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    Merry Christmas! Remember, shoplifting is bad. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7452803/Mom-Ryan-Kaji-star-Ryan-ToysReview-jailed-shoplifting.html

    • Seven7 1987
      Seven7 1987

      How old are you?

    • Emrije Agai-Lochi
      Emrije Agai-Lochi


    • Doge


    • Slid Z
      Slid Z


    • XPs Arcade
      XPs Arcade

      Merry Christmas!

  • Spertex

    This video is better than Ryan’s entire channel. This is not a joke.

    • carlos Guzman
      carlos Guzman

      @Unknown Haunted Spirit i know he is rich but i just dont like him im not jealous or anything like that its my opinion on him.

    • Roblox Fun
      Roblox Fun

      @Unknown Haunted Spirit I don’t hate him he is so funny what made you think thattt?

    • Unknown Haunted Spirit
      Unknown Haunted Spirit

      @Nonje4560 No, Ryan's channel is better than you. I hate these people so much. When are you going to have some freaking manners huh?

    • Unknown Haunted Spirit
      Unknown Haunted Spirit

      @Roblox Fun if you hate him i hate you. Just shut up

    • Unknown Haunted Spirit
      Unknown Haunted Spirit

      @carlos Guzman no you suck your probably jealous because he is rich. Not me. 🙄

  • NXME

    “How much merch do you want?” Ryan’s toys reviews: yes

    • TTV-sol


    • TTV-sol

      No Ryan said 100 merch

    • Habibiツ

      Ryan’s parents*

  • Yunita Krisantina
    Yunita Krisantina

    He's putting self through pain for our entertainment What a great a person

    • Lauren Lugo
      Lauren Lugo

      ahoy! would you like a shot?

  • CarlosBigBrain

    Ryan's parents: Give birth to Ryan. Also Ryan's parents: *I can milk you...*

    • Isis Mercado
      Isis Mercado



      @Diegopie007 AMONG US

    • Blames

      Rayan to his mom; no I can milk u

    • CFR Animal crossing
      CFR Animal crossing

      Seeing eyes

    • CFR Animal crossing
      CFR Animal crossing

      Is that quote from Markeplier

  • MikeAyyCheck CeeCee
    MikeAyyCheck CeeCee

    Top 10 anime villains, Number 1: Ryan's World

    • SuperCat559

      52: Ryan's Word

    • Branstorm ブランストーム
      Branstorm ブランストーム

      34. Vlad and niki

    • Eli Larson
      Eli Larson

      Y E S

    • Mya Mullins
      Mya Mullins


    • David Olayinka
      David Olayinka

      1:Ryans world

  • _ Cabbs _
    _ Cabbs _

    I feel bad for Ryan, his parents are using him for money, he probably doesn't even know it

    • Lauren Lugo
      Lauren Lugo

      yup ;-;

    • Saber Galaxy
      Saber Galaxy

      Idk maybe they let him do something? Or he just returns all of the toys he gets

    • batthew

      @Saber Galaxy poor thing's probably locked in his room all day waiting for his parents to call him to make videos

    • Saber Galaxy
      Saber Galaxy

      @batthew does Ryan even get to see the vids he posts just asking

    • daisy boo
      daisy boo

      @FlamingGrenade she already did once. for 93 million

  • ItzMeHalo

    When ryan grows up, he's going to regret everything

    • Mohgoku CODM
      Mohgoku CODM

      Yep poor kid

    • dotios125

      It's not even his fault it's his greedy parents

  • The Real Talk
    The Real Talk

    The scariest part is when you drink all of it and you have to buy another drink.

  • Dylan Sell
    Dylan Sell

    Imagine being that one person that buyed Ryan's toy review underwear and loves them

  • Superdoodledoom

    Imagine what security was thinking while watching him through the cameras.

  • Mr hobo
    Mr hobo

    Lets be honest the parents are going to have another baby as soon as the kid turns 13

    • joshkinda d3d77
      joshkinda d3d77

      Wait dont they have 3 kids?

    • Kim Jong-Un
      Kim Jong-Un

      True. Poor Ryan 😔 when he get replaced with adopted kid.

    • Handy: The Orange Beaver HTF
      Handy: The Orange Beaver HTF

      Hey they already have to younger baby’s so no when the baby’s get 13

    • Master Matter
      Master Matter

      What about emma and kate (ryans sisters)

    • Swirly Spaghetti
      Swirly Spaghetti

      They have 2 daughters :(

  • can of Schweppes Ginger Ale
    can of Schweppes Ginger Ale

    "everywhere i go... i see his face." [ryan toys review]

    • SEntra ⸜⁄
      SEntra ⸜⁄

      Wtf it's a furry with plush videos

  • Austin

    I'm still amazed that he got away with all those sips lol

  • Future Beast
    Future Beast

    Random Kid: "mommy did king just get drunk" Mother: "RUN" Plainrock124: "WELCOME TO BOARD SMASHING ACTUAL HUMMAN!!"

    • Susan D
      Susan D

      His rib cage took a couple of shots tho

    • Fuze Ul Qadir
      Fuze Ul Qadir

      *takes out sledgehammer* “LETS CHECK HOW DURABLE THE HEART IS!”

    • Lazylizard


  • The Terrible Artist
    The Terrible Artist

    I have realized that ryan’s toys review is gonna be my childhood, and now, i wanna restart my entire life.

    • Abdulla Mahmood Abdulrahim Yousuf Alredha
      Abdulla Mahmood Abdulrahim Yousuf Alredha

      My smaller brother watches Ryan world and I don’t want that to be his childhood

    • Shadowclaw74

      Same im ## and i have to see this in tesco every time me and my mum go to tesco

  • Austin Degler
    Austin Degler

    “Everywhere I go I see his face” -Peter Parker 2019

    • Zero Bullet's
      Zero Bullet's

      When I worked at Walmart the image of Ryan was burned in my eyes...he was EVERYWHERE I'm not even kidding

    • Goldfish Fan
      Goldfish Fan

      I’ve literally saw a almost full fucking shelve of Ryan stuff and to top that off a Ryan switch game...

    • Sunny adventures
      Sunny adventures

      I mean peter parker say da truth

    • Madeira


    • Randomish Toons
      Randomish Toons

      Frick I was gonna do that

  • Bruh

    2:48 i like how they have the rated e for everyone game next to 2 rated m for mature games

    • your

      While in Xbox, there is Call of duty black ops, Red Dead redemption, and L4D2

    • BladerKev

      Overwatch has a T rating.

  • Ivan Ichianus
    Ivan Ichianus

    Throughout the video I was thinking his parents are exploiting the shit out of that kid and making him work hard while they pocket all the money Beautifully way to end the video 😂😂👏

  • Seahawksmania 1
    Seahawksmania 1

    This is damn funny!! 😂🤣😂 Ryan’s parent don’t care about him they care on the money of his channel. Me: if I saw that I threw it in the store!!! 😂

  • Christopher Johann
    Christopher Johann

    His weakness, send a mountain of Ryan’s World Toys to him.

  • what did you just call me
    what did you just call me

    The sad part is isn't Ryan himself who's at fault. It's his parent's.

    • Fortnite Mr nightmare
      Fortnite Mr nightmare


    • Petru Beta
      Petru Beta

      Yes because he doesnt knw his parents made his toys

    • Floating Galaxy
      Floating Galaxy

      his parents created him, could’ve just kept him in their stomach

    • juliethefunny

      its both

    • Aksana Šorohhova
      Aksana Šorohhova


  • Wavyy

    6:58 little kids when they come back inside from running around

    • JamesMonkey24


    • BombardieTim

      @Rokengo cheers i ill drink to that bro

    • Open Source Is ❤️
      Open Source Is ❤️

      Lol ain’t everyone like that?

    • yoda

      @Rokengo did anyone ask and no im not a antichrist

    • Bobby McCarthy
      Bobby McCarthy

      @Rokengo *o* *k*

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown

    Me laughing at all the random things he buys. Also, I liked the music! 😄

  • Flint Lockwood
    Flint Lockwood

    I just learned that his exists and.... im glad my childhood didnt have this

    • Max - Some Dude
      Max - Some Dude

      You may be the smartest inventor, but your even smarter for not making the FLRTY (Flint Lockwood Ryans Toy Review)

  • Eric He
    Eric He

    Plain rock talking about the sprite: Will I finish this Me: WILL THAT BE ENOUGH?

    • Ranboo The Beloved
      Ranboo The Beloved

      The answer is a definite no

  • Martian_28

    Best Buy is the best store because it doesn’t have RyansToyReviews merchandise, that’s why it’s *Best* Buy

    • mat

      Noo its called best buy because they have the all new ps5

    • Movie Mat Productions ඞ
      Movie Mat Productions ඞ

      @JvNotFound because...... your mo-

    • JvNotFound

      @Movie Mat Productions ඞ wait what how'd you find me here?

    • Movie Mat Productions ඞ
      Movie Mat Productions ඞ

      @JvNotFound hi

    • Abdulla Mahmood Abdulrahim Yousuf Alredha
      Abdulla Mahmood Abdulrahim Yousuf Alredha

      And the lego store

  • MrTroll

    With all of the merch Ryan has, he might as well drink the whole sprite bottle.

    • person from tds
      person from tds

      Because he did

  • Idk

    When he said he was finally getting tipsy, I broke into laughter

  • ItsRobloxHere

    you should make a sequel, since you can now actually take a shot

  • EclipseWasTakenHD

    I feel like he is doing it on purpose because it seems like he is trying to find them just to take shots from sprite

  • SuperCalaMan01

    Ryan: *Exists.* His parents: "It's free real estate"

    • Lauren Lugo
      Lauren Lugo


    • gage nielson
      gage nielson

      A bc abababcbcbcbcbcbc

    • Christian Hexum
      Christian Hexum

      "It's like slavery, but with extra *_S T O N K S_* " ~Ryan's parents

    • HelixJuice

      SuperCalaMan01 lol

  • Just Ben
    Just Ben

    I'm pretty sure the Walmart employees were more confused about WHAT you were "buying"

    • Abdul Gill
      Abdul Gill


  • WWE Gamer
    WWE Gamer

    2030 ryan toys review: *makes wipes for tears* me: NOW THATS TOO MUCH! YOU MADE.

    • Marcus Pendleton
      Marcus Pendleton

      @WWE Gamer nah pewdiepie will kick cocomelon and t series asses

    • WWE Gamer
      WWE Gamer

      @Axl Arlanda we'll see maybe he'll beat cocomelon lol

    • Axl Arlanda
      Axl Arlanda

      2030 he's not relevant just sayin

  • scemer XdX
    scemer XdX

    big respect for doing this

  • Isaac Flaherty
    Isaac Flaherty

    Imagine loss prevention watching King like "wtf is he doing taking shots in the kids toy aisle?"

  • Proud Libtard
    Proud Libtard

    Plainrock should have drank sprite cranberry instead for more artificial flavoring and a higher risk of diabetes.

    • JELLY album collection
      JELLY album collection

      @Whiteboy Nintendo Ps4 Gamer go watch cocomelon and stop roasting plainrock 124/vlogs

    • JELLY album collection
      JELLY album collection

      @Whiteboy Nintendo Ps4 Gamer go watch cocomelon 3 year old🔫☺

    • JELLY album collection
      JELLY album collection

      No sprite cranberry in the bangtans blueberry bingsu zone every sprite flavour except cranberry

    • Ranu06

      @Whiteboy Nintendo Ps4 Gamer welcome to the internet my boy

    • Ranu06

      @Whiteboy Nintendo Ps4 Gamer aww look at the edgy 7 year old complaining that someone else is spending their money in a way that he doesn’t like

  • Urlame

    I feel so bad for Ryan his parents, and he’s gonna keep this stuff up until high school

  • Short boi
    Short boi

    This is what Ryan wanted in the first place To make someone drink shots in front of his items

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder

    “I’m starting to get tipsy🥴” bro I started laughing 😂

  • Glamrock freddy
    Glamrock freddy

    5:41 could not stop laughing😂🤣

  • Mieczysław Szczepański
    Mieczysław Szczepański

    Imagine Ryan sees this when he is 18 and becomes so disappointed

    • Furry RoachDoggJR /Raven
      Furry RoachDoggJR /Raven

      I would actually kill myself if I were him

    • EnjoyMaCubingSkills

      @c6amp at least maybe another platform made by google that u can see videos..ñ.

    • EnjoyMaCubingSkills


    • Scratch squirrel
      Scratch squirrel

      Ryan gonna be bullied like hell when he grows up lol

    • Stormz

      @c6amp no, thats completely ok. I can send you the @ of my old youtube account, if you want.

  • outlawjodjr

    They haunt me every single time

  • Har Cool
    Har Cool

    "Everywhere I go, I see his face."

  • Spicy Chevy Camaro
    Spicy Chevy Camaro

    Plainrock: can I finish this bottle Ryan: Y E S

  • aulhums

    By time all Ryan’s relatives and himself turn 13, the parents are gonna suffer.

    • Spinoright

      21 million euro That alot

    • Mohgoku CODM
      Mohgoku CODM

      There gonna kick him out of the house dude

    • Epikgamr

      They make like 30mil from yt every year

    • Epikgamr

      Nah they got money for life

  • Its totally not Sai
    Its totally not Sai

    jokes aside, ryan is definitely forced to do this by his parents and in some of his videos he shows disinterests in actually doing it and is being forced to say exactly what the parents say. the parents just really want to milk him for all he's got by releasing crappily made toys in his name to get more than 22 mil a year.

    • PaperClip Studios
      PaperClip Studios

      Look at endless storms channel, the hell even is that? Oh and can't forget 'FAVORITE PJ MASKS EPISODES' jesus christ in a Honda civic doing 90 on the A45, GET A LIFE

    • PaperClip Studios
      PaperClip Studios

      @storm endless oh go get a life you gestating worm

    • Its totally not Sai
      Its totally not Sai

      @SNXseek their comments are turned off because of coppa and it not allowing any comments under made for children videos

    • Red 1899
      Red 1899

      @storm endless r/stfugetalifeandleave

    • 10p_banana

      At least he can ho to collage

  • Red Velvet official
    Red Velvet official

    This man is going to drink too much that he'll see anything with Ryan as Hellspawn

  • MinecraftingCuber

    Imagine when ryan gets the wake-up to reality..

  • The Real Talk
    The Real Talk

    Man if I tried this, I Would be drunk at the cash register.

    • HMF 325
      HMF 325

      You'd be dead

    • Alan_with_a_grain_of_salt

      You would be drunk as soon as you walk in at this point

  • João Araújo
    João Araújo

    Plainrock bought things to not be suspiscious, now thats something I would see someone rich doing

  • ThatJadon 26
    ThatJadon 26

    Ryan: *makes $26m* Parents: that ain’t enough money Spoiled.

    • Anil Sanyashiv
      Anil Sanyashiv

      @David Davila my community was also gated omg

    • Anil Sanyashiv
      Anil Sanyashiv

      @David Davila but I also live in Hawaii and I'm a fan of him so does that mean.. i will see hin someday

    • Anil Sanyashiv
      Anil Sanyashiv

      @David Davila how do u know that

    • David Davila
      David Davila

      @Anil Sanyashiv oh dang that’s cool, he used to live near townlake in a gated community

    • Anil Sanyashiv
      Anil Sanyashiv

      @David Davila he used to live in HOUSTON and now he lives in HAWAII

  • chisaki_stars

    I didn’t realize how famous this kid was till after I watched the video and did the shots😀instant regret

  • Kibamcplayer

    It’s been 2 years since this came out dang time flies

  • Tuna

    I wish I had the amount of confidence king have

  • Im_Not_Impressed

    Alternate title: plainrock goes into sugar shock when he sees a small spoiled child’s merchandise in Walmart

  • Little Vaporeon
    Little Vaporeon

    Ryan’s parents: we need more money! Ryan: How? **Ryan’s Amusement Park**

    • {molly the unicorn}🦄🦄🦄🦄
      {molly the unicorn}🦄🦄🦄🦄

      My eyes are literally burning please help😳

    • Anil Sanyashiv
      Anil Sanyashiv

      What the heck

    • Sonic Plush
      Sonic Plush

      @Little Vaporeon It's super effective!

    • DisneyNerd1994

      Ryan’s parents: We need more money! Ryan: How? Ryan’s Parents: (Hires Bree Larsen to collab with Ryan in future videos)

    • Christian Dauphinais
      Christian Dauphinais

      omg I see it coming we can't stop him

  • Video Samurai
    Video Samurai

    The dislikes are the amount of people who waste there whole live savings on ryan toys

  • Salvador Pineapple Charles
    Salvador Pineapple Charles

    About to take a shot tequila every time I saw Ryan stuff

  • It'z Me
    It'z Me

    This is why I love living in a small town with a small stop and shop

  • JellyAnineWeeb

    King: good lord it’s done The back of Walmart: this ain’t even my final form😈

  • roy from papa louies
    roy from papa louies

    imagine how much Ryan's gonna get picked on for this when he gets into middle school.

    • MG Matt Gamez
      MG Matt Gamez

      K You know

    • Despair_Dollies

      @Wham Baamer hes still winning. Even if they pick on him, he still lives in a mansion so it wouldn't really matter. Also seems like you just hate him in general

    • awesome pants
      awesome pants

      Nah he's probably going private

    • Despair_Dollies

      He's making millions so he has the last laugh

    • Iker Animate
      Iker Animate

      @PavleTheDoge don't feel bad for him he's just make make the rip off of Mario kart

  • Joshua

    Just finished eating my lunch 😋

  • Giyu Tomioka🌊
    Giyu Tomioka🌊

    "Hey guys! Merry cristmas!" *Police sirens continue as he says that*

    • Mohammed Aayan Pathan
      Mohammed Aayan Pathan

      Cirrhosis International

  • princealarming85

    Love the Super Crown shirt, it's so damn cute

  • rowlify

    One of these days we're gonna see a Ryan's World bong

    • iMxstified

      Get high with Ryan!

  • Secondzin

    I kinda feel sad for ryan at this point. He's just a kid and his parents are using him for money. I wonder what he'll think about his merchandise when he becomes 18..

    • Lauren Lugo
      Lauren Lugo

      i feel bad for him too

    • GreenPoke

      hes probably going to sue them

    • WhatDidYouExpect741

      Ryan’s mom: We need more money! Ryan’s dad: I have an idea! Ryan’s mom: What is it!? Ryan’s dad: Sell the child

    • Honeybunny Productions
      Honeybunny Productions

      Secondzin when Ryan turned 13, he went back in time to 2011 and destroyed a tamagotchi. He bought himself glasses due to not look suspicious and he became successful and got money in another way and destroying tech and he likes Nintendo because his game was on that system.

    • Bring me 1k Scrubscribers
      Bring me 1k Scrubscribers

      @Shac Shemen why

  • Puggydoggo

    This just goes to show how much Ryan gets exploited

  • Laun Sallee
    Laun Sallee

    im so jealous you got a 1.25 leter of sprite. that's my fave soda. but hope you make a lot more and more and more money!

  • Yoganand Dookie
    Yoganand Dookie

    Favorite part 3:10

  • EmkayM8

    Imagine Ryan seeing this video when he is like 13

  • Miku_Is_ My_Waifu
    Miku_Is_ My_Waifu

    Imagine walking into Walmart and seeing a guy start taking shots in front of Ryan Products like a ritual

    • Joe Nuts
      Joe Nuts

      POV: What the fuck, is he okay, should I call the police

    • Cody Taylor
      Cody Taylor


    • tien c'est windows xp ah non c'est le pro du mac!
      tien c'est windows xp ah non c'est le pro du mac!

      I would save him from possession

    • Huey Phung
      Huey Phung


    • bekothegecko

      @Delta yo mama lawl

  • mrfrosty

    imagine security this in the security cameras

  • just a random clone trooper with internet access
    just a random clone trooper with internet access

    I'm imagining his dad using the money ryan made to restart feudal japan

  • Kyras

    He should do a new vid as he's can drink for real. Call it getting wasted in Walmart with Ryan's toy review...

  • CGIGamer94

    1:40 i have seen those in claw machines too lol

  • GunFighterMan101

    I can only imagine what the man behind the security cameras thinking

    • Zero Bullet's
      Zero Bullet's

      SIGH another day another drunk I don't get paid enough for this shit

    • Lorenzo Deleon
      Lorenzo Deleon


    • Shayminizcool


    • Valanche

      Underated comment

    • beto medina
      beto medina

      Asian man in very back of store drinking sprite and pointing at kids toys

  • 6piece

    Alternate title: being a badass in public because I can

  • armasandoval52

    "Everywhere I go, I see his face."

  • CGIGamer94

    i see ryan toysreview stuff everywhere in walmart and target, i see ryan toysreview plushies in claw machines and i see ryan toysreview blind bags too, ryan toysreview is taking over the whole entire world

    • Jake Zom
      Jake Zom

      Then it's really will be Ryan's world

    • CGIGamer94

      @Bunny Crewmate Ahoy!

    • CGIGamer94

      @Bunny Crewmate oh then they are taking over walmart

    • CGIGamer94

      @Bunny Crewmate oh, then that means they are taking over the entire us

    • CGIGamer94

      @Bunny Crewmate oh lol

  • Aaron Fontenelle
    Aaron Fontenelle

    I just watch Plainrock's vids bc they are funny and entertaining

  • Peeploop

    Ryan has his own brand of mandarin oranges, Jesus Christ

    • Lauren Lugo
      Lauren Lugo

      god help him XD

    • EpicBoy09

      @Bloomzyblack1234 both of them would probably run at 1 fps.

    • Furry RoachDoggJR /Raven
      Furry RoachDoggJR /Raven

      @Nathan Mtz lmao

    • Bloomzyblack1234

      Next product: ryan ipad, and ryan laptop

    • Shaza oza
      Shaza oza



    Fun fact drinking anything too quickly can possibly kill you

  • Ethaxo

    imagine if he did this with real alcohol

  • General Subzero
    General Subzero

    2:48 I like how a kid friendly thing is next to a not kid friendly thing

    • Alex paper
      Alex paper

      Ya haha 😂

  • Preahchunpehnwong

    The real title is torturing myself cause I like Ryan’s toy reviews

  • TrueAnonymous

    now i am having questiones about the future when ryan gets older would their channel stop? will they make sure to get another boy and name him ryan again? will ryan know about the crime his mother commited? who knows

    • mat


    • Anil Sanyashiv
      Anil Sanyashiv

      @roy from papa louies SHOPLIFTING

    • Anil Sanyashiv
      Anil Sanyashiv


    • Remak S
      Remak S

      They are gonna adopt a other baby

    • frozen noodles
      frozen noodles

      I think he will when he's older and realize that his perents only care about the money.

  • Lets Game
    Lets Game

    I can see a Ryan's toys reviews fan watching this and getting super offended

  • Abdulkadir Ahmet sik
    Abdulkadir Ahmet sik

    Walmart manager watching security video and seeing a a grown adult taking shots of sprite 😕

  • Harrison plays!
    Harrison plays!

    *buying stuff to seem less suspicious* 99999999999 IQ play

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli

    Seeing Ryan toy review makes you drunk so its ilegal to sell Ryan toy in walmart

  • William Davis
    William Davis

    I would literally take a shot of Sprite any day But not when Ryan is forcing me to

  • deviance shahi
    deviance shahi

    The manager be like keep a close eye on him

  • Ryan Cox hawkes
    Ryan Cox hawkes

    Every where I go I see his ( animated) face everywhere

  • HekylGamer 893
    HekylGamer 893

    One day, plain rock will meet ryan...

  • Efrich Cristiansen
    Efrich Cristiansen

    3:10 that ryan face tho

    • Gator-Raid 🐊𓋹𓂀
      Gator-Raid 🐊𓋹𓂀

      Distorted Ryan XD

  • Sonicice 24
    Sonicice 24

    Ryan might see this and start becoming a alchohalic.

    • Xrtich

      i dont think that ryans parents will let him on yt bc he may find the truth somewhete

    • lildraco_09

      nah drinking lean

    • CameronT.I.E

      an alcoholic*

    • Abdielito

      Honeybunny /ハニーバニー your saying Ryan is plainrock?

    • Gamer Log
      Gamer Log

      What if he does

  • LMAOluxdie

    Tech Rax be like Smashing Iphone 12s every time i see ryan toys review

  • kewn 817
    kewn 817

    he should remake this video cause im pretty shure he is the legal age now

  • DogeWasTaken

    I thought he would use actual beer lol