Me get PS5 and Xbox Series X with only my big brain, wits, and girlfriend-less life.
Bored Smashing - XBOX SERIES X
Bored Smashing - PS5

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Gamestop gud. There, I said it. Now back to playing the PS5 demo game. BLACK FRIDAY 2020

    • Sauvignon blanc
      Sauvignon blanc


    • pur pur chanel skeets brother
      pur pur chanel skeets brother


    • SF squid0102
      SF squid0102


    • Sunshine_bypolar


    • Alexgames


  • abduallah aldabibi
    abduallah aldabibi

    the guy who got him food is the nicest person like that was heart warming gamer moments :(

    • Reylli baseball
      Reylli baseball

      God bless him and u all

    • Hudson Crockett
      Hudson Crockett

      @Ishan Pahwa I agree

    • Bonko

      indeed that was a gamer moment

    • Toxic

      @Zank84 shut up these comments are corny 😂😂

    • SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter
      SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter

      Gamer. Together. strong

  • a_shr3xydud 2
    a_shr3xydud 2

    "unlike his twin brother who died in a tragic accident" took me a good 7 seconds to realise he was talking about the PS5

    • Clarke Gregory
      Clarke Gregory


    • Danny Measho
      Danny Measho

      @SpiderManPlayz what did he say

    • vigirousgrub420


    • SpiderManPlayz

      He responded to me on twitter on dms he responded

    • e e
      e e

      Took me until I saw this comment

  • jose salazar
    jose salazar

    Hilarious ! 😂 can’t wait for part 2 to be continued

  • Train Man
    Train Man

    Wii: Ok guys, we need this console to be as small and nice fitting as possible PS5: Let's make this console look so weird and big to appeal to gamers!

    • Rocky?!

      And call it for airflow purposes

  • Butter Dog
    Butter Dog

    The next gen consoles are the only thing keeping GameStop alive now

    • Buju

      Oo ok

    • Linus Mech Tips
      Linus Mech Tips

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all Plainrock has good content. You had shit content. I agree with the Yaccine does shit channel. You do shit.

    • Linus Mech Tips
      Linus Mech Tips

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all Get a 4th grade grammar book mate. You need one. Also stop self promoting it’s annoying. You shouldn’t even be on IRglo. Delete your account and go to IRglo kids.

    • SpinosaurusStudios

      Nah, its the funkopops and disc versions of games that are.

    • creeperbro😐👌


  • Infinit Void
    Infinit Void

    The guy that played among us and got breakfast for you was a 👑

    • Epic Drifter
      Epic Drifter

      We need more pepole like this.

  • Kenji Ruedas
    Kenji Ruedas

    Let's thank him for doing his best to get the consoles to make the videos for us ☺️☺️

  • Ciaran Curley
    Ciaran Curley

    I preordered the ps5 back when they where first available and I didn’t have a problem. I got all the accessories too and it arrived on release date with the accessories arriving a week prior!

  • Anonymous

    Me: Laughing in realisation that I will get this console 15 years later when prices drop a little, cause idk how to play new games.

    • Shan!

      I’m laughing with you, I just bought the PS4 like... last week.

  • Jeremy

    If it will happen, Imagine him trying him to get the Switch Pro.

  • Dee gamer.150
    Dee gamer.150

    Everyone:I cant wait to bring this home and set it up plainrock:waits hours to get it and then smashes it

  • GavinIsBack

    This reminds me of my experience when I tried to get the Nintendo Switch.

  • Kaswar proya
    Kaswar proya

    I got a ps5 and was so excited I even bought ps plus for year I downloaded games and I was about to play when the ps5 kept shutting off whenever I would start a game and I kept and kept trying to make it work but it kept shutting off I even saw videos on how to fix it but it still didn't work so I returned it in disappointment and got a full refund.

  • TigsGotScrum999

    Wow imagine getting a next gen console for its ORIGINAL PRICE

    • YacineYouTuber isn't a retard at all
      YacineYouTuber isn't a retard at all

      @ksks, okay, I will stop.

    • Nightbot Nightbot
      Nightbot Nightbot

      Walmart Wednesday 25th at 9pm eastern time you need to be fast!!!!

    • Syptic

      *can't relate*

    • Great Pants
      Great Pants

      Ehhh just wait for the ps5 pro its coming in 2023

    • CreeperDudeBro

      Wait until early 2021 to guarantee a launch price in-stock lol At launch, it's a pain in the ass.

  • SmashFan2018

    Who knew these consoles are so rare to get in stores or even online

  • Ivan Ichianus
    Ivan Ichianus

    Damn this guy is dropping 500 bucks left and right like it’s nothing That IRglo/Stream donation money

    • Watcharee Stacey
      Watcharee Stacey

      @Sudoku Yeah but people decided to watch him People the opposite of you

    • Pyro Hunter
      Pyro Hunter

      Just because you can’t get the consoles doesn’t mean you can bitch about him destroying them

    • Pyro Hunter
      Pyro Hunter

      I love seeing people bitch over what he chooses to do

    • Ignited Developers
      Ignited Developers

      The Xbox Series S was like 300 dollars so he didn't just do 500 dollars

    • Cheese balls
      Cheese balls

      @mr Jones: wait when? *DID I ASK*

  • Mint City
    Mint City

    The amount of pain I felt once I discovered he is buying all of these consoles to destroy them...

  • thesorcererspider

    King 7 months ago: If a sequel for that game comes out on the PS5, I'm buying a PS5. King now: --has a ps5--

  • John Is Wak
    John Is Wak


    • Lewis Navarrete
      Lewis Navarrete

      @Danielmedia laughing in more in savings

    • Maid 1
      Maid 1

      @Arda Murat Since the lira is dieing it will be hard to get one

    • WeAreVenom

      @Ly Ngoc Hue :(

    • Alexander

      Oh wow dam.

    • Lil ncb
      Lil ncb

      @Alexander he gets money from doing this because he gets hella views from this

  • August Forster
    August Forster

    I cant believe how much plainrock suffered just to give us content-- for free!

  • hikaru.station

    the guy in line King made friends with is actually really kind i havent seen or heard about someone like that in a while

  • Beanrock124

    When Plainrock124 uploads a new video, it feels like Christmas Day.

    • Amar Osmanagić
      Amar Osmanagić


  • SourStrawberrys

    I can't wait to purchase my disc version PS5 next year. I don't think either console is worth $500, expecially when there is currently only a handful of ps5 titles even available. Sure they are probally pretty good games. But they are titles I would not even buy (at least not at full retail price) if they were PS4 games. I would just be buying then because they are the only one currently out.

  • Moviebuff Shatto
    Moviebuff Shatto

    He Went through all of this so he could Smash The Most Valuable Consoles of the Decade I’m not Mad I just think it’s funny

  • Gillybabi

    I can’t get mad at this guy. He earned it fair and square

  • Boof

    Is everyone just going to ignore how that one guy won a 1 v 3

    • DaCringeyBoi Channel
      DaCringeyBoi Channel

      I believe the fight was real but the footage was just fight stock video

    • the skate board sqaud
      the skate board sqaud

      @ツTurtle lol

    • the skate board sqaud
      the skate board sqaud

      @Влад Кузьмин NO

    • ツTurtle

      @Влад Кузьмин no

    • Влад Кузьмин
      Влад Кузьмин

      Was that a real fight

  • Great Pants
    Great Pants

    4:58 that looks like its from a movie especially the knife dodging scene


      @Kirtan Patel Thats part was the only reason I clicked on this video.

    • Kirtan Patel
      Kirtan Patel

      A stock video

  • ShUwU

    never fail to disappoint sir plainrock

  • mike_04 000
    mike_04 000

    This man really went all threw that just to get two consoles to destroy.

  • AlphaPro89

    plainrock124: i wanna see if there's anyone as crazy as me to go out in this freezing weather my friends: *laughs in canadian*

    • Destructor

      Me:*dying in russia*

  • ItSaBeast Gaming
    ItSaBeast Gaming

    This is the visual version of preordering a next gen console

  • Ly Ngoc Hue
    Ly Ngoc Hue

    the guy who got him food is the nicest person like that was heart warming gamer moments :(

  • SoMeisterFan Vlogs
    SoMeisterFan Vlogs

    That sometimes stinks ever a new console or something very new releases, it’s most of the time sold out

  • Wasthomashere

    The literal hot trend right now is speedrunning on getting next gen consoles, if it wasn't for bots and scammers.

  • littlejoetejano

    When he said, "I called the 2 game stops in town".....I lost it. 🤣😅

  • MisterManSandy

    Just Imagine That You Being That One Guy Who Waited Hours And When You Finally Get There Only For You Too Realized That You Forgot Your Wallet

    • Roblox Explits
      Roblox Explits

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all wtf is staff then

    • Lazar Stankovic
      Lazar Stankovic

      @Weird Dogs He Watched National Treasure

    • Pepper -Sama
      Pepper -Sama

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all you shouldn’t even be allowed on IRglo to begin with

    • YacineYouTuber isn't a retard at all
      YacineYouTuber isn't a retard at all

      @Kimbrezen, it's a IRglo career. But if you don't know what it is, kindly consider finding out what it is, 'cuz I don't know either.

    • Sandro

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all no

  • arramoos

    I like how he was able to to cop all of them lmao

  • Majimo 2202I
    Majimo 2202I

    I like that he had 4 consoles to destroy and one to keep

  • Gerald Bemanaro
    Gerald Bemanaro

    Honestly I’m happy that you got every console but I was pissed when I saw you smashed the Series X.

  • macaroniandgamer

    Even though you broke the Xbox, I still have respect for you.

    • macaroniandgamer

      And no, just because there's a child profile, that doesn't mean I'm a child.

  • NX Adrian
    NX Adrian

    Plainrock. U really became my favourite youtuber from 2019. Im not regreting watching your videos. Good job working on all of them!

    • Rain Justin Victorino
      Rain Justin Victorino

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all you are just self promoting and you think its good even tho you asked them if what is their opinions on it,get a life.

    • carlosca

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all it's bad

    • YacineYouTuber isn't a retard at all
      YacineYouTuber isn't a retard at all

      @anamnesis, it was.

    • anamnesis

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all It wasn't good

  • Unknown user
    Unknown user

    11:55 Plainrock:Go go go complete the mission Ps5:out of stock Plainrock's heart : mission failed we'll get em the next time

  • Doug Dimmadome pog
    Doug Dimmadome pog

    These videos make me jealous lol I wish I could have a ps5

  • TrickcoGaming

    Wow I didn't think you had a big YT channel! Glad to help you with getting you the ps5. Kind of surprised you didn't understand the ticket thing tho.

  • Chocolate Rulez1
    Chocolate Rulez1

    For me it was hard as well it took me 2 months of trying and I finally got my 2 console and now I can rest

  • The Hockey Bros
    The Hockey Bros

    What website do you use for preordering?

  • PhoneTech313

    The gamestop in my town had Xbox consoles for a few hours, anyone could walk in and get one.. The Ps5 however was sold out immediately

  • Trucha Foo
    Trucha Foo

    I just can’t, both consoles are just beautiful

  • Greg The Chad
    Greg The Chad

    we gonna talk about this man spending this much in such little time?


    that's is next level virgin... as plainrock should be

    • PlatinumRex

      *virginity is cool, remain pure.*

    • Spader Min
      Spader Min

      Virgin shield ACTIVATED!

    • Nibba X
      Nibba X

      Plainrock has a excuse for being a virgin

    • maimaii

      @Chris Ng LMAOOOO

    • Jackie Parker
      Jackie Parker

      @Maclunky you understand the joke right???

  • PelezBigBrain Fortnite and stuff
    PelezBigBrain Fortnite and stuff

    Bruuuh yea the PS5 demo is SOOOO fun to play, recommended when getting a PS5

  • A.i Isaac
    A.i Isaac

    My guy spent over $3000 for three ps5’s and two Xbox’s just for us... thanks king for giving us content and wasting your money 😁

    • gg2log

      he gains more ;)

  • David Flores
    David Flores

    I'm actually surprised that the digital edition sells out faster ngl

  • Conga

    4:33 the most wholesome moment

  • zux128

    I appreciate your effort for getting the consoles.

  • Technical Vishnu
    Technical Vishnu

    People: Fighting to get PS5 Me: Saving Up for My Meal

  • Heather Violet Noble
    Heather Violet Noble

    I'm more of a handheld gamer...😂 But I rarely play on my TV cause of how not 4k it is...😐 Lmao

  • ImMarco

    Plainrock: I’m kind of a PlayStation fanboy $50 giant yoshi plush: Am I a joke to you?

  • Diecast Bros
    Diecast Bros

    I love you plain rock your videos are so awesome

  • SyLow

    I wonder if hes gonna do a black friday vid this year if not imma binge watch all his older ones whos with me Thx for the 14 likes most ive ever gotten

    • JacoBuff

      @YacineIRglor isn't a retard at all kk

  • spygamingpro323

    Im gonna buy the next gen console after the PS5 (probably in 8 years lol)

  • V1N23

    My dad got one at Best Buy he was like “ hey guess what...... I GOT THE XBOX! “

  • UnusuallyAsian

    He went from tamagotchi to $20-$100 tech like laptops and phones, to a car and $500 next gen consoles that just came out

  • Elixer

    I like the voice overs can you do more please

  • LoserLeeAna

    So sweet of the GameStop person to buy you breakfast! 🥺

    • Fierce Chris Griffin Gaming
      Fierce Chris Griffin Gaming

      @Cristiano wtf did u add so many parentheses

    • Cristiano

      Aww thats true sooooooooo true :))))))

  • Michael of Random
    Michael of Random

    I'm probably gonna have to wait 2 whole years until I get a PS5. Lol

    • Mrbaba

      Best of luck my guy

  • LambTDM

    Plainrock124 'I got two game and watches, one to keep as a clock, and one to either destroy or keep in its box' Me 'DESTROY IT'

  • Moople

    The fact that these things are so rare and expensive it’s kind of funny

  • Vlog GamingMaster
    Vlog GamingMaster

    He FINALLY mentions a pinch of Mario’s 35th anniversary

    • Ethan

      @MemeMan9076 Cool

    • Vlog GamingMaster
      Vlog GamingMaster


    • MemeMan9076

      @Ethan WRONG! In the new vlog about more expensive mistakes he talk about his reget of buying the mario 3d all star collection

    • Ethan


  • Louis Czar
    Louis Czar

    when a random guy next to you get's you lunch. Me on the other hand, I almost got beat up while walking away with a ps5... LA sucks

    • *inaudible screaming*
      *inaudible screaming*


    • Camera king 124
      Camera king 124

      Be carful with ps5 and life

  • Otto

    imagine having enough money to worry about these things...I can't

  • joco

    5:06 me when my gun runs out of ammo in cs go

  • Michael Shelton
    Michael Shelton

    You should play breath of the wild, it is a great game, the graphics storyline and music are really cool and it would make for a good series for your channel.

  • Quirky Master
    Quirky Master

    "If you can't tell, im a little bit of a Playstation fanboy" No. I can't, not at all. Like no possible way

  • soy edits
    soy edits

    2:44 king: acts like nothing happened me: nice edit

  • Enderdragon Tech
    Enderdragon Tech

    Wow great job plainrock i like your videos👍🏻

  • Kareem Badr
    Kareem Badr

    I have realized that he bought a ps5 to destroy and another ps5 to play on it.

  • Shadynut

    Plainrock: I'm kind of a Playstation fanboy. Also plainrock: Played only one game on the PS5 which was the built in one

  • Lillievee

    notice how both the xbox's were a nightmare to pre order

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez

    The best time of the year to work in customer service

  • S-B

    My experience, didn't want it, Googled the Xbox launch out of curiosity whilst making coffee before work. This coincidentally happened to be a few minutes before launch, clicked on link (currys) and waited literally another few minutes. Put £5 down deposits, done.

  • Sonny Fradley
    Sonny Fradley

    Who is wondering how all of a sudden he has got loads of money to waste 😂

  • Marcus Zuniga
    Marcus Zuniga

    I hope there's a Christmas sale on all the nex gen consoles hahah

  • Doodlebob

    Whoever gave him Wendy’s is a very nice person

  • Fire Ninja Kai
    Fire Ninja Kai

    2:44 did anybody notice that the cars were going backwards not forwards?

  • Bruh

    He is the luckiest person with pre orders

    • Eezee 123
      Eezee 123

      And just to destroy the consoles 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Daniel

    He actually has a list of the console one for video and one for playing

  • Ivailo Valevski
    Ivailo Valevski

    Maybe the real ps5 was the friends we made along the way

  • AndyFastPlayer

    I just imagine the kids coming in saying "WHY U BREAK PS5 THAT IS COST LOT!!!" But i just enjoy your videos because they make me laugh and they are actually well made. Hope you have a good day Plainrock! :)

    • AndyFastPlayer

      @Clone Solar Uuuuh okay

    • Clone Solar
      Clone Solar

      @AndyFastPlayer Look kid, Roblox is for MONEY. They don't care. They're EA 3.0

    • Osmanlı Ali
      Osmanlı Ali

      I like bloxburg bobux

    • Ash Price
      Ash Price

      @Granter same, im trash at phantom forces but i like to play arsenal from time to time, im a tiny bit average at that game i like to play dinosaur world and play as a mapusaurus and play WWII games every now and then like eastern front

    • Granter

      @AndyFastPlayer Yep, Im 14 and I’m still roblox game that are more adult like Phantom force and Arsenal. ( Yes, I hate adopt me)

  • 1# kazuha wanter
    1# kazuha wanter

    so let me get this straight. he got TWO xbox series s's and TWO xbox series x's and TWO playstation 5's????????? thats like 2600 dollars holy shit

  • orochii

    me watching this video while kohls cancels my ps5 order: 👁👄👁

    • Optimal gameplay
      Optimal gameplay


  • HowSL

    i think i know who would buy all the new Nintendos(if there is)

  • Vegeta

    I felt bad for the second ps5 Cuz ur torturing it by putting it in such a narrow area! It will be heated to death, and he is saying he will not destroy it 😂

  • Elysian

    Cool... wish the uk had gamestop, maybe I would actually have my series x by now lol. Eh I dont mind waiting tbh

    • BoxBoy7999

      game -stop-

  • nayobtw

    This was an amazing video 💫

  • Conner_67

    i thought king got his second ps5 from the trash mail man (i kid i kid 😂😂)

  • Kyle McCann
    Kyle McCann

    Kings wallet: Please stop I'm begging you King: Shut up its for a good cause

  • Mr chet
    Mr chet

    Mom:Go hangout with the neighbors kids. The neighbors kids: 4:58

  • The Gaming Canadian
    The Gaming Canadian

    i love watching plainrock124 videos but every time i watch this channel i want to start getting ad revenue more and more... GAV mE MoNeY