Maybe travel restrictions were a good thing...
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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Nothing like a vacation to make you realize how good you had it at home...

    • Juan moguel
      Juan moguel


    • Anna Domeradzka
      Anna Domeradzka

      You could have the good or bad holiday

    • Weestevesgaming

      @Bliss Binu l

    • not a hacker
      not a hacker

      Police your FBI agent seen you hang out with the mec-invaiders

    • MrIzaiah2007

      Why live in Texas. If you live in Oklahoma. My small town never have tornadoes here. Well. 2 tornadoes hit but they weak as fricc.

  • Samuel_C

    As a Resident of Texas this video is accurate

    • SleepyTummy


    • Dylan H.
      Dylan H.

      Yep, thankfully tornados aren’t common where I’m at

    • Jaiden Banks
      Jaiden Banks

      No it’s not

    • juan the role player
      juan the role player


    • FjodorGj1024


  • Serbus

    The sound of his camera zooming makes me laugh every time

    • denis

      Me to

    • Juliantheblader

      it makes me chuckle

    • Matthew A Morgan
      Matthew A Morgan

      Why am I the first one to say “same”?

    • EpicNooBoi The boi
      EpicNooBoi The boi


    • Nick Grejda
      Nick Grejda


  • DaftPina

    It isn't Texas until you've seen Tornado's and Scorpions 🦂

    • Daniel_loves_marvel

      I live in Texas and I never seen scorpions and tornadoes.

    • Javier Ochoa
      Javier Ochoa

      Don’t forgot hurricanes

    • Ben Bramhall TV
      Ben Bramhall TV

      @Random Space animator wow

    • Tatura

      ​@Spartain 103 You start seeing scorpions as soon as you get out of the city. I guess we have roaches to compensate for scorpions, lol. Also, yes, I've been in at least four or five tornados after living in DFW for 18 years, so we have a lot.

    • Tatura

      @Janice Childs You from like Houston area or something?

  • Batchez

    What scares me even more is that he forgot to stop by a Buc-ee's for his road trip. They have amazing food, the cleanest restrooms ever, and they are a mandatory stop for people driving through or in Texas.

    • Fabian Esparza
      Fabian Esparza

      Also a lot of people in the store its hard to get around

    • Random Productions
      Random Productions

      @Wolfette Plays how I’ve lived in Texas my entire life I’ve been like 13 times

    • Tnyumon

      The restrooms are legendary

    • Carlitos Villalta
      Carlitos Villalta

      I went there!

    • Bob4212

      heard of bucees never been to one before

  • RamiroInx

    There's something about plain rock vlogs that makes them very entertaining

    • sexy muscular man
      sexy muscular man

      Got that right

  • evildraven79

    I’m in San Antonio and in my 42 years we’ve had maybe 3 or 4 minor tornadoes. I hope you were able to get out and see the city while you were here.

    • Bruhmanitor

      @Wolfette Plays I mean isn’t that everywhere

    • Wolfette Plays
      Wolfette Plays

      San Antonio is hell tbh

    • Joseph Pantess
      Joseph Pantess

      Just having any tornados at all is scary to me

  • Nancy Burns
    Nancy Burns

    Me: watching tornado videos Also me: Hears sirens Me for the 3rd time: pauses video and still hears sirens Me for the final time: Oh right I'm in Texas.

    • Sonic Breaker69
      Sonic Breaker69

      hears sirens in a video. pauses video: i thought i just paused this video.

    • ryenesha briggs
      ryenesha briggs


    • ryenesha briggs
      ryenesha briggs

      Q 1

    • JoeGamerYT ツ
      JoeGamerYT ツ

      I got a tornado warning 4 time in one day luckily no tornados

    • Random

      I have seen this comment so many times .

  • Brighton Evans
    Brighton Evans

    I live in Texas and I didn’t even realize that weather is a stereotype 😂

    • Just A Ghost
      Just A Ghost

      when I say I’m from Texas, other people always say “haha tornado go brrrrr”

    • ZSullivan27

      @The last Bean bender same

    • The last Bean bender
      The last Bean bender

      i thought that was kansas

  • KingOfWar565

    As a Texan I can confirm we love our beer and tornados

  • Dancing Fan
    Dancing Fan

    “And the mini fridge is in the toilet” That motel is paradise, you can be eating a snack while taking a sh*t

    • BlueÖysterStan

      “I drink while I’m takin’ a piss” - Xzibit, 2000

    • King of Railfanning
      King of Railfanning


    • Blake KDM
      Blake KDM

      No you make your snack and put it in the fridge

    • Fernando Guzman
      Fernando Guzman

      Bruh that funny as hell

    • Digital_danny

      My great uncle ronald macdonald says i cant hit 5 million subs in 2 milliseconds

  • SeanDoesThings

    At least you're not alone when it comes to fears. Here in illinois i was in a few tornados now im scared of slightly high winds and storms.

  • DamiGamerMx-Us

    As a Mexican who lived in South Texas ans travelled to the north a few times this is too accurate, and I love it!

  • Not Valk
    Not Valk

    I’m in New York, and I never had severe tornados in my life in New York but the worst one was the 3 tornados that was in 2011 and a tree fell on my neighbors house and that happened when I was about 2 and it was around October 2011 and I only know this from my brother telling me about it and it’s locked in my head now. Our neighbor had a lot of damage to the house that it took 3 years to repair. Good thing they are still alive and they didn’t get injured.

  • MogulMinister

    you'd know if it was a tornado cloud if it was rotating, either way that must've been a terrifying storm to be in

  • no one asked
    no one asked

    As a Texan I can confirm We love over advertising beer and boots Also among us is everywhere No tornadoes for me though

  • BestGalaxyAustralian2K13 // GAAG2K13
    BestGalaxyAustralian2K13 // GAAG2K13

    0:26 New Mexico 3:32 Texas 10:17 Louisiana

  • Tornado Brady
    Tornado Brady

    3:28 I don’t think the severe weather in Oklahoma gets any better

    • Adíela Duarte
      Adíela Duarte


  • Best username ever
    Best username ever

    I remember going to Texas on vacation a week ago, and it was INSANELY HOT. I couldnt believe how hot its was! It was 84+ degrees at night!

  • Nicole Lamica
    Nicole Lamica

    (After the tornado hits his car): hey guys welcome back to more costly mistakes

    • Safu

      Bruh the rain in the vid wasnt even that bad ive seen a lot worse

    • logans

      @SPCFranklinCounty373 w

    • SPCFranklinCounty373

      @logans quiet

    • logans

      how to profit off of stupid mistakes

    • CheatV2

      I am in Texas can I be scard

  • Future Beast
    Future Beast

    The sound of his camera zooming makes me laugh every time

    • Takumiたくみ

      Yeah what if its copied? cOpiEd..we dont care

    • Tadet184

      You copied @AwA

    • Razer_ Helm
      Razer_ Helm


  • Aaron WX4TVS
    Aaron WX4TVS

    What it sounds like you went through was a downburst/microburst. Strong winds accompanied by a heavy downpour.

  • Bumpkin

    As someone who lives in texas and has for the last 14 years of my life I agree

  • Franklin's Stuff
    Franklin's Stuff

    This is so weird I almost just got caught in a tornado well on a roadtrip that I just finished, what a weird coincidence, believe me if you want to but I'm not lying...

  • Miguel Torres-Rosado
    Miguel Torres-Rosado

    Plain Rock: I’m pretty comfortable staying here I think it’s pretty decent Gabe: You think

  • The Lone Power Ranger
    The Lone Power Ranger

    King in his main channel videos: edgy and doesn't care King in real life: wind scary

  • Udbhav Rajesh
    Udbhav Rajesh

    Please make more flight trip videos which show a good view throughout the flight.

    • Udbhav Rajesh
      Udbhav Rajesh

      Like @Skylite Productions

  • Skiptir Et!
    Skiptir Et!

    2:48 I have an idea. Tesla has sensors all over right? It should detect everything. So you could probably go at 50 km with no problem.

    • Skiptir Et!
      Skiptir Et!

      Do I look like an engineer? Its just an idea.

    • MellowGamerYt

      Rong, due to the rain and high winds the sensors are getting soaked and due to the winds its getting blocked.

  • Rafalafel M
    Rafalafel M

    I like to imagine this whole video was filmed on the ICarly camera

    • Riyadh can play any games
      Riyadh can play any games

      Suger daddy?

    • John parkes
      John parkes

      @GDX Studios or even better itornadofears

    • GDX Studios
      GDX Studios

      @DiavoloPlayz or better yet igototexas

    • Dancing Fan
      Dancing Fan

      The front car camera is the built in tesla camera

    • GDX Studios
      GDX Studios

      If it was this video would be called ivolgtexas

  • βιάζεβροη

    It's cool to me how I live in Texas and I experienced this weather to and I also thought it was a tornado

  • WesternMass EAS
    WesternMass EAS

    I’m a simple kid interested in weather. I see a tornado, I click.

  • Keckothedragon

    This has been on my watch later ever since it was uploaded. glad I had time to watch it because this is hilarious

  • AitorPikachu100

    0:12 I was not seeing that coming! Well done! It made me laugh :)

  • Parrot_lover

    3:03 that’s smart to keep the high beams and hazards of it will help let the vehicles know here you are smart!

  • Darjan Trajkov
    Darjan Trajkov

    This is exactly what happened on our trip in Greece the rain was realy strong the wind and we waited on the border for 2 hours what could be worse????🤨🤨🤨

  • Jose Espinoza
    Jose Espinoza

    I went to Texas at the same time you made this video and I had to deal with air raid sirens and tornadoes

  • JellyBookittie211

    I think the government has a disaster button and when they feel angry theyre like: "screw texas"

  • Ryan Belknap
    Ryan Belknap

    I live Texas speaking of tornadoes there’s one that happened in my town back on 11-16-15 that was FING SCARY in Pampa Texas

  • Kenzie Hou
    Kenzie Hou

    The weather in Texas is similar to the one in south east Asia minus the cold.

    • 小林康則

      Hello there fellow asean 👋

  • TyranitarZ [GD]
    TyranitarZ [GD]

    Was that actually a tornado when you were going into texas

  • Jaiden Banks
    Jaiden Banks

    I’ve lived in Texas, and I have NEVER been in a tornado so this is not accurate

  • Arwing Master
    Arwing Master

    I imagine Plainrock drinking his Sonic energy drink and saying, "This is how you Sonic!" XD

    • CasGames

      @Chris S im an asexual thats apart of lgbtq

    • SuperSonicGaming

      m9 i think that's g fuel

    • Chris S
      Chris S

      @Rayyan in south park OMG Same!! My Sexuality Is Gay!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Nice Profile Pic

    • Rayyan in south park
      Rayyan in south park

      "Sonic, please give me your juice!" (I am an lgbtq ally but this makes me slightly cringe don't @ me)

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD



    you should've taken into consideration that everything is bigger in texas, including storms


    The clouds look like 2D rendered ones you would see WAY off in the distance in video games

  • Subarupenguin

    Plainrock is so awesome he put his hazards on

  • Bahamutz

    living in Dallas I’ve never had to deal with a scorpion so I don’t really know what it’s like to see one

  • Blanca Gomez
    Blanca Gomez

    texas weather is weird, one week you have a big freeze (y'all remember february?) then you have the biggest heat scorch. but texas also has great places like buc-ees and Whataburger. i love my state 🙃

    • Mystic

      Nothing happened to my neighborhood during the freezee except the wfi went down for a few days and no hot water

    • spoxhz

      As someone who lives in Texas, this is true. The day will be super sunny and then all of a sudden a thunderstorm.

    • Caleboblox shorts
      Caleboblox shorts

      ik the freeze knocked out the power for a week

    • Joel Carrillo
      Joel Carrillo


    • Joel Carrillo
      Joel Carrillo

      Is that an adult? Cause I live in texas…

  • MogulMinister

    Fun fact, Texas is home to one of the most powerful tornadoes to ever touch down in the past 100 years. Said tornado completely destroyed a small town named Jarrell, near Austin.

  • Aukse Kriauciuniene
    Aukse Kriauciuniene

    This is like what happened to me on my vacation to lithuania.

  • A Stalinist
    A Stalinist

    “Texas scares me” Me, a Texan: Me too

  • *月食

    Oh wow... When this was filmed, I was visiting family in Louisiana pretty close to the Texas border...

  • Claudthecloud

    I've lived in TX my whole life, this is pretty accurate... the bbq negates any risk tho, we got the good stuff here

    • InexpAnts

      Never been to texas, but texas is where it’s at

    • Jessica schmidt
      Jessica schmidt

      Nah Kansas is where its at

    • My camera roll
      My camera roll

      Nah Oklahoma is where its at

  • W3BBY93

    Plainrock i subscribed to you and liked all of your videos thank you for everything you did hope you have a good time peace out please read pls ....

  • Gavin Kitchens
    Gavin Kitchens

    2:15 I was in the same storm only I was farther north and I was outside while it was hailing

  • IamJosh26

    Convince that he quickly ends the clog as soon as it reaches 10:00.. it’s probably nothing

  • Bahamutz

    As a resident of Texas I understand your pain

  • Luis Angel Santos
    Luis Angel Santos

    Theory: remember that video where some girl dents King’s Tesla and the truck’s license plate is from Texas, but neither the police or his insurance wants to cover it? His mission is to find that girl and make her pay for the damage!

    • •Elektronix•


    • Hamm Khan
      Hamm Khan

      ...the hunt continues in Louisiana

    • Toyota Supra
      Toyota Supra

      Texas drivers are shat

    • Dog of wisdom
      Dog of wisdom

      I believe she lives near my city. still in a different city though

    • Country boi gavin gaming 209
      Country boi gavin gaming 209

      If he found it, then kick it

  • Bonnie YT
    Bonnie YT

    Thanks for visiting my city i hope you felt very special.

  • Shiny Gyarados
    Shiny Gyarados

    If you scared of the weather try Scotland in the fall and winter trust me I have experience

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz

    Welcome to Texas! I live in Bowie Texas And May 22,2020 we got by 2 tornado and straight line winds and my fence was gone and it destroyed my trampoline and etc. But again it’s Texas

  • NoStall123 Productions
    NoStall123 Productions

    Coming from someone who drives to Fort Worth to visit family, Texas does also scare me.

  • Senior Wolff
    Senior Wolff

    From a person from Texas this is very hilarious

  • Ed Martinez
    Ed Martinez

    As I a Texan I can guarantee that you will never see a tornado in person in your life if you live in Texas.

  • Razor

    It's crazy how you went to the micro center I have been to before and in the area that I live. It blows my mind how I could of ran into you in my area.

  • Just your average human
    Just your average human

    As a normal Texan I can verify that the weather needs emotional support.

  • Sonuj1231

    Everyone here in texas is a very gutsy driver they have racing level driving skills even when people are drunk.

    • anefyon

      Dude in Terrell I see a drunk driver every time I leave my house... it’s fucking nuts

    • Rain sk
      Rain sk

      Aka my aunty she lives in texas

    • Ethan Media
      Ethan Media

      We got stuck behind someone from Texas on a one way road for 12 miles and they were going 3mph. The road was too narrow to pass and there were fences on the side of the road. (This was near the Smokies) it took us 4 hours to finish a 1/2 hour trip

  • Caleboblox shorts
    Caleboblox shorts

    As a west Texan resident for 8 years I say the storm part is very accurate

  • greg

    Man if been loving these blogs man keep it up

  • Bluegator

    Going to Texas is now turning scary for me

  • David Perez
    David Perez

    Every time a famous dude is San Antonio I feel stupid that I had a chance to meet them

  • pokotendo

    ive only seen one tornado and i have lived in san antonio my whole life

  • Curly Whrly
    Curly Whrly

    The spot I live in Texas never gets any bad weather other than thunder and there’s a lot of cool stuff near so I don’t get why people think Texas scary

  • Aaroonyee

    I swear I’m Texas u get a tornado warning at least once a month and also it feels nice seeing some

  • ReddFoxxy08

    When you said if you should get used to the close calls my answer is yes because I live in Texas and everyone is really bad at driving

  • Ed Martinez
    Ed Martinez

    FYI: 99% of Texans have never witnessed a tornado live.

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    It’s 12 am in Texas right now and we just had a tornado warning. Ironic.

  • Jack Jeffries
    Jack Jeffries

    I was in a tent at my job as a summer camp councelor and when I woke up I learned I slept through a tornado lol. ( I’m from pa)

  • Famango

    “Dude do you know how many people had sex here” “actually, that brings us to what I was planning to do😏”

    • Greathut

      sussy words

    • Famango

      @MarioIsShot agreed

    • MarioIsShot

      "sussy baka" 😐

    • Famango

      @Ivan Tube agreed

    • Ivan Tube
      Ivan Tube

      this comment section is why we cant have nice things

  • this_dude_dumb

    texas should scare you, only experienced texans can handle it

    • Aaron G 361
      Aaron G 361


    • Amen

  • DapperLS

    I LIVE in houston. It was that week when some remainders of a storm hit.

  • TheGamboaGamer

    This might be the reason why my country had a tornado too

  • kmaxpro 9
    kmaxpro 9

    Me a texan: what scares you.. oh the scorpion's you say? I've been here for 11 years and only seen one same for tornados besides the fact I've only heard one story The only thing that scares me? THE SLOW INTERNET YOU KNEW ITS BAD WHEN YOUR USED TO 360P PLEASE SAVE US

  • Don’tCallMeAGamer

    In Texas’s standards that’s not even close to a tornado and high winds in Texas are 100 mph

  • Dark_ d1n0
    Dark_ d1n0

    Plain rock: *Almost dies* "Me getting a finger licking good ad"

    • JoeGamerYT ツ
      JoeGamerYT ツ

      I play gta v while watching plainrock that did happen to me

    • Zulay Marti
      Zulay Marti

      I got a mr.beast scam ad

    • smothlandinghub_8203

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kfc

    • George Fink
      George Fink

      I got a Wendy's ad

    • Hunter AUL
      Hunter AUL

      I got a online shop ad

  • Taheem Mahammad
    Taheem Mahammad

    This is texas nature man heavy rain BTW imagine someone bring their switch but a tornado blasted it away

  • Jason Vu
    Jason Vu

    Damn I was going to Texas to California and saw the Storm

  • Juliantheblader

    if you guys don’t know what type of cloud that was it was called a funnel cloud and funnel clouds are part of supercell thunderstorms witch can be high precipitation storms and yes the storm he is in is a supercell thunderstorm

  • IceWolf196

    When I saw this video I nearly screamed cos I thought that plainrock124 was going to be flying through the air at more than 100 miles an hour then I would be sad because I wouldn't be able to watch bored smashing anymore

  • Nether 2009
    Nether 2009

    I love watching a tech destruction enthusiast going on a vacation whilst being scared of Texas

  • Infinity Bros19
    Infinity Bros19

    i went to the galleria for the last time before i moved out and seeing him skate in the galleria ice rink brought so many memories

    • GG 🎃SADAN🎃 / minecraft
      GG 🎃SADAN🎃 / minecraft

      😑😑you not real

  • Dog of wisdom
    Dog of wisdom

    yes this is what it is like in texas indeed also the storm that you got hit way harder in del rio. literally a hurricane situation


    Is there going to be a part 2?

  • Infinity Playzz
    Infinity Playzz

    This guy is so underrated!

  • Max

    As a Texan that is Born and Raised in Texas, in my entire life, I have seen maybe 1 or 2 Tornados, soo.. it is pretty rare for tornado's to spawn, depending on climate, also, Welcome to Fort Worth/Dallas King!

    • Joseph Pantess
      Joseph Pantess

      Just having any tornados is terrifying and would never want to live there even if it’s super cheap

    • Threemonk

      Oh im in the same area! ive seen 3 or 4 tornados

    • TIM SAGE
      TIM SAGE

      Iv only seen one in my life in Texas

  • DogStunts

    I live in houston and this never happens

  • Greeceball

    6:35 "Netflix and chill" is an Internet slang term used as a euphemism for sexual activity, either as part of a romantic partnership, as casual sex, or as a groupie invitation. Since its first recorded, nonsexual use in a tweet posted in 2009, the phrase has gained popularity within the Twitter community and other social media sites like Facebook and Vine.

  • Me But not the boys -
    Me But not the boys -

    most people think texas is all tornados and crap but ive lived here for my whole life and have not been in a single tornado(and it was in the same location in the state)

  • hoangngocphong07

    I got so lucky I went to Texas and Traveled back at Monday

  • Jackson Rubli
    Jackson Rubli

    What’s funny is that I live in Texas and I’ve never seen a tornado

    • Zzz Human
      Zzz Human

      Where do you live Like as in where in Texas

    • Super Mario Plush
      Super Mario Plush

      That's because you probably don't live in the tornado alley area of Texas

    • Themightyade


    • Kasaï TV
      Kasaï TV


    • Max Hyde
      Max Hyde

      They only really happen in the panhandle. I'd never seen one till I went to Texas Tech and we had a few while I was in Lubbock.


    I hope you’ll be OK planewalk124