Twitter and Sonic Fans don't mix well.

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    • weird ass uploads
      weird ass uploads


    • Deone Jones
      Deone Jones

      no you can't play on an emulator*

    • Joe


    • Le Cat
      Le Cat

      Somehow my Nintendo switch sonic colors wasn’t broken

    • nomaify


  • AmGoose

    My grandpa liked Sonic Colors Ultimate so much, that he started doing funny dances on the floor!

    • Flaminrats

      @CarsonbotBot is ok

    • switchlogo22


    • AjaxBlur

      omgggggggg sameeeeeeeee

    • Amandeep Bhatti
      Amandeep Bhatti

      Hey that happened to everyone I know that got the game funny that they all had epilepsy ironic right

    • Imagin_Savage


  • Skelebone

    "I may have lost a few brain cells reading these tweets." No, that's just Twitter

    • PNG_Gaming 1.3
      PNG_Gaming 1.3


    • Jaxsterminator

      @Kosog0NG IKR what a dumb mindset “every place but IRglo bad”

    • Jaxsterminator

      @Manipulation There are no dumbass Twitter users except Biden and his supporters.

    • Manipulation

      @Jaxsterminator then you are either a certified legend or a certified ‘not affected by any dumbass Twitter users’ er.

    • Jaxsterminator

      @Manipulation Except me.

  • Luigifan8373

    I played ultimate and enjoyed it. (Mainly because it wasn't the Nintendo switch version) but that doesn't mean I'll attack someone for not liking the game and making jokes bout it. They're very funny anyway

    • Ultra Sable
      Ultra Sable

      @Mario & Sonic Plush Studios you are the type of person that makes me hate the sonic fandom

    • the misadventures of the toppat clan the series
      the misadventures of the toppat clan the series

      I like apples

    • Mason

      @Green Sonic The Hedgehog GameGrumps played it and no glitches

    • Green Sonic The Hedgehog
      Green Sonic The Hedgehog

      I have it on switch and I love it I have gotten glitches but then update 1.04 happened and (most) glitches got fixed

    • vishal

      @Mario & Sonic Plush Studios nbnnnñn0n

  • AppleFanBoi

    "I'm pretty sure they didn't put a seizure warning for all the glitches" -Sega as it's finest

    • Laferrari

      @Amogus Xdlol i will👺👺

    • AppleFanBoi

      @Amogus Xdlol 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Amogus Xdlol
      Amogus Xdlol

      Daddy clap me into I’m gasping for air

  • PanekMemes

    Browsing twitter is like going to a zoo. You get to watch all the animals sling poop at each other.

  • Green Sonic The Hedgehog
    Green Sonic The Hedgehog

    And the fact that Sega said blind squirrel is known for “incredible” ports of older games is hilarious

    • Mr x
      Mr x

      That is true it's not hilarious. They made the mass effect port which ran really good on the ps4.They just messed up on this one .

    • PinkKnight

      @Shrek Potato not true it was only the t-pose bug done via yuzu

    • Ahmad zahrani
      Ahmad zahrani

      @Shrek Potato well ain't you an 8k 120 fps picture of idiocy, not my fuckin braincells, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Shrek Potato
      Shrek Potato

      Most of the glitches arent real. They were made by people using an emulator to make the game look bad

    • Pal Haido /DaLemurMan
      Pal Haido /DaLemurMan

      Lol that is hilarious

  • Lilfern710

    Sega really took “the colors feel so right” to literally

    • Lilfern710

      @GisMing lmao

    • GisMing

      They really said "Reach for the Stars"

    • GisMing



      That's actually what I thought when I saw those bugs and glitches.

    • MSX98FMDnB

      Smash Mouth - Stoned

  • Nov 5062
    Nov 5062

    Arin is heartless. He recieved a free ticket to Tokyo by Sega, where they let him sing along with the main Sonic composer Jun Senoue, while also having a duet with the guy who sang the Infinite theme song from Forces all for him to just shut up about Sonic, and he just keep on crapping on the series and its fanbase.

    • Nov 5062
      Nov 5062

      @Tyler that's not true

    • Tyler

      Who cares the games suck and the fanbase sucks and nothing can change that fact

    • Deone Jones
      Deone Jones

      @TheMasonGamer inhumane behavior*

    • Deone Jones
      Deone Jones

      @snowman the next time to man tweets

    • snowman

      @Deone Jones when is the zoo opening again?

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara

    I can’t help but laugh my ass off watching this 😂😂😂

    • Zenthemanchild



    I feel like every version of the switch version Is personalised, In console mode some of the boost animations drop the fps yet in handheld mode this doesn't happen. And it's like everyone comes across different glitches. But I still like it and yes it is quite buggy.


      @DarkCoreX it is a hybrid

    • Crokobos

      Is there a Knuckles Apparition


      @jazen z same here

    • jazen z
      jazen z

      Yeah I got the switch version so far no bugs just some fram drops

    • Dominik Cetl
      Dominik Cetl

      @Shrek Potato no.

  • oof

    Truly is a shame that SEGA can only "make" good Sonic games by recycling old content.

    • MSX98FMDnB


    • 2Qwuik

      @Icee lost world is a good game but this game is a rip off of super Mario I can’t lie, unleashed was hated a lot by reviewers and believe it or not, this would’ve been SEGA’s last time making a sonic game if it failed

    • Icee

      Tbf there are a lot more good sonic games than bad

    • Muffin

      @User 2 maybe

    • User 2
      User 2

      @Muffin yeah that’s true but it’s one of those sonic games that gets sonic haters to shut up

  • Scraps

    I’m a sonic fan and I was dying laughing during this Edit: I know I missed spelled dying mistake on my part here you go correct spelling anyways even I can agree sonic colors ultimate was just for money

    • Bored_ Person
      Bored_ Person

      @Scraps americans don’t know.

    • Scraps

      @Bored_ Person crap

    • Bored_ Person
      Bored_ Person

      @Scraps canadians always know.

    • Scraps

      @Bored_ Person how did you find my plan….

    • Bored_ Person
      Bored_ Person

      @Scraps step 1: go to nintendo fan channel step 2: comment step 3: profit

  • The Egg Paladin
    The Egg Paladin

    "Too lazy to censor the names" I respect you telling others to not attack or hate the people featured but be aware, Sonic fans already know this video is featured and honestly I can't blame em 🤣😂

  • Odzly101

    I'm a long time Sonic fan, and I'll admit, Sega has evolved from a clown to the entire circus. Also Sega, *if you don't want to get clowned on maybe don't release shit ports.

  • Magatsu Synergy
    Magatsu Synergy

    I hope you know a lot of the glitches shown were fake, you could easily put "Nintendo Switch Share" on your Twitter and the glitch that Arin showed was proven false by the tweeter as he was playing on an Emulator. It's too late to do anything now though, the game is already slandered enough. I myself played the game and only had an issue with the audio at one point

    • Staringcorgi6

      Most of them are real except the t pose

    • Radiant Blaze
      Radiant Blaze

      The one showed in the video was proven to be real and so were a vast majority of the glitches shown besides from one person who admitted they were using Yuzu. Still incredibly disagree with what the guy is saying Sonic fans were the ones who brought these glitches to light and are mad at Sega but I guess he thinks we weren't for some reason. We took problems with Arin because playing the worst version of a game to make a game look bad when there are fun versions of the game to play is scummy and is just an easy way for him to get views.

    • YUKI

      Same. I played the PS4 version on the PS5. No bugs whatsoever except one audio bug where the wisp audio wouldn’t play when I used the cube wisp. That’s all.

  • tomdin0

    I really enjoyed this style of video and I would totally recommend you make another like this

  • Bsg1

    Arin is competing with a hurricane and taliban 😳

  • Ziedmac

    It has been literal ages since I have watched plainrock (last time in 2018 I am pretty sure) and I forgot how much I loved this


    Not even a day later, and this video has already aged bad Blind Squirrel made a Tweet saying that they’re going to be fixing all of the bugs in Colors Ultimate, and you can submit all of the bugs you see to them on there Twitter Page. (Btw can you make a Colors Ultimate Bored Smashing video)

    • Lelay Malo
      Lelay Malo

      @mattbunky idk I don’t own the game and don’t have Twitter but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t fix anything

    • The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
      The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

      @🐶 he literally smashed smash bros game so I think he can smash sonic colors

    • mattbunky

      @Lelay Malo didn't they release a patch, and it didn't fix jackshit?

    • Lelay Malo
      Lelay Malo

      That doesn’t particularly mean it as a whole aged bad just some parts but that’s good that they’re gonna fix it

    • 🐶

      thats not a console so i dont tuink he will do it

  • StickMAN Productionz
    StickMAN Productionz

    A Wise Starfish Once Said: "Dumb People Are Blissfully Unaware Of How Dumb They Really Are"

  • Super Mario Manuel [Pac Approved]
    Super Mario Manuel [Pac Approved]

    I just completed the Nintendo Switch version, and the only thing that happened to me were music cut outs, frame drops at least once, and a t-pose Sonic, the seizure glitch and terminal velocity act 2 glitch didn't happen.

  • John

    Plainrock should do commentary so he can go against Bowblax and his Tesla

  • Spark the Snorlax
    Spark the Snorlax

    Come on, how many times do you get to see a light show in a Sonic game?


    Honestly this was a nice rant video I wouldn't mind if you did more

  • Dakruzz

    "Sonic Colors Ultimate" **Comes with free seizures**

    • Rexthedinopup2 : The Sequel
      Rexthedinopup2 : The Sequel

      And the game case just has “EPILEPSY WARNING” written all over it

    • Dakruzz

      @PiranhaLettuce "bright light colors all around"

    • PiranhaLettuce

      "The colors feel so right"

    • Chriz 505
      Chriz 505

      New title for the game: Sonic Colors are too Ultimate because they give you seizures

    • e z
      e z


  • ClassicDieg

    I don’t know why people are having glitches myself I played through the switch version I had no problems besides the asteroid coaster boss where the floor didn’t load well but I just had to restart my game and it’s fixed I kind of wished to got glitches so I could have some laughs Also you should to more of these videos there fun to watch

    • Shrek Potato
      Shrek Potato

      @icecontrol1 I said it first >:( lol

    • icecontrol1

      @Shrek Potato lol no, you need to search it up and see that all of them are real

    • Shrek Potato
      Shrek Potato

      @icecontrol1 search it up and you will see not all of them are real

    • icecontrol1

      @Shrek Potato Lol none of the glitches were made on emulator, everything is real

    • Shrek Potato
      Shrek Potato

      Most of the glitches are fakes made on an emulator by people trying to make the game look bad. But there are a few that are real just not as much as people say

  • GreenMascotKid

    As a sonic fan I literally scoff when I see “logic”made by fanboys

  • LaegerV2

    King is having way too much fun lol

  • Aykes

    this is the first time ive played something before it getting remastered. damn im only 13 but i feel old

    • Mr x
      Mr x

      Keyword "feel"

    • Zenthemanchild

      @Aykes oh I meant to say playing a game that got remastered doesn’t make you old. Miitopia got remastered and it’s only 4 years old.

    • Aykes

      @Zenthemanchild its just an expression, im not going to play the remastered version tho, seems bad

    • Zenthemanchild

      You’re not old. Playing a remastered game doesn’t make you old.

  • PinkPalmTree

    I played the switch version and I'm having a blast. I didn't get any of these crazy visual glitches that people post on twitter. Worst thing I got was a red boost and that's it. Maybe I'm just lucky and I played enough to 100% this shit

  • MaxReallyCool

    Im a big sonic fan, but there’s no excuse for of those bugs

  • Sean Sweet Johnson
    Sean Sweet Johnson

    King is the only people that make me smile when he upload. I'm gonna give him a private jet to Smash it when I grow up

  • Octo

    I'm a sonic fan, and I find this shit fucking hilarious.

    • Mr Sheep
      Mr Sheep

      Same lol

  • Evan The Hedgehog ඞ
    Evan The Hedgehog ඞ

    Not that big of a sonic fan anymore but I found this entertaining

  • MannaFrutti

    The funniest thing you can do is literally making fun of the sonic fans, and I like it. You should do series about it just to piss them off and you’ll get a lot views for sure

  • a random person
    a random person

    Even though I am a huge sonic fan I agree everything he said

    • GisMing

      @a random person they were talking about the shrek guy lol

    • a random person
      a random person

      I respect people who hated sonic

    • a random person
      a random person

      I am not an angry sonic fan

    • GisMing

      Same lol

    • Jaxsterminator

      @Shrek Potato Oh no, the idiocy is spreading...

  • Maffe

    The parappa mention in this made it 100% better

  • John

    Biracial Logic is a Sonic fan?

  • Garv Banerji
    Garv Banerji

    I'm a fan of sonic as a character and in the rare chance sega does make a good game It's always great. I really want them to come back but sega really needs to focus on the quality of their games before release.

    • Shrek Potato
      Shrek Potato

      Most of the glitches are fake. They were made on an emulator to make the game look bad

  • MuayThaiMike

    Honest question: Are Sonic fans out there really defending Sonic '06 even though pretty much everyone agrees is horrible? Are they doing the same with Rise of Lyric?

    • The Minecraft 🌞
      The Minecraft 🌞

      @Shock Value Thats your opinion

    • Shock Value
      Shock Value

      06 was a good game it genuinely wasn’t that glitchy you had to go out of your way to find the glitches except from a few

    • TheOnlyEliLion

      Unfortunately, some are. But most of us all agree that was the reason everybody hates us now

    • The Minecraft 🌞
      The Minecraft 🌞

      A few are but the population of human is over 7 billion so it’s bound to happen I guess. I don’t think any big names have defended it but smaller channels with 1k-10k subs have

  • nywi3

    yeah i agree sega does love to release unfinished games.

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme

    0:00 You know the black hole is powerful when it’s literally destroying the game and the plane of existence at the same time

  • Shogun

    From my experience Sonic colors ultimate was good but in one part of the game it lags ALOT on the PS4 (haven't tried the level yet on PS5 cause I have to play all over again there)

  • Eleazar Carlino
    Eleazar Carlino

    As a laughing fan I found this funny

  • Hassham Rana
    Hassham Rana

    Damn for a first commentary video this is great

  • Yoloboy 265
    Yoloboy 265

    I have the ds version of sonic colours. I remember buying it just to hear a song

  • Son Jojo Dash
    Son Jojo Dash

    I always get excited to read Twitter comments with plainrock.

  • Joker knight 124
    Joker knight 124

    I may be a fan of the Sonic games of old but even this guy has some great points, this was entertaining to watch lol

  • Chris Maverick
    Chris Maverick

    I bet the next video is going to be plainrock vs The sonic fan community.

  • MelodicLemons

    Lol why are you defending arin so hard bruh constantly shitting on something and making it look bad doesn’t make you a fan of it Also i don’t see anyone criticizing only arin and not sega, most of the people you’ve showcased in this video aren’t defending colors ultimate Although i do admit that sega’s at fault for the switch port this time the switch still has shitty hardware lol

    • shankow dankow
      shankow dankow

      @MelodicLemons why are you so gay

    • MelodicLemons

      @CraftyAdrian Hey no problem man lol

    • CraftyAdrian

      Hey man lol thanks for sticking up for me lol

    • Icee

      Keep spitting Melodic

    • MelodicLemons

      @shankow dankow hey shankow🥶🥶🥶

  • Batman lel
    Batman lel

    So pretty much: Sega: Releases an buggy early access games with seizure inducing glitches. Fanboys: Arin: Plans on making a video on it. Fanboys: OH NO YOU FUCKING DON’T.

  • Loli Hunter
    Loli Hunter

    Well i hope sega doesnt fail forspoken couse it looks really promising

    • ironjerm

      thats square enix

  • Justice

    The fact one of them used a screenshot from parappa the rapper to the greed argument made me cringe.

  • Cronky Boi
    Cronky Boi

    As a sonic fan, I can confirm that Sonic deserves to be bullied

  • Sassy Dave
    Sassy Dave

    Twitter reeks. People get so upset over stupid stuff. Love these videos king😂

  • Just James / FDBK IHOP
    Just James / FDBK IHOP

    This is just like the 1st version of the sonic movie 😂😂😂

  • Knuckles _Pie
    Knuckles _Pie

    As a sonic fan i agree with this

  • JustGamercat

    I wanna know how the wisps are gonna be activated on the ps4/ps5 since the only game I know of that lets you use the remote to move something wasn't the best since the remote often would lag and just kinda not do anything

  • ope

    You laughed at the taliban. And I hope he does a live stream on the game.

  • Juan eduardo Zorrilla chavez
    Juan eduardo Zorrilla chavez

    I Like To See King Laugh At Criticism Of The Game

  • Jaime Bautista
    Jaime Bautista

    I like King’s voice when he was ripping on the game, I wanna see him do a let’s play series where he rips jokes on bad games.

  • The cleetus From animal crossing
    The cleetus From animal crossing

    I showed my brother this and he started break dancing on the floor

  • SomaNova

    As a sonic fan, can confirm that we are all morons.

    • Nanda Kishore
      Nanda Kishore

      Yes I am a certified moron lol

    • Dunno

      *communism noises*

    • Phroggius Phrog
      Phroggius Phrog


    • Sonic Turbo
      Sonic Turbo

      Yes agreed.

    • AllenWantsToDie

      @The Hood Miraculous! what are you saying

  • Perverted Gamer
    Perverted Gamer

    I love how IRglors like Plainrock124 demands me to not buy the game, LOL

  • mepr2251

    I really like Sonic games but i would never risk buying Sonic game on realse day

  • Robby Cooper
    Robby Cooper

    Most sonic games are good except shadow, 06, forces, rise of lyric, and colors ultimate and almost all of the handheld games from before sonic advance

  • Arasey

    At least they said that theyll fix it thats great to hear i cant defend sega or blind squirrel here they made a bad remaster and should be called out for it. I have a suggestion tho if you think all sonic games are bad (which you probably dont) i suggest playing sonic generations its a great game and is very fun one of the best if nıt the best sonic game in my opinion

  • weegee888ZEN

    I love sonic and the franchise but I know a bad game when I see one

  • ayo i think your fridge is running go check rq
    ayo i think your fridge is running go check rq

    I can’t wait to see the Twitter commentary channels make videos on this drama

  • 1qgio 🅥
    1qgio 🅥

    Always the best content.

  • Critical Ghost
    Critical Ghost

    this feels like a fever dream

  • yeetypcs

    as a somewhat sonic fan, i’m not a diehard or anything but i actually enjoy when people bash and hate on the games and i do it too

    • Nov 5062
      Nov 5062

      Sounds like masochism

  • ケイコ君 Keiko-kun
    ケイコ君 Keiko-kun

    This is the funniest video ever in his vlog channel.

    • Dunno


  • Pocky Richie
    Pocky Richie

    The aliens aren’t the only reason the game’s called “sonic colors”

  • Hi

    I can see the sonic fans coming to see you when you said sonic colors ultimate is a remake

  • WillowDoesVideos

    i'm just gonna say that generations was the last good sonic game imo

    • Deone Jones
      Deone Jones

      mania *cough cough*

    • Haxorus Smith
      Haxorus Smith

      Your opinion and stuff, but what about Mania?

  • Slowflake

    just saying its EARLY ACCES so bugs are expected. Also playing it on something like ps4 would make for a better more optimized experience. Remember the switch is handheld so it is less pwerful of a console.

  • TrollPolice3

    Me as a sonic fan I agree with everything plainrock says

  • John

    Judging by the Twitter usernames of these people, it seems like they’ve lost brain cells as well


    As a sonic the hedgehog fan, I say that is hilarious watching how sonic fans are furious because of stupid things like this. Also I'm not going to buy this game I'm actually wating for super mokey ball banana mania because I've never liked the original game, well except of the music.

  • Big Guy
    Big Guy

    It’s a damn shame. sonic colors on wii is actually really good, and I was excited for sonic colors deluxe.

    • Shrek Potato
      Shrek Potato

      Dont worry, most of the glitches are fake and were made on an emulator to make the game look bad

  • Hogie

    I love the sonic colours game and I’m not that much of a fanboy and seeing what they have done to it. I can’t believe there still in business

    • Shrek Potato
      Shrek Potato

      It's because most of the glitches are fakes. They were made on an emulator to make the game look bad

  • K noye
    K noye

    I never bought sonic colours ultimate yet because of the glitches so I'm waiting for the normal version to come out than I would buy it because most of the glitches would be patched hopefully.

  • AsaaRi

    The picture with Sonic and a knife to his throat was funny stuff

  • Meme Master M
    Meme Master M

    Great video lmao it’s too funny

  • Doyle 06
    Doyle 06

    I love that one comment saying the Ps4 version is the only one that works, because that version can corrupt your save data

  • #One Gamer
    #One Gamer

    I have the switch version. Most of the glitches are not game breaking, but still quite annoying.

  • The hero of hyrule
    The hero of hyrule

    They did market this game as "sonic colours" and they couldnt have been more accurate

  • Aguyonyoutube

    I think it would be fun for plainrock to livestream himself playing a good sonic game or a bad one but that would be most of them

    • Ninnintender

      @Aguyonyoutube very true, like people still won’t shut up about sonic 06 even though it’s been 15 years.

    • Aguyonyoutube

      @Ninnintender yeah I know but most people see at as if a sonic game is bad time to keep on talking about it and if its good most likely going to ignore also I like sonic

    • Ninnintender

      The amount of good sonic games out ways the bad

  • NickTheDude

    Sonic Colors really brings the color as the title says!

  • Slowflake

    just because the switch had 80 million sales doesn't mean its the most optimized console

  • That Christian Gamer
    That Christian Gamer

    Sonic fans: YOU CAN'T PLAY THAT PORT! SpongeBob BFBB fans: The switch port is inferior but it's still a great game.

  • Eli3278

    my brother was playing the game and he saw the glitch and he thought it was so funny that he fell on the floor and started shaking

  • Keeshan Dave
    Keeshan Dave

    To be honest, if I get the Switch port of Sonic Colors, I'm going to judge it (whether it's buggy or not)

  • Commander Frog
    Commander Frog

    I mean, it certainly can get colourful at times

  • GenjiMain 2.0
    GenjiMain 2.0

    As a Sonic Fan, I'm not even gonna defend it. If they can't accept failure, that's on them.

  • LuccaDoesStuff

    5:00 No, in the Sonic ‘06 review, AVGN read a comment asking him to play the bad Sonic games and he said “What bad Sonic games?”

  • Random Nurd
    Random Nurd

    This will be at most $25 in 2 weeks if it comes out this way.

  • Redstonecrash

    I used to be one and yet found this funny