Mom! Phineas and Ferb have more the 4 people in the Airbnb!

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    SPEECH: -5

    • Unholy Wilhelm
      Unholy Wilhelm

      If i see this right staying is 4 people and on visiting there was no rule so i gues u would get some money back.

    • BlueZarkk

      Lying +10

    • Ahmad Mohamad
      Ahmad Mohamad

      How can I send you a amount of money for entertainment and the money lost 😡 cuz of dat stoopit lady there’s no gift option in the title

    • Dewstine

      Get better at lying

    • Dreep

      Social credit -99999999 😡

  • Kable10

    This was legitimately stressful to watch lol

    • Chaneldogo

      @who's joe yes bozo

    • who's joe
      who's joe

      @Auroramystic I comment that

    • who's joe
      who's joe

      @Chaneldogo no

    • jurell

      Kable10 watched a plainrock124 🤩😀

    • Fluffy


  • Alex Kot
    Alex Kot

    King acted like that little boy in elementary school that got caught throwing soggy paper towels over the bathroom stall and now is sitting in the principals office.

    • Crunchy Tacos
      Crunchy Tacos

      @carp69 dude why the fuk is your pfp George

    • NotYourAverageYoutuber

      @carp69 I’m presuming your angry because king called you out for smashing an animal crossing switch. LMFAO

    • Endarkened

      @carp69 damn, you have such an innocent pfp and called someone a bitch lol

    • Emma Hollow
      Emma Hollow

      @carp69 it’s pretty haha funny seeing someone with a curious George pfp call someone a bitch.

    • SakuraPlaysThis

      I used to do that

  • LazyGreen

    Gabe is a ABSOLUTE CHAD "You ain't loosing no more money" What a guy dude

    • Ridge

      @de-whey mf's just be spelling it wrong lmao

    • de-whey

      Is “loosing” American for losing or do most people just spell it wrong

    • Ridge

      @SaxoRaptor Lmaooo yes he did. Rewatch the video. King literally says "...and then I let her in" 9:16

    • Jelly Marker
      Jelly Marker

      @Jio Garcia are you speaking fro personal experience

    • Christopher Solis
      Christopher Solis

      @Jio Garcia you need to mind your business 🤨

  • DeBoss62

    Bro I’ve booked plenty of AirBnbs and I’ve never had such a nosy host that asks so many questions and tries to get let in while you’re staying there. In fact I’ve never even had to meet a host in person. It’s usually contactless and private. This one is weird

    • Shadow

      well this is in New York, so the people are going to be a little strange

    • Noah brewer
      Noah brewer

      Ikr I hope they sue them

    • DeBoss62

      @Christopher Solis it’s worth it anywhere that’s not NYC. A nice hotel room is usually 150-300 a night and on Airbnb you can book an entire house for that price in most cities.

    • DeBoss62

      @Rey Felix it’s possible. If she purposefully waits for someone to slip up and then catch them she gets a shit ton of money and gets to kick them out

    • Rey Felix
      Rey Felix

      Exactly I thought the same thing. I was feeling maybe she scammed and dose that to everyone

  • User1787

    That is so creepy…. a good Airbnb host doesn’t treat you like you’re a child and harass you when you are a paying customer😳

    • Jack MacDonald
      Jack MacDonald

      Yes going to visit the house because she had a suspicion is a bit to far but they literally lied to her face she was perfectly fine if he could have extra friends over for a couple hours but I can see how she felt suspicious that he was hiding his friends in the closet and lying to her

    • User1787

      @Jack MacDonald gang bang

    • LordSlug

      @Jack MacDonald oh god i hope i never meet anyone like you

    • User1787

      @Jack MacDonald no completely inappropriate

    • Jack MacDonald
      Jack MacDonald

      She was kinda right tho they were obviously breaking the rules and disrespecting her if i were her I would have treated them the same

  • DoctorHappy

    dude when she asked you, "What is the lesson learned?" and you said, "Not to book AirBNB." dude I lost it.

    • Josesa


  • Fil_the_spil

    I don't know why but King feels unreliably unprofessionally professional. I love it.

    • TJ Brower
      TJ Brower

      @wide dog the asshole He's an adult stuck in a 14 year olds mentality and body. At least he doesn't try to hide it!

    • wide dog the asshole
      wide dog the asshole

      He's a professional at being unprofessional

  • DarklingGolem

    "But this building that I built can't accomodate that many people" So wait... if you have 5 people, the building collapses?

    • randomstuf


  • ko sdsd
    ko sdsd

    Gabe is a good friend. King tbh shouldn't allow himself to get "pressed" even if you guys did lied to her. She had no right to come check up on you. After you told her you guys were leaving. I guess 3k is nothing to King.. however, its just the principle.

    • Tom

      @john smith for real she was in the wrong and se acted like an elementary school teacher with wHat DId u lEaRn tOdaY also she probably wouldn't have had that attitude with an older person she probably took advantage of him being young and stupid but I gotta be honest I would fold the same way but I would let Gabe handle the situation and make sure that she doesnt kick us out and at the end I would leave a nasty review

    • Baka

      @Eymanyouwell 🤓

    • Eymanyouwell

      @Baka no, there is nothing to understand on her side. Violating the privacy of guests staying in your accomodation, is unethical to the next level and violates quite a lot of guidelines. On top of that charging 3000 usd for a crummy, small apartment with a.... "400"!? usd "service fee" is beyond ridiculous. Finally, as other people mentioned the 4 people were listed as staying overnight, so the guys didn't even break the rule in the first place. The lady is just a typical scumbag who decided she could use this as an easy way to gain 3000 usd without having them stay the whole time.

    • raddish

      man dont lie to someone and expect them to trust you

    • Christopher Solis
      Christopher Solis

      Fr idk why they got an AirBNB they suck and 3K?! Idk how NYC hotels are but I’m sure you could she gotten an amazing hotel for just 3 people with that price probably cheaper!

  • David Gates
    David Gates

    you can tell how nice plainrock is when faced with situations like these, I feel bad for him.

  • Haven

    Wait a second... in the chat King says his reasons for being in New York are visiting friends. So he didn't misrepresent himself. He and his friends WERE visiting. Even if it wasn't true (and it could have been idk), the part where the guy said they were there for a little bit and were going to go get lunch should have been acceptable. The lady seemed like she was already biased about him based on his age and was confirming her bias that she shouldn't have hosted him over what was honestly not that big an issue. She also probably came to check because you were supposed to have left your keys outside so she would have come in with or without you.

    • Espurrrxd

      Yeah if they were staying over night and making a lot of noise they should be kicked out. but if its in the morning and they were leaving after lunch than it should be fine.

  • Wacky

    "I'm not gonna kick you out into the street" "I'm saying that you guys gotta go find a place that can accomodate for this many people." is literally the same thing as saying "I'm not gonna kick you out, i'm just saying that i will kick you out

  • 550 hertz monitor
    550 hertz monitor

    If I was his friend on the balcony I would have said “I’m New York’s only Spider-Man”

    • Universal Stupidity
      Universal Stupidity

      Then just jump off and parachute away

    • PDMH 0729
      PDMH 0729


    • rykuo


    • Borissinche 123
      Borissinche 123


  • Bryant721

    Bro...Stand your ground, you folded so quick. Even after you guys all left, why did you still give her ammo and say 4 ppl doesn't - 7? I dont even know you and I'm pissed at how she came at you. First off , your extra friends are just "visiting" they're not staying, didn't need to hide them (or better yet to line up with your story, say they were just meeting you there before you all headed out). Second, you could've said you forgot to count yourself when you said 3 people. What's done is done but, maaaaan. Was a little late but glad Gabe didn't let her walk all over him. He wasn't escalating anything, he was defending you and the group because hat lady was out of line and should be reported. DO NOT let ANYONE talk to you like that who isn't your mother or father. Asking for ID? Calling you over like that? "What's the lesson learned" who the FUCK does she think she is? Extremely judgey and disrespectful. Man says couch is fair game but she doubles down and says it isn't? She planned on trying to sabotage you and catch you slipping somehow the moment you booked because she judged you. She owns a building? Probably lying but if so I'm positive she's not allowed to airbnb if she owns the building in nyc (double check that). That lady is off her rocker though. She is not fit to be hosting no airbnb. Never have I ever had a host check in on me like that. GIVE HER A BAD REVIEW get some of your money back.

    • Tybear 3325
      Tybear 3325

      he was wrong on all accounts.

    • Rey Felix
      Rey Felix

      Exactly I thought the same thing. she was giving me vibes that she dose that often and just scams people

    • Seankoops

      Yeaahhh.... She kinda acted as if it was King's mother. Which was just dumb.... It still sucks that King gave in just like that. But when you're panicking, it's gard to thinl clearly, so i can't blame him.

    • fa lingo
      fa lingo

      "I have a problem."


      Well said

  • Wïll

    I have never rented an Airbnb but the amount of pain I felt watching this was other worldly

  • 2Birds

    I love how gabe was trying to inject himself into every conversation

  • Miibo

    Don’t you all agree that King deserves more credit for his spending matters?

    • No CS:S
      No CS:S

      i may be starting to dislike him, but probably. not.

    • Eli ez
      Eli ez

      Yeah but he did lie to her and most likely he would have stayed if he didn’t lie and tell them to hide for me personally I don’t really trust liers and I get where she is coming from and she is right!

    • bram bell
      bram bell

      king single handily kept the american economy running by buying all the tech to destroy

    • Bayard Kyyako
      Bayard Kyyako

      No, that's almost the amount of a shitty NYC apartment to rent

    • Desknickel


  • Desknickel

    I couldn't even watch this video without looking away for a few moments and actually panicking myself 😂 great content as always King

  • Cum Stain
    Cum Stain

    Gabe's the definitely of a real friend. Standing up for his friend about getting his money back

  • Lil Wanna Bee
    Lil Wanna Bee

    I could you not, this has marked one of the most uncomfortable videos I’ve seen of you king… I’m honestly glad you have a friend like Gabe to back you up like that! Edit: And seriously not even a refund. It doesn’t matter, if you didn’t have a good stay at the place or didn’t feel comfortable then you have the right to have a refund of the place.

  • hk876

    bro i think you can dispute this, you said shes not allowed to come check in and she came anyway, meaning she came unannounced, they need your permission to come, dispute the ejection and get your money back bruh

    • Endarkened

      Cool part is, he has all of this recorded so it's possible for him to get his money back.

    • La Blue Diecisiete
      La Blue Diecisiete

      Hell yea 👌🏻

  • Uglimoto

    Gabe: It's not escalating things when we're right! Plainrock: We were fucking in the wrong LMAO

  • Abdullah Basit24
    Abdullah Basit24

    Even though King seems to be crazy confident in his regular videos with some of his absurdly hilarious jokes, he seems to act pretty much normally when he's around people. So it did feel kind of crazy when King had to go through all of these stuff only because he lied, cause he started getting somewhat nervous. That airbnb woman seemed more like a teacher in a class than a normal woman.

  • Daniel Henriquez
    Daniel Henriquez

    This is one of the best vlogs from King I have ever watched. Everything was legit here and it was funny. Mad respect to you bro👊

  • BBallDiscussions

    I appreciate your friend standing up for you. Those ladies were on a power trip.

  • Meme_boi10

    This felt like a Dharr Man video. “Young rich asian books AirBNB, what will happen will shock you”

    • Toxic_Death

      underrated comment

    • The Destruction Kid
      The Destruction Kid


    • Amiel28boyz2020


    • Emma Hollow
      Emma Hollow

      Yep king is the innocent man who wants to have fun while the lady is an actual ageist racist person and gets thrown out of her apartment for it. Idk that probably how it would end in a dharr man video lol.

  • mimiperator

    This video is a goddamn banger, props to Gabe for being such a great friend

  • Antho

    What I probably would’ve done in this situation if I needed to hide people was to put them in the bathroom and lock the door. If the owner knocked or tried to open the door, I would have only one person in there talk saying something like “occupied!” Not the best thing I could do, but hey it isn’t terrible.

  • ComicGamer

    I love how kind Gabe was in this video because he didn't want you to lose any money:)

  • Parth Tripathi
    Parth Tripathi

    Bro I love Gabe, he’s a real one

    • Captain_Squeaks

      @xANKLExBREAKERx yeah but he stuck up for his friend no matter what. He's a real one.


      What that guy did was just dumb 😭

    • Ezrafg88


    • Angel Martin
      Angel Martin


    • Damned.

      It was not gabe lol

  • Tom

    Gabe is your actual friend he fought for you. And as it goes for me I would of probably folded the same way as I'm not good at handling things under pressure but still there are unexplained things here. 1. 4 people should not sleep there not visit so you didnt break the rule 2. Yes you are allowed to take the key out with you 3. She is not allowed to search through your apartment and no she is not allowed to just randomly visit you 4. You are in the right she didn't want to talk to Gabe just because she knew she would of been proven wrong Edit: it was probably for the best that you left that sketchy place hope you gave them a bad review also hope you got all your money back

  • Ghostwire

    host: what’s the lesson learned? king: don’t book an air bnb host: oh ABSOLUTE GIGA CHAD MOMENT

  • CallumTech

    i've never laughed so hard honestly, the way he just doesn't take it that seriously lmfao

  • Blake Miracle
    Blake Miracle

    "So what lesson did you get from this?" plainrock: "dONT bOOk aIRbNbs1!!" COMEBACK 100

  • Cyrus Smoke
    Cyrus Smoke

    That confrontation was one of the most embarrassing moments that I had to witness in a while 💀

  • Estate sale41
    Estate sale41

    3,000 dollars and you’re not allowed to have more than 4 people lul

    • Emma Hollow
      Emma Hollow

      Yeah seems like a scam imo

    • HeyItsZak

      @DarklingGolem it’s not like they were staying there over night, they were just there for a bit and they were gonna leave.

    • DarklingGolem

      It's actually $400 per person, for two nights... and considering the realestate of new york and how good looking the place is. It seems like a reasonable deal. Also they kinda... broke the AirBNB's policy by having more than people on the reservation.

  • Jaylen Smith
    Jaylen Smith

    Holy shit dude. I feel so stressed out and I’m not even there

    • Chrisss


  • Redaknight Gamer
    Redaknight Gamer

    This is the most embarrassed I’ve ever been and I didn’t even do anything.

  • GlobeTracker

    Find it funny how the lady straight up lies about coming but then yells at you for lying.

  • Mario 126
    Mario 126

    Moral of the vlog: Don't bring friends along the AirBnB. Great vlog, King. Very well made with very well timed memes. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Christopher Solis
      Christopher Solis

      Just straight up don’t book AirBNB I have heard so many bad things just go to an hotel he could have definitely gotten an amazing room for the money he paid for that AirBNB

  • Melody

    this feels so much like when i was a child and when i got caught id freeze up and give awful answers. honestly i feel the energy this video gives off.

  • The Undead Werewolf
    The Undead Werewolf

    It really annoys me how that lady was talking down to King like he was a little kid.

    • The Undead Werewolf
      The Undead Werewolf

      @Toxic Yes but, it still doesn't give the woman the right to speak to King as if he's a 1st grader who broke the rules in class

    • Toxic

      @The Undead Werewolf rules are rules

    • I Leach Off Everything
      I Leach Off Everything


    • The Undead Werewolf
      The Undead Werewolf

      @Dean Jordan yeah honestly just because she owns a damn airbnb doesn't make her royalty.

    • Dean Jordan
      Dean Jordan

      This situation is what I like to call "Narcissistic Rage".

  • Koda

    Probably the best travel vlog this year. Very entertaining.

  • Chevy Blue
    Chevy Blue

    Should have said, "When I said there were 3 people I wasn't counting myself."

    • sss4503

      Thats what I thought he was going to do I was so ready for it tbh

    • Onesowe

      King booked for 4 people which counts himself

  • Elliot The Redd
    Elliot The Redd

    Fucking goated video, Gabes a real one. Honestly I felt so bad that you cracked under pressure but I would have done the sams

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez

    Gabe is such a cool guy. I'd kill to have a friend like him.

  • Quix

    woman: "why were they hiding?" what king should have said: "we were playing hide and seek"

    • Ramsey Schaefer
      Ramsey Schaefer

      @Neev Chilkuri no man as soon as he saw her walking up he should’ve just jumped! 😂😂

    • Neev Chilkuri
      Neev Chilkuri

      He was under pressure I mean they all were except gabe, king shouldn’t have just not been weak and the guy on the balcony should’ve pretended to be a stalker or spider man or something

    • Pew.mp7

      he did *after she found out*

    • Likeabosslinc

      Haha 😂

  • vatos locals
    vatos locals

    "you're not involved" but Brings her friend in who's not involved

  • CodeRedCody

    That lady pissed me off that she wouldn’t let anyone else but King talk

    • Robloxian3

      @Tony Man stfu. He’s not the one defending her.

    • KAO

      I mean she did have the right to do that since he was the one who was legally responsible

    • Tony

      @Christopher Solis 🤓

    • Christopher Solis
      Christopher Solis

      Not defending her ofc

    • Christopher Solis
      Christopher Solis

      Well he is the one who booked it

  • hikaru.station

    bro i felt the nervousness and anxiety across the screen

    • ThicCForehead

      Yeah i had to skip 10 seconds throughout the argument part

  • Nate Creeden
    Nate Creeden

    The lesson of the day: Don't book AirBNB with King, or at all.

  • tomas forero
    tomas forero

    A little bit of pressure and king crumbled away like a cookie

    • Christopher Solis
      Christopher Solis

      Fr i would have been on my toes trying to get her away from the whole side of the apartment or have told her I was having issues with the other balcony door or something

    • a youtube watcher 123
      a youtube watcher 123

      Dont blame him tbh

  • Carlos Velazques
    Carlos Velazques

    Dude this is actually funny. I laughed so many times, also I think Gabe is sad now

  • Abisnail ._.
    Abisnail ._.

    This just made me realize how easily I would’ve lied straight to this woman

  • Lazy Turtle
    Lazy Turtle

    Seriously someone should drop the name of this Airbnb and we should leave a bad review. I have NEVER known an Airbnb host to just "drop in" and do random check ups while a guest is there. This lady is the WORST.

  • Official Cheese
    Official Cheese

    The way this Airbnb did what she did made it seem like she just wanted a way to bust you guys some how so she could take your money.

  • Eww Oppp
    Eww Oppp

    $400 a night for a hotel? You can almost get an apartment for that

  • SmashKick Playz
    SmashKick Playz

    Me being me, I would have reacted exactly the same way you did King! 😅

  • Catvertible

    I like how he edits in memes while being told off, 10/10 content

  • hk876

    bro i wish i had a friend like gabe that argument was hilarious

  • Oofoverlord

    Gabe trying to be the hero it’s amazing 😌

  • Logan Hinesley
    Logan Hinesley

    This is by far the funniest vlog he has ever uploaded lmao

  • All purpose dude
    All purpose dude

    Keep up the good work Plainrock 👌👍 Keep uploading the great content

  • Kelly Macias
    Kelly Macias

    I find this man very entertaining

  • carp69

    The base drop to her finding someone else was so funny

  • Seven Yes The Number Seven
    Seven Yes The Number Seven

    This makes me remember the time when I was in high school. I got yelled at by the librarian and getting kicked out of the library 😂

  • bobabooty

    if I'm paying $3k you're DAMN sure I'm not letting someone do a "little" walk through wtf

  • ChickenAndDuckz

    I'm so confused though, why do they have to check on you? It's kind of creepy letting a random ass person come into a apartment or hotel that you rented out with your own money. Either way, airbnb has a bad history with rentals and everything so shit like this is supposedly the norm

  • Emma Hollow
    Emma Hollow

    Gabe seems like the type of person you either like because he will stand up for you or the person you find annoying because he seems like the type of person who wants to win argument even if he is in the wrong.

  • SavageJbV

    I literally slapped my own forehead when he ratted out his two mates 😂, I recently got into trouble for somit I didn't do but the feeling when they say come clean is acc u real!

  • Matthew Mandelin
    Matthew Mandelin

    This is one of the funniest plainrock videos I've seen in a while.

  • Andy’s Dirtbikes
    Andy’s Dirtbikes

    Bro this lady is acting like 6 people is like having a whole concert audience in your room…

  • D S
    D S

    I realize you were in the wrong, but I didn't like the way she spoke to you. She took advantage of you because you are young (and Asian ngl)

    • William Kline
      William Kline

      What does this have to do with him being asian

    • Emma Hollow
      Emma Hollow

      Yeah it was rally disrespectful

    • The big M 🕘
      The big M 🕘

      (And Asian ngl) LMAO

  • just some guy
    just some guy

    This is unusual amazing content, I love it!

  • FishIzGood

    "Dont buy an airbnb" bro that's the lesson no joke

  • Riquel G
    Riquel G

    This gave me PTSD from my old apartment with my friends

  • Sourav Kumar Sahu
    Sourav Kumar Sahu

    This is the quality entertainment I want...

  • a

    I genuinely don't know what you expected to happen lol And goddamn that's a lot of money for an AirBNB, but it's New York what do you expect

  • Mark6O9

    Air BNB seems like a big scam just because of the suspicious yet strict as hell rules. I'd rather stay in a Motel or a Hotel.

  • PetroleumStudios

    This was the hardest video I've ever had to watch

  • BodofLegend

    I’m on vacation right now, watching this at my airbnb!

  • Alvin Truong
    Alvin Truong

    “Come clean with me “ got me dying

  • Ark

    This girl really asked what lesson did u learn😂😂 kings clap back was amazing w the dont book air bnbs don’t give her an inch😂😂

  • Rachel Karalnik
    Rachel Karalnik

    I was waiting for this one LOL, the video we never knew we wanted

  • D.X.B. Charles
    D.X.B. Charles

    I'm dying at the "come clean with me" images 😭🤣

  • FakeExøtic

    I like how king just accepts defeat and feels tired because she keeps repeating the same word again and again.

    • Angel-the-Goat

      Fr but gabe wasnt gonna take that shit he a real one

  • BorderlinePanic

    This was so awkward and nerve wreaking to watch, haha.

  • epicmonster567

    Bro i swear this whole thing played out like a sitcom

    • Heiden Lam
      Heiden Lam

      Yes, and the images are superior

    • Daksh


    • ducc

      Hiding in the closet part especially.

    • ju1cy ju1ce
      ju1cy ju1ce

      I dont want to believe it was real tbh lmao

  • what's that
    what's that

    You should've just admitted when she entered the airBNB, because I only think it's against the rule to have more than 4 people at night. If it's only 4 at night, then you're fine.

  • Emad I
    Emad I

    The “Poorly Aged Counter” was just preparing me for how much I was about to cringe.

  • hk876

    how did u guys go from breaking rules of an airbnb to breaking a whole door in a hotel lol

  • Jay Morales
    Jay Morales

    Isn't it funny that the lady was like 'you lied' when she lied about going to the apartment

  • amazingjasononemillion

    About to give me a heart attack with this “come clean”

  • Ayden Likes Potatos
    Ayden Likes Potatos

    I felt like I was watching a Disney Channel sitcom when he got caught. Holt crap that was stressful AND I WASN'T EVEN THERE.

  • CubeRazn

    Dhar Mann taking inspiration from this: Woman Kicks Asian Guy Out of AirBNB, Instantly Regrets It

  • San

    LMFAO “there are two people hiding in there” LMAOOOO

  • Alex Cardenas
    Alex Cardenas

    Dude I feel like I was more stressed out than King 🤣

  • TheBrawl

    plainrock getting kicked out is like when you visit your friends house and they get in trouble

  • Doof Senpai
    Doof Senpai

    The rules were already a red flag. Leaving the key behind and not sleeping on the sofa just sounds ridiculous. But having people hide was probably a bad call if your excuse was going to be grabbing dinner together later. I kinda get where the lady is coming from since you could be hiding them and having them stay the night. And who knows if you might invite more people over. She probably had some people trash the place before so she's being extra careful.

    • Doof Senpai
      Doof Senpai

      @Endarkened It's possible, but judging by how King was telling her no need to do a check it's a little sus.

    • Endarkened

      I think she had cameras laced around the house. Otherwise, she would have no reason to doubt King.