I died on the inside searching for cheap sweatshop plastic.

Amam 1234

Andre Q.



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  • Michelle W.
    Michelle W.

    I’m just really bored so I’m literally binge watching your old videos 😂 who needs Netflix when you have Plainrock videos 💙

    • ProWolf007


    • Siri


    • FU3G0

      So true

    • Willmani Herbert
      Willmani Herbert


    • Oli Jones
      Oli Jones

      Same bro

  • broimcolt

    With all the times this man has gotten up early and stayed up late, he deserves 1M. He stays up too late to give US content, we to appreciate him. Most people watch him because of his midnight releases, they watch the video to see the experience, then don’t leave a like or sub. GET THIS MAN TO 1M!!!!!

    • Susan Gerrard
      Susan Gerrard

      I love your profile

    • broimcolt

      @Tigerbot You know I made that a year ago right

    • Tigerbot

      You know he has a channel with almost 2 million right

    • Itz Nessa Playz
      Itz Nessa Playz

      10M would be worth it thb

    • KkFaller

      I agree, he deserves a break too, he need an editor

  • FinnSuzune

    I know this is a 2017 video but watching it in 2020, you riding that motor skateboard multiple times for amiibo makes you look like a true chad in the eyes of us amiibo collectors.

  • Spam sucks at editing
    Spam sucks at editing

    When you watched his videos for the first time then started binge watching them.

    • JMatthew


    • Regijelly

      TWB studios

    • Regijelly


    • Susan Gerrard
      Susan Gerrard


    • Long Distance
      Long Distance


  • Emma Jewelcat
    Emma Jewelcat

    “Nobody likes them, so their really cheap!” I miss those days



    • Harry Schneider
      Harry Schneider

      ETA tipografie offset offset ZZZ kilograme unui

    • MellowHeartAxolotl

      @Bobo_games 32 bruh

    • Noah_Kai 🅥
      Noah_Kai 🅥

      @Bobo_games 32 lolll

    • Bobo_games 32
      Bobo_games 32

      @Skitl fair point

  • King Spoodler
    King Spoodler

    Getting all the Animal Crossing amiibo cards would be a nightmare

  • Red Bear
    Red Bear

    It’s crazy how much he’s changed in just about 3 years

    • Jaime

      I like how plain rock used to be more...

    • Lx_0zy

      just a bit he still has the same humor and look

  • Paula M 3
    Paula M 3

    I was kind of expecting you to have gotten into a fight over obtaining some of the amiibos judging by the title. Lol. That aside, I can relate to the feeling of disappointment when looking for something in-store and not finding it, especially figures. Lastly, you live in a nice looking town.

  • Skyrade

    Others looking for super rare golden amiibos: We got it in the first store me, looking for a Smash Bowser: I guess germany is against me

    • gemmkore

      @Hello jesus calm down

    • TimmyCooper TV
      TimmyCooper TV

      @Hello Heck?

    • SnowK

      Bruh there is a golden amiibo for 16 bucks but a corrin is a 40 explain

    • Hello

      Fuck you

    • Spooky shopper
      Spooky shopper

      I have gold Mario Is that good

  • Brooks Brigmon
    Brooks Brigmon

    I collected the Amiibos for the same reason, and collecting them got me into Animal Crossing two years before I played my first game (New Horizons)

  • Twin Hats
    Twin Hats

    I love these videos, please do more of these.

  • Pablo

    Wow. I remember this was my first ever PlainRock video I ever watched I instantly loved this channel and still watch every upload to this day.

  • Alfie Pinkney
    Alfie Pinkney

    flagstaff looks like a really chill place

    • Onslaught

      It's very cold there

    • LamboLiam125

      @Wesley WFC wr

    • LamboLiam125

      It is

    • HOODED

      Yeah honestly it is since I've lived there for a good 12 years of my life just the only downside is that it's expensive but I'm pretty sure most know that by now

    • Mathias Jeannin
      Mathias Jeannin


  • Lil patch 56
    Lil patch 56

    Who’s watching this after animal crossing new horizons came out

    • GooZye

      @Patrick Boldrick don’t ask for a recommendation about a game if you think another game is better

    • Marta Emrich
      Marta Emrich


    • LomLomCHNSW

      Well,I mean, if I’m reading this then of course

    • Patrick Boldrick
      Patrick Boldrick

      @Mrsuperking IRglo631 ayy I posted that a year ago lol I got the gane

    • Silvers world
      Silvers world


  • Anthorpain

    i love how he cant even use them on the recent animal crossing

    • Mystix.Fragrance

      @Mrsuperking IRglo631 I’m also British

    • Mystix.Fragrance

      @Mrsuperking IRglo631 very British

    • tweekzcraig

      @Jake Desmon Well, you can scan some of them in, but they won't do anything like you could in New Leaf. You can scan in villager cards and that's it.

    • Jake Desmon
      Jake Desmon

      @Ark Cubing And? The person putting incorrect information commented it 3 weeks ago.

    • Jake Desmon
      Jake Desmon

      Uh, he can use it on the most recent animal crossing. There's an amiibo feature.

  • Zach

    Watching this now I realize he should've asked workers if they had any in the back

  • Nicolai Mendoza
    Nicolai Mendoza

    We need a part two!!

  • Nostalgia Chase
    Nostalgia Chase

    Jesus, amiibos are only $1.99, but a rip-off NES game on eBay is $1,000!

  • Sonic/splatoon Parry
    Sonic/splatoon Parry

    I love how in one of the game stops he specifically looked at the sonic amiibo and said: “absolutely nothing.” Even though I’m a sonic fan.

  • coolgamer69

    I liked the part when he went into a hole going to the Bigger GameStop.

  • Hypnotix

    5:22 Every time I see that I kinda cringe because that Poochy Amiibo is rare and it's the only one I need for my collection lol.

    • Zsqasd

      @boston vontugeln okay that is genius.

    • ThatNervousGuy

      Me to i like the dog but not the tongue (if my pfp looks wrong for you I’m sorry and I’ll delete my comment)

    • Tuti2304

      I buy a yarn Poochy amiibo im poor now :-(

    • VexTheKillerLlama

      Also the Mario series Diddy, Mario Series Wario, Mario series Luigi, and a Alt Color inkling for 😖😖

    • Leblancjamison

      I only have link oot and falco

  • Logan Pettipas
    Logan Pettipas

    Just seeing that poochy at game stop makes me wanna cry with how bad Amiibo shortages are now

  • Drake the Lucario
    Drake the Lucario

    imagine riding an affordable 200cc go kart to the stores just to go amiibo hunting.

  • CatoDaCat

    I was laughing so hard at the thumbnail because king plain rock looked dead inside

  • TheRagingStar

    Plainrock thumbnail: *i died* Plainrock irl: i “almost” died

    • Kqtsune

      TheRagingStar * it seems fucking not

    • TheRagingStar

      Kqtsune ik

    • Kqtsune

      TheRagingStar * its a joke idiot

    • TheRagingStar

      @Kqtsune ghost arent real :/

    • Kqtsune

      He did die its just his ghost uploading it

  • Jonathan Litz
    Jonathan Litz

    Good thing you were being smart on bringing your switch while your booster board charges. Wow i am surprised that your booster board needed a lot of charge.

    • Jot Autopro
      Jot Autopro

      Ummmm watch out for intel COPYRIGHTS!!!!!!!!!

  • ElectronicsAreMyThing

    I love when you threw the paper in the trash and went “Nyeh”

  • Catarama Treenage
    Catarama Treenage

    I think he should replace Mable because he smashed it in 50 ways to break a Nintendo Switch

  • Rainbowredstone

    You could sell your amiibo’s right now for much more money than you spent on them because of animal crossing new horizons.

  • Leo the chow and Derian guaradado
    Leo the chow and Derian guaradado

    Dam I never knew animal crossing amiibos were so cheap

  • Sylvie Hathaway
    Sylvie Hathaway

    The music at target brings back so much nostalgia. I remember going to target when I was younger and always seeing that but I really didn't care because the only console we had was a Wii

    • C-Train

      Same I never had a wii U when all the amibo was all the rage. Now im just starting to collect amiibo now with the switch so buyimg amiibo has a purpose for me now.

  • 𝕂enshin

    You deserve more attention plainrock

  • myoui mina ꨄ
    myoui mina ꨄ


  • Jackie9

    I’m pretty sad that every single Game Stop closed where I lived, I was heart broken when I heard that

  • Selim khandaker
    Selim khandaker

    I love that King is over his 20's and *STILL* acts like a kid

    • Lorelo DahWeirdo
      Lorelo DahWeirdo

      That was when he was 19 I think.

  • TheHolyGiraffe

    0:42 this aged well

    • pandaman2990

      luv Ur vids

  • SmashFan2018

    I used to go Amiibo hunting back in 2015 to collect all the Smash amiibos

  • Adam Sobeh
    Adam Sobeh

    I literally love every video that has king on a booster board

    • Benchuk AGA
      Benchuk AGA

      Is it the last plainrock toys?

  • Bsg1

    How did he find a poochy amiibo that easily

  • CheifChimney

    Wait how did you get the amiibos out without damaging the boxes

  • Tiernan

    When I first watched this video and when he said his Amiibo collection is pretty weak I was like b e t t e r T h a n M i n e

  • GamingWithDana

    One time I was searching for mario odyssey amiibo, and I called 4 gamestops. Out of all of them, two had them. One gamestop had wedding peach. The other had wedding mario and wedding bowser.

    • Unluckyshortcake

      😅 oof...

    • Peppersalt63

      You can now get the wedding outfits in odyssey without the amiibos.

    • Anime BNHA
      Anime BNHA

      Oh no

  • Mr fom games
    Mr fom games

    I love your vids so can you do more amibo hunting.

  • Kane

    Me: Treats Isabelle poorly No one: Digby will destroy you

    • Kane

      Nintendo fan 128 touché

    • Cat From bowsers fury
      Cat From bowsers fury

      Doom guy: il deal with him

  • Raylene Mejia
    Raylene Mejia

    That boosted board needs to recharge like every 3 seconds


    He shouldve been collecting the Mario ones considering he saw all of them lmfao

  • GG Tube
    GG Tube

    Make this a series where you go hunting for something

    • GooZye

      @Dragoncorn sorry broski, I already have them

    • Dragoncorn

      Like friends?

  • the Luis Gutierrez
    the Luis Gutierrez

    You've had all these chances on getting these good amiibos but whatever that's your loss smh

  • Adrian Dorfsmith
    Adrian Dorfsmith

    I moved out of flag about a year ago and it's so cool traveling around the place again through this video

  • H Howard
    H Howard

    The Smash Versions Of The Mario And Luigi Amibos Look So Much Cooler Then The Mario Party 10 Versions

  • Avery008

    How I feel when I'm searching for pokemon cards

  • TheReal Jynn
    TheReal Jynn

    I like it how other youtubers unbox the whole series and you just unbox some but manage to get more views than them

  • NCA

    It’s okay. I typically leave Walmart disappointed.

  • M Livehd
    M Livehd

    GameStop: Power to the Players!

  • Ezydude

    13:48 *dont amio hunt*

    • Ducky crossing
      Ducky crossing

      I won't amio hunt but I'll amibo hunt

    • Mr ac playz
      Mr ac playz

      @Rashi Awasthi you kid ok

    • Mr ac playz
      Mr ac playz

      @Rashi Awasthi no You

    • Skid And Pump
      Skid And Pump

      @Rashi Awasthi why so mean wow

    • Alexander Sanchez
      Alexander Sanchez

      @Rashi Awasthi chill

  • Click Here to Die Instantly ­
    Click Here to Die Instantly ­

    How dare you discriminate the Mr. GAME & Watch amiibo just because it is flat?!

    • mouse28

      mr game and watch is too cute for that disrespect 😎

    • Super Mario Ben
      Super Mario Ben

      @Cat From bowsers fury 😤👌

    • Cat From bowsers fury
      Cat From bowsers fury

      @Super Mario Ben no Lucina is

    • Super Mario Ben
      Super Mario Ben

      No is dummy thicc

    • Jared Khan
      Jared Khan

      no its cuz its black (jk)

  • L1quid Beatz
    L1quid Beatz

    Cool card man! I have Wolfgang in my Wild World file!

  • I G
    I G

    the way he says nintendo at 0:04 is so odd yet kinda satisfying

  • Baconator

    Watching his videos where he uses a boosted board brings me back

  • BlueSpikeBall

    4:22 Just looks around even though there's like 5 og amiibos I want

  • Arianna Ferrer
    Arianna Ferrer

    I dont amiibo hunt myself, but this wad made on my birthday 2 years ago. Thanks Plainrock124.

  • AlexDaKing83

    Risking Your Life For A Amibo

  • PooBoi Memes
    PooBoi Memes

    Smart man, too bad 80% of the AC physical Amiibos aren't compatible with New Horizons.

  • OctoLink1266

    Wow... you went to all of those stores on a booster board.

  • Sealmaster

    Absolutely nothing Poochy: Am I joke to you

  • Userering

    Back when they still sold Amiibos

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis

    I have all three Bowsers!! I have 7 amiibos total: 2 Marios, 2 Yoshis, and 3 Bowsers!! Quick question: how did you not completely destroy the packaging while unboxing the amiibos?

  • Nicolle Jiménez Castro
    Nicolle Jiménez Castro

    Me encanta como le va cambiando la voz, como de más emocionada a súper emocionada, pero sin cambiar la expresión de su rostro... XD alv

  • Strainzey

    Well just because they don't have it on the best buy website doesn't really mean they don't. I know that because I was looking for a switch and I looked on the website and it was out of stock but went anyway. Guess what I found a switch! Lol hope this helps man.

  • Boy Can draw
    Boy Can draw

    Hes at least lucky he found some i can never find some at the nearest walmart

  • Ben

    I like how he says let me start my car which is a boosted board lol

  • Looney bird studios and Billy bob
    Looney bird studios and Billy bob

    I’m intensely searching for the Callie and Marie amiibos right now there so expensive

  • Hero Draws
    Hero Draws

    The fact that he always sounds out of breath gives me anxiety

  • The Cookie
    The Cookie

    I just love how you put Wolfgang in your collection! He is my favorite villager! I discover you because of this video! Think im the only one who is not because of the Jake Paul concert thing 😂 Animal crossing is my favorite game so i have to get them all... Also the cards. 😂😂

  • Boris Luch
    Boris Luch

    Just realized that the flagstaff mall had a yarn poochy☹️

  • mario2003

    Amazing to go amibo hunting

  • The Crew
    The Crew

    Is it just me but who else sees the Walmart doors closing and you just start running to make sure the doors don’t close

  • Clement Poon
    Clement Poon

    "dont tell my mum" *proceeds to make a video about it*

  • lofire

    i just got my first amiibo and i love it

  • SuperMario734

    9:36 the face he makes when he sees a lot of sonic games

  • Jiny

    I don’t know why, but i find the sound of wind blowing in the camera satisfying

  • Jaden

    Walks past a Poochy Amiibo "Yep, just nothing."

    • Techit

      Prolly already has it

  • Nerdy Inkling
    Nerdy Inkling

    Does he know that the R.O.B that was in the bookstore was a Japanese exclusive

  • The Nintendo Gamer
    The Nintendo Gamer

    Im trying to get all ac amiibos since they are actually somewhat reasonably priced and go to a ransackable best buy

  • altextreme

    Genuine question: Does anyone know any good places to go for amiibo hunting in Britain? Near me the only place is Argos and they only have one amiibo that I'm looking for. :/

    • altextreme

      EDIT: I'm going to go hunting in the spring/summer season when people actually go amiibo hunting instead of staying inside. Seeing as I know Asda does it anyway...

  • Danny

    If you want the best deals for amiibo, go to second hand shops. I got my Rosalina & Luma amiibo for 2€, and they are rare... *Btw, please make a video about the new sonic forces trailer lol.*

    • C-Train

      I want a rosalina luma really bad.

    • The_Guy_Outside [] doing noob things
      The_Guy_Outside [] doing noob things

      TheLegendOfTwilight True...

    • CodedCuber

      The_Guy_Outside [] doing noob things there are only shortages like that because Nintendo UNDERPRICED them

    • The_Guy_Outside [] doing noob things
      The_Guy_Outside [] doing noob things

      There are alot of amiibo shortages in north america, and there are alot of rare amiibo in other places (assuming you got that in europe since you use €)

    • Majin

      its $2.59

  • Agent 8 Øctø lover [TB] [OC] [JS]
    Agent 8 Øctø lover [TB] [OC] [JS]

    Lesson: Go to target for better amiibo

  • RareBrockStar K
    RareBrockStar K

    Planrock:the first victory My head:Tonight we are victorious Champagne pouring over us All my friends were glorious Tonight we are victorious

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel

    He should get a Netflix series!

  • A Normal Roblox Player
    A Normal Roblox Player

    Your skate board sounded like a demon spawn 😂

  • Name

    Mans died hunting for amiibos and lived to tell the story.

  • Rut Runnerz
    Rut Runnerz

    Me: wants to go amiibo hunting coronavirus: ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF

  • TechBlitz (Legacy)
    TechBlitz (Legacy)

    i got the 3 pack amiibo full price ($19.99 Aus) but I couldn’t price match with other shops. so I basically paid full price for garbage amiibo and was only used for 5 games

  • Mahad Iqbal
    Mahad Iqbal

    Meanwhile in Europe "Why are there so many amiibo nobody in the world needs that much amiibo."

  • Marco landa
    Marco landa

    When you went to gamestop you should’ve got the Willy poochy amibo, because that thing is rare

  • ZakM

    9:06 I’m jealous of all those games!

  • org

    Plainrock: There should be here, but I don’t know where they went One kid next to him: *stares blankly*

  • Bob-Cat

    did you finally finish the collection?

  • fat boi
    fat boi

    I like how that Walmart only had Waluigi and Daisy

  • Fishy Boi 
    Fishy Boi 

    Looks inside bin, it’s me Toad. Then the inkling Woomy