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  • PlainrockVlogs

    A train is just a worse plane.

    • halludbA

      I prefer them to be honest, way cozier.

    • Memes And More
      Memes And More


    • Ianator05 05
      Ianator05 05

      King sure loves his beaches

    • Blocky. YT
      Blocky. YT

      @BNSFtrainfan 157 Productions meh

    • BNSFtrainfan 157 Productions
      BNSFtrainfan 157 Productions

      This might rage many Railfanners lol

  • Swell Entertainment
    Swell Entertainment

    The alligators were awesome so it makes sense why you really only got a photo of one at the zoo

    • Ryan


    • youtuber 269
      youtuber 269


    • RM209


    • Darkluna9

      @GalaxyBoi I think they just good friends but okay. 👌🏽

    • GalaxyBoi

      @DIY GUY they're in a relationship dude

  • CosmoCristian

    He never made a joke about Florida looking like a gun.

    • VIP Master
      VIP Master

      Or a boot

    • Roblox Gamer
      Roblox Gamer

      I was gonna say that

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD

      Wait I-

    • The Diamond Fish
      The Diamond Fish

      @FigureFarter Oklahoma is more like a butcher knife

    • Ark Cubing
      Ark Cubing

      it looks like a sock hand

  • Djfireball

    It’s always a good day when plainrock uploads!

    • Crystal Apaez
      Crystal Apaez

      True he makes my a day will with laughter

  • Calvin Tong
    Calvin Tong

    Should’ve stayed longer for a Hurricane Vlog

    • Jersey Ryan
      Jersey Ryan


    • no

      literally had to drive away from FL because of elsa lmao (i went on a road trip the same week plainrock did)

    • Washington and Colorado Mapping
      Washington and Colorado Mapping

      @Sypheur27 Oh I get confused because there is east usa and west usa

    • Sypheur27

      @Washington and Colorado Mapping i meant the west coast of florida because thats where the hurricane hit

    • Washington and Colorado Mapping
      Washington and Colorado Mapping

      @Sypheur27 I am From the west coast i live in Washington state

  • LaegerV2

    Florida was weird. - every 60 seconds In Africa a minute passes

    • Monkey Gaming
      Monkey Gaming

      Anme si beb

    • y/x kora
      y/x kora

      Together we can stop this.

  • SmashKick Playz
    SmashKick Playz

    Hey Plainrock, great to see you traveling and making vlogs again! Keep up the great work!

  • ImTay

    This man’s videos are entertaining to watch

    • Arwing Master
      Arwing Master

      Agreed! =D

  • DenieOne

    I love how he’s in Virginia because he’s a virgin,very clever plainrock

    • epic random dude
      epic random dude

      While california is where calves are grown to make california milk

    • Pain

      He’s going because of cnd

    • Ahmed Adrees
      Ahmed Adrees

      @A Shepherds Girl Creations taxes

    • Ahmed Adrees
      Ahmed Adrees

      When ohio is oh hi yo

    • Reed

      @Graudaco its names after skme laday whit a last name of Virginia

  • DHP Of Davao
    DHP Of Davao

    1:46 Fun Fact: In 2013 Some dude named Stephen Ross, wanted the Miami-Dade County to pay for renovations for Hard Rock Stadium just so the Dolphins(the team that occupies the stadium) could stay in that area. When the county said no, he paid for it himself, so I'm guessing the roof for the bleachers was all he could afford.

  • Autistic games and reviews
    Autistic games and reviews

    While on Virginia, try this place called “The Dirty Buffalo” really good wing place

  • gayming😎

    You know it's a good day when plainrock uploads video

  • Mr.Watermelon

    "im going to Virginia" me who has lived there my whole life: well that will be a pretty boring vlog, hmm?

    • Joya Mir
      Joya Mir

      I live in dale city va

    • Mr.Watermelon

      @OG Fox 🦊 yeah, I guess virginia beach might be the only exciting place (or richmond) but tbf it really depends on where he goes in virginia

    • OG Fox 🦊
      OG Fox 🦊

      I’ve been to Virginia and well it has a bunch of historical stuff… but that’s it.

    • AlphaDevil2018

      Same I've also been in Virginia for 14 years

    • Starling

      I want him to come to Pennsylvania

  • Faisal K
    Faisal K

    We are waiting for the Dhar Mann collab

    • Liam YT
      Liam YT

      Florida is not as damn hot as Texas

    • Crystal Apaez
      Crystal Apaez

      @Liam YT why

    • Liam YT
      Liam YT

      who cares I hate dharmann

    • Teodor


    • Crystal Apaez
      Crystal Apaez

      Lol but atleast dhar mann saw the video

  • Niloy Zaman
    Niloy Zaman

    It’s always a surprise when he uploads

    • TigerTheMan

      IKRRRRRRR I CLick immediately

  • Jakewebmaster8

    I live in Florida myself, and even I think it's weird.

  • CodeRedCody

    Nobody: King: My foot long wasn't 12"

    • steve from bill wurtz
      steve from bill wurtz


  • Windows Βασιλης GamesGr
    Windows Βασιλης GamesGr

    His videos is always fun to watch

  • Weeb

    it would've been nice if you had the option to just stay in your car while on the train, it looks like it'd be more comfortable

  • Sayarce

    I've lived in Florida my entire life how have I not heard of this

  • Noriaki Kakyōin
    Noriaki Kakyōin

    so glad you were down here in florida, hope you had a good time.

  • random guy on the internet
    random guy on the internet

    Good thing you got out of Florida before the hurricane sorta hit. From my hurricane experience is not that bad except for a few flooded roads and sidewalks and lightning that would sometimes hit close.

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    1:10 it’s like playing Where’s Waldo but instead of looking for Waldo, you have to find the stage!

  • rishnado productions
    rishnado productions

    The 2nd match before the Paul fight (Hurd vs. Arias) was severely underrated

  • Tman

    Imagine a plainrock whislindiesel colab that would be very interesting to say the least

    • chicken fish
      chicken fish

      They would probably make 50 ways to destroy some electric car other than tesla

    • The racing boss
      The racing boss

      Could be interesting for sure

    • The racing boss
      The racing boss

      One likes destroying electronics and the other likes destroying vehicles

  • Oscar Membreno Andrade
    Oscar Membreno Andrade

    Next: Hawaii was amazing

    • Kovn

      @chicken fish only journalists can go there but you can go there by buying a plane to any country then go to North Korea

    • chicken fish
      chicken fish

      @basically stupid i know its a joke lol but Americans are banned from entering north korea because an American died at a labor camp there

    • 15cm sIG 33 b sfl
      15cm sIG 33 b sfl

      Next: I went to Mars and it's cold

    • Sayarce

      Next: I got shot in Detroit

    • Ivailo

      Next: the moon was weird

  • Slaize


  • Tech Nugget
    Tech Nugget

    “3 hour flight from LA to New York” Man flying a Concorde??

  • coolguy

    This trip was hilarious

  • Apple Dolphin
    Apple Dolphin

    If he ever does a Maryland vlog, I live there, and am going to try to find him :)

    • Jakewebmaster8

      @Center Reddot Yep.

    • Center Reddot
      Center Reddot

      @Jakewebmaster8 you sound like he’s a needle

    • Jakewebmaster8

      Good luck with that lol.

  • Frogo Productions
    Frogo Productions

    Plainrock is now a Florida man

    • Irute Ulvidaitė
      Irute Ulvidaitė

      Florida man kills Logan Paul

    • Keenan Nayaka Aditya
      Keenan Nayaka Aditya

      graystillplays? lmfao

    • Coltin Anderson2
      Coltin Anderson2

      Poofesure too

  • rreich

    great that these videos are coming back in my reccomended ever since 2017-2018

  • Saiki?

    Well it depends on which part of Florida you traveled to

  • Uncle Dip
    Uncle Dip

    I find it kind of funny that he skipped over like 3 states

  • Hi

    I like how he turns around assuming we would know where he would be from some trees

  • FaZe tj
    FaZe tj

    I love how he had the glasses headphones and the airpods in

    • Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy

      I'm surprised he didn't bring his old Air Pods for even more electric noise canceling. It may cause a lot of hearing loss but at least he wont hear anymore snoring.

  • xPRG -InsertCoolNameHere
    xPRG -InsertCoolNameHere

    i live in Florida all of this happens on a day to day basis.

  • Moople

    And 6 years ago he was making vlogs about his school day How far we have come

  • The Tree Overlord
    The Tree Overlord

    I was just in Florida too! I wish I met you while you were there

    • Mr_pro 16
      Mr_pro 16

      At 7:05 was my town so I’m trying to discover the tracks.

  • Seb 4340
    Seb 4340


  • シMeltyシ

    I can literally hear the camera zooming out but good content!

  • Reaper Creeps
    Reaper Creeps

    7:23 that’s something I would definitely do lol

  • Mnrr.6131

    8:21 train enthusiasts are jumping in their seats

  • Jo3xyy

    Damn he was in florida!? I wish I could have been there where he was

  • Tailisu

    As someone who lives in Florida, this is true

  • Neko

    Ur vlogs are soo good

  • Chuck E. Cheese's Illinois
    Chuck E. Cheese's Illinois

    Plainrock would be able to beat everyone up in the match if he entered Also 0/10 for no Thomas the Tank Engine joke, even tho the Amtrak is American

    • JheysonGT

      bored smashing - boxers

    • JheysonGT

      he will beat everyone with sledgehammer

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith


    • Unknownperson0598


  • Stained rock
    Stained rock

    When I saw this I clicked faster than my cat falling out of a window when she jumped

  • ItsBobby

    You should go to New York comic con! I’d love to meet you!

  • Dogdillon

    6:24 thought he said that wrong then he confirms he didn't by saying it is the only train

  • JoJosbread

    How the heck did you and me both go to Florida at the same goddamn time.

  • DLuxeeXツ

    Love the videos!!!

  • Will Kelly
    Will Kelly

    5:42 hello, what do you expect the weather to be besides hot In Miami! I go there every year. I even went after Christmas 2018 and boy was it better than being in my home state for New Year’s


    he came to my state and he was an hour away from my home😄😄😄

  • Dark

    I was hyped for Jarvis because of the memes people uploaded

  • GhostGaming 5075
    GhostGaming 5075

    I was literally just in Virginia damn wish I could have met you

    • Moonlight Trains
      Moonlight Trains

      @shinn8 shut ur big mouth

    • The racing boss
      The racing boss

      @nyancat705 sameee

    • Zenitsu Agatsuma
      Zenitsu Agatsuma

      @Mr.Watermelon oh wait i get it now sorry

    • Mr.Watermelon

      @Zenitsu Agatsuma what tf? What did I say that was wrong to you?

    • Zenitsu Agatsuma
      Zenitsu Agatsuma

      @Mr.Watermelon tf?

  • The Dawsons Memes
    The Dawsons Memes

    I’ve spent 24+ hours on a coach It’s hard sleeping and doing anything really

  • mailen ajo
    mailen ajo

    I live in Florida and I Approve of this but I am living a normal life

  • Mr Literal
    Mr Literal

    I can just picture a Karen complaining to the hotdog stand because her footlong was only 10 1/2 inches. Lol

  • F1R3

    When ur going to Florida on Monday 😳

  • StaycappinYT


  • hina

    as a floridian i can confirm florida is weird please dont come here

  • Happy People With Lobster Fl
    Happy People With Lobster Fl

    I live in south Florida and I’m not going to lie it is kind of weird

  • Northern Virginian Railfan
    Northern Virginian Railfan

    That’s really cool that you went on the Auto Train!

  • Bad Gamerr
    Bad Gamerr

    Watching this while on vacation in Florida

  • Royal dragon Fire
    Royal dragon Fire

    Hi king I think you saw this comment but I love you and you channel I am so excited for your new videos

  • Dressaloup

    i love you plainrock!

  • Apri1lii PlayzGD
    Apri1lii PlayzGD

    he should've stayed longer for a hurricane vlog because it would've been cool

  • Some One
    Some One


  • DeBoss62

    Bro how is a train from Florida to richmond 18 hours? I drove there in 8 you’d think a train would be way faster

  • Ass Slayer
    Ass Slayer

    damn I could've been at the fight, but my flight was the day of the fight, at least I went to the hard rock guitar place thing

  • Ducky loves bread
    Ducky loves bread

    I like your vlog videos

  • ElectricYt

    Me coming to Florida 2 days after you leave

  • jozinko benuska
    jozinko benuska

    Plainrock can make a joke out of anything

  • CactusC4_

    i just left virginia to come to Florida you're actually kidding me my guy

  • Vix

    plainrock was so close near jschlatt at the logan paul and mayweather fight

    • Nathaniel Asis
      Nathaniel Asis

      Thinking the same thing.

  • Robin John
    Robin John

    Great vlog

  • Dark_ d1n0
    Dark_ d1n0

    Swell entertainment and plain rock are going to be a couple I already know it

  • idk what to put in this
    idk what to put in this

    I like this type of content

  • MuayThaiMike

    I love Deji, but I also love King.

  • I'm a social reject
    I'm a social reject

    1 year break and I come back to bald plainrock

  • exhoost

    I wonder if deji would've won if plainrock rooted for him

  • Staringcorgi6

    I wanted mcbroom to lose because he's pretentious

  • rrox

    i just got back from florida last week and can confirm: weird place...

  • Michelle

    I feel bad for You Plainrock Bc I went to Texas and it was so bad

  • Blake Silinka
    Blake Silinka

    Your videos are the best👍🏿

  • Oscar7502

    1:46 as a dolphins fan I can agree

  • J8shua

    As someone who lives in Florida, I can 100% agree that Florida is a weird place.


      Especially the weather down here

    • thatdragonguy

      I agree

    • J8shua

      @Daniel_bloughdabest Yes, Season 6, Coming in 2024 (lol)

  • Nightrim64

    I'm going to Florida later this week😁

  • Sub to the channel and I’ll sub you
    Sub to the channel and I’ll sub you

    I went to Florida too, I also think the same thing

  • Pikachu with a hoodie :3
    Pikachu with a hoodie :3

    I was out of the country so I got to to see the Logan Paul vs Mayweather fight and the Tiktok vs IRglo fight for free. 😎😎 (Huge fucking waste of my eyes and my sanity)

  • SlakZ

    Title: Florida was weird Me: Tell me something I don’t know🍊

    • Video Game Machine / VGM
      Video Game Machine / VGM

      @Adam's Rankings 🙄

    • Adam's Rankings
      Adam's Rankings

      I wonder if he visited SuperMarioLogan

  • Zachary Zand
    Zachary Zand

    its suprising he never talked about the condo thing

  • DragonzPlayZ

    the only thing I miss about Florida is the guitar hotel, is so cool

  • James’s Junk
    James’s Junk

    “It’s giving birth” plainrock 2021

  • bizarreness

    Just realized that the stadium this video takes place in is the same hard rock one I pass by on the highway a lot

  • Crystal Apaez
    Crystal Apaez

    Now that I think about…….Florida is weird

  • Simonsaysdie

    The title sums up florida perfectly.

  • Cheeseboy5000

    I think I’ve never seen plainrock without glasses?

  • Tame Productions
    Tame Productions

    I love your vids bro