Description: Watch a Nintendo Fanboy slowly lose his sanity and question his life choices.

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  • Louie

    Let’s all give him credit for doing it one handed

    • PremiumLiam


    • Coach Wheeles
      Coach Wheeles

      @Louie slddiseldk

    • Jack’s channel
      Jack’s channel


    • caroline hathway
      caroline hathway

      Well done



  • Your Local Idiot
    Your Local Idiot

    To the people saying “imagine if he tried to move house.” That aged incredibly

    • eggomc lego
      eggomc lego

      zOo lOK GeY bOWzEr

    • eggomc lego
      eggomc lego

      Dude the sentence is wrong it should be like this."imagine if he tried to move to a different house."

    • Roger Modrzejewski
      Roger Modrzejewski

      @pur3 g4l4xy and the way you are doing it was not sure if I can make you a better person

    • ratty doo
      ratty doo

      Well it kinda happen

    • Echo Egbert
      Echo Egbert

      Kuhl o 1o Know if 8th 7⁸ Atypical ljO

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho

    Legend says this man is made out of Nintendo consles.

    • I_AM_JELLY32

      it was a experiment gone wrong where Nintendo tried to make all consoles connect to each other and have centiant minds. thay joined together with free will as the consoles can't physically harm humans he mentally harms humans by flexing and destroying valuables in front of poor people and also has a love yet a hate with a burning passion for Nintendo

    • Geographics_

      @The Nameless Show chill

    • The Nameless Show
      The Nameless Show

      @Bellay he is a murderer

    • Namtoast

      @Bellay cannibal means eat not kill

    • Bellay

      Well he smash every single one Sooo that means he is a canibal

  • SuperBrandenBros

    “ All these Mario puzzles I don’t have time to do!” He has time to literally take every single Nintendo thing he owns and put it in the bathroom. But he doesn’t have time to work on a puzzle?

    • Nicky5601

      @Dickus Longus you know the answer

    • Dickus Longus
      Dickus Longus

      bathroom yeeting is some content material will you rather watch a man yeeting and slowly sprial into depression and go insane or watch him making puzzles

    • 1

      @Super Yoshi well now four

    • Super Yoshi
      Super Yoshi

      This deserves more than three likes as of the time I made this reply

  • teddyama

    He has the every nintendo console ever made. Respect!

    • HunterisayouTuber

      I’m surprised he has a virtual boy though that’s Nintendo’s worst selling console if u wanna call it that

    • Tom - Cartoon
      Tom - Cartoon

      @Jaden Butanas he said one of his gamecubes did come with a gameboy player but it didn't come with a gameboy player disc

    • Tom - Cartoon
      Tom - Cartoon

      @Wooden Train Series: Official he does have GameCube and Gameboy advance

    • Jaden Butanas
      Jaden Butanas

      @Wooden Train Series: Official And only the consoles,no accessories like gameboy player

    • Jaden Butanas
      Jaden Butanas

      @Wooden Train Series: Official console,not handhelds

  • Calcium Carbonate
    Calcium Carbonate

    Honestly, most people who play Nintendo a lot would have a room like him.

    • Punkteen182

      I’ve been working on mine since I was 5 aka when I started loving Nintendo

    • I Like Chips
      I Like Chips

      I don’t have a room lmao but I do have Nintendo stuff

    • Fleggle Valencia 2.0
      Fleggle Valencia 2.0

      I'm a Nintendo fanboy and my room isn't like plainrocks 😭

    • Shady

      I can't even get some of these things because I wasn't born early enough.

    • Shady

      I have literally no nintendo plushies consals (other then switch)and no amibos or basically anything he has.

  • I_AM_JELLY32

    I just love his dedication and determination to own everything that Nintendo has put out like all the consoles and games and books

  • *Insert username here*
    *Insert username here*

    I like how he gently puts the plushies down but he straight up SLAMS the books and stuff to the bathtub

  • Dr Trayaurus
    Dr Trayaurus

    You have to appreciate this man he goes out of his way to entertain us

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez

    I’m addicted watching plain rock I’ve rewatched the same vids like 10 times or more 😂

    • Not_C1axy


    • Luis Arocho
      Luis Arocho

      Lol only ten? I have a collection of my own and this makes me wanna shove everything in a bathroom

    • Silverplayz

      Same lol

    • Jose Galvan Cruz Jose Galvan Cruz
      Jose Galvan Cruz Jose Galvan Cruz

      what a plain person

    • squeee_the_gaming_ guy
      squeee_the_gaming_ guy

      I’ve watched his coloring book vid about 7 times already.@Steven Hernandez

  • Acid N00dl3s
    Acid N00dl3s

    I can rewatch this multiple times it never gets boring

    • plankton

      I could rewatch his whole channel multiple times and never get bored

    • Good Vibes
      Good Vibes


    • PremiumLiam

      I agree

    • Dino Dom
      Dino Dom

      I agree

    • Gray Worrell
      Gray Worrell


  • Raiden

    That collection is amazing

  • Abram

    3 things 1: props to him for actually being this devoted to the gaming compeney he likes , and to all the people in his smashing videos that says he "dosnt know how much this stuff is worth or what he is doing" this is proof they are wrong 2: also all of the time and effort put into this, he now is going to have to redo basically his whole house again to put this stuff back , but hey at least he got some content and nastolgia out of it 3: people saying where else would he put this, if his whole house has nintendo stuff he needs to take things out of he dosnt have a room that he can put it in cause it would be taking it out to put it right back in , also where would you put almost everything you own for a video in your living room? Thats not gonna get annoying fast

  • Lucas Hinde
    Lucas Hinde

    This just proves how durable Nintendo stuff is

  • Pete Redel
    Pete Redel

    How much stuff was damaged when you put it back. I feel so bad for the collectables at the bottom of the pile. Yikes! Didn't you have a table or something in your main room to carefully place everything? That had to be a nightmare to reorganize.

  • XD _ITZAden_LOL
    XD _ITZAden_LOL

    He’s so committed to IRglo that he’ll do this

    • PremiumLiam


    • Emilija Vilkaite
      Emilija Vilkaite

      What do you even talked with English subtitles

    • HappyAiden

      Why you make fake Moosecraft account

    • Jamari 3D gamer
      Jamari 3D gamer

      Does the word of Nintendo figures count

    • MattDoesStuff

      Something to do in lockdown

  • Aaron Jacinto
    Aaron Jacinto

    I can’t imagine how long it took to put everything back 😭

  • Aidenn Kettering
    Aidenn Kettering

    I wonder how hard it was to move all of that back into your rooms

  • Bill Yet
    Bill Yet

    7:21 I love how smooth that was

    • BlueÖysterStan

      @therandomyosh If you don’t like it

    • therandomyosh

      @Christina MacBay What

    • Christina MacBay
      Christina MacBay

      If you don’t like it

  • Frog Man
    Frog Man

    This is how to find out how much of a Nintendo fanboy you are

  • PorkBChop

    Imagine how long it took him to put all of those things back

    • Murder place Inc
      Murder place Inc


    • Lndn

      I would go insane

    • Rama Tare
      Rama Tare

      True it would take him 32 hours for to put them back

    • Meep Mew -Mostly Dead Account-
      Meep Mew -Mostly Dead Account-

      Now's a fun part. Now he can get everything reorganized in the other room!

    • Alyssa


  • PlushedPlushedVR

    i love how you can clearly hear me slowly getting depressed as he realizes how many things he actually owns

  • reptilian 4695
    reptilian 4695

    I watch these videos over and over again this is one of my favorites

  • Apple SheepPlays!
    Apple SheepPlays!

    I love the 6AM animal crossing new horizons music in the background :)

  • Savannah sale the 17 year old the Spanish girl
    Savannah sale the 17 year old the Spanish girl

    I laughed so hard when he said” that’s how you treat your camera gear.” 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

  • SkullzAnimations4

    Imagine how long it took him to put the stuff back

  • Fluff64

    This is the most genuine king has ever been in a video.

  • tonnomici

    This Nintendo guy seems really really cool, he should make games and stuff.

  • Lndn

    I would go insane putting all of that back

  • William Palmer
    William Palmer

    Gamestop employee: $3 take it or leave it.

    • thegolden kantana
      thegolden kantana

      @Vegito Blue12 nah they gave me 40 bucks for a wii remote and a few games

    • Vincent Castelli
      Vincent Castelli

      Uuuuu you mean 1sent right

    • SHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      $3? That's quite a lot...

    • This comment was here
      This comment was here

      @KronicTera ikr

    • Fletch


  • Zach Kanka
    Zach Kanka

    This man is turning me into a Nintendo fanboy

  • miklepickle

    Let's give him some credit bc he did this all with one hand

  • Wilson Cissel
    Wilson Cissel

    No wonder Nintendo has a lot of money, dang

  • Junking with Dustin
    Junking with Dustin

    I would love to have a room like his

  • ItsAntonio

    We have to appreciate the effort king put in this episode literally raiding his own room and having to put it all back after... I would've given up in like 5 mins...

  • Cheese balls
    Cheese balls

    Dudes my motivation to collect Nintendo stuff

  • The Gamer Guy
    The Gamer Guy

    wow your rooms look so cool when all you stuff is out

  • diet BOB zero
    diet BOB zero

    I think we’re equally as insane for watching through all of it

  • Dana and Lara TV
    Dana and Lara TV

    Plain rock:I hate my life choices Me: that’s what I say everyday

  • Tangly Python
    Tangly Python

    Who thinks of putting all of their Nintendo items in the bathroom? Either he is a genius or just PLAIN amazing.

    • Spark the Snorlax
      Spark the Snorlax

      Get out.

    • Memeboi

      Its both

    • RedFire1

      the comment is edited yet it still has a spelling error...

    • Kettle Shades
      Kettle Shades

      Shut up

    • da baby
      da baby

      Yup a "GENUS"

  • RetitledGaming

    imagine how long it took him to put all his stuff back after the video

  • Rockstar Pigpatch Pizza Place
    Rockstar Pigpatch Pizza Place

    For the Nintendo door thing you didn’t have to take down all the controllers you could’ve just took and down the rack with it and then hung it up on the bathroom door

  • -solocatbish-

    Nintendo must be raising a fortune thanks to him

  • Matias Cerpa
    Matias Cerpa

    If he does this in his new house 🏠 all of his stuff wouldn't fit in the bathroom if he does it there but umm (the fridge)

  • Calcium Carbonate
    Calcium Carbonate

    I have respect for this man. He has dedication, or he is bored.

    • fallen angel
      fallen angel

      Why can't it be both with a touch of insanity?

    • AlanNotEmo

      Calcium Carbonate no he saw a way to make a video of him moving into a new room if anything he’s making profit off this

    • LolumGoBrrr


  • göblin

    This hurt to watch but I respect king's dedication

  • Ignacio Jiménez Vargas
    Ignacio Jiménez Vargas

    13:42 Me when I toss an amiibo and then collides with another.

    • Animation&Stuff


    • MANNY

      U just described what happened this isn't even a joke

    • Ismael Alvarez
      Ismael Alvarez


    • No_Name

      no shit. that wasnt even a joke it was the actual thing lmao

  • Raiden

    Its nice to collect Nintendo stuff but make sure you don't have to move and that's where you wanna keep all your stuff at

  • Scribble L
    Scribble L

    This is satisfying to watch, but it would be more satisfying if there was less loud noises.

  • FCN CarCo
    FCN CarCo

    Imagine how long it would take to put everything back

    • FCN CarCo
      FCN CarCo

      DeMoNeTiZeD 🤣🤣

    • Shadowofinjustice_326

      Your profile pic says it all

    • FCN CarCo
      FCN CarCo

      Maileo true lmfao

    • Maileo

      At the same time he had it coming lmao

  • FuZoin_ FlameZ
    FuZoin_ FlameZ

    Give him props for doing all this with one hand

    • FuZoin_ FlameZ
      FuZoin_ FlameZ


  • Ryan Tiemann
    Ryan Tiemann

    9:40 - 9:45 "That's how you treat your camera gear." Me, a photographer: that is very much not.

  • Ness / C W O N
    Ness / C W O N

    You actually have a lot of really cool Nintendo stuff

  • βιάζεβροη

    Instead of smashing 1 thing he smashed his entire room

  • Hailey Brooke
    Hailey Brooke

    On the bright side.. If he breaks one of the Wii fit copies ...... he has more

    • Elizabeth Rodriguez
      Elizabeth Rodriguez

      Probably 🧁

    • Unavaatu


    • StephTheStarWarsGirl

      On the bright side if he breaks 30 of them he still has anothrr

    • Mr ice cream sandwich
      Mr ice cream sandwich

      Yep he has like 29 more and also he broke the will u with 30 copies of will fit

    • Chandra Feliciano
      Chandra Feliciano


  • Amunkairo

    the regret at the end where he realizes he couldve just bought curtains lmao

  • YellowpowR

    The moment I saw the way he laid the pins on the toilet, I though, They're totally gonna fall, right? Sure enough...

  • Watr Watr
    Watr Watr

    My favorite part was when he put his nintendo products in a bathroom

  • SirFedora2022

    Happy 1st anniversary to king putting all of his nintendo stuff in the bathroom!

  • not human
    not human

    Plot twist: He was just trying to hide all those stuff from a girl that was going to visit .

    • juliemaddness


    • Greasy Weesie
      Greasy Weesie

      Also the girl is plainrock with a rag on his head

    • Greasy Weesie
      Greasy Weesie

      If she went to the bathroom she would probably die from all the nentendo stuff falling down when the door opens

    • Phil Thicc
      Phil Thicc

      @azlee vasquez that would suck

    • Moodie Games
      Moodie Games


  • kittykat productions 2
    kittykat productions 2

    15:47 that killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Case

    the funny thing is you could have just bought curtains to cover the windows

  • Slinks

    Imagine if he had to use the bathroom while filming

    • AgSkywalker Garcia
      AgSkywalker Garcia

      *oh shit*

    • A Person
      A Person

      He could of cut it when editing

    • SpongeBobfunnys99

      @Super egg yeah probably. he said that was a second floor bathroom

    • Betzaida Cordero
      Betzaida Cordero

      @e m i l y um....

  • WildF1reFan

    The real question is.. how long did it take him to put it all back?

  • Harry Holland
    Harry Holland

    Normal people: what did you do in quarantine? Random person: played games at… Plainrock: GOT EVERY NINTENDO ITEM IN MY HOUSE AND PUT THEM IN MY BATHEROOM! Normal people: uhhh I’m getting some new friends

    • Drake Ash
      Drake Ash


  • Alloi_Gamez

    Imagine moving like %85 of everything in your house to take a video and moving it back after

  • totally real fortnite dev
    totally real fortnite dev

    imagine how long it took to put the Nintendo stuff back

  • Kirti Joshi
    Kirti Joshi

    Man he had a hard time organising this stuff

  • Poofy

    You should totally play Zelda! I think you’ll like it, they’re really fun games!

  • saanihsureh

    I just watched someone move their Nintendo stuff to a bathroom for 25 mins. So worth it.

    • Pluto

      I watched this video in 0.50 speed so 50 minutes

    • Sweaty Beef
      Sweaty Beef

      Quarantine has done something to all of us, huh?

  • Average Beekeeper
    Average Beekeeper

    Let's just talk about how he did the club penguin dance when cleaning.

  • Michael Pastras
    Michael Pastras

    Me: watching plainrock having a whole bathroom with Nintendo stuff Also me : don't have any nitendo thing in my whole house

  • iatebleach69

    Dear King/Plainrock I am writing this comment to thank you for all the help you have done for the past year helping me get through the shutdown and when I was sad you would make me happy immediately with your dumb sense of humor some of my friends didn’t understand why I watched you’re channel but I would always tell them to give you a chance. So the meaning of their comment is to say thank you for doing an amazing job as a content creator. Thank you!

  • Julius Zietlow
    Julius Zietlow

    My brother loves Nintendo and everything with Mario on it. I now have a lot of new ideas for Birthday and Christmas gifts.

  • Wasthomashere

    This is like Toy Story's Andy when he's old and he starts packing his stuff! But it's a Chinese Nintendo fan boy version and he has more inanimate objects..

    • Jackson Kelly
      Jackson Kelly

      Comment chain

    • gbo

      Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z. Toy Story with a whole bunch of anxiety in a bathroom

    • Wasthomashere

      @Nitro World Network W.o.w. what a coincidence, I know this such a cliche thing to say but Tysm for the Likes.. Even likes can't financially help me, oh well maybe my sanity guys

    • Wasthomashere

      @Pleasantly Scented lma0.., true tho. What unforeseen reveal/spoiler though of seeing all of his stuff..

    • the Ruby maker
      the Ruby maker

      Except there is more stuff

  • KiriMilitx

    I gained the ultimate respect when at 13:15 he had we bare bears mugs stacked in the correct order XD

  • The Flash
    The Flash

    “The rare thousand-dollar star fox game” drops it

  • the Life
    the Life

    I wish I had entering Nintendo product you had

  • Ethan Ryan
    Ethan Ryan

    You should make Nintendo themed accessories, like a Piranha Plant Soap Dispenser, or a Boo Toilet Paper Holder, or a Game Holder as Mario's Standard Kart from Mario Kart 8.

  • - CrazyCookie6 -
    - CrazyCookie6 -

    Through all of the years he’s never showed us what’s inside of the question mark Box edit: theres a broken switch inside

    • - CrazyCookie6 -
      - CrazyCookie6 -

      @God Of All Games no :/ someone told me theres a broken nintendo switch

    • - CrazyCookie6 -
      - CrazyCookie6 -

      @ductless_gummy_bears nevermind lol

    • ductless_gummy_bears

      Yes he did a broken Nintendo switch is inside

    • God Of All Games
      God Of All Games

      Wait this is true😳

  • Callofdutyfan99

    Dude imagine how long it’s gonna take to put that back

  • harley

    if every product in his room disappeared, his room be basically empty

  • Trent

    The way he threw the stuff made me so nervous I was like 😬 PLEASE STOP😰

  • grim


  • Izzy

    I can’t believe I watched a man clean out his room for 25 mins

    • 999 LLJW
      999 LLJW

      I did it a few times and right now again🤦‍♂️

    • Sandy El Masri
      Sandy El Masri

      Me to

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler


    • Giannis Antetokounmpo
      Giannis Antetokounmpo

      26, and true

    • TheGalek

      25:57 minutes get good kid

  • BucketRON

    People: How much money did you spend on all of this? Plainrock: *YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS*

  • KkFaller

    If he did a "How much sega stuff do I own" it would only fill up the sink

  • Evaafter

    Nintendo watching this be like: how much money did we make from this man so far?

    • Amanda Hernandez
      Amanda Hernandez

      Nintendo assistant:2,000,000 sir.

  • tylar i
    tylar i

    What makes me angry is that I've been looking for a nintendo wii and I found where they all went. TO HIM!!

    • Help Me
      Help Me

      Just spawn a wii

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara

    I could just imagine how tired he is after filming this video. Also he would literally have to clean up the whole entire bathroom. But Hey I would stay in the bathroom with all of the Nintendo merchandise. Also I wonder how his parents reacted when they saw all that stuff in the bathroom. 🤣

    • Joshua Lara
      Joshua Lara

      He did live with his parents when he made this video because this was before he moved to his new house.

    • Noah Vallejos
      Noah Vallejos


    • Joshua Lara
      Joshua Lara

      @Trevor The SpongeBob Guy Don’t remind me.

    • Trevor The SpongeBob Guy
      Trevor The SpongeBob Guy

      @Joshua Lara he did it

    • Joshua Lara
      Joshua Lara

      @Divyanshu Kumar we don't need that thank you very much.

  • Shady

    In a couple years these things are going to sell for quite a bit So if he sells all this is going to be like having a lot of money.

  • Jolimations

    Knowing him I thought he was gonna turn on the shower faucet

  • IanMoonMags

    It must have been a pain to put everything back

  • Sebastian Torres
    Sebastian Torres

    I Laughed so hard When he got Treat All From Stuff Nintendo Merch Lol


    Spend hours transporting Nintendo stuff to his bathroom, not worrying about his parents yelling at him to do dumb shit, because he’s gaining money for it, what a madlad.

    • King Dededelicious
      King Dededelicious

      @Kimkim Kim my calculus teacher can confirm as she’s literally in her 40s (with two of her own kids as well) and tells her students that her parents still care

    • Kangaroo Fam
      Kangaroo Fam

      @Kimkim Kim So basically my parents moved to London for university

    • Kimkim Kim
      Kimkim Kim

      @Kangaroo Fam well that makes sense cause where you grew up from also matters

    • Kangaroo Fam
      Kangaroo Fam

      @Kimkim Kim No

    • Kimkim Kim
      Kimkim Kim

      @Kangaroo Fam are u in asia

  • X-IEI-X

    How much wii fit copy do you want Plainrock: yes

  • :P Alex the wolf :3
    :P Alex the wolf :3

    When you realize he has to put everything back

  • dude man face
    dude man face

    Sometimes I watch his videos just to give him ad revenue

  • _________

    Imagine this guys life without Nintendo

  • Rylans Playing
    Rylans Playing

    You have to appreciate the fact that he did all of this just to put it ALL back for entertainment

    • Koolais Jdjxb
      Koolais Jdjxb

      And money lol

    • Kangaroo Fam
      Kangaroo Fam

      @Rylans Playing Yeah, oki

    • Rylans Playing
      Rylans Playing

      Kangaroo Fam LOL yeah sry I got excited I’ll acc delete it cuz it’s sorta cringe but geez sorta toxic don’t ya think

    • Kangaroo Fam
      Kangaroo Fam

      *eDiT: tHx u SO mUcH foR 10o LiKeS¡!*

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones