Wow! A New York City Vlog?! How original!!!
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    • AjaxBlur

      Casey NiceHat

    • Top Dan TV
      Top Dan TV

      can you do a OLED nintendo switch bored smashing

    • Fluffy


    • Southwesttexas358

      @Simply Maplee nom nom nom mmmmmm this steak is soooooooo yummy

    • Chris Toro
      Chris Toro

      "Hey Apple, do you take Apple Par??"

  • SonicCole91

    This is probably the first time plainrock has gone to New York City and has done more than just the Nintendo store (edit: to all the people replying, do you know what a joke is?)

    • nostairwayy

      I understand this is a joke but plainrock went to NY back in 2015 for non Nintendo store things

    • nostairwayy

      @rinasico you call that OG? What about his original NYC trip back In 2015?

    • I'm in the spiderverse
      I'm in the spiderverse

      SONIC COLE everyone here is a karen who can't take a joke

    • CripplingCheeseCrackers

      @God Gamer567 who’s god I only believe in Nævis 🛐🛐🛐🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 amen

    • God Gamer567
      God Gamer567

      Say good stuff about Jesus Christ and he will say good stuff about you. Amen. *(+ Treat others how you want to be treated +)*

  • John

    Imagine if plainrock had a New York accent lmao

    • UR MOM • 7 Years Ago                           .
      UR MOM • 7 Years Ago .

      Just fugged aboutit

    • Mr.X Prime
      Mr.X Prime

      Imagine if deez did

    • Void64

      Ayy I’m waking here

    • HisNameIsCho

      @QuackMane_Gaming245 yusuf and king would be best friends

    • Ottoman Empire
      Ottoman Empire

      plainrock has arizona accent

  • The Auditor.G
    The Auditor.G

    "Do you take apple pay?" Ngl, if the dude at the apple store said "no" I would laugh

    • The Auditor.G
      The Auditor.G

      @yousef yoyo oh yeah, my bad

    • yousef yoyo
      yousef yoyo

      Said* I* laugh*

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • Highcaution

    Plainrock buying his house: do you take Apple pay

    • cat

      If the landlord said yes it will be ultimate plot twist 😳

    • Jamir

      I’m like number 124

    • cuda 74
      cuda 74

      @Oootian yeah lol

    • Oootian

      @cuda 74 "Free delivery" 😂😂

    • Teky_T

      king at APPLE store: do you take apple play. bruh

  • cossallo

    sometimes i forget king is a cat person

    • Granter

      @Ninten Man01 What kind of slang is that “tbf”

    • GMDrandom 628
      GMDrandom 628

      @Bigass69 no

    • GMDrandom 628
      GMDrandom 628

      @Ninten Man01 no. Dogs don't try to kill you while you pet them.

    • MrLogic

      Its because hes asi-

    • parfait_kittens ☆
      parfait_kittens ☆

      @Random man im going to hell dingus

  • FlamingXZ

    Every day plainrock uploads, I can’t wait to chill and watch his videos at night!

    • Cupwake1012 RBLX
      Cupwake1012 RBLX

      this video isn’t religious

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • CrisDen

    A trip to NY is just an annual thing now and I ain’t complaining.

    • Cupwake1012 RBLX
      Cupwake1012 RBLX

      again this video isn’t religious

    • Eymanyouwell

      @Random man trust me, the athiests won't listen if you just tell them just to believe in him. There is a reason they don't. Also it's a flawed concept just being Christian purely for the fact of wanting "to go to heaven". A person is Christian because they love their community, Christ and faith.

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • bruh 69
    bruh 69

    He has reached "eating gold food" status that no one ever thought he would reach

  • Kristijan Pejic
    Kristijan Pejic

    I like how King is going to fancy restaurants dressed up in a street wear 😂

  • Ethan Pender
    Ethan Pender

    “News Corporation. That sounds evil.” Yes, it is evil. I know, I’m Australian.

    • Ethan Pender
      Ethan Pender

      Person who thinks News Corp is evil despite supporting a corrupt political party, this making them corrupt?

    • Narrabeen Student
      Narrabeen Student

      *laughs in Rupert Murdoch*

  • Clintonomo Bay
    Clintonomo Bay

    We're seeing July footage in November. At this rate, Black Friday vlogs will be out by Valentines Day

    • Conor Kindlon
      Conor Kindlon

      He was on the road trip, had the footage so he had to edit/upload the videos. Mostly at his house whenever he returned. And he needs time to take breaks and make other main channel videos so Black Friday shouldn’t be delayed.

    • Conor Kindlon
      Conor Kindlon

      @Komrade Cat also, his previous vlog is in the skyward sword launch line in Nintendo NY and skyward sword came out in july

    • Komrade Cat
      Komrade Cat

      yeah, 20th july, you can see on his watch 17:09

    • Randomguy.mp4

      fr???? when does it say that

  • Bryan Anglin
    Bryan Anglin

    That last video where he got kicked out was so funny. My expectations are high

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

    • Sister gertrude
      Sister gertrude

      Yeah the funny thing is that i got a airbnb verification code while i didn’t order airbnb and i thought that was in the vid but i checked and it’s real so im confused ten days till Sunday

    • GGSmalls

      That’s right, the hotel! 😂

    • Arturo


  • 𝘬𝓲ᦔ𝘴ꪶꪶꪶꪶꪶꪮꪮᧁ

    Everytime PR says “Hey Guys!”, I felt that 🙃🙃🙃

  • Guava

    Plainrock in 2032: GETTING KICKED OUT OF NYC

  • TheChef

    This is what life looks like when you’ve never been laid.

  • Erik

    1:06 El Chapulín Colorado and Plainrock is the crossover I needed

    • DamiGamerMx-Us

      @Luis Angel Santos lol

    • bestFrog Rl
      bestFrog Rl


    • Luis Angel Santos
      Luis Angel Santos

      I pray Televisa doesn’t buy him or remove his video for showing El Chapulín

  • AviaYT

    Are you going to do a black Friday vlog this year, I've been watching the black fridays vlogs over and over lol

    • sus amogus
      sus amogus

      @Cupwake1012 RBLX it's a bot, probably

    • Cupwake1012 RBLX
      Cupwake1012 RBLX

      why do you say it twice also this video isn’t religious

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

    • Storn

      Yes he will most likely

  • Triangel

    Is it just me or does plainrock deserve 10m subs

  • Roy daboi
    Roy daboi

    Plainrock: I'm trying to lose weight Plainrock next scene: eating fast food

    • Cupwake1012 RBLX
      Cupwake1012 RBLX

      how many times do I have to say this video isn’t religious? third time now

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • Mxchelle124 2nd
    Mxchelle124 2nd

    I actually experienced Kevin's accident when I was a kid and it hurt soo bad!

    • basically stupid
      basically stupid

      @Random man im gay

    • TypicalOven

      Same but on my leg

    • Ian L
      Ian L

      That’s pretty sussy my man (.0.)

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

    • Randomguy.mp4

      same Xddd

  • Vaughn Woker
    Vaughn Woker

    "Do you take Apple Pay" to a Google employee. Real classy.

  • Mingus

    Dude I love these videos where you travel places instead of board smashing

  • Zukukato

    Nice video, bro. this guy has an Incredible sense of humor and is overall the Nicest youtuber Ever. Even after the pandemic Locked us in our homes through the Entire year of 2020, i can Very much say he is very Entertaining and Never gets me bored. What An outstanding guy in this Sea of mediocre youtubers. The way He spouted many memorable lines and he created an Exciting vlog. Better than that Entire catalog of Super-cringy Tiktok kids. i bet his mom and his Dad are proud of his Achievements on IRglo. in the End, those million subs on his main were Very much well-deserved. long live the king of Exceptional tech destruction, plainRock.

  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman

    Good to see another Plainrock vid.

  • Spartan

    I live in NYC, and I completely agree with this guy B)

  • james white
    james white

    I am a big fan of board smashing Edit:this was hilarious

  • Big Floppa
    Big Floppa

    I haven’t been to New York in so long I wanna go there again

  • uhhihru

    damn this is early to watch a King video and already 10% positive interactions. Keep up the grind King

  • KidDragon

    lmaoo this is why i want to move to NY, for the NY shenanigans

  • Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke

    Missed opportunity to see Plainrock’s reaction to the Hook & Ladder 8 Firehouse from Ghostbusters but otherwise, really good video!

  • Mxchelle124 2nd
    Mxchelle124 2nd

    I kinda want to visit new york now but maybe not for some reason... 😶

  • John

    I wonder if plainrock goes to the supreme store

  • Baconest

    Imagine king saw the dude that yells a lot at people in the bike lane 😂

  • Andrew Kirk
    Andrew Kirk

    15:30 "Morning!" Plainrock: "Hi Im good how bout you?"🙃

  • watxhy

    King meowing is the funniest thing he’s ever done

  • Max Messina
    Max Messina

    I love when he uploads

  • sy2

    guga: i highly recommend kobe beef king: i was underwhelmed

  • Funzee Time
    Funzee Time

    Tip: dont show yourself committing crimes on the internet, or else the police will find you, but i dont think disobeying a crossing sign is that big of a deal so it wont happen. Edit: They will find you by using a program to scan metadata, giving them coordinates on the earth of where a picture was taken

    • Helix Adam Oxford
      Helix Adam Oxford

      they can only do that if they have the raw unedited file

  • iOlein

    The beautiful sounds of New York such lovely sounds

  • DMC86X

    King lives the good life. Happy for you bro.

  • Chase Allard
    Chase Allard

    As a person who was born in that city I love this video

  • RustyRat

    "Do you take apple pay?" Hahaha dang i lost it

  • DLuxeeXツ

    Love your videos King!!! 🔥🔥

  • Samuel Purdy
    Samuel Purdy

    Your channel is amazing!

  • SleepyFox

    9:56 King: What the dog doin? Dog: What the vlog doin?

  • YouAreMeme

    as a fellow New Yorker this is quality

  • Apple PieZ
    Apple PieZ

    Love from india❤❤❤

  • Star Boy Atlantian
    Star Boy Atlantian

    Best video ever. He is the best IRglor. Awesome. He is a very awesome guy. :) ;)

  • Flannels and Gaming
    Flannels and Gaming


  • Must

    *sees title* Every New Yorker: Your God Damn Right.

  • ImGoodAtDriving93

    Plain rock i miss you I didn’t see your videos for a long time 💙💙💙

  • Pydro

    I know, it’s a lovely city, we definitely don’t have millions of rats running around

  • MV_Baller64

    Plain Rock 124 should get his own Nintendo amiibo

  • Oliver Stanić
    Oliver Stanić

    15:00 If you put this clip in 25,0x you can see Dashi on to TV or maybe it s somebody else

  • Vizion Mazter
    Vizion Mazter

    Welcome to bored smashing: New York Edition 👍👍

  • Gavriel Rabot
    Gavriel Rabot

    He really used Apple Pay in a GOOGLE STORE

    • TheLennyFace

      Now use it on a Microsoft store

  • Spamiibo

    Was planning to visit next year but figured I'm too much of a broke boy. So I'm only heading to LA for E3.

    • Cupwake1012 RBLX
      Cupwake1012 RBLX

      how many times do I have to say this video isn’t religious

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • Ayylex

    I live for plainrock vlogs

  • Ark Cubing
    Ark Cubing

    15:27 I went there before! didn’t know that the apple store was close to there!

  • Miguel Jozart
    Miguel Jozart

    5:32 I love this part

  • Diabolical Situation
    Diabolical Situation

    "New York is always in construction" -Charlie

  • Coblox126

    Good Vlog I rate it 10/10


    1:38 gabe with his desmond antics that hat is awesome

  • Retrisuke

    i live in new york and i agree, i love hate love new york.

  • Nickthememer Boi
    Nickthememer Boi

    I went to New York like 2 weeks ago and i must say it was cool

  • TheKHfan358over3d

    looking at the thumbnail i was worried planrock was going to destroy the statue of liberty... then I realised this is the plainrockvlogs channel.

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    Doing NY must’ve felt terrible then Edit: When he was walking in the rain with his glasses covered in water I immediately felt his pain

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • Freddy Martinez
    Freddy Martinez

    I love you’re videos

  • Amateur Game Dev
    Amateur Game Dev

    5:54 I don’t know why but I am uncontrollably laughing at this

  • Pie Studios
    Pie Studios

    I love how they deadass got wanted posters in Book-Off

  • Unknown GD
    Unknown GD

    Have a nice time there :)

  • Devin Joseph
    Devin Joseph

    I love new york Beautiful city

  • AdelMasters1v1

    I always wanted to go to New York

  • B A
    B A

    What?!? I LOVE NY!!!

  • Mister Thief
    Mister Thief

    Haha - Goes inside Google store Do you take apple pay 😂😂

  • Curtis Brown
    Curtis Brown

    Like your videos bro and I still want to go there how did you afford that

  • hecker

    I’ve been living in the Bronx New York for 13 years and been to Times Square hundreds of times

  • Greeceball

    19:40 He is right. The One World Trade Center is pointy.

  • WindBreakerHD

    "I'm trying to lose weight" cuts to Mr Beast Burger

  • Pioneer 11
    Pioneer 11

    as someone who lives in ny, that title applies to me

  • lawless vapors
    lawless vapors

    How can anyone hate new york? New york is amazing!

    • ertuga

      Mabye due to the large amount of pullioution and a lack of covid restriction rules and lots anti homeless arctitecture and the fact that there is urine in the train station

  • Orson Jarrett
    Orson Jarrett

    Gotta love New York

  • Dressaloup

    I love your videos

  • anime

    I love your videos


    Very nice Vlog :)

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara

    I never realized how big my city is O_O

  • Clone Solar
    Clone Solar

    Plainrock: *Uploads* Viewers: "Ah sh*t, here we go again."

    • Chevy Blue
      Chevy Blue

      I don't get it.

    • Random

      @Homebrwed I thought it was a hate comment but it was a joke

    • Random

      @Clone Solar oh ok

    • Homebrwed

      whats the joke

    • Clone Solar
      Clone Solar

      @Random no, its a joke.

  • 101ɔ1ʇsʎɯ

    i immediately jumped at 6:00 at that kid saying "Hi Sir"

  • shinyonyx

    you and master of doom together are unstoppable

  • Tareq H
    Tareq H

    “Without any Drama” Plainrock124 2021

  • James Yeung
    James Yeung

    imagine king doing tiktok trends he would probably lose all of his subs

    • TypicalOven


  • Grim

    The food purchases alone is almost as much as my rent.....

    • nomu

      yeah hes a youtuber..

  • Frostii

    ah yes, a nyc video, been waiting for this.

  • nintendave 6985
    nintendave 6985

    15:00 they were watching dashie on the tv in the background ❤

  • Dayne Shng
    Dayne Shng

    Plainrock is now the offensive MrBeast eating golden food. Love it

  • Sybil Jackson
    Sybil Jackson


  • Pikachu

    'what the dog doin' Plainrock, 2021. 😂😂

  • Lexan

    Plainrock looks like he's gonna show me how to increase my credit score

    • peeper999 [presario75]
      peeper999 [presario75]


    • Helix Adam Oxford
      Helix Adam Oxford

      explain why.

  • Ghoul FZ
    Ghoul FZ

    19:48 how does he make huh sound so perfect