95% of it is useless obsolete junk. Very luxurious and premium!
My Vintage Mac Collection

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Started to film this video at 3AM (scary I know) when I was sleep deprived. Due to that I misspoke/gave incorrect info several times in this video. Can you find all the mistakes?

    • TheVibingCat54


    • DaGaminChannel

      Laptops are G3

    • Aaron Mejo Mathew
      Aaron Mejo Mathew

      @Tyler Cai iw

    • litevape


    • Golem


  • amelia

    In your new house you should make a “apple room” and a “Nintendo room” and a house tour

    • Adhitthana Gaming
      Adhitthana Gaming

      GOOD IDEA!

    • NikBlox

      His bedroom and office would have like 2 things

    • Juve Matte🦓
      Juve Matte🦓

      That is a very good idea

    • CT vlogs
      CT vlogs


    • Aaron Mejo Mathew
      Aaron Mejo Mathew

      Yes sir yes sir


    That was the most Apple products I’ve seen in somebody’s house and one of the most interesting 31 mins of my life on IRglo

    • Taw meh
      Taw meh

      @Phil L

    • Wooden Train Series: Official
      Wooden Train Series: Official

      I only have 2 windows a windows 10 (mine) and an xp(also mine) and another 10 (not mine my work laptop)

    • Nancy Katumbi
      Nancy Katumbi


    • App Maniac Building
      App Maniac Building


    • TechHaris


  • That girl who drinks Irn-Bru
    That girl who drinks Irn-Bru

    Why did I find this entertaining when the only apple product I can afford is apple juice BARELY 😅

    • Issa vacuums
      Issa vacuums

      @ThatBlueDoggo I'd hate to be annoying but literally no body asked this guy just had a cool idea

    • Takumiたくみ

      @Hedge i can afford mars and neptune

    • Wooden Train Series: Official
      Wooden Train Series: Official

      @Walker afford my ˢᵐᵒˡ iPad mini for terrible iPads!

    • tweeleaf

      @DamiGamerMx-Us bruh

    • You’reWinner420

      @ThatBlueDoggo wait a minute, have you ever even had an Apple product?

  • Dark

    14:35 if you can actually be bothered to open these it likely still actually works, most surplus stores take out the hard drives and the lvds cable that drives the display is a pain yo plug in so most just leave it unplugged and they end up forgetting so they sell for parts for crazy cheap

  • Taurus Space
    Taurus Space

    This man has more apple products in one room than I have ever seen in one apple store

  • Kable10

    This must of been such a pain to put back everything

    • AxelPlayz


    • NevaehPlayzz 10
      NevaehPlayzz 10


    • You’reWinner420

      @ThatBlueDoggo they’re not shitty at first, they get shitty as time passes Edit: your comment aged well, look at the iPhone 13

    • CoolMarioBros


    • It’s Catalyst Reaction and Review
      It’s Catalyst Reaction and Review

      @Cjzjr he also use the bathroom for that skit in his moving on house video

  • Severus Murray
    Severus Murray

    I keep boxes for a few weeks to a year depending on what the expensive object is. I recycle after a while if i dont need it. If i do i have a place where they go. Its crazy how many boxes stack up in just a few years.

  • kantraa

    "I use retro tech that no one uses anymore!" The iPod modding community: *sweats nervously*

    • Ethan

      @kantraa time to blow em up (*scarlet fire plays*)

    • Will J
      Will J

      @kantraa king has too many dirty buds and nuggets

    • kantraa

      @Ethan As usual, they sound like kids precussion.

    • Ethan

      Dankpods: *runs away*

  • chipotleman

    You're just like me. I have a ton of this stuff as well. People thought I was crazy but no, it just happened over time.

  • Gabriel rosales
    Gabriel rosales

    I never knew that Apple had much stuff

    • Alt • F4
      Alt • F4

      Well, now you do. (Lol not even me)

    • Eldar


    • Anomaly Breach
      Anomaly Breach

      Ya me too

    • Steve Calvin
      Steve Calvin

      Ya me too

    • AxolotlOtterBoy

      Ya me too

  • Psivewri

    I'd hate to think how much stuff I could cram in my bathroom 😅

    • Shadow gaming
      Shadow gaming

      I am the 900th to like 🌚🌝

    • Wooden Train Series: Official
      Wooden Train Series: Official

      Why ya here restoration guy?

    • Ya' Know What?!
      Ya' Know What?!

      I’ll give you 100 bucks for all those computers

    • Ginger Dahlgren
      Ginger Dahlgren


    • DJ JeetGamer
      DJ JeetGamer

      Why are you here?

  • DeltaCypher

    Plain rock: I think it’s the largest capacity Dankpods: allow me to introduce myself

    • DaimianVids

      A brand new nugg.

    • A Man Online
      A Man Online

      Two terry-bites

    • DaimianVids

      You know dankpods?

    • Luka

      Yeah BAHAHAH💀

  • WildF1reFan

    The fact that King has all this Apple stuff and doesn’t flex it is amazing.

  • Patrick Mukiibi
    Patrick Mukiibi

    Imagine how much stuff he'll have in 10 years

  • H1ghk1d

    Legend still has it that he is still cleaning up the products

  • Caleb Wen
    Caleb Wen

    Fun game: take a shot every time he says *“collectors item”*

    • Jatin Inti
      Jatin Inti

      I think I’m addicted to alcohol now 😩

    • Fro_szn _
      Fro_szn _

      I’m drunk

    • Bugoof

      @radishify woah man I just tried to make a haha funny man not cool

    • SternyWasTaken

      Rsfujjuujghbuhkiirs am drank nr

    • blocks

      *No thanks, I choose life.*

  • FireFox Gamer
    FireFox Gamer

    they shouldve made more routers so all of us could live in a private world if they made more routers users could customize the router its would be made from aluminum, similar to the mac mini

  • Merie

    Plainrock:"Carefully" Plainrock: *THROW STUFF RANDOMLY*

  • Jayden's channel
    Jayden's channel

    He forgot the mini displayport to dvi adapter. I have one of my own and it was designed by Apple so it should count

  • Mohamed E
    Mohamed E

    He has more apple stuff than all of the electronics in my house lol

  • jack lynch
    jack lynch

    just imagine he was getting his stuff taken as a kid by his mom mom:GIVE ME YOUR PHONE AND COMPUTER king: which ones? mom:WDYM WHICH ONES king: you might wanna take a look.. LIKE HE MUST HAVE SO MANY BACK UP OR SECRET PHONES HIDDEN

    • you just got beaned 2
      you just got beaned 2


    • KaashCarti

      cringe pfp

  • Rachel Dama
    Rachel Dama

    It’s all fun and games until the face on the monitor comes to life

  • cuda 74
    cuda 74

    This calls for a “my vintage Mac” reboot

  • ItsKevin

    Can’t imagine how hard it was to untangle those cords

  • daehkcarC

    “Apple Obsessed”. Steve Jobs might be smiling down at him.

    • Kamden

      I am apple obsessed all I have a iPhone SE 2020 and iPad 5th generation and a iPad mini iPad 1 and iPad 4

    • belki geri dönebilir
      belki geri dönebilir

      Steve is happy and sad sometimes king destroys some apple products

    • Mystic Magical
      Mystic Magical


    • Mystic Magical
      Mystic Magical

      @miaki ikazu it would ne funny if he was tgo

    • miaki ikazu
      miaki ikazu

      M I G H T

  • KuribohTheShadox

    Why do I love watching this specific video over and over

  • MeGa N00B
    MeGa N00B

    "this thing could explode of what i did to it" Plainrock124 again: *throws the ipod to pure darkness*

  • green_squid

    Imagine how long it took him to take all that out just to pee or poop or shower💀

  • Chorn Boy Productions
    Chorn Boy Productions

    I wish I had that big of an Apple collection. Looking at Macs warms my heart. Thanks for this video. ❤️

  • Kila Losauraus
    Kila Losauraus

    50% Nintendo 40% Apple 10% Virgin 😎

    • Haz wizZRblx
      Haz wizZRblx

      @copper tom.1%

    • copper tom
      copper tom

      @Haz wizZRblx no 0% Android

    • Ashton1025

      10% Furniture

    • Bello From Jelly Jamm
      Bello From Jelly Jamm

      ... 😭

    • hydro73 _
      hydro73 _

      @Itz_JustEpixy he doesnt even own a playstation

  • Dark

    12:38 the recall is still actually running. Idk how exactly you go around doing it but if you contact apple they will swap it for a 7th gen nano afaik.

  • Colling

    I wonder how long it took him to put all the stuff back from both videos

  • Thegorillamanguydude

    He always manages to smash something in his video lol

  • Hectorwastaken_

    When he opened his closet and had the 3 computer things I thought they were vacuumes😂😂

    • Jaden Butanas
      Jaden Butanas

      @Pikachu huh cool

    • Pikachu

      @Jaden Butanas grandmas?

    • Jaden Butanas
      Jaden Butanas

      Who has 3 vacuums lol

  • The Dab King
    The Dab King

    You have to appreciate this man’s commitment to everything he does for video, just to entertain us!

    • JellyFloe

      You have to appreciate this man’s commitment to everything he does for video, just to make money!

    • u/milkywaydoge

      @Niralok Yes he does

    • Ian L
      Ian L

      Clearly you have not watched a single episode of the very popular Anime Scott The Woz

    • [Crandy] Germ
      [Crandy] Germ

      @Toad Eat Sock d

    • Nyamadoki

      Can i now have an iphone 5 box

  • Harrybo Games
    Harrybo Games

    How do you have so many powemacs ! I’ve been trying to get hold of one for months

    • Tom - Cartoon
      Tom - Cartoon

      You can get them on eBay

  • Emad Hamid
    Emad Hamid

    He could feed half of my village for 7 days with amount gained from selling these products

  • EpicGamerAlert

    I also have the emac and it works perfect with a stand and everything

  • help me reach 12k subscribers with only one video
    help me reach 12k subscribers with only one video

    “And not upgrading anytime soon” Apple: “This is the new iPad Pro 5 with a m1 processor!” King after this video: I’m upgrading to the iPad Pro 5 bye iPad Pro 3

  • Mewshaii

    This is really making me want to start collecting vintage apple tech 😂

  • Sean Madison
    Sean Madison

    imagine someone robbing his house..

    • Justin Whello
      Justin Whello

      imagine the guy who came to rob it would find apple products and he’d be like ew apple stuff, android and windows are better and just walks out

    • ジョン

      Oh sh!t

  • Plainrock 124 Fan
    Plainrock 124 Fan

    Love it you have so much cool stuff

  • Nasser DIY qtr DNY
    Nasser DIY qtr DNY

    I love your ancient things I found all of them and eBay know I paid $5000 for all of the Apple ancient things


    Lian looks like he just recently robbed all the apple stores😂

  • Alex?

    “Man I miss this easy one handed use” iPhone 12 Mini: Am I a joke to you?

    • Alex?

      @Goose it’s only on pc, sadly

    • Goose

      @Alex? on console?

    • Alex?

      @Goose it’s from the game OneShot, i highly recommended checking it out!

    • Goose

      Whats that pfp from.

    • axosculk

      @uan the phone itself is bigger than the mini, but the screen of the mini is bigger that just proves how big the bezels on the 2nd se is

  • IdontknowDOT EXE
    IdontknowDOT EXE

    Apple: So how many of our products do you want? King: y e s

  • mirrorcuve5

    when he where showing the phones and iPad etc i got really anxious about him dropping them

  • Eduard Dobroiu
    Eduard Dobroiu

    Ah yes, "Designed in Apple by California". 🙌🏻

  • Sypheur27

    When you showed the apple memory cards, I immediately thought of apple making old PlayStation/GameCube memory cards

  • Paradox1

    Let’s just appreciate how he’s holding this with one hand

    • Justsomecodplayerhere

      @Paradox1 ikr?

    • Paradox1

      @sawk he is holding everything with one hand because he is holding the camera with his other hand

    • sawk

      Bruh we don't know when you're talking about

  • ZomZikzT - Twitch
    ZomZikzT - Twitch

    Macklemore: I love the thrift shop. Plainrock124: *am I joke to you?*


    he could go get everything that’s broken to go get fixed and it would all be worth more

  • ShynZZ PH
    ShynZZ PH

    Vintage museum of Apple products if i can guess all this must worth maybe around 5000 dollars or less

  • Bros Got Games
    Bros Got Games

    He must have the best Goodwills and thrift stores in his area

  • Naomi Andrew
    Naomi Andrew

    “It could explode” *throws it aggressively on to the floor* 💀

    • Wooosh Farmer
      Wooosh Farmer

      @CheeseyOutAnimations Nah, this is my first 2 months with yo momma

    • CheeseyOutAnimations

      @Wooosh Farmer is this your first 2 months on the internet?

    • axosculk


    • InHex


    • Wooosh Farmer
      Wooosh Farmer

      Yes, thank you for just quoting and stating something from the video and nothing else, it contributes a lot, as you can tell

  • Hiojios

    "I used so much bleach that I almost passed out several times" in a mumbled voice.

  • macrafter123

    The next video you should have done is "how much stuff do i own" where you took EVERYTHING out of your rooms and put them in the bathroom

  • Adham Ahmed
    Adham Ahmed

    You should make a room in your house dedicated to Apple products like a Museum like if you agree

  • shurɪken

    When he threw the AirPods boxes one of them was still sealed…

  • R.I.P Windows XP
    R.I.P Windows XP

    imagine him putting everything on the sink and "accidentally" turn on the faucet...

    • Sau Wan Auyeung
      Sau Wan Auyeung


    • axosculk

      o_o that would be BAD

    • eeveemaster221

      @BlueBerryGamer2008 no thats not it search it up

    • eeveemaster221

      @Sphinxity Lol it would just give them water damage

    • Sphinxity Lol
      Sphinxity Lol

      @BlueBerryGamer2008 no it will fry not explode it doesnt put out ebough electricity

  • Scott Man Fun From Vimeo
    Scott Man Fun From Vimeo

    Honestly, having that much stuff in my house would drive me bats. I have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro. That’s it.

    • Justsomecodplayerhere

      @ThePurpleFox shut up kid

    • ThePurpleFox

      wait you are rich enough to even own apple products? H O L Y F U C K F L E X

  • Jotaro Kujo does anims
    Jotaro Kujo does anims

    I didn't know you could own more then 4 apple products 😅

  • Elpear

    Just imagine if the recording failed to save and he had to record this all over again

  • U563 Rick
    U563 Rick

    5 minutes into the video still trying to figure out why he’s stacking everything in the bathroom 🚽

  • Kepe

    I just like how he can remember where and how much he got all this stuff for.

  • Angy D
    Angy D

    didnt even know apple made that much stuff

  • Joshua Richardz
    Joshua Richardz

    You could end the chip shortage rn if you sent all this back to apple for recycling

  • yasasvi burlagadda
    yasasvi burlagadda

    apple: oh lets release 10 macs and iphones at one time to make this youtuber broke Plainrock: oh...then, I will sell the apple lisa


    How hard it would be to put those apple products back in their place

  • Mr Light 265
    Mr Light 265

    "I would say my personality is 50% Nintendo, 40% Apple, and 10% who cares." - Plainrock124 (King Liang)

    • Mr Light 265
      Mr Light 265

      @Lewis Yan Cen Goh right my mistake

  • Gabe Kadanza
    Gabe Kadanza

    I wish my goodwills had apple products lol

  • TheAFKAxolotl

    King in the 2020 house tour:the bedroom is the least intense Also king in this video: the bedroom is intense

  • HashBrownsOnAMat

    I think he took an apple a day keeps the doctor away to seriously

  • Galaxy

    When you realize you gotta move it all back.

    • Alienboi2005 fan
      Alienboi2005 fan

      He did it because he was moving out at the time

  • maximized

    Damn imagine how empty his room is without Apple and Nintendo products

    • Hania Azhar
      Hania Azhar

      furniture i guess

  • Vincent DelGardo
    Vincent DelGardo

    White: (exists) Apple: M I N E

  • TheAlfalfa

    Speaking of apple products, my brother got mad at me for moving his macbook like the macbook is a computer tower that isn’t supposed to be unplugged thats why it is portable

    • Only For Gamers
      Only For Gamers

      Moving it is fine lol he has anger issues

  • °Cloudy°

    I am just like this dude I have so many apple products but let’s consider how hard this was to put back

  • abdul khaliq Mehdi
    abdul khaliq Mehdi

    i wish i had everything you have but they worked!

  • MH2O_FTW

    When you realize that he has probably spent thousands and thousands of dollars on these Apple products.

    • Quirble

      @Darth Yoda ohh, i think i know why theres confusion, so the original comment poster said that plainrock spent "thousands and thousands" and i thought they meant that king had spent much more.

    • Darth Yoda
      Darth Yoda

      @millie oops it was an accident,i try to make all of my comments gender neutral but i slipped up

    • millie

      @Darth Yoda gender assumption

    • Darth Yoda
      Darth Yoda

      @Quirble yes but read your previous comment,most things where above 200 yet alone 100

    • Quirble

      @Darth Yoda ive watched all of his apple collection vlogs. no need to tell me to watch the video lmao

  • Stupid Meme Kid
    Stupid Meme Kid

    I like how King says “bejroom” instead of bedroom

  • James J
    James J

    Later on, Plainrock124 will be the legendary Apple Collector

  • Bedrock Breaker
    Bedrock Breaker

    Anything he bought recently: *puts down gently* Anything thats over a month old: *YEET*

  • b0jka7a

    well im sure that the magic about the magic mouse is that you hav to charge it from upside down and just have to wait untill it charges because you cant use it apple be like

  • ZigZagMiner

    "Discs are fragile." **proceeds to throw discs**

  • JC Tabing
    JC Tabing

    I wanna get some of your Apple products kind of.

  • Hehe__

    That's probably almost all the Apple products image how much that can cost

  • Umer Usman
    Umer Usman

    Imagine he forgot to take out the stuff from the sink and turns it on

  • BondiPixelz

    since he made this video while ppl are sleeping I feel like his family is used to these sounds but they are still awake lol

  • sans.

    27:41 My favorite part lol

  • tien c'est windows xp ah non c'est le pro du mac!
    tien c'est windows xp ah non c'est le pro du mac!

    You've got nice collection here

  • LiftSurfer52

    Hey, King Liang. What is your favourite apple product that you ever collected in your life?

  • jbob

    Imagine he took a bath and forgotten the apple products were there and than broke everything

  • SmartKraig

    Do you sell some of the stuffs or give them out


    U have the coolest collection I have ever seen Me seeing the collection 😮😯

  • CoolClips

    ‘I ask if I can keep the box.” Same here buddy

  • Booms Vault
    Booms Vault

    Most of these apple things I didn’t even know existed

  • __sxmxeh_

    By seeing this apple should sponsor him 😂

  • Huski_fan

    The oldest Apple mice looks kinda sus 😳