I now have surround sound 24/7 everywhere I go. Who's laughing now?

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    R.I.P. Airpods Flexing

    • Sussy banana
      Sussy banana


    • Jelly in a bucket
      Jelly in a bucket

      flex the tesla then LOL

    • E

      AirPods max tho?

    • 1di0t.mp3

      @Simpson lol

    • Fluffy


  • Doozy

    Plainrock is literally legendary, he can talk about the most boring stuff and make it so interesting and funny.

    • Langston Coppage
      Langston Coppage

      Soooooo true

    • Jellybean2.0


    • Oh Yeah Sure Gaming
      Oh Yeah Sure Gaming

      420th like!

    • Krakenator


    • Playboiwise


  • -AbPz- Gaming
    -AbPz- Gaming

    I really hope money dosent change this guy because his personality and his comedic sense of humour are awesome

    • blackpfp

      @Omxga it has changed a bit though

    • Lankeu

      he has always been funny even though his net worth is like 3 million lol

    • Omxga

      Dude has the same sense of humor for years

  • oddbiku

    whether he’s wearing his old or new glasses, he looks very nice in both of them.

    • Anushree Anand
      Anushree Anand

      He looks cute without them too ✨

  • TimeBucks

    I am sure you will start to like it more

    • Uhm...

      I think he likes it now

    • nonalcoholicbeer


    • nonalcoholicbeer


    • Emilia Kucharska
      Emilia Kucharska


    • Cooking My Way
      Cooking My Way

      CONTENT! Why this world is full of dumb shit?

  • I’mb sorry
    I’mb sorry

    I love the parts when he just throws his product and I imagine him rushing to go and retrieve them after he finishes the scene

    • Hubert

      @ImLionelGamer *heavy breathing*

    • ImLionelGamer

      @Hubert me

    • Hubert

      Who made it 70 >:(

    • Hubert

      I made it 69 thank me later 😎

    • GustasM

      Soon will be 69 likes 😂

  • 207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 207
    207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 207

    The glasses looks good and cursed at the same time.

    • Wooosh Farmer
      Wooosh Farmer


  • Colin1.c Apple Tech
    Colin1.c Apple Tech

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, your glasses are very very cool especially with the tech it has

  • 15cm sIG 33 b sfl
    15cm sIG 33 b sfl

    "Hold on guys, I have to update my glasses" lmao

    • idiot_pigeon

      @15cm sIG 33 b sfl no problem ;)

    • 15cm sIG 33 b sfl
      15cm sIG 33 b sfl

      @idiot_pigeon thanks

    • idiot_pigeon

      got ur comment to 69

    • YungKing246

      “Hold on guys, I have to update my comment And done

    • Monkeyboi

      “Hold on a sec, I gotta update my lungs”

  • Hypnotix

    1:45 You can't tell me you have never lost your glasses. I've fallen asleep with my glasses on and they've fallen behind my bed more times than I can count.

    • Zay cash
      Zay cash

      Heh same

  • Skippyyy

    Thank you king for giving us a very action packed vlog

  • BoterMB

    Damn its hella cool to see how successful you have become, keep up the great videos dude

  • MiguelCacarico

    King: " charge them when i use them heavily" My Brain: *imagining King hearing Heavy Metal*

  • Cyrus Cristobal
    Cyrus Cristobal

    this dude is the whole meaning of sarcasm 😂

    • Cyrus Cristobal
      Cyrus Cristobal

      @yasio bolo wat wall

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      That scene where you walked into a wall was hilarious

  • MagicWizurd

    I like how king is sarcastic in his Viewers but a literal angel outside of them

    • GamePlayz

      yeah not an angle. he’s still pretty aragont but not as bad

    • Mapoz The Tofu
      Mapoz The Tofu

      Probably is

    • dude man face
      dude man face

      i'm glad he has cool glasses now.

    • Tree Deku
      Tree Deku

      You've correctly explained the bible

    • FaiDoesArt


  • ItsRobloxHere

    Honestly, I dont care how they look, I like who you are, and how funni you are.

  • Red

    Students: "I could totally cheat with this"

    • Pilar Viechec
      Pilar Viechec

      I’m not doing anything

    • Nicholas Allen Santoso
      Nicholas Allen Santoso

      Don't cheat, it is a sin :)

    • Marcus Pendleton
      Marcus Pendleton

      @Glen Amaral shut up

    • It’s Catalyst Reaction and Review
      It’s Catalyst Reaction and Review

      @teo same

    • Ti


  • Kieran Brownlee
    Kieran Brownlee

    #22 on trending I hope he gets more recognition now

  • Pebbs

    I honestly really like the way the glasses look on you

  • Schmacks

    “Hold on I gotta charge my glasses”

    • your local stalker
      your local stalker

      *wait no jeff*

    • t the rexy
      t the rexy


    • Jimmy Mahha
      Jimmy Mahha

      @Fadil Deari go awayu


      @Schmacks I'm wearing glasses 👓 but my old one is ugly

    • Jimmy Mahha
      Jimmy Mahha

      @Schmacks BRO... WTF...

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo

    “And I can listen to my music discreetly” those things leak as much sound as the Galaxy buds that look like beans.

  • nostairwayy

    Little does king know I’m a huge dork and I’ll listen to him talk about anything

  • Mateusz Tymoszuk
    Mateusz Tymoszuk

    I won't unsubscribe. I really like you you are doing nice content. You're really good at doing this.

  • SQ.

    We're In A Time Where Glasses Needs Updates

  • Mr. Goat
    Mr. Goat

    King resorting to reviewing glasses: A few people laughed, few people cried, most people were silent.

    • Vid

      @🐼 Hi_I_am_Panda 🐼 *_sonic casually eating a hotdog_*

    • 🐼 Hi_I_am_Panda 🐼
      🐼 Hi_I_am_Panda 🐼

      I love your icon picture 😂

    • poo on a stick
      poo on a stick

      @sjgnal oui go back to your fortnite videos

    • Vid

      Bots always steal attention then the actual comment.

    • cal

      @sjgnal no

  • It’s Catalyst Reaction and Review
    It’s Catalyst Reaction and Review

    Honestly I think I’m Gonna get this for convenience and for style cause I need glasses and if I have them I can have them be used and replaced my AirPod pros and have to not remember to wear them since I use technology like 60 percent of the day and when I’m grounded I can connect a secret phone to them and use the music feature that way I won’t suffer and I can also have a way to listen to music during boring classes that I have so I think I’m gonna get these Edit:Also I need glasses

  • ABasicPiece

    As a glasses man as well. I respect him.

  • PunkRockNeverDied

    Not gonna lie. I think king looks pretty good with those new glasses.

  • Serapheos

    What? I think the glasses look decent on you. They look similar to Ray Ban's iconic Wayfarer, a timeless design.

  • subra ru
    subra ru

    King without his glasses looks like every grandma in a TV show with her glasses

    • subra ru
      subra ru

      My pfp is from love is war

    • Perplex

      @subra ru cat getting haircut

    • Amart

      @subra ru Its a Sakura pfp from Naruto

    • subra ru
      subra ru

      @𝔖𝔴𝔞𝔶𝔷𝔢𝔢 ok

    • subra ru
      subra ru

      @Toasty_boi thanks I like yours too

  • NeganPeakMusic4

    I love your videos: they are honestly the funny thing I have ever seen. I have Ben a fan for maybe 3/4 years now. I love your videos. Also sorry if I don’t spell good. It’s coz of my autism.

  • Arshith's Tech Vlog
    Arshith's Tech Vlog

    I like your glass, you, and your channel. did not know these are innovations

  • Nooktopia Gaming
    Nooktopia Gaming

    Plainrock 2019: Collecting my Tesla Plainrock 2021: My new glasses

  • psc

    Being honest, you look fine in those glasses.

  • Emilia Kucharska
    Emilia Kucharska

    They look nice/sweet/even better than old glasses

  • Soupx

    I’m gonna be honest I like the new glasses

  • Kelp97

    That scene where you walked into a wall was hilarious

    • Siri // GD Partitionhlep
      Siri // GD Partitionhlep

      3:55 This one?

  • Terminator 101
    Terminator 101

    Can we all just agree that he looks really good when his glasses are off no homo

    • Dogdillon

      Honestly he looks like a Korean charcthers from a sterotypical game

  • MrNonsense

    whats funny is that we never thought that we had to update our glasses, but now we do.

  • Fahz76

    Since King shaved his head bald, he now has LONG hair, especially an inch longer than mine.

    • Lol

      Then he shaved it bald again.

    • Teo's TFS Videos
      Teo's TFS Videos

      @Jorge Martinez LOOK WHAT I SAID, he looks like a nerd when wearing new glasses

    • Jorge Martinez
      Jorge Martinez


    • Teo's TFS Videos
      Teo's TFS Videos

      @yasio bolo what he didnt look like that with new glasses

    • Teo's TFS Videos
      Teo's TFS Videos

      @yasio bolo new glass made him look like a nerd

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    “My AirPods have been sitting in a drawer, collecting dust.” Along with his temporary Motorola Rokr phone

  • Victory Guard
    Victory Guard

    "No one will hear that big time rush is coming out of your glasses."

    • Claudiu Stamate
      Claudiu Stamate

      is big time rush real

  • Tammy Hoehler
    Tammy Hoehler

    they already have smart glasses that have the whole speaker and microphone thing and a screen built in and they look better and they do everything your iPhone or applewatch do

  • XD Rathole
    XD Rathole

    Glasses look good I never thought they looked ugly

    • felix bakat
      felix bakat

      @Infev Same

    • XD Rathole
      XD Rathole

      @Big Ben why

    • Big Ben
      Big Ben

      plz change ur pfp

    • BrontoCoolGuy

      Yeah me neither

    • Infev

      i didn't even notice that he got new glasses

  • Sam

    Lmao imagine waking up and forgetting to put your glasses on charge

  • Ian G. Sully
    Ian G. Sully

    Honestly, I think they look nice on you.

  • jiggleBearyt

    Man if I wore glasses I'd want these

  • Aj Lawrence
    Aj Lawrence

    50 ways to break AirPods or AirPods pro also 50 ways to break old or new glasses. Love you videos

  • Poptronic Gaming
    Poptronic Gaming

    More vlogs please! Btw the lenses on the glasses are a tinnyyy bit to big

  • swokvr

    When you didn't even know he changed glasses

  • The Doge【ツ】
    The Doge【ツ】

    A good channel makes a shoutout to another great channel? This must be it

  • Muskugee Gaming
    Muskugee Gaming

    Plainrock124's glasses are great.

  • Samir Ahmadi
    Samir Ahmadi

    "I don't do product reviews" Bored Smashing Grocery Store Phones: *am I a joke to you*

    • SimCity Tips
      SimCity Tips

      @James Non Playz Roblox you play roshit?

    • Lemonade

      @James Playz Roblox bruh moment

    • MichaelEpicA

      @James Playz Roblox Was that funny? No, Was that nesseceary? No. Was that even a little bit nice, no. THINK BEFORE YOU SAY

    • Ben Adams
      Ben Adams

      @James Playz Roblox ok kid

    • Samir Ahmadi
      Samir Ahmadi

      @Zachary Zand I also watch dankpods as well *oh my pkcell*

  • EverythingMatters

    this is the thing that keeps me up at night

  • ihasarax

    I love dankpods content he’s the only channel I look forward to

  • rock on AJ Joseph
    rock on AJ Joseph

    Is it weird that this is one of my favorite 🤩 videos

  • Bloated And Loaded
    Bloated And Loaded

    nice to see my childhood youtuber is doing good lmao, time to catch up

  • Warthog5050

    I wonder if King ever thought about wearing contact lenses ? Btw why does he wear glasses ? Bet no one would recognize him if he quit wearing them .

  • Wixy 2426
    Wixy 2426

    I love how how king says the unsubscribe button is down below lol 😂

  • Ethan Booker
    Ethan Booker

    Hey plain rock if you read this thanks for all the amazing vids been watching you for all long and I'm lack ing good head phones don't have an iPhone and airpods and if you have another give away TELL ME please love the vids and keep up the good work

  • Jay3-_-

    These would actually clutch for school bruh my teachers never let me have my AirPods in and if they still don’t let me play music with them on they’ll have to tell me to take my glasses off lol

  • KazandraDoesCrap

    "They're still useful for their active noise cancellation in cases like an airplane or a BTS concert." -KING 2021

    • felix bakat
      felix bakat

      @Free_limitx 2:53

    • Sparwhal

      When I went to a BTS concert we broke the record for the loudest a crowd has ever gotten or something, and it was LOUD

    • Dallis Kal
      Dallis Kal


    • Free_limitx

      That’s my favorite line🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • MagicWizurd

      I love BTS lol I'd gladly go to one of their concerts


    I love your new glasses

  • The Quack
    The Quack

    I personally like the new glasses

  • 𝙻𝟷𝚅𝟷𝟹𝚈𝙼𝟹𝙻𝟶𝙳𝚈

    This guy needs more subscribers I swear

  • c00lk1d86

    King: I got these slip covers from Amazon Me: *gets an Amazon ad*

  • Super LoneStar Bros
    Super LoneStar Bros

    Now we need a bored smashing glasses

  • GlaticTooaster40

    Good job brother for getting trending

  • Brandon_Kig

    I thought King looks good in the new glasses tho.

  • Cooper the man
    Cooper the man

    I like your new glasses plain rock

  • Abul Basar
    Abul Basar

    I like plainrocks new glasses it looks good

  • CheesyCheese60

    Epic glasses but i think they're too expensive


    “Hey yo why can’t you here me?” “Sorry I was listening to my glasses”

  • Chromium

    You are the living representation of how media represents millennials

  • Gamerbruh

    Just saying those glasses look good on you

  • 🐼 Hi_I_am_Panda 🐼
    🐼 Hi_I_am_Panda 🐼

    Love how he says the unsubscribe button is down below 😂

  • Rhen_2931

    You got to know that everything is technology now when you're fucking glasses have to update

  • JeffPerson

    Yay an Australian iPod channel showed them to him. got to love dank pods

  • Le thingy
    Le thingy

    Hey king, did you know they had a “sports” model that has usb-c and has a light and metal frame for the same price

    • Jayden Rylean
      Jayden Rylean

      covid hit him hard

    • The Cat of Lava and Magma
      The Cat of Lava and Magma

      How tf is his hair so long in such a short time

  • Jack Playz
    Jack Playz

    you know hes a god when he is ok with people with unsub plainrock if your reading this i would never unsub

  • Pizzpizza129

    You look good with those glasses

  • Varshan Abi
    Varshan Abi

    who else actually thinks they suit him.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    That scene where you walked into a wall was hilarious

  • Borissinche 123
    Borissinche 123

    Honesty, I like those glasses. Based on how you look like, I don't really care, as long you make content.

  • Milan 3489
    Milan 3489

    this is actually true, the old glasses were better than your new glasses

  • h12

    You've got to get the glasses that Bill Gates originally had

  • Jay Pelletier
    Jay Pelletier

    Remember when plainrock124 was just breaking grocery store phones

  • Smiley

    I honestly like the new ones.

  • Luis Angel Santos
    Luis Angel Santos

    “My AirPods have been sitting in a drawer, collecting dust.” Along with his temporary Motorola Rokr phone

    • CheatV2


    • Colin1.c Apple Tech
      Colin1.c Apple Tech

      1:49 you are so right

    • ZhiHeng Nathanael Chow
      ZhiHeng Nathanael Chow

      Razr update?

    • Esiayo Alegbe
      Esiayo Alegbe

      STILL has that razr there

  • Porter Baria
    Porter Baria

    i like the new glasses :D

  • Jaden Tisdale
    Jaden Tisdale

    A few weeks later "HOW TO FLEX YOUR GLASSES"

  • mooble

    ngl i like these glasses more than the old ones

  • BrunkkiPro

    'Their active noise cancellation is still useful in places like an airplane, or a BTS concert' King this is awesome, love ur jokes

  • Gusty

    now i actually want a pair of those

  • Creater Jayanth
    Creater Jayanth

    Nice video keep it up make more related videos

  • none

    The glasses match your hair and it looks good and I watch dankpods

  • Kiana Becker
    Kiana Becker

    His flexing is legendary ✨

  • Soviet koopa
    Soviet koopa

    “The unsubscribe button is down below” That made me die of laughing

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    Imagine being out in public and find out that your Sunglasses have a low battery..

  • Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr
    Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr

    On the topic of glasses I am extremely particular and prefer one brand