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  • PlainrockVlogs

    It doesn't help that I already look exactly like the Virgin character...

    • weareOmrt

      Have Scott the woz!

    • William & Jasmine Thomson
      William & Jasmine Thomson


    • gillam1510

      @Antoniomastro10 Gaming bruh he won’t reply

    • Benjamin Allen
      Benjamin Allen


    • BamAnimates


  • Pigmcginnyrig

    Did people forget that Scott’s main gimmick is being a virgin?

    • angeles jacinto
      angeles jacinto

      No man virgin scott

    • Evan Passmore
      Evan Passmore

      thats what makes him a chad



    • they do be vibben
      they do be vibben

      He didnt pay virgin tax

    • ?

      He was certified so he’s a mega virgin

  • The Cosmic Sheen
    The Cosmic Sheen

    Scott the Woz is now officially canon in the Plainrock124 cinematic Universe

    • ope

      @AdamIsTooWeird they did

    • AdamIsTooWeird

      Marvel should take notes

    • Wixy 2426
      Wixy 2426

      I approve

    • ope

      The PCU

    • DatBoiSolar

      B O R E D S M A S H I S I N G S C O T T T H E W O Z

  • Kitsune

    Twitter: calls scott a chad Scott: has called himself a virgin on multiple occasions

    • Polus Petrovich
      Polus Petrovich

      @Ean Elijah De Guzman maybe

    • Polus Petrovich
      Polus Petrovich

      @Ean Elijah De Guzman Yeah I know It's not like he didn't uploaded in 2021

    • YVDiesAlone

      I know this is a joke and all but Scott literally acts out his entire IRglo channel. That’s the character he plays.

    • SoupsMaryo

      Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast is what's keeping him from being a virgin

    • Kitsune

      @Polus Petrovich 2020

  • Aaron Flynn
    Aaron Flynn

    People: Scott uploads weekly Scott: *hasn't uploaded in 2 months* Edit: yes I am aware that Scott uploaded a week ago, this comment was made before that

    • My Guy
      My Guy

      @Prestin Animations says who?

    • Ckatss

      Borderline forever was worth it

    • some moronic penguin
      some moronic penguin


    • Wasthomashere

      **laughs in Scott**

    • Focks

      He finally did it

  • T-Bird

    Scott and King are a lot more similar then people may think Both have macs Both have glasses Both make good youtube videos Both do funny or otherwise unorthodox content (King for breaking shit for funny content or Scott for calling himself a virgin and wanting to get laid) Both like Nintendo Both are amazing people that truly do youtube for fun

    • Chilaquiless

      @ask343 oh

    • ask343

      @Chilaquiless no read my earlier reply

    • Chilaquiless

      True except the fun thing Plainrock do youtube for money and fun Scott idk

    • ask343

      @CLASSIFIED they both do it for both enjoyment and money.


      For that last comparison, You clearly didn’t listen

  • TrashBinProductions

    How could you call Plainrock a virgin, he is clearly a CHAD because he won a Mario Kart tournament with tilt controls!!

    • Marco De marzo
      Marco De marzo

      Breaking news: plainrock124 has created a new country in Arizona: chad flagstaff

    • KornLS

      @Angelodidnotbuild .......

    • Angelodidnotbuild

      Hi KornRT

    • KornLS

      Hi Trashbin

  • Geraza

    Why plainrock doesn't have nice girlfriend?

    • Geraza

      @Fista Divi Amesia haha

    • Fista Divi Amesia
      Fista Divi Amesia

      Im asexual because: Too lazy Thats it.

    • ShadowOcto

      @Geraza ok you're a good troll

    • Dancing Fan
      Dancing Fan

      He’s a virgin what do you expect?

    • IntentBoat5

      @Atakan hells to the no’s

  • Gamerroy 43
    Gamerroy 43

    Me, an intellectual: They're both Chads in their own respective ways

    • Citavalo

      Their asses are for sitting, not for kissing bub.

    • Tetsuu

      Omg hi marie i love u can i give u my Golden toothpick??😳😳

    • Zenthemanchild

      There marie and marina but where’s Pearl, the best splatoon star???

    • TheDiamondGoldMine // GabrielTDGM
      TheDiamondGoldMine // GabrielTDGM

      @Cheeto Turtle *2017

    • Cheeto Turtle
      Cheeto Turtle

      @null301 I cant believe its marina from splatoon 2 (from 2018 in fact, and not 2015)

  • kornelek

    this guy: calls plainrock "virgin" plainrock, a proud virgin:

    • 2good4u

      @I hate the CAT S60 Phone don’t online date

    • 2good4u

      @I hate the CAT S60 Phone I-

    • 2good4u

      @True Hokage the fuc-

    • 2good4u

      @ItzCoolChenz wtf

    • gthom



    2:20 “Relies on edgy humor” Twitter: uses extremely unoriginal jokes

    • The Nameless 2
      The Nameless 2

      Actually fucking true. It's all the same and lame jokes.

    • PatrickTheGod Archives
      PatrickTheGod Archives

      @GoldnHead yeah I agree

    • GoldnHead

      @PatrickTheGod Archives Yea true the only memes I see are pretty bad but it's 100x better than twitter in everyway since twitter is a shit platform

    • PatrickTheGod Archives
      PatrickTheGod Archives

      @GoldnHead that’s debatable.

    • EAST6


  • splends

    “Has no respect towards fans” Plainrock literally spends thousands of dollars on technology to destroy just to entertain us.

    • XIdiot


    • splends

      @Super Mario plush reviewer how else does he afford these lmao

    • IronicIvan

      well he did do it for money.... but we still like watching him

    • Super Mario plush reviewer
      Super Mario plush reviewer

      @Windows Door Daniel I know

    • Windows Door Daniel
      Windows Door Daniel

      @Super Mario plush reviewer he use money i think for his living and tech to destroy

  • SharkBeret

    The virgin “comparing channels in a meme format to negatively comment on one channel” V.s. The chad “enjoys both channels because they both make content that is enjoyable”

  • Rocket

    plot twist he just wants to explain his flaws to us before someone roasts him

    • Magatsu Synergy
      Magatsu Synergy

      @Mrsuperking IRglo631 yo plainrock124 more like plainrock

    • Rocket

      @Mrsuperking IRglo631 FR

  • Sir Nigel Thornberry
    Sir Nigel Thornberry

    34 years old and married and I personally love your videos man. Keep it up bro! You have a large “mature” fanbase. Don’t worry about that.

    • SmashKick Playz
      SmashKick Playz

      Same! A few years ago when his main channel was around 300k subs, my son was watching and I was overhearing the jokes while I was working and i asked him "Who is that youtuber?" and I've been watching ever since. Plainrock actually inspired me to get started in IRglo in 2018.

  • Carson_idk1 カーソンIdk1
    Carson_idk1 カーソンIdk1

    I respect King so much and I get how he makes “edgy jokes.” I dont Care how this guy flexes or makes edgy jokes, he makes me laugh and feel better so I don’t care what he does

  • Tanksx

    This is one of the rare times we see plainrock being genuine😂 (pls dont kill me i personally think he has 2 styles one for his sarcastic style in most of his videos and his genuine style like this video)

  • Fluff64

    Honestly it's kinda weird when king is being genuine, he's usually joking around

  • JoJosbread

    I’m glad you made this, it showed me that you are very chill and cool, you care about the work that goes into your videos, and you do it for the memes, and that you’re not just some man child destroying crap for attention and money, not that I ever had those thoughts, but clarification never hurts. Basically, you’re a great youtuber in my book. :)

    • TrulyKayy

      Agreed , many people might not know the effort that king puts in each video, he even shows that he is just a genuine and chill dude, you do you king.

  • Pixal Ubers
    Pixal Ubers

    "Plainrock doesn't care about his fanbase and makes fun out of them" Me who laughs with him and fully support him: *record scratch* what?

    • YVDiesAlone

      @a youtube watcher 123 he seems to be embarrassed by the toxic little kids who are a percentage of his channel. And I don’t like them either

    • a youtube watcher 123
      a youtube watcher 123

      He loves us, he just also hates us at the same time lol.

    • sivsaz2011 A̸j̸
      sivsaz2011 A̸j̸


  • Seb A-C
    Seb A-C

    Love your content, the bored smashing is a bit painful sometimes but I still watch it or leave it on in the background because I love your content and you are original and funny. Keep it up!

  • Saiki?

    And I just want say I very much appreciate your time and effort to making us joyous content 😌

  • Marc Fernando
    Marc Fernando

    All memes aside, Plainrock is spitting facts.

    • Zbar Gaming
      Zbar Gaming

      Out of all the languages he chose FACTS

  • Plainapple287

    2:53 it was neat that plainrock finally addressed this, but hey, I understand that you can’t control your fanbase.

    • Dylan Rivera
      Dylan Rivera

      He did say it once on Twitter

  • IsakTS

    I really enjoy just listening to King talk about various subjects, Id like to see more of these kinds of videos


    Pretty sure king is both virgin and chad, he’s the virgin chad

    • Megachad Sixty nine
      Megachad Sixty nine

      @Connor Dillon stfu stay mad

    • Mark Dork
      Mark Dork

      Scott the virchad

    • PJ

      @Connor Dillon ayo chill

    • Just Some Guy's Kid
      Just Some Guy's Kid

      he is a vagina then

    • yeet.748


  • Umai 旨い
    Umai 旨い

    Glad he's actually being honest about doing IRglo for the money

  • Rotaryking714

    I’ve been a part of both fan bases for a long time and I can say they’re both great Love u King and Love u Scott

  • Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson

    King really seems like a down to earth person in this video and I would like to see that in some more of his other videos.

  • Som one
    Som one

    Twitter: says Scott posted weekly Scott: hasn’t uploaded in 2 months

    • The Onesie Soldier
      The Onesie Soldier

      He's taking a break from youtube

    • scorpionrealms

      He's on break I'm pretty sure

    • Water 347
      Water 347

      He’s working on season 5

    • TheLegoNation

      He will come back soon

    • D's vidz
      D's vidz

      Where are ya Scott?

  • PizzaGaming

    King yes, it is one of the best decisions you've ever made :) Keep up the good content!

  • I need a better name
    I need a better name

    I like both of you guys you have great humor and good editing

  • DKland

    Keep the edgy jokes ur videos are hilarious lol. Keep up the good work

  • I Like Fish
    I Like Fish

    Most youtubers I watch get boring because they upload all time but when you have a youtuber like plainrock who's funny and uploads every now and again, you have that video to appreciate instead of someone who uploads daily, and there jokes just ending up sounding the same all the time, and that's why I appreciate those who upload every week or so compared to someone who uploads every day or two.

  • Mr. Goat
    Mr. Goat

    Why can't we live in a universe where virgins and Chads learn to love one another?

  • Desert Sandfly
    Desert Sandfly

    If there's one thing common between King and Scott. It's the dark humour about their lives that everyone loves.

  • Meried

    I love how honest and genuine he is in this video.

    • gillam1510

      He won’t heart this comment so don’t try

  • CarpetPader BS
    CarpetPader BS

    You know this hit home when he s actually serious

  • 5;3 ;9’-“H-75
    5;3 ;9’-“H-75

    This is like when you show your mom a meme and it turns into a lecture

  • Conor O 'Regan
    Conor O 'Regan

    When it comes to flexing I’m ok with how you do it because you do it in a humorous way when you do

  • Brandon

    Imagine if King actually gets one of those expensive gaming chairs lmao

  • adam's_chong

    This is a chad move. Reviewing his own roast.

  • C0RN D4WG
    C0RN D4WG

    Dude you are one of my favorite IRglors and if we are being honest your the Chad because your breaking stuff 😂

  • LuccaDoesStuff

    The best part about Scott the Woz is that he never wastes time asking the viewer to subscribe.

  • Hobbyist

    Your content is very unique and I hope you are always compensated!

  • robinbm553

    i just love your videos!! you make me laugh for no reason idk how or why


    king should do more videos like this its nice to see what he thinks outside all of his jokes in a normal video



  • Abandoned

    I feel like even though he knows it's a joke, he's super insulted and is secretly venting

  • MG

    PlainRock don't listen to that your videos have been perfect and always make me laugh and I always in joy them don't change a thing and keep up the good work

  • WhiteFlame

    I love kings humor, he is different than everyone else and I love that, you can’t really compare two people in my opinion, everyone is too different to compare, either way, king is epic 😎

  • Brayden Randolph
    Brayden Randolph

    It is nice to see this side of you hope for the best

  • StarryBOI

    I love his videos he makes me laugh a lot 😂😂😂

  • Rob Sison
    Rob Sison

    King has grown even more mature throughout the years.

  • EpicStar86

    At 4:22 I strongly agree with this opinion because back in Late November of 2020 when CyberShell uploaded a video after almost 4 years of disappearance he came back and it was a really special treat

  • Unnamed loser
    Unnamed loser

    Plain rock looks and sounds like he’s at gunpoint being forced to say this.

    • Yman Mkk
      Yman Mkk

      I know

    • Unnamed loser
      Unnamed loser

      @Enderdragooonit was a joke....

    • Enderdragooon


    • Arin Ismaiel
      Arin Ismaiel


    • TheObamiumChronicles

      I think that he made a video about this because the guy who made it wouldn't stop replying to his tweets with it.

  • Belle Ann
    Belle Ann

    hey king! i am not rlly a gamer and I don’t rlly follow youtubers but when I stumbled on one of your videos, I slowly started started watching the rest 💗 love your stuff!!

  • Asher

    i really enjoyed this video! make more of these kinds of videos if you want to :)

  • SmashKick Playz
    SmashKick Playz

    3:47 - I tried over & over to keep an upload schedule because all those channels telling you how to be successful at IRglo told me that's what I needed to be doing and the end result was that I was getting stressed out & depressed and then I stopped uploading and deleted my older content because I cringed every time I watched it. This is a cycle that repeated itself over & over since 2018. So here I am starting yet again to make videos, but this time I'll just upload when I'm ready. As long it's working for you, keep doing what you're doing King. Sometimes NOT listening to what everyone is telling you and listening to your heart is the way to go.

  • Cjdestroyah Animation
    Cjdestroyah Animation

    I agree. Uploading videos weekly is pretty tough. So I make them at random days. So I totally can relate.

  • Julio Chavez
    Julio Chavez

    Hey King I’m out of the loop and didn’t know there was any drama or hate going on. I’m 24 and have been watching you for close to 4+ years. I enjoy both yours and Scott’s videos . Honestly it does motivate me when I see you Upload . From seeing your old bored smashing to where you are now you’ve come along way. Great job keep it up!

  • Los Loud Boyz
    Los Loud Boyz

    We need the "Plainrock Loses Virginity" vlog!

  • AidenGibson1

    I agree with the random uploads, I think that’s why I watch you the most because as you mentioned, It’s a pleasant surprise.

  • ToastyWafflesz

    You know it’s a good day when king uploads

    • ChonkiMonki

      @Chills thank you!

    • Chills

      @ChonkiMonki happy birthday mate!

    • ChonkiMonki

      Yeah its my birthday too.

  • Hassham Rana
    Hassham Rana

    I am not gonna lie but I have more respect for Plainrock after this video. Keep up the good work. 😊

  • gabriel pickup
    gabriel pickup

    I agree. I don't think upload schedules are that great. I always like the surprise of seeing that a youtuber has uploaded a video.

  • FPMc47

    This is the closest to Plainrock being serious as we'll ever get.

  • ndk

    Plainrock124 Is a very good guy, he makes me laugh when I'm sad or mad. I really injoy his smashing videos he gives me the courage, to upload more and do better on youtube and gives me motivation. I've been watching his videos since I was in 4th grade and I'm now in 6th grade I've always wanted to be like him he's a very good youtube. evan when the COVID-19 shit hit he still uploads that what I like about him he keeps it real. I used to crack jokes like him in school. i always wanted to look up to him. He's worked very hard for his stuff and I'm proud of him. Please see this plainrock124!

  • the only keyman
    the only keyman

    Well your videos are worth the wait and you have some awesome editing skills BTW you’re content is awesome keep up the great work

  • WaterYoshi

    I really love your content, keep it up.

  • Spice 138
    Spice 138

    I really agree with these points I just really find most videos good to watch hope it does not die out anytime

  • Murtle

    love both of ya’lls content, both y’all are chads

  • Delta21

    Would've loved to see King appear in the opening of Borderline Forever with his baseball bat and broken tech while watching the VHS opening on his iPhone 11. Saw a variation of this meme but with Dream replacing King while doom scrolling on Dream's tweet about cheating lmao

  • Nickthegod654

    Plainrock is just defending his virginity Ever man has to do it trust me

  • SmashKick Playz
    SmashKick Playz

    4:39 - Ngl King, my fave videos of yours are actually the Moving On & How To Flex series. I mean I started watching your channel when you were ludicrous dropping phones, but your sense of humor and how it defines your content including Bored Smashing is what is truly special. Btw, I'm a huge fan of Tesla & SpaceX so if I had a Tesla (or Starship), I would be flexing it too! 😂

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara

    Don’t Worry King! Just Stay As Cool As You Are Because You Will Always Be One Of My Favorite IRglors! 😁

  • SB

    The person who made this took it to heart when he shredded those Pokemon cards and is a big Scott the Woz fan so decided to spend 2 hours coming up with pros about Scott and cons about King and prayed and sacrificed his rare pokemon cards to god that King would see his tweet and get offended by it

  • Floatxyy

    i like your content and i like when you poke fun at us too its funny

  • Holden Hall
    Holden Hall

    I mean I like both IRglo’s equally, both give off the “hidden gem” feel. And I like that In them since it makes them work hard and give me quality content to enjoy!

    • YVDiesAlone

      I don’t think I’d consider Scott the wiz a hidden gem because literally everyone seems to know him.

  • Ummmm

    When he said "certain fanbases" I know he is talking about K-Pop and Dream

    • Mason 4Life
      Mason 4Life

      The 2 worst fanbases

    • BrandonFunny


    • Shah


  • Ateks

    Dude I actually enjoyed this very much great work I really enjoy your videos

  • Zmonster

    I love how he refers to his fan base in the third person

  • Dunker

    I highly agree with the last one I love every single time you post a video because you always post something I’m in to also I’m really interested how you collect Nintendo items and I really enjoy it and I’m trying to collect like you but it’s slow process but it’s fun and you’re content may sometimes take long to upload but I will always will know that it’s going to be a well made video keep up the great work and I hope you hit a million soon.

  • °MrNickŸnon°

    Plainrock124 you’re actually a very nice person,you’ve teached me about IRglo even more and i hate when people say you’re wasting money but you’re making it!Keep it up!

  • John Duncan
    John Duncan

    Love plainrock to death and watch every video I just wish the necks in his shirts weren’t so stretched out hahahaha

  • Cody Dee
    Cody Dee

    I would love to see a reverse cross over. You doing Scott things and Scott breaking his Nintendo collection.

  • Scorch-SkittishMCJames

    I actually really like your videos because they inspire me. For the 50 ways to break a Switch Lite and Switch, I was greatly intrigued, so thank you for that :)

  • NeganPeakMusic4

    I love everything you do on your channel. UwU you have broken my switch gaming things but if I’m being honest it was funny. I love the work you do on IRglo. Also sorry if I spell bad. I have some autism. So please no hate me

  • Dead rat
    Dead rat

    Basically, king is the one with the Tesla.

    • George999

      @Toph Beifong So? Plainrock has the most nintendo stuff bro.

    • Toph Beifong
      Toph Beifong

      @Luis Angel Santos Scott has almost all North American Wii U games

    • thejghostodst


    • 亞當·穆霍爾

      @Hamood habi Scott does too

    • David Angosto
      David Angosto

      The king of technology

  • Nicholas Boi
    Nicholas Boi

    we already know somebody has been hating him already XD

  • Ent Primarina
    Ent Primarina

    PLOT TWIST : Scott made the tweet

  • Brandon_e210

    For the whole fan base is full of little kids thing I for one am 23, married with a family and thoroughly enjoy your videos. I enjoy your dry edgy sense of humor and especially love you amiibo hunting videos and skits. Keep up the good work man

  • TheArbiter 2
    TheArbiter 2

    I love how it says scotts a chad when he makes fun of how much of a virgin he is in most of his videos.

  • MrNintendo

    Hey King, Love your stuff. I know it's a generic thing to say, but I genuinely think your content is great. I love scott to though

  • JmrUltra

    I actually saw you and Scott in the 12 Days of Nintendo video Nathaniel Bandy made, and to see some of my favorite content creators there working together is a dream come true.

  • That Gibberish Rapping Dog
    That Gibberish Rapping Dog

    most of the stuff in the chad meme are obvious jokes but something i feel like is worth mentioning is that scott also does youtube as a career, but its centered entirely around just what he likes and is passionate about, a youtube channel which entire backbone is breaking trendy highly desired things to garner negative attention is going to be more frowned upon by default because its not really respectable

  • DPL_Josh

    Plainrock don’t become a serious IRglor, you’re the IRglor that I come to when I need to laugh

  • oskulate

    This video was straight facts 💯

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    He is actually very funny we can talk about anything it just make a freaking joke out of it

  • 6-4

    Scott is 100% chad he played barrel blast

  • Grakata Gaming
    Grakata Gaming

    The REAL virgin hasn't uploaded in 2 months so I think you win here...