I can't believe they named a city after the one in the hit TV show, The Office.

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Take a shot everytime "office" is said.

    • damirmukas32

      jo baidn

    • Melissa

      Scranton Pennsylvania is my my home and Office was filmed here

    • Melissa

      There's nothing wrong with Scranton Pennsylvania

    • Melissa

      Hey Scranton Pennsylvania is my home the Office was filmed here

    • TyBoy158

      welp im drunknpodzxfgiu

  • Pigmage

    I honestly love this. They milked it to the highest degree and ngl, kinda funny.

    • BlueÖysterStan

      And kinda sad though, since they gave up their actual town’s unique identity for some show

    • Gabriel M.
      Gabriel M.

      @MCM ._.

    • MCM

      I live here and was not amused by this at all. There's a lot more here than The Office. Two major Universities in the Commonwealth, a medical school, the Scranton Dioceses is the head of the Catholic Church, the home of the Yankees AAA farm team.... the list goes on and on. He was only LOOKING for The Office. This doesn't represent Scranton AT ALL! Garbage video!

    • ko sdsd
      ko sdsd

      Yeah ur mom

    • Gabriel M.
      Gabriel M.

      @SillySanta Ah yes the No Videos Found message of IRglo... 😂

  • Captain Breedbax
    Captain Breedbax

    While this video is funny. What makes scranton sad is the fact that the city has been left in so much financial turmoil because of the fact that it was an industry town. Not much need for coal or steel nowadays, and with 3 Wal-marts within 15 miles of scranton, the local business economy has essentially collapsed. The economy of scranton isnt going to "go down" when people stop liking the office because 1. People dont like the office 2. The economy is already in fucking shambles. Nobody in scranton talks about the office either. The only people who make this city about the office are... well.... Glad you didn't enjoy your brief ride-through, please dont come back to perpetuate this shit anymore.

    • Abbey Hein
      Abbey Hein

      I was going to say, no one in Scranton talks about the office. The only times I hear about the office are when I go out of the state to New York or New Jersey or even at my own college. This city is in fucking shambles because of the leaders here and corruption out the ass. The office is only huge to the people trying to make a profit off of it. I’m glad that he has his opinion on Scranton but maybe he should’ve done more research about it before coming.

  • Mdawg

    as a scranton resident for my entire life so far, i can say firsthand that the office is a plague to this city to the point where people who dont live here are like "woah scranton is a real place?!!?" and yes, yes it is and we hate living here and dont care about your references or jokes about the show. that being said scranton has some hidden gems and can be an alright place sometimes

    • Mason Carter
      Mason Carter

      @MCM HA Agreed. This guy now lived here for the first 3 years of his life and acts like its his true home as a political volley, that's anyone coming to our area tho, what else is here lol

    • Mason Carter
      Mason Carter

      Thank You, I live here as well, and glad we feel the same.

    • Jim Sweeney
      Jim Sweeney

      @ann watson I don’t live in Scranton anymore. But I still have family and friends in Scranton. I still like Scranton and I’m a proud West-Sider !!

    • Its_Jayy

      thank you, i agree LOL

    • Scott Key
      Scott Key

      I lived in Scranton just a few blocks away from the Penn Paper building for 10 years. It was not the best place I ever lived and it has gone down hill since. The last time I was at the Mall at Steamtown it was like a ghost town. I'm still in NEPA but out in the country. It is a beautiful area.

  • Nyx

    I have been living and working in this area for my whole life....I have not seen anyone from Scranton or the surrounding areas wear Dunder Mifflin merch in the past 10 years- maybe longer. I dont know how all that merch isnt on clearance by now 🤣

    • Sabrina

      Tourist. Whenever people visit they want the office tour. I always tell them there is no way in hell I'm going to poor Richard's.

  • Warriorseamonkey16

    "Dunder Mifflin baffles me" -That one guy in the coal mine gift shop

    • Fauzan Aziz
      Fauzan Aziz

      @b "I went through a thirty minute walkthrough through a coal mine, what the fuxk is a "dundler miffler" and what does it have anything to do with coal mine and coal mine history?"

    • b

      “why would i give 2 hoots about that stuff”

  • Brandon Ver-Nòn
    Brandon Ver-Nòn

    As someone who lives in scranton, you mean to tell me every shop in the US doesnt have office merch?

    • Supreme

      I literally haven’t seen someone wear that shit

  • Angelo Cerra
    Angelo Cerra

    As a Scrantonian I honestly didn’t realize how much Dunder Mifflin has been plastered in places like the Mine Tour.. I love the show and everything but I felt bad for that guy 😭 you come to find most people could really care less about the city’s affiliation to the show

  • T. Wienckowski
    T. Wienckowski

    Scrantonian here, you literally only see Office related things downtown. City's been dying hard for the past few decades (the population is half what it was at its peak in the 20's and 30's), so Office references have become the equivalent of throwing twigs in the furnace to keep a train going.

    • Jenny

      Abingtonian here lol (not quite scrantonian) but you are right. It’s just a few local businesses in Scranton and I don’t blame them for trying to get some coin out of it. The city has been going to hell for a very long time, and not even one of the most popular television shows can save it.

    • Tacticool Millenial
      Tacticool Millenial

      Well when you rape the residents with every fucking tax possible. And refuse to start taxing the U and cut the bullshit pensions for a fire department that handles less calls than most volunteer departments.

    • MrMikeVr

      @Space Ghost oh

    • Space Ghost
      Space Ghost

      @MrMikeVr not you lol the OP

    • Sophie Ryan
      Sophie Ryan

      i’m from scranton too and i can’t believe the amount of Office stuff this guy found bc there’s so much more to the city

  • Llubidom

    Scranton be like: I was nothing until the office was recorded.

    • B T
      B T

      @Maxxx Modelz I remember hearing stories from my grandparents that Scranton was considered on par with NYC for a while in the 20's and 30's. The saying was for theatre shows that if it did well in Scranton, it would do well on Broadway.

    • donamick

      Well I've been here my entire life and Scranton is in the history books for a few different reasons but Scranton was certainly something before the office was recorded for god sakes

    • Anna Costello
      Anna Costello

      At least I don’t have to struggle trying to explain where I’m from anymore 😂

    • Devin Armstrong
      Devin Armstrong

      lmao that's basically New Mexico before Breaking Bad

    • Maxxx Modelz
      Maxxx Modelz

      Scranton was a pretty big deal back in the 1920's too. They were one of the first cities to have trolly cars, and they had a huge economic boon from the Coal Mining industry. Once the coal mining left the area, Scranton became a slum. Then The Office TV show happened and it started booming again! Then The Office went off the air and Scranton is falling apart once again. LOL. Maybe something else will save it in the next few decades, but it's in really bad shape. I should know. I lived there almost my whole life. LOL

  • NinjinBruhඞ🥕カート

    Having only heard about The Office (never watched it) i can say that they definitely milked Scranton beyond the maximum sane amount. We are essentially witnessing a town becoming depressing and slightly dystopian for most casuals because of a popular sitcom which plot takes place in. That's why many sitcom writers come up with fictional locations, and fictional cities, so no casual person will say "Dunder Mifflin baffles me" when they visit a town. And tbh I would rather go to the trolley museum than anywhere else mentioned in this video. Too much overhype

    • LaserDotTV

      At least it’s not Los Angeles. Can’t get much more dystopian than that.

    • Liamblub*_

      Scranton was always dystopian like and crappy

    • dabrandt

      Scranton was already depressing and slightly dystopian since the coal mines shut down in the late 1950s... might as well make a couple bucks off of it

    • Germaine Liew
      Germaine Liew

      I'm a fan of The Office, but I do find this really concerning.

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    King is literally going all out with his road trip this year and I love it

  • Dragon_slayer

    Dang didn’t know Scranton was taken over by the office so much

    • Abbey Hein
      Abbey Hein

      @Supreme the only people who I see wear their merch are tourists.

    • S M
      S M

      @Supreme Exactly. If someone is wearing The Office merch in Scranton, there is a 99.9% they are not actually from Scranton.

    • Supreme

      It isn’t tbh. I’ve lived here for 7-8 years and I haven’t seen one person wear their merch

    • Dominick Justave
      Dominick Justave

      @Mason Kay bs

    • S M
      S M

      @Liamblub*_ Right? People who don’t live in Scranton think the entire city revolves around a TV show.

  • Cy0ps

    As a local I'm glad someone from the outside noticed, please help us, Dunder Mifflin is holding us hostage

  • Pago

    I love his vlogs the most. His voice is just soo relaxing. Keep up the good work man

    • Jay B
      Jay B

      You should listen to his asmr switch unboxing, you’d love it

  • Gushen

    This was a neat documentary style video, as someone who has seen the Office, I’m not too surprised the town of Scranton has capitalized so much off of the show’s success.

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker

    I’m from Scranton and this guy visited the only places that sell office merch (which are mostly tourist destinations) and acted as if it applies to the whole city. Not cool man

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker

    And let the record show, the market place at steamtown originally was named “steamtown mall” from which the office used

  • chubb

    at this point they might as well rename the whole town to "theofficeland"

  • oh no no
    oh no no

    I literally have to deal with this every day . I don’t even like the office

  • fulham_

    King's content and vlogs are very entertaining. Can't wait for the Black Friday vlog with Jonathan or the whole group with Coby and Tristan. Coby's working during Black Friday again?

  • Wicked littleLeo
    Wicked littleLeo

    I have lived here my whole life, and honestly would have no idea what Dunder Mifflin was 😂🤣 I never noticed any merch, or the signs for that matter. It’s kinda funny actually. If your someone who doesn’t watch the office, this stuff doesn’t stick out to you one bit 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Blake M
    Blake M

    Its the Rust Belt, every "major" city in this area is destroyed. I live in Binghamton the next closest "major" city just 1 hour away from Scranton and go there often. There's nothing left, no growing industry, tons of abandoned houses and businesses, and half the population than there was in the 60s/70s. But if you find a decent paying job in the Rust Belt, its super cheap; cheap housing, cheap groceries, cheap flights at the airport, short commutes because the infrastructure is made to support triple the population, good schools, and close enough to cities like Philly or NYC to take a short drive.

    • Brenna Solop
      Brenna Solop

      "...the infrastructure is made to support triple the population..." Bingo. One of my favorite reasons to live here.

  • Joe Savero
    Joe Savero

    been living here for a while, someone said something about the walmart stores in the area, they are huge hinderance to local business even opening in my opinion. Not to mention they put a fucking mall dead in the center of the city, so who's going to be able to compete with the walmarts and a mall....not many people. That mall should be torn down turned into larger buildings with decent housing and shops underneath like most cities do. This city also has a terrible public transportation system which is laughable because as far as i know at one point scranton was excellent there, they had electric trolleys taking you where you wanted to go in the city. The place is in need of serious finacial investment, in my opinion the best thing they could do is re-connect the train tracks to new york city. That will bring a massive boom to the area of people looking to leave nyc like they do now but it would have cheaper and quicker travel.

  • Tyler

    As someone who currently lives there, the area around the college is like a warzone nowadays. A month or so ago some people broke into a student's house and stole her puppy, a few weeks ago a man was robbed at gunpoint, before that even more people were robbed, and multiple houses have been burglarized or vandalized. Not the best place tbh...

  • Tucker Scanlon
    Tucker Scanlon

    I love your content you always make my day thanks

  • Chris Maverick
    Chris Maverick

    I bet behind the scenes king got every single office Murch ever.

  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman

    Love your content Plainrock!!

  • Lily Opshinsky
    Lily Opshinsky

    Most people that live here don't obsess over the office and it doesn't come up in normal everyday conversation. Hell, I haven't talked about the office in maybe five years. There is a lot of cool stuff that doesn't involve anything about the office. The only reason that he saw all of this stuff about the office is because he went searching for the touristy spots that cater to people coming from out of the area to look at office stuff. Also, there aren't many stores in the mall that carry office merch, so I don't know what that's about.

  • aubrey wolff
    aubrey wolff

    i’ve lived in Scranton most of my life. it is a poor city ran by corrupt people with very little to no job opportunity. the comment at the end of the video about how the city’s economy will crumble is a little too close to home because it has been crumbling since the mines were shut down. the only thing it has going for it now is the university (which i go to lol). that’s why they are willing to cling so tightly to the past

  • TheStratomaster

    As a lifelong resident of the area, you forgot the needles all over the ground, tweakers roaming about, and the shitty roads. But you're right. ThE oFfIcE

  • LivInTech

    If plainrock roasts something know that its something he loves !!!

  • Sneaks

    As someone who has spent most of my life there, I'm not there anymore, The Office really is the place's only defining thing besides maybe trains. The rest is just boring buildings and a mall that they renamed to a marketplace then slapped an aquarium in it.

  • SmashingThreePlates

    4:36 to 4:37 The fact that Plainrock just yells in a public place makes it 3 times funnier!

    • BlueÖysterStan

      @Trippie He should have yelled it live

    • Trippie

      its a voiceover

  • PHDoublePhoenix

    This is so cool watching you come to my home hope you enjoyed! Wish I could’ve met you

    • PHDoublePhoenix

      @kcirtap patrick 👍

    • kcirtap patrick
      kcirtap patrick

      youre from scranton?

  • paul bennett
    paul bennett

    All the office memorabilia just started popping up a few years ago. A few years ago their was a news station running a story about how the Lackawanna visitors/ tourism dept. were getting complaints from tourists because there wasn't any Office related merchandise to be bought in the city. I guess these businesses ran with it. Nice video tho. I hope you enjoyed your visit here and learned some interesting facts about our area.

  • StarBerry Blue
    StarBerry Blue

    I live in Scranton, but I'm from Virginia. I don't notice The Office stuff anymore... all I notice is extremely grumpy people. Having traveled a lot in my lifetime, I can honestly say it doesn't get much grumpier than Scranton

  • eefy diez
    eefy diez

    I wonder how much miles his car has now compared to before he went on this road trip

  • Mxchelle124 2nd
    Mxchelle124 2nd

    Ok. The pinned comment says "take a shot everytime "office" is said." So I count it since I don't want to get up and take a drink or any liquids. It will take 25 shots if you will drink. And, if it is how many "office" word you'll see... Well just drink the whole bottle lol

  • xpertgaming

    The trolley museum is mentioned in the office when Dwight does the karate thing

  • brandon saavedra
    brandon saavedra

    I’ve rewatch the office like 3 times, never gets old ;))

  • G Lyrekal
    G Lyrekal

    I lived in scranton my whole life and the scranton welcomes you sign is still in the same spot. There is also not only one.

  • Citavalo

    How very informative! Didn't know they made a city after the show!

  • Despacito

    The legend King pumping out these videos like a chad

  • Jesse Vlogs
    Jesse Vlogs

    To think plainrock was 2 hours away from where I live and at the location of the mall of my childhood until it got shut down and reopened as a lame rundown mall (I miss that place lol)

  • Maxxx Modelz
    Maxxx Modelz

    LOL. As someone who grew up in the area and had lived in Scranton almost his whole life, I can confirm this is all true. Scranton was in its second heyday when The Office was having its big run on TV, and the city was actually doing quite well on the surface. Streets were paved, new sidewalks were put in, and the downtown area was bustling with shoppers and tourists. Now that the run is over, Scranton is in financial crisis and selling Office merch is something businesses in the area are clinging on to for survival. It isn't working though as the local shopping centers are all out of business, the mall downtown is a shell of itself with government businesses and other strange things inside, most of the downtown is abandoned and falling apart, and the previous mayor is either in jail or on his way there for illegal practice. Crime is on the rise, and the only thing still profiting in Scranton is the University.

  • Anthony R.
    Anthony R.

    I’m honestly super thankful that while you did poke fun at Scranton, you didn’t really shit on it. Because most people, really everyone, just absolutely annihilates it. So, genuinely, thanks

  • SuperMegaBenji10

    5:15 There is a different mall that was shown in the Movie "Back to the Future" Has the "Twins Pine Mall" Sign inside!

  • DeeJ DiCeZ
    DeeJ DiCeZ

    its impressive that you went to scranton and didnt talk about the University. The town would die if the University closed

    • MCM

      Marywood University and the Medical School...... everyone forgets there's a lot of education here! This doesn't represent Scranton at all.

  • Dillon Hector
    Dillon Hector

    Living 10 minutes away from scranton. this video is so accurate

  • Joey Auguste
    Joey Auguste

    I lived in Scranton for two years... It's a really depressing place. I had to get out of there ASAP.

  • Izzy King
    Izzy King

    I've been living in Scranton for a year now and never noticed any of this. But then again, I've only seen a handful of The Office episodes. I'll try to be more on the lookout for references.

  • Fawncookie

    The office is one of my favorite shows and I went to Scranton because I thought it would be fun and I almost threw up everywhere there’s office they really are the office city

  • Regeor_95

    I literally started watching The Office last week and then Plainrock makes a video about it!?

  • The American Unboxer
    The American Unboxer

    My favorite scene of the office is the fire drill scene.

  • JL’5

    Finally The office series 😂

  • Eimantas314 - Roblox & More!
    Eimantas314 - Roblox & More!

    If you've been living under a rock for the past 16 years, I'm jealous of you. - King - Me: Well Lithuania is a rock.. so thanks(?)

  • Michael Karnetzis
    Michael Karnetzis

    Dude i was just thinking "when is plainrock going to upload?" and the notification popped up

  • Daniele Lindsey
    Daniele Lindsey

    You gave this Scranton native a good laugh!

  • Joe Curmaci
    Joe Curmaci

    That is truly amazing that you've taken obscure place describe the perfectly to a tea we are so backward and dumbfounded it's quite an scientific experiment if someone were ever to take upon that task off to charge crazy

  • Twisty Milo
    Twisty Milo

    I was born and raised in scranton, and I aprove this video 100%

  • davidv2002

    3:04 they referenced it, in Dwight’s martial arts seminar, the one where he fights himself

  • Joefice 5
    Joefice 5

    I live right outside Scranton. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

  • Its_Jayy

    as someone who has lived in scranton for 15 years, i cant say it better than this. i mean this is one of the first times i see someone make a video over our small and boring city, LOL.

  • Skyflakes101

    I don't think the amount of office merch they have has something to do with them accepting their fate. It feels more like the town trying to take advantage of the fact that they were a setting in a famous tv show as a cash grab

  • RazoRCYT

    will you do a black friday video this year? Those videos always intertain me

  • DJTech

    Normal people when they hear Scranton: oh it’s where The Office took place Me when I hear Scranton: oh it’s where Joe Biden was born

    • Hunter W.
      Hunter W.

      @Danosauruscreck can confirm hate him

    • Danosauruscreck

      I think he was actually born in Delaware and everyone in Scranton hates him more than the office

    • oisin

      tbh before i saw this i just knew it was where my favorite ice cream place is lmao

  • Raymond Meoni
    Raymond Meoni

    I was born here and still live here and this is so accurate Im screaming laughing hahahha

  • Supertansponge

    Dude King has been pumping videos, respect ✊

    • Supertansponge

      @Bill Gates no dip lol, he hasn’t been doing it in a while and ik that he takes a long time editing. I’m holding myself back from insulting you because that sounds stupid

    • Bill Gates
      Bill Gates

      That's literally what a youtuber do

  • The suit Man
    The suit Man

    Imagine being born in scranton

  • プロイセンとアメリカの人民共和国

    Who doesn’t love PlainRock

  • Bluey & Mackenzie reacts
    Bluey & Mackenzie reacts

    Man, this dude went to my location, props to this guy.

  • RJ Harrington
    RJ Harrington

    The Office is totally played out and they are so silly for milking a trend from the mid 2000s. If there is one thing I can't stand is someone who can't let go of a trend that has been done to death...oh and on an unrelated note I love your totally fresh travel vlog!

  • Julz Games
    Julz Games

    The funny thing is, I live here, and the only good thing Alfredos has is the pizza, I have lives here for 14 years, other known as my entire life. I never thought I would see a well known youtuber come to Scranton

  • Nintendo Universe Delta
    Nintendo Universe Delta

    Hope you checked out the retro game store nearby. It’s a super awesome place

    • AngryMa50nB1rd

      I’ve been there. It’s pretty cool

  • Sean C
    Sean C

    This is the closest we'll get to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory type of thing ever happening irl

  • Alexander Moctezuma
    Alexander Moctezuma

    Weirdest part is I didn’t know about the office my whole life and yet I never noticed anything about the office here in Scranton( btw I was born in Scranton so it’s really just nothing I ever noticed)

  • Irish

    They mention the trolley museum in the office when Dwight is giving his karate seminar

  • Cody Powell
    Cody Powell

    Sadly we are a lower income area so if it draws people, then it's no different than Salem. It is crazy though that people take the time to visit due to a tv show. Now his pernuciations of things was funny to me.

  • bcrist643

    This is a epic road trip

  • Liamblub*_

    I used to live in Scranton 4 years ago it’s kinda boring. I lived in the town Dunmore. The day before I moved to Vermont we ate at alfrado’s

  • Dancing Fan
    Dancing Fan

    The word “office” was said exactly 29 times

  • Dressaloup

    I love your videos plainrock

  • Gab Pajara
    Gab Pajara

    Man, I lived on a rock for 15 years, I never heard about the office till last year

  • JustinKeithD

    I used to live in scranton and have eaten at coopers and had no idea that shop was in there. Who wouldn't want to milk fools of their money?

  • Dragon_slayer

    I love the office definitely my favorite ahow

  • Sabrina

    Scrantonian here you missed the giant mural of Dwight at On&On. Also there is an office weekend that the city has started where they bring in actors from the show for a convention(more gift shops have cropped up bc of it). There is also a dundee that the show presented to the city when it was ending. And of course there was the free office wrap party when the show ended where cast members came to the city. I've never watched the show but whenever I travel & people ask where I'm from I get "like from the office?!?! I love the office"

  • boss asfk
    boss asfk

    Fun fact: I went to five below and found a the office action figure

  • vasuman jain
    vasuman jain

    honestly if the office had a laughing track id be way more annoyed

  • Sourav Kumar Sahu
    Sourav Kumar Sahu

    My day got better by your video.... Thanks plainrock124 :D

  • Hazelton316

    As someone who's lived here my whole life, I must be really blind to this 😂 Or maybe I tuned it out. Coopers for sure I know is filled with merch. In fact on their Facebook page they proudly rep "official office merch hub" or something along those lines. And I also know I've seen people taking pictures with the Scranton sign in the mall. I remember when the sign was actually out on the highway. Now that strip of highway is called the "Biden Expressway" because that's another thing Scranton has to make its personality about with Biden living here when he was a kid 😂

  • TheJamesDTV Official
    TheJamesDTV Official

    “I’m no longer an alcoholic” Plainrocky123 - 2021

  • DLuxeeXツ

    Love your videos King!

  • Hypnology

    at least Scranton has something going for it, the entire reputation of Slough (the location of the UK version) is probably one of the worst in the country.

  • Camera king 124
    Camera king 124

    Hey new plain rock video made me happier today thanks

  • That Christian Gamer
    That Christian Gamer

    I'm sad that The Office was removed from Netflix.

  • Robby Cooper
    Robby Cooper

    Should a break in to someone's office and film it then sell it to a tv company as a sitcom called the real office and should I watch it, should I watch the office

  • Angel

    When I was little i lived about 15-20 mintues from scranton pretty cool ive walked in the same place plainrock did lol

  • Francisco

    Plain rock I love your video’s

  • zubdub

    as someone who lived in scranton. yep (luckily I was far away from all the tourist shops, as I was there for college)