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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Two Virgins, One Amiibo Stand...

    • Fluffy Bullet
      Fluffy Bullet

      @Simply Maplee ok just maybe relax bruh it's just for entertainment and for his Main youtube channel I do like his breaking technology and he just use it for entertainment purposes to get his Main Channel to reach 2 mil subscribers FACTS YEET! ROAST 100

    • Memerz BRUH
      Memerz BRUH

      3 braincells

    • gamertuber876

      @Simply Maplee why does it really matter

    • Brian Nesbitt
      Brian Nesbitt

      @Simply Maplee but i do

    • OctoInklin

      @Simply Maplee no one cares :D

  • Alex CND
    Alex CND

    I told King to make a bored smashing inside the abandoned building @ 6:56 WOULDN'T THAT BE THE COOLEST SETTING EVER?!?!

    • MARSHI3

      I live in Richmond Virginia to

    • Foxy Productions
      Foxy Productions

      Haaaa yea

    • 2020 Kia Stinger GT Guy!
      2020 Kia Stinger GT Guy!


    • greatstOne99

      Yes, that would've been a great setting!!

    • Nizy

      @Savagedonut yep

  • Sourav Kumar Sahu
    Sourav Kumar Sahu

    When plainrock124 releases a new "vlog" video, you know your day is gonna be better and the video will make you happy :D

    • Guatemala Ball Mappers
      Guatemala Ball Mappers


    • Mr.newbies

      Yup 👍

    • Thebeastman

      Didn’t make me offended me

  • ok and
    ok and

    As a virginian, I can confirm that we're all virgins.

    • FNAF_RM


    • Aydin Sanford
      Aydin Sanford

      yep same i live i little under an 1 and a half from richmond

    • TaskFailedSuccessfully 404
      TaskFailedSuccessfully 404

      I live in Richmond

    • grapejuice

      i live in hampton virgin a this is epok

    • Death Lef
      Death Lef

      @Ian F. Music Poor lad

  • Alex Kilin
    Alex Kilin

    Alex’s girlfriend: so this is my boyfriend… and this is my boyfriends boyfriend

    • The Mystery Kid
      The Mystery Kid

      So Gay But knowing King so ture.

    • Mr. Stark
      Mr. Stark

      @[Mench64] that would have been a better response, thanks

    • [Mench64]

      @Mr. Stark it’s a joke

    • Mr. Stark
      Mr. Stark

      @Monkey Man boyfriend’s boyfriend. Ofc he likes men lol

    • Monkey Man
      Monkey Man

      @Mr. Stark he does?

  • Nathan S
    Nathan S

    His time in Virginia summed up in one sentence: "Is *THIS* poison ivy?!?

    • Ahmad zahrani
      Ahmad zahrani

      @Kettle Shades nah, this is arcades with tickets.

    • Kettle Shades
      Kettle Shades

      Or “this was a scam!!”

  • Keegrock124

    It’s always a good day when plainrock uploads Edit:Wow thanks for all the likes

    • brother park
      brother park


    • Flamingo's biggest Fan
      Flamingo's biggest Fan

      The best

    • Flamingo's biggest Fan
      Flamingo's biggest Fan


    • Lifeis Fun
      Lifeis Fun

      Indeed good man

    • Skate for life
      Skate for life


  • February

    King, you better apply into the next "Crazy Rich Asians" movie and be a main character.

    • Caleb Wen
      Caleb Wen

      I’d watch that

  • Speedy Goomba
    Speedy Goomba

    Seeing CND happy makes me happy

  • Sheb 45
    Sheb 45

    Yo Plainrock, I’ve been watching u for a couple of years and I want to thank u for all the laughs u have gave me 😄. Keep up the great work

  • PUNCH & Jason
    PUNCH & Jason

    [3:35 AYO GIMME YOUR 3D O ITS A 3D O LO] [5:04 mtn dew fountain] [4:02 buys mario japanese treats] [4:17 f*ck tesla text on the back on plainrock's tesla model 3] [4:29 car wash experience] [4:47 plainrock being sexy] [5:09 he reviews the candy] [5:38 BOOSTED BOARD TIME] [6:16 walking his (boosted board) dog] [6:45 goes into creepy graffiti place] [6:48 pee pee] [6:52 climing] [7:00 makes us look at creepy place] [7:39 we get slapped by leaves] [7:44 loud bridge] [8:10 he finally gets hydrated] [8:15 disc golf :D] [8:33 good throw king] [8:48 it skipped nice throw once again] [11:51 goose] [11:56 duck] [12:33 bts of the dhar mann parody video] [12:41 goose gang] [12:43 ps5 unboxing+setting it up] [13:26 another bts scene] [13:56 dave and busters experience]

    • Resonance

      Whoever you are I just want to say thanks for saving my time

    • joel


    • Samuel Sicat
      Samuel Sicat


  • DecentlyWeaKo

    I remember when CND bought that amibo stand. It’s great to see it go from one legend to another 👍🏽 😊

    • DecentlyWeaKo

      @Alex CND Oh God! You actually responded!!

    • Alex CND
      Alex CND


  • WatermelonLover8

    I’ve had those blue and red candies before, they actually taste like windex

    • CandyCorn

      @The House Of Random Videos He knows it tastes like that because of most of our taste is from smell. So it tastes like the smell of it.

    • Siddarth Kishanthan
      Siddarth Kishanthan


    • Curly Whrly
      Curly Whrly

      Windex 1000 beers in one kid friendly

    • The House Of Random Videos
      The House Of Random Videos

      @Stan Herman oh so that's how

    • Stan Herman
      Stan Herman

      @The House Of Random Videos he used it to wash the blue and red candy taste out of his mouth

  • Kevin D 1
    Kevin D 1

    I like how every time he sees a plant he thinks it poison ivy

  • Amistium

    You know it's a good day when Plainrock124 uploads.

  • Raiden

    It's always a good day when plainrock uploads

  • Shanea Powell
    Shanea Powell

    Seeing him smile just made me feel some kind of way😳

  • Ihatemylife

    As a Virginian I can also confirm that we are ALL virgins

  • Delta Squad
    Delta Squad

    Holy crap I remember when Alex got that Amiibo display at the convention

  • Helix Adam Oxford
    Helix Adam Oxford

    i love videos like this where hes just having fun

  • Menacing

    Plainrock always colabs with my favorite youtubers. Fearsomefire, Attacking Tucans, and now Alex CND.

  • Arwing Master
    Arwing Master

    I really like Alex CND's videos, too, so it was super fun to see you guys hang out together. =)

  • Anak1n098

    the level of "I love among us" King has is enough to make him put a sticker in the car lol

  • Supertansponge

    We need more vlogs of you and other people doing random stuff

  • Gamer . in
    Gamer . in

    “These candies taste like soap” King-2021

    • Gamer . in
      Gamer . in

      @Sabikjuan XD

    • Sabikjuan

      I get the Icarly reference

  • MagicWizurd

    When he said that episode of iCarly I thought, "The pain helps you learn." 🤣

  • CallumN2006

    The timing couldn't have been better. I JUST watched Alex's setup tour video and then Plainrock uploads his vlog of being with Alex

  • Shadynut

    When Plainrock124 releases a new vlog video you know that your brain cells are going to rot a little

  • TheNintendoSkits

    Keep up with the great vlogs

  • paul mazter2000
    paul mazter2000

    this looked like lots of fun i wish i was there

  • Ninja Syndicate
    Ninja Syndicate

    You know it’s a good day when king posts

  • AJ Sabile
    AJ Sabile

    I remember Toys R Us always had that amiibo stand in the gaming section near the end of the store's lifespan.

  • ExtremeFalcon56

    Welcome to the club plainrock you know your a collector when you buy a 3DO

  • GW1023

    "Is that Poison Ivy?" -PlainRock124, 2021

  • Yoo Q
    Yoo Q

    Can’t believe how good plainrock is and won 🏅

  • Captain SoMeister Assemble
    Captain SoMeister Assemble

    Keep it up with your vlogs

  • DirectPython 747
    DirectPython 747

    King is just flexing his virginity shields strength at this point

  • Pamela Lillian Isley
    Pamela Lillian Isley

    The amount of times he said poison Ivy pleased me

  • Camera king 124
    Camera king 124

    I have been waiting for the pt3 for ever it feels like

  • XDogeee

    12:38 That got me lmao😂😂😂😂

  • Drav_TheDev

    Another great video from the god himself!

  • Kacper Dobrosielski
    Kacper Dobrosielski

    I scammed that speed of light game years ago but kings content still makes me laugh

  • xixsh

    “I can’t wait to put this on my wall” two days later- ** immediately drops it on the floor and it smashes**

    • xixsh

      @yoshifan45 … joke…?

    • yoshifan45

      I am pretty sure he’s going to keep it besides its just a tv with a touchscreen

  • The Gaming Canadian
    The Gaming Canadian


    • BrentsStuff


  • madlytest_1

    “These woods are perfect…”- King “yeah.” - Alex “perfect for MURDER” - King “what the fu-“ - Alex

  • Zero Bullet's
    Zero Bullet's

    A patch of grass:EXISTS Plainrock: is this poison ivy?

  • aref shams
    aref shams

    vIrGiN - pOiSoN iVy - sCaM the whole trip in a nutshell

  • Skoopyy

    Just put a “Cameras Watching” sticker on the back and they’ll go right to the camera for a free sentry mode video to make. Free content.

    • ;-;  this kid* don * know me*
      ;-; this kid* don * know me*


  • DisneyStoreFan1 // Trainboy Advance SP
    DisneyStoreFan1 // Trainboy Advance SP

    5:18 I had the same candy. Gotta agree that the blue ones tasted like soap, but the red ones, MMM! They tasted like cola.

  • SmashFan2018

    I have been waiting to see more vlogs from you

  • NotMasxn

    Great video, keep it up!

  • SarahsAnAnxiousFloof

    The old friend of Plainrock, excellent video!

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara

    Plainrock Is Finally Back At Home!

  • Nafio Hassan
    Nafio Hassan

    when we needhim the most the legend came back

  • TheAstralAsian

    Boosted boards are back in videos! I still remember the crossover video with King and Alex

  • theyluvme_:0

    Who counted how many times plainrock said scam 😂

  • C0conut•K1ng

    I think that mr. Rock is being a virgin on purpose

  • Lou Tea
    Lou Tea

    Man i want to be plain rock , he gets to go on lots of trips and dosent care about what people think about him, i on the other hand haven’t been in a trip in a long time, i don’t have a lot of freinds that talk to me. Either way these videos make me happy 🙂

  • masterblaster436

    Love your content

  • Master Ben
    Master Ben

    Plainrock when he zooms his camera in: *ROBOT*

  • King zalal 001
    King zalal 001

    love your videos plain rock vlogs

  • Subaru Outback Guy2
    Subaru Outback Guy2

    king:*picks up disc* also king:”so that makes you… poison ivy?”

  • Subaru Outback Guy2
    Subaru Outback Guy2

    king:*picks up disc* also king:”so that makes you… poison ivy?”

  • Nushnum

    king finally makes contact with a female

  • smothlandinghub_8203

    12:39 perfectly cut scream

  • Rainy

    Just a state filled with virgins? Sounds about right

    • Thebeastman

      @peeper999 [presario75] Virginia was here for the United States and it is the reason why we have rights so British rule is not valid and VA is the reason why the CSA is dead

    • peeper999 [presario75]
      peeper999 [presario75]

      @Thebeastman do you expect anyone to actually believe that anyway

    • the skate board sqaud
      the skate board sqaud


    • Thebeastman

      No it’s fake Virginia is not

    • Jesko

      @Shrek and so what

  • Dallas M
    Dallas M

    damn Alex is living the Nintendo life he has n64 gamecube wii wii u snes nes ds 3ds gameboy hell he even has the amiibo kiosk from 2014

  • Dressaloup

    I love your videos plainrock

  • DLuxeeXツ

    I love your videos so much

  • Luis Angel Santos
    Luis Angel Santos

    You went to (VIRGIN)IA, now go to… WEST (VIRGIN)IA!

  • Kenly’s Life
    Kenly’s Life

    That must’ve been fun

  • Wolvez_

    “Put him in a rest room”-Plain rock

  • Faded_Halo

    We all know board smashing nintendo switch oled or 50 ways to break a nintendo switch oled model is inevitable

  • HeyItzFaker

    Hey plain rock. So recently i started getting into electric longboarding because of you and if i may suggest a amazing brand i came across and now own its called hiboy and man oh man there stuff is affordable and packs a punch. If you're ever looking for a new one give hiboy a try.

  • Kai Murphy
    Kai Murphy

    This channel brings me comfort

  • songwong

    0:36 that laugh tho

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel

    Going to the arcade is the best way to get COVID

  • Citrus546

    love the recent vlogs

  • Lemon Cardboard
    Lemon Cardboard

    Why does this seem so much like a little brother and big brother vlog lol

  • Condiment YT
    Condiment YT

    you know it's crazy to see how much cnd has changed after he left but I don't think it was in a bad way. I really hope he gets his viewer base back

    • Akio dyer
      Akio dyer


  • Mabel’s Fanboy
    Mabel’s Fanboy

    probably should get something kirby related on your trip plainrock @Plainrock124

  • ケイコ君 Keiko-kun
    ケイコ君 Keiko-kun

    How many times did King say "scam" on Dave and Busters?

  • Tar1

    14:08 bro I swear to god I went to Dave and Busters 2 days ago and won the jackpot on that

  • RoboStud1337

    Fun fact: I was in Virginia visiting my Uncle when this was posted

  • AvixDatBoi_

    I like this show!

  • KodieTheAussieAlastorFanBrony

    King to every arcade game in Dave And Busters: "SCAM!"

  • OssoYtVlogs178

    I Love Your Videos Plainrock

  • Jio Garcia
    Jio Garcia

    Alex fell off so hard lmaooo

  • John

    Anyone noticed the the amogus sticker on king’s Tesla lol

    • ImHeavyproblem


    • Ahxmde

      Get out of my head

    • Gros Fromage
      Gros Fromage

      @ULTRA GTR R34 ⛽ amogus

    • ULTRA GTR R34
      ULTRA GTR R34

      S T O P P O S T I N G A B O U T A M O U N G US

    • StormNZ

      That’s kinda sus

  • carson albert
    carson albert

    hey plainrock when Metroid dread comes out you should wait in line for it at NYC since there's gonna be loads of people meaning more content

  • mc

    a lotta memories when they were on the boosted boards

  • JaredLuvsYou

    Alex cnd one of my favorite IRglors

  • Jelle YT
    Jelle YT

    20 of the best minuts of my life. VIRGIN TIME!

  • Skyflyhigh

    4:18 Someone might've put that quote while you were gone

  • Sometimes I dream about cheese
    Sometimes I dream about cheese

    King: literally dies in crossy road Also King: sCaM

  • Chris Zuloaga
    Chris Zuloaga

    Alternate title: Alex saying what for 20 minutes

  • Dilnar Sethna Patel
    Dilnar Sethna Patel

    Your virgin friend: LIFE IS UNFAIR

  • Yin yang Yt
    Yin yang Yt

    Now he needs to make 50 ways to break a switch OLED

  • Vanditisbest

    Addicted to your channel

  • Benzo’s Animations
    Benzo’s Animations

    New day, new plain rock vlog