai 🅥

      @youdisgustmeandme no it’s the correct video

    • Noah_Kai 🅥
      Noah_Kai 🅥


  • X x Maxab623 x X
    X x Maxab623 x X

    Please make more videos like this please

  • Fernando Afonso
    Fernando Afonso

    13:36 😂😂🤣🤣I laughed so hard

    • Pancake computer
      Pancake computer

      FBI open up

  • scXorce (the commenter)
    scXorce (the commenter)

    I love how he said he wanted to do a collab with the ghost

    • PALI KCI
      PALI KCI

      You have a point lol

    • ThatOneCat :3
      ThatOneCat :3

      You have a statement there 🤣🤣🤣

  • Miles Prower69
    Miles Prower69

    3:18 *Round of Applause from the Sonic fan base*

  • Parker Sycafoose
    Parker Sycafoose

    Was anyone else happy that it was Bon Jovi’s room he was staying in

    • floomy

      i was

    • Paper towel
      Paper towel


    • Movie review
      Movie review


    • Alyson Riley
      Alyson Riley

      @Marisa Eisner m,no,m,m,.

    • The Boondocks Episodes
      The Boondocks Episodes

      @Greg Burke he isnt a grown person

  • Mille Ferri
    Mille Ferri

    Plainrock: hey google, turn off all the lights. headphones users:

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    4:18 alright let’s get in before the drunks come out!

  • kirbmaster

    Me: *peacefully living* a drunk person: *I S T H A T **_S P I D E R M A N_*

    • A Shepherds Girl Creations
      A Shepherds Girl Creations

      This is not relatable

  • killer cartoons productions
    killer cartoons productions

    Doing something else on Halloween be like

  • Jkid832

    Online: you might hear knocking in the closet. King: hears knocking

    • Hongkham Luangrath
      Hongkham Luangrath

      You imposter

  • person from tds
    person from tds

    Let's all just respect the fact that he just debunked thousands of fake 3am challenge videos

  • Dino DuDeGaming
    Dino DuDeGaming

    Plainrock124: OMG 150$ is so much! Nintendo: So u mean 200+$ is not enough?

  • Lisa Weathers
    Lisa Weathers

    the most scary thing was it was 150$ a night God damn it hotel monte vista

  • Pancake

    4:37 fun fact: there’s a Las Vegas wedding place, where they have an Elvis Presley impersonator read out the “you may now kiss the bride” and when me and my family went to America, we went to that place to see my parents get married for the second time, and I was talking about Bon Jovi, and the lady at the desk gave me a replica of his wedding license since he got married there (they also have pictures on the wall behind the front desk of all of the famous people who got married there, which includes Chucky from the movie “The Bride Of Chucky” since the wedding scene was filmed there)

    • MonkeyDude124

      @No Info redditor

    • No Info
      No Info


  • Sarah Johns
    Sarah Johns

    If you don't believe in ghosts Watch Ghost Adventures because there's actually ghost on there in the real at least some of it

  • Funtime seb studios
    Funtime seb studios

    12:19 please tell me I’m not the only one who saw a head

  • Sami Oaissa
    Sami Oaissa

    0:23 imagine if my mom was in the living room at night and I watched this video...

  • Captain_Squeaks

    If I'm ever in Flagstaff I'm gonna stay in that goddamn Robert England room. Freddy Krueger once stayed in there? Of course I want to stay in that room.

  • iSHEEP50XD

    Bruh I was laying in bed and when king yelled to google to turn off the lights my google home mini responded😂

  • •69 years ago
    •69 years ago

    Is anyone not talking about how the thumbnail looks like it's from the 2000?

  • its a me mario
    its a me mario

    hello you are the best youtuber you havent changed one bit and it epic

  • your-new_pointofview

    I remember going to a motel with dis doll in my room so I threw it outside then someone was outside my room staring at me for some reason opened the door threw a Ouija board at me I was. Freaked so I didn't touch it once the man outside stared at me for like 3 minutes I was about to call the police but he threw the doll in to he said "play" so I played with it for an hour but he came back at 3:00 am and said "play" i didn't because its 3:00 so I just went to sleep and nothing else

    • your-new_pointofview

      Play means I played with the ouaji

  • Thinzar 14
    Thinzar 14

    we love for this king

  • Gaming Aidit
    Gaming Aidit

    Even ghost scared of Plainrock

  • Tier Boosted E-Drag
    Tier Boosted E-Drag

    The reason there were 3 knobs is because one was for hot water, the other one was for cold water, and the last one was to activate the shower. I have the same shower in my house

  • NayomiPqstellz

    Me: *watches PlainrockVlogs...* PlainrockVlogs: *kisses a skeleton in front of me...* Me: *gives it a like anyways*

  • Yusef Kassem
    Yusef Kassem

    go to the hotel again and book in room 220 :This bizarre long-term boarder was known by his strange habit of hanging raw meat from the chandelier. In the early 1980’s, the lodger was found in his room three days after his death. Not long after this boarder’s death, a maintenance worker was working on a few repairs. When in need of a new fixture he left the room, turned the lights off, and locked the door. Returning only a few minutes later, he found the television on at full volume and the linens on the bed had been ripped and scattered around the room! Today, it is common for the television to act on its own accord as well as reports of cold male hands touching guests in their sleep.

  • Name Less
    Name Less

    8:17 "wait what are you doing step bro"

    • engineer gaming
      engineer gaming

      Ikr 😂😂😂

  • Hot wheel kid
    Hot wheel kid

    I love your videos

  • UpsBeLikeThe1st

    Ghost be like:Oh shit he finally found out PlainRock:The ghost cant fricking touch me it’s November