Time with the family? NAH.

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  • PlainrockVlogs

    I have more New York City Vlogs that I have to edit and upload. Just wanted to get this more relevant video out first! Now if you excuse me, I have things to do with my blue shell.

    • Singh Parvinder
      Singh Parvinder


    • Singh Parvinder
      Singh Parvinder

      @Cyan ¹

    • Singh Parvinder
      Singh Parvinder


    • P_MAN223


    • sara lopez
      sara lopez

      Lol this is before covid

  • Elixir

    You didn’t show us the Black Friday deals at McDonald’s 😭

    • AaronZam


    • Nathan Lopez
      Nathan Lopez

      @Nigel 100 fx

    • Flippy5150

      Ur right

    • Smuggle Gaming Roblox
      Smuggle Gaming Roblox

      Grubhub grub what you love

    • darksidedylan08

      @Hyper TehduckislitBOI who gives a damn

  • sus amogus
    sus amogus

    "I'm sick this year guys" that sentence hits different now

    • A_ PRSN
      A_ PRSN

      @aperson7 ur user

    • aperson7

      hardy har har i hate these jokes so much

    • jailbreak guy
      jailbreak guy


    • A_ PRSN
      A_ PRSN


    • Complete Filler
      Complete Filler

      Haha pandemic joke 😶

  • Sciron

    I remember Going to Walmart without a mask, ahhh the good ol days.

    • discontinued

      @Lemo_nade 🍋 YES SO TRUE

    • discontinued


    • Joebricks

      What do you mean the good old days no one in Walmart gives a crap

    • Ironik AMV
      Ironik AMV

      Well this aged poorly

    • Marcos Martinez
      Marcos Martinez

      Same og if u were born 2002

  • jiffy scooters
    jiffy scooters

    “I’m sick this year guys...I’m not contagious though I promise.” this man was warning us

    • Chrisrugy


  • DarkDewy

    The title should’ve been “band kids go outside for the first time”

    • speedy

      @Nugs im a strings kid, i play the double bass

    • Efyr

      Fr, i feel ashamed when i see this

    • Pepper The Chicken
      Pepper The Chicken

      @- Flubber - are you okay thats not something someone sane should say

    • NaminBeforeGamin


    • - Flubber -
      - Flubber -

      @dyoer nah I’m just annoyed I do admit it is very cringe inducing watching them in a social aspect but at least they are having fun

  • BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars
    BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars

    I love how him and his friends are just walking memes

    • Qwerty Sins
      Qwerty Sins


    • IDUOA7B

      His friend and him*

    • Panji cara membuat Tom Hero
      Panji cara membuat Tom Hero


    • The_Spider_777

      @LaserO6C You went on to reply on two different comments because i didn't put space after my commas Go outside for once,and try to find yourself a better personality

    • LaserO6C

      @The_Spider_777 this is how you use commas; hello, my name is poop

  • Oiii Boii
    Oiii Boii

    When he laughs it sounds like King is gasping for air

    • ChocoLol

      @The_Spider_777 I cant control when I view your comment + you like your own comments 😂

    • The_Spider_777

      @ChocoLol It's been 2 months,why tf are y'all still replying to me,how can i make it more obvious that i don't care about this anymore

    • ChocoLol

      @The_Spider_777 how you gon say grammar hitler when you did the same this are you sped or something

    • Omnivorous lawn clippings
      Omnivorous lawn clippings

      I know a lot of people including me who laugh like that

    • SmashFocus


  • Beast X
    Beast X

    There’s nothing more magical than spending the Black Friday night with the boys

  • SoMeisterFan Vlogs
    SoMeisterFan Vlogs

    Black Friday shopping is really great, in my opinion I got Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party (They were both on sale), and the neon green (Right) and pink (Left) for Black Friday 2019

    • Clau Banner
      Clau Banner

      for black friday 2019 i got a pc

    • SmashFan2018

      @Omega_playz I bought it for 79.00 at Walmart

    • Omega_playz

      How much was the joy cons? Im in need of some new ones.. drift.

    • Isiah Paskins
      Isiah Paskins

      Sweet haul. I got nothing bc I didn’t shop last year

  • Logan’s Videos
    Logan’s Videos

    I can't believe this is almost 2 years ago. Time flies by too fast. This is my FAVORITE black friday vlog from him

  • Alejandro Albarran
    Alejandro Albarran

    When black Friday comes around I don’t look forward to the deals I look forward to the plainrock vlog

    • Zopplo


    • 에드워드 입니다
      에드워드 입니다

      @NightTrash this year you're not getting either!

    • Rayvxn

      going to be honest don't think black friday will even exist this year

    • Romeo G
      Romeo G

      InstantWez same tho

    • Wy4tt th3 g4m3r
      Wy4tt th3 g4m3r

      InstantWez same

  • Dylan McIntyre
    Dylan McIntyre

    King: *makes fun of people who can't afford the things he destroys* also King: "Do I still get the discount?"

  • Moviebuff Shatto
    Moviebuff Shatto

    12:58 “Let’s Not Run Over Little Kids” Literally a Second Later: *Kid Sounds Like he’s being Run Over*

  • Henry _iscool
    Henry _iscool

    I like how he says the “byeee” at the end. It’s so cute

  • Nivek sk
    Nivek sk

    I love how your friends are such good people

  • Kareem Moubasher
    Kareem Moubasher

    3:02 "Its cold, Im wet. I have this stuff I want to throw away." The words of plainrock.

    • YaBoiSkytles

      “I just want to be in the store now”

  • Kevinzhanggg

    The look on colbys face when you tell him to wait inside Is priceless

  • Uncle

    18:52 I've never laughed so hard in my life

  • un9ty

    I love how king sounds like hes having a heart attack every ten seconds

  • woopey

    seen this video about 8 times now and i still cant get over its good content

  • Gucci Killo
    Gucci Killo

    Moving on and the black Friday videos are my favorite

  • Diego Barajas
    Diego Barajas

    Is it just me or do I always hear a “that’s what she said” on every Black Friday video.

  • domiioum

    i would love to do this with my friends in 3 years

  • Noemi

    King and his friends are weird... I love it 🤣

    • The Dark Knight
      The Dark Knight

      Is that a rainbow?

    • The Dark Knight
      The Dark Knight

      rocket no.

    • Rocket

      best plot twist i have seen

    • Vape Water
      Vape Water

      [GD] Color lol

    • Noemi

      [GD] Color huh

  • Great gaming with Ivan!
    Great gaming with Ivan!

    This is what you get when you go with a Nintendo Asian loving fanboy you get this I laughed so much

  • Derp124

    King: maybe next year we’ll got to phoenix Covid: yeah maybe next year...

  • The gaming hedgehog
    The gaming hedgehog

    I am addicted to watching your vids they are soooo good.

  • mrEdward

    His friends are really the best I hope when I learn how to drive I can find friends that are so chill and cool as his

  • KhrisFx

    “Next year we will go to..” hopefully this pandemic dies down

    • Wandering swordsman
      Wandering swordsman

      @Toothy Object Yeah, I was too optimistic at the time due to how depressed I was at the time so I really wanted to be really optimistic at the time as a way to cope with the pain, I even considered suicide a lot back in that year, but now I’m glad that I’m way more happy now and I’m glad I’m making the most out of my life, sure the pandemic hasn’t ended yet, but look at the bright side, we’ve got lots of vaccines now and the pandemic isn’t as severe as it was last year so that’s cool

    • Toothy Object
      Toothy Object

      @Wandering swordsman Guess what it’s August 31, 2021 and COVID hasn’t ended

    • Fortnite


    • WinterPup


    • SupMichael

      It didnt and it probably wont next black friday

  • Zachary Zimmerman
    Zachary Zimmerman

    Me: Hears quietly in the background, "that's what she said." Also me: can't stop laughing

    • Vatic

      What timestamp

  • Billy

    12:57 idk if it’s just me but for some reason I thought king was gonna slap the kid 😂

    • Tryhard M
      Tryhard M

      Damn it i can't stop laughing now 🤣

  • abdul

    Plain:It's wet His friend: That's what she said

  • duke

    It’s Friday so you know what that means!: *time to buy an arcade machine*

    • Kenny

      *time to buy some drugs boomer*

    • Monarck


    • bluebot

      Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH same

    • Bepis skeetus
      Bepis skeetus

      *I rather a buy a noise cancelling Sony*

  • m1key4-games

    Can’t wait for Black Friday 2020!

  • Itachi uchiha
    Itachi uchiha

    I hope he knows that there’s a feature for that situation where the cars drives to you

  • Charles Cox
    Charles Cox

    King: you got a chocolate bar Friend: yes King: diabetes

  • Ivan Lara
    Ivan Lara

    Looks so weird to see people without masks

  • RoxstarAM

    King sounds like he's gonna have a heart attack when he starts running back to the car

    • pooperqrr taco boi
      pooperqrr taco boi


  • Katara54224/ creeperkiller497
    Katara54224/ creeperkiller497

    17:47 "Dude look at that iPad Thats a dope iPad" *video of black Friday 2018* LOL

  • Quirky Mario Bros
    Quirky Mario Bros

    I wonder if they’ll do this this year(2020)

  • Sean C
    Sean C

    "if the weather is good next year" Little did he know

  • NoMansLand

    I this year needs to get good fast, we need to see the boys go out again to help us get through this year

  • Lucid

    Tristan is literally me. I went with my friends on Black Friday and didn’t get anything

  • The Gravelicious
    The Gravelicious

    Idk why but watching this is so entertaining lol..

  • J. Carcamo
    J. Carcamo

    No one ever gets accepted for the Best Buy credit cards lmao 🤣

  • Nikola

    Roses are red King bought mayochup He’s gonna smash The arcade 1-up

  • ShortAnt

    “Let’s not run over kids.” The kid that was touching he’s cart: *scream*

  • Qwerky Qwerty
    Qwerky Qwerty

    Person: you can get in early *Gets denied* King: so that was a f*cking lie

  • Danish Marines
    Danish Marines

    The kid: hey mom look at that guy he bought the thing I wanted The mom: ohhh yeah go try and steal it from him Kid: goes to try and steal it by touching it Plain:ohhh let’s not drive down a little kid Kid: screams and runs back to his mother

    • Danish Marines
      Danish Marines

      @MrBeast5998 LOVE YOU

    • MrBeast5998

      FUCK YOU

  • Pixel Wizard
    Pixel Wizard

    0:54 When King said “Black Friday is dying” he meant it.

    • Pixel Wizard
      Pixel Wizard

      The Revolution of Online Shopping.

  • Autumn

    Realized we probably won't get one of these for this year, and I am sad ): I just wanna watch the squad have a good time lol

    • Isiah Paskins
      Isiah Paskins

      Next year it’ll happen. We’ll have all been vaccinated by June next year at the earliest and cases will go down. Keep wearing your mask tho bc it’s important we keep wearing them to truly slow down the pandemic. But yeah next year king will do his bf vlog and I will too

  • FateFortnite

    I love cyber Monday because I don't have to worry about getting a concussion from someone shoving me into a wall

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    What is Black Friday 2020 gonna be like 😳

  • Cok Aditya 07 7A
    Cok Aditya 07 7A

    6:02 "pizza time"

  • Tony Trevino
    Tony Trevino

    13:44 made me laugh till I died

  • Dylan lifestone
    Dylan lifestone

    *Women advertises last items* “We should give this lady a promotion” 😂😂

  • Spider10

    0.56 me and the boys going to Best Buy on Black Friday 😂

  • jayden ortega
    jayden ortega

    Just know this is the only time in your life your gonna be able to say "it won't fit"

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch

    "I'm sick" "I'm not contagious I swear." Well that aged horribly

    • Omega_playz

      Yeah 😂

  • Bruh Monkey
    Bruh Monkey

    15:56 How fast the blue shell in MarioKart wii speeds up from 8th to 1st:

  • jonesy

    Plainrock: Ah the DVDs and blue Ray's even though I pirate everything. FBI OPEN UP

    • 루동석

      @JustJadeThings THIS IS CIA PUT UR HANDS UP


      Keegan Wall that always happens to me

    • jonesy

      Thanks for the likes

    • JustJadeThings

      @Cxllapsxヅ it's kind of a grey area in the U.S. It's illegal but how do they search your drive without breaking the law

    • Essa Alkhaldi
      Essa Alkhaldi

      @JustJadeThings yeah pirating is the best aslong u dont get caught

  • WeatherRadiosAndSirens01

    10:21 “Its a 59.99 dollar game”

  • p0llz

    King: “Let’s not run over a little kid” The kid: “WHATTTTTTTTTT?”

  • Philip

    moving on, apple watch edition, and a black Friday purchase? i am on to something king.

  • Eldoubleyou

    “Maybe next year if the weathers good I think we’ll go to Phoenix” me in November 2020: no, I don’t think you will

  • sol

    This was my first year going to Black Friday and I always watch your Black Friday videos thank you for giving all of us entertainment .🙂

    • sol

      NotDartzy thank you for the criticism

    • sol

      jawed • 14 years ago ok um I see people say first all the time so I thought I would try thank you for the criticism have a nice day

    • sol

      jawed • 14 years ago yes I do not mind if I were we’re not because well I don’t say first on every single video I see and I’m not trying to hate Im sure you and someone else are very nice,good, people . I just wanted to comment first I understand if you don’t like the comment I will delete it .( sorry for sounding like a robot ) Thank you if you are reading have a good day or night goodbye

    • Dartzy

      Wolfu Edits : you weren’t

    • Cardyy

      @sol if you're first nothing is generous because this comment makes people complicated and it's not even a meme or somethin'

  • M.L.C.

    Oh boy, I can't wait to see the 2020 episode! *Oh* *wait*

  • T.IDE

    Apple just released a phone twice as better than the iPhone 6s Disclaimer: (its the iPhone 12)

  • Alex Fuentes
    Alex Fuentes

    “It’s wet it’s wet it’s wet” “that’s what she said”🤣🤣🤣

  • Tobin Larkin
    Tobin Larkin

    I used to love waiting in lines on Black Friday now Black Friday is cyber Monday

  • Felix

    Bro plainrock and friends would be an amazing series

  • Kentaniac Progatons
    Kentaniac Progatons

    17:47 I can't believe Plainrock was in a Ipad, and they say don't buy it so, Ok.

  • Competitive Dishwasher
    Competitive Dishwasher

    Remember when this had nearly no consequences? I miss that...

  • Julian Curtis
    Julian Curtis

    I’ve watched a ton of vids and rewatched them but they’re good when rewatching them


    I love how plainrock was the ine picking up his friend its probably because he had the most expensive car

  • Gary Coleman- Official
    Gary Coleman- Official

    You can tell his friend that didn’t buy anything is hiding his pain

  • Sappyy

    this is the most adorable nerdy friend group ever.

  • Bryan Montero
    Bryan Montero

    I can’t wait for Black Friday 2020😏😏

  • Vader X017
    Vader X017

    King-“Oh no it’s wet” Coby-“that’s what she said”😂

    • Arby

      @You’re FAKE lol u have no comebacks so you use grammar lmao, also who said im becoming a youtuber?😭😂stfu already dumbass

    • You’re FAKE
      You’re FAKE

      Arby btw you pretty dumb bc in your very first comeback you use the wrong term of YOUR so stop becoming a IRglor and start focusing on you life

    • You’re FAKE
      You’re FAKE

      Arby I said nah godamn learn how to read

    • Arby

      @You’re FAKE yeah so be quiet

    • You’re FAKE
      You’re FAKE

      Arby nah

  • Nyrdla Fernandez
    Nyrdla Fernandez

    king: walks into Store* Dio: Oh So Your Approaching me? King: ignores Dio* Dio: NANI?!

  • Fearlicia_NB

    17:00 can't stop laughing

  • Bulko Neeto
    Bulko Neeto

    I wish I had friends like this

  • Nami

    He could have just price matched breath of the wild to Walmart ;)

  • ale

    7:01 Plainrock: it’s wet it’s wet it’s wet! 7:03 Friend: *thats what she said* (listen closely)

    • Isiah Paskins
      Isiah Paskins

      its raining its pouring the old ladys squirting

    • Placyd

      I heard it

    • Luukieboy Plays
      Luukieboy Plays


    • Detol 2 in 1 fabric cleaner
      Detol 2 in 1 fabric cleaner

      Now it’s snowing

    • Frank A
      Frank A

      Rainzzz hhahaha

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    1:00 i felt like he was going to FBI open up the best buy because there were a lot of people runing lol

  • metal dude
    metal dude

    I love his friend's GCU hoodie lol

  • canestone

    I can’t wait till Black Friday 2020

  • uzuwi

    I bought that starfox bundle for 6$ in local best buy lol

  • s_uperiorr

    Guess what I got on Black Friday 2019! Nothing! Happy Black Friday!

    • Kingofsalmon AJ
      Kingofsalmon AJ


    • CX Aviation
      CX Aviation

      I got a Fitbit charge 3, a pair of CB3 hushes and a camera

    • Γρηγόρης Ακρίβος
      Γρηγόρης Ακρίβος

      I got a potato pc

    • s_uperiorr

      likethe Bomz yes

    • Raphael S
      Raphael S

      I just got an iphone 7

  • Beastski666 Videos
    Beastski666 Videos

    "I'm Not Contagious" That joke aged well

  • Dave

    Man i miss hanging out with my friends

  • bastrd

    Plainrock : pulls out a diary of a wimpy kid movie collection Everyone: aaahh AHHHHHaahhhhh

  • Seaweed

    I wish I had a friend group like that :/ I’m jelly

  • Tyler the created
    Tyler the created

    king: lets not run over a little kid also king: runs over Coby's life savings

    • Zeraora The One
      Zeraora The One


  • RareBrockStar K
    RareBrockStar K

    1:48 Apparently he wasn't lying in that how to flex your apple car video

  • Carter Fredette
    Carter Fredette

    cant wait for the 2020 version... oh wait

    • Isiah Paskins
      Isiah Paskins

      @DayC 212 yeah I’ll be taking it after March since I’m not high risk and I’m young. That gives me time to see how safe it is

    • DayC 212
      DayC 212

      @Isiah Paskins really you will???? Well wish u good luck😬

    • Isiah Paskins
      Isiah Paskins

      @DayC 212 well ima take it and you can do yoy

    • DayC 212
      DayC 212

      Don't take the vaccines it's not trustable , I bet it's an plan for over population solutions. Don't take it😖

    • Isiah Paskins
      Isiah Paskins

      @Alien64 it is but king says he doesn't travel (except to the store)

  • Gabriel M.
    Gabriel M.

    "If the weather is good in Phoenix I will go to black friday in Phoenix" I wish that was true now

  • Anders T
    Anders T

    I love these guys

  • Sk3pzX

    the one line that King says every Black Friday: "hold on lemme get the thumbnail shot"