How to Flex a Depreciating Asset!
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  • PlainrockVlogs

    No. (Answered the thumbnail's question).

    • PoopyMoo

      hola soy dora daddy king

    • Charlie Zane
      Charlie Zane

      @joseph jolyan who are you

    • Jonathan Gaul
      Jonathan Gaul

      @joseph jolyan hello

    • joseph jolyan
      joseph jolyan

      @Mr Yosh you are broom like a bat man hahahah

    • joseph jolyan
      joseph jolyan

      @Jonathan Gaul hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Twinkie

    Crazy how a few years ago man’s had a boosted board to go everywhere and now he has a brand new Tesla.

    • Sybsygst Gstsgysg
      Sybsygst Gstsgysg

      @yerqs idk how you could forget the subie after the moving on video he made about it

    • UkeraSpec

      @productions_4 good days boosted board

    • yerqs

      Y’all really forgetting about his Subaru 😭

    • Rain_Joseph Byrne
      Rain_Joseph Byrne

      Time flies I started watching him in 2017

    • Sybsygst Gstsgysg
      Sybsygst Gstsgysg

      @Michael Jimenez I never said the model s is better then the c8. The c8 obviously sounds better, that’s like asking if having 0 dollars is better than having a million dollars.

  • EnsuredChaos

    Plainrock: *owns literally anything for more than 5 picoseconds* Also Plainrock: *I don't want to play with you anymore*

    • Kaleb Carpenter
      Kaleb Carpenter

      Ikr! 🤣

    • XpanderBK

      @Kaleb Carpenter Hey, at least you’re honest 🤣

    • Kaleb Carpenter
      Kaleb Carpenter

      It’s a joke like my life🤣

    • PC Gamer
      PC Gamer

      @Kaleb Carpenter That's the joke.

    • Kaleb Carpenter
      Kaleb Carpenter

      😂 that’s not how it works, but okay?

  • Luke

    This guy went from living in a mobile home and dropping out of college to having two teslas in his garage

    • Alicia Igbinoba
      Alicia Igbinoba

      Yes don’t get back to you move Katula I’ll go ask

    • ThiccBoi Randoms
      ThiccBoi Randoms

      And buying the most expensive hairdryer for a one time use

    • Adrien Samuel Raj
      Adrien Samuel Raj

      He's come a long way, congratulations king!

  • MalykEmmanuel555

    My Prediction: After Years Pass By He Will Upgrade To A Tesla Model X

    • Abdul Nafay
      Abdul Nafay

      Maybe a model x plaid?

  • Creeper Shorts
    Creeper Shorts

    Can’t wait for him to move on to the Apple Car in a few years.

    • FadegamingEXE

      @BlazingBlade9 only cameras, the 3 cameras of your iphone

    • BlazingBlade9

      @FadegamingEXE with no windows

    • Kunal Sanyashiv
      Kunal Sanyashiv

      @MarcGames my dads car charges in 10 Minutes 😎😎😎

    • MagicWizurd

      But how would it have windows?

    • That Robloxian
      That Robloxian

      Apple Car?

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T

    congrats on the car! i think you can change gear by tapping on the gear label by the phone wireless charger

    • Sajid

      It only works if the screen breaks

  • eli.

    real note, you really helped me with alot things... first off your videos match my humor, second, watching your videos really just make me feel better. cure boredom, alot of things. Thank you.

  • angel leyva
    angel leyva

    I can only imagine the amount of scratches and swirls that front bumper has after removing the plate cover.

  • Ravioko

    The Model 3 is my dream car, I can't even imagine getting a Model S

    • Juan29rep300


  • GlitchyPranks 28
    GlitchyPranks 28

    The reason the tesla keeps tripping the breaker is because the wires wouldn't be able to handle the current. You need to install a new fuse (preferably 30 A) and new wires that can handle it. Do not just change the breaker, it could burn the house down.

  • Mixro_1

    for those who wonder that steering wheel on the model S plaid is called its a YOKE

  • Unstoppable Atharv
    Unstoppable Atharv

    I love Tesla‘s and I really like the new steering wheel design

  • littlemisstentoes

    When I first found your channel I never expected to subscribe, you were driving around trying to find mario cereal and now 3 years later and you're buying a brand new telsa. Time really flies! So happy for you 🥰

  • CodeRedCody

    King: I bought a hair dryer Also King: Buys the most expensive hair dryer possible

    • You'reWinner422

      @jpinguee Cool story, bro.

    • jpinguee

      @James still dont get it

    • James


    • James

      @jpinguee because he paid 600 dollars for a hairdryer

    • jpinguee

      @James i dont get it

  • Rigby Productions
    Rigby Productions

    I love that the cars are intentionally called the model S, model 3, model X and model Y so it can spell "S3XY"

    • Sajid

      I can agree with Elon the entire car lineup is S3XY

  • Tamagotchi Gal
    Tamagotchi Gal

    Plainrock keep up the good work on your videos!

  • 𝘝 𝘟 𝘘 𝘊 𝘜
    𝘝 𝘟 𝘘 𝘊 𝘜

    King probably spent more money on the tools to take of the front license plate then he spent on the actual Tesla.

  • Matthew Baldwin
    Matthew Baldwin

    Grats! I got my model 3 at the same location. Such a great feeling picking up a new Tesla.

  • AcePlayZ

    I remember exactly when you got the first tesla it was such a good memory

  • Patrick's Planet
    Patrick's Planet

    Y’all… I looked up the hair dryer he bought, it’s $400 😭😭🤣🤣. Also love the Tesla and the stuff that matched with it (The IPhone 13 and flip flops lol)

  • Soren M
    Soren M

    His narroating driving the tesla sounds just like my thoughts in my head, weather it be a car, or just a small tractor on the farm.

  • RedOmen

    Once he said “upgrade” I was like as shit here we go again

  • coffeebot

    I never realise how much time passes until he upgrades something lol

    • randomdudesimon


    • PremiumLiam


  • davidv2002

    get a nema 14-50 (dryer outlet) installed to charge faster, looks like the new chargers don’t come with the nema 14-50 adapters edit: 14-50’s a oven plug not a dryer plug

  • A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name
    A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

    imagine the tesla just constantly plays the warning sound the whole way there

  • Paradoxical

    Perhaps one of the best vlogs on this channel

  • No Emotions
    No Emotions

    Damn I remember when he use to ride his boostboard to places, now he has a whole Tesla. Good job 👏

    • Ranboo The Beloved
      Ranboo The Beloved

      Frfr. Like he literally said a skateboard was better than a car. Here he is. Getting a new car. Lol

  • Pikachu with a hoodie :3
    Pikachu with a hoodie :3

    I really like the red color! I actually got a red iPhone too because literally everyone else in my family have black or white iPhones- unique colors like that are just easier to spot. Also the color black tends to heat up very quickly-

    • Michael Rada
      Michael Rada

      @Pikachu with a hoodie :3 sus

    • Wild Potato
      Wild Potato

      @Pikachu with a hoodie :3 i mean darker colors picks up the heat Light colors no picks up the heat

    • jgames

      why did you cut off your sentence

    • PhoenixYT 124
      PhoenixYT 124

      @Pikachu with a hoodie :3 yeah as i said, you would have regretted it instantly after.

    • Pikachu with a hoodie :3
      Pikachu with a hoodie :3

      @PhoenixYT 124 yeah I was planning to trade in my 11 at the apple store, because I didn’t want to be under a contract with my phone carrier, but my phone was worth like $300. 😒

  • Panda2

    Fun fact teslas they are too strong that they can carry a plane .Take that people that think that Electric cars aren’t strong!

  • Golem

    18:10 use the summon feature to park it if u have a small garage

  • That Robloxian
    That Robloxian

    I would imagine it cool! wanting a tesla too in the future

  • Christmas Wonderland
    Christmas Wonderland

    You guys should have had the service center remove the front license plate for you! Congrats

  • A Man Online
    A Man Online

    Went from a scrawny 14 year old throwing $15 eBay laptops off a mobile home roof to smashing next gen consoles and buying Teslas.... Now that's a success story!

    • Peter Kane
      Peter Kane

      @Beluga’s Italian Cousin rTGg 0

    • Icyツ

      You got that right

    • Beluga’s Italian Cousin
      Beluga’s Italian Cousin

      From rags (kinda) to riches

    • Wolfkun Productions
      Wolfkun Productions

      He started with a dog piss coverd Ds to Never thought something lime that would bring you there

  • Saya Normin
    Saya Normin

    I had my tesla model Y for 4 years and I finally bought a model X. I'm so happy with Tesla and everyone in my house gets a tesla ( model of their choice) for their 16th birthday . But I bought my ex boyfriend one last week when he crashed his toyota!

  • Alexis Maxwell
    Alexis Maxwell

    1:55 Sounds like a complete scam when the order's delayed too many times...

  • Kaiden Hanna
    Kaiden Hanna

    His last words “I hope these lines are accurate.”

  • Venim_ 239
    Venim_ 239

    8:08 i would rather take the challenger 😍

  • Mit

    He should so tint the car. Looks like a fish bowl and keeps the car cool.

    • Name

      I think his Subaru had like a 20 tint on it



    • Swap

      @NINJA GAMER it’s amazing besides living in utah 😂


      @Swap lucky :D

    • lxquidStxtics

      @NINJA GAMER well depends on how tinted it is my moms car is tinted at least 3% or 4% and my mom never got a ticket

  • Memes And More
    Memes And More

    9:31 That is a Samsung USB drive with a Tesla logo on it. I have a normal Samsung one and they are really fast. You should keep it and see how large the storage size is.

  • Da Muffin
    Da Muffin

    “It’s like GETING a newborn from the hospital but GETING rid of the old one” My man

  • Graydood2306

    8:41 King: Get really close they wanna hear this! Also King: *moans in microphone aggressively*

  • Michael

    Such a beautiful car ❤️

  • alexjk2004

    if anyone is wondering the price of the car: the exact spec without FSD is ≈ $99,490 and with FSD it’s $109,490 and the overpriced hair dryer is $399

    • Ranboo The Beloved
      Ranboo The Beloved

      @Torpedo ah yes. The casual tesla replys. Then homophobia comes to the chat 😀

    • alexjk2004

      @Uhhhhhhh that’s inflation and buying power for you

    • Uhhhhhhh

      Model s used to be 70k, now it’s over 90

    • Torpedo

      @Drawmation From Teslas to sweaty neckbeards arguing. Ah yes, the internet.

    • Aaron Joseph
      Aaron Joseph

      yeah I think he went broke🤣

  • Susan

    Have some respect for the model 3

  • Yin yang Yt
    Yin yang Yt

    I can’t believe he upgraded so soon. I mean really, Teslas are expensive

  • Built different
    Built different

    “Hopefully those training mishaps don’t happen with the new one” (explodes car) (buys cyber truck)

  • jiman kim
    jiman kim

    How’d this guy get the wealth for this? Just the vlogs? Just asking because I see a lot of congrats from going from broke to Tesla

  • JustEpik

    I've been with you for longer than you've had your Tesla and have loved the content since! Keep it up King 👑.

    • Ranboo The Beloved
      Ranboo The Beloved

      I've also been here longer than he's had the tesla lol. I hope he does keep his good content up :)

  • Nezcron

    he's gonna get a new Tesla each and every 3 months at some point

  • Techno Creeper
    Techno Creeper

    I am sooooooooooo *bored* but this video was *smashing* congrats on getting rid of the *tesla* *model* *3*

  • Jachii

    The old tesla is 3 years old, i remember that being recently, time goes fast

  • Omer Shah
    Omer Shah

    wait im confused did he actually get a plaid ? if he did damn congrats u offically have one of the fastest cars in the world

  • DerekJaleco

    King: gets a model s 1 day later: Bored Smashing Tesla Model 3

    • cühplunk

      @Melon Berd still a valid car tbh.

    • Justa Gamer
      Justa Gamer

      @Melon Berd oh ok

    • Melon Berd
      Melon Berd

      @Justa Gamer A standard Model S.

    • Justa Gamer
      Justa Gamer

      @Melon Berd which one is it?

    • Melon Berd
      Melon Berd

      @Kaan004TR That's what I mean

  • h

    I remember when the first tesla video came out,good memories

  • TJ Brower
    TJ Brower

    If king ever gets in an accident, he’s going to die from the steering wheel being so close to his chest/head!

  • Nash Railfan
    Nash Railfan

    “Why? Because it’s slightly dirty” Man’s a definition of Rich

  • Sprinter Spotter
    Sprinter Spotter

    When you realise we live in a generation where cars require a fucking SSD to work

  • Azcatec

    “I want to upgrade because I want to upgrade” That is a pretty good reason to want to upgrade

  • Bilal Rizvi
    Bilal Rizvi

    I want more Tesla video's, Congratulations you have a new Subscriber From Karachi Pakistan ❤️, Love from Karachi Pakistan ❤️.

  • Mr beast
    Mr beast

    Imagine when he pulled out of the space he accidentally put it in reverse and smashed it ameadiatly

    • Ranboo The Beloved
      Ranboo The Beloved

      Immediately* sorry lol

  • aykayayexe

    "i'm gonna be iNsIdE of you soon" cracked me up, i never expected that

  • maple07

    Do a moving on video of the old car trying to break the new one


    Me actually : lives in pheonix feels like he will ram my house over

  • g raisins
    g raisins

    Next video: testing if pedestrian blood blends in with red tesla

  • M E
    M E

    17:49 “I like to drive the speed limit” 17:35 casually going 11 over

  • FlamedSin

    9:36 i feel like the only one who laughed at this linus drop tips refference

  • Annonomus[475]

    Plainrock124 just makes my day I enjoy watching his videos

  • Zeghetti

    Cant wait until he gets a range rover in like 2 years

  • Daiy_n

    Congratulations on the new or 1 year old order for you're tesla!

  • RST RL
    RST RL

    PR124: "Driving like a grandma" Me: *dies of laughter*

    • Ranboo The Beloved
      Ranboo The Beloved

      Also pr124: *speeds up directly after saying that*

  • Prince - Roblox
    Prince - Roblox

    What if in the future King will finally get a Model X?

  • Elijah Halisky
    Elijah Halisky

    Hey plainrock i hope you love your new tesla it looks cool don't crash it a lot lol hope you will get used to it and enjoy it can't wait for you to buy a new one and make a vid about it. 👍😁

  • Jackson Koch
    Jackson Koch

    I like how he is just casually drinking water out of a McDonald’s cup without a lid or straw

  • sweetalicious girl
    sweetalicious girl

    Wow the red on the tesla model S plaid looks so cool great choice!

    • groszak1

      Prius *

  • I am the best King ever
    I am the best King ever

    I was about to miss that tesla model 3. At least he kept it in his garage.

  • TibiCRO

    camera men: i got a temperature warning on the camera me: wtf its winter

  • Ethan_6666

    i still cant believe its been 3 years since he bought the tesla model 3 i thought it was just last year

  • Pigon

    Anything plain owns: *Scratched once* Plain: *I don't wanna play with you anymore....*

  • IzYourKid Not Really
    IzYourKid Not Really

    I bet he is going to get the tesla roadster or the cybertruck next time when he does another MOVING ON

  • wassup

    Now the model 3 has a friend to share there experience with like the other one

  • TheJamesDTV Official
    TheJamesDTV Official

    Wonder if there’s a mod for the steering wheel to make it normal again

    • SimplyBloxxed

      @cühplunk yeah but because of that they made a ridiculously impractical wheel for daily use. Fully rotating with a wheel like that is far more annoying than a standard wheel, thats why that wheel shape is only used for racing.

    • Dr. Gummy
      Dr. Gummy

      Somebody did manage to do that, but it cost them around $34,000

    • Aegon the Dragon
      Aegon the Dragon

      You could probably source out an old S wheel but I think other parts were changed so it may not be compatible.

    • Meme 2000
      Meme 2000

      tbh you can mod anything, so Probaly lol

    • superstar64

      I wouldn't like that steering wheel, it looks like a power wheels and I don't want my hand to slip off the wheel and have it straighten out the wheel while making a turn. Maybe that's because I drive what you may consider a "broke" truck

  • Sebastian Oltean
    Sebastian Oltean


  • DJ Painkiller
    DJ Painkiller

    I hope one day you’re able to make your videos in 4K Quality And upload them in 4K to IRglo

  • Metrosania

    Nobody: Plainrock: I'm gonna be inside of you soon

  • Anthony Weiss
    Anthony Weiss

    Please don’t take it through automatic car washes!!

  • ChiChiOppKilla

    Dude I’m so proud of you man 😃

    • De Avonturen Van Hehe en BigMiel
      De Avonturen Van Hehe en BigMiel

      @Steel YT! exactly lmao

    • Steel YT!
      Steel YT!

      No offense to Plainrock, but why are you proud of a 20 year old destroying random technology and wasting his money on Teslas? Maybe focus on your own life...

  • Pierre G Hedgehog
    Pierre G Hedgehog

    "i hope that's not mine" about 40 seconds later his tesla was the one with the front lisence plate thing

  • notallowed 094
    notallowed 094

    4:58 made me laugh so hard

  • ShaltzzJetti

    U know he’s rich when he buys a 130 thousand dollar car out of the blue

  • Kyle Phantom
    Kyle Phantom

    Best excuse ever "i want to upgrade because of i want to upgrade"😁😁

  • CandyCorn

    The Tesla steering wheel it’s like a formula 1 racing car steering wheel lol

  • TheFlyingBurrito

    How does he still have his drivers license?!

  • Chase The Police Pup
    Chase The Police Pup

    "What is that place its just A" got me laughing

  • AbdulAnimates

    He is starting to be the electric stradman!

  • faZe_ Wardroabe
    faZe_ Wardroabe

    When he said it's time for an upgrade I thought he would pull out an m16 or something

  • unfunny user 224
    unfunny user 224

    I can just imagine him getting shift shakers out of no where. Just a stall horn in the background.

  • Tien Duong
    Tien Duong

    On the Christmas update there was a new feature called light show!

  • Michelle Eriksen
    Michelle Eriksen


  • #ThatMario Guy
    #ThatMario Guy

    Excited for new vlogs in the model S!