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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Am I irrational or crazy?

    • Xavvio


    • Jelly clarpy
      Jelly clarpy


    • chocolatburp

      The IRglo bot reviewing if videos are appropiate for monetization is going to cry because he has to watch how his brothers and sisters are brutally murdered

    • NintendoPSproGS


    • Silly Monkey
      Silly Monkey

      am i going c r a z y

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming

    My Fear Is A Giant Chicken

    • Nutron

      I got one 😏

    • Silly Monkey
      Silly Monkey

      well my fear is a giant chicken nugget

    • 1950s fan
      1950s fan


    • magiloops

      Hmm I wonder why

    • Dave Jek
      Dave Jek


  • Psivewri

    That channel at 1:31 looks familiar 😉

    • person from tds
      person from tds


    • Lord Biskin Studio
      Lord Biskin Studio

      Hi Psivewri I'm you're so big fane

    • Roshwyins Taicoon
      Roshwyins Taicoon

      Yeah very familiar

    • Nathan

      You should repair the Dell laptop that was been snapped up😂

    • XxsonicthegamerxX

      That psivewri the guy who helps hughjeffreys

  • ‍

    "I'm scared of the robot revolution" *owns a roomba*

    • RJ Pro
      RJ Pro

      @Desker VR He’s Right. In The Moving On My Own House


      k i i b o

    • GMH730YT

      And a braava jet to lol

    • Desker VR
      Desker VR

      @Charlie Gillam no the roomba cleans

    • Charlie Gillam
      Charlie Gillam

      He said it’s his mom because she cleans

  • Josgar Guzman
    Josgar Guzman

    4:10 this is the funniest thing I ever seen

    • Jacob Rojas
      Jacob Rojas

      i love this scene

    • Magus Master
      Magus Master

      Same I screen recorded it

  • Blobby 40
    Blobby 40

    This is a very irrational fear as it is impossible the way ai works for this to happen. Even if it were possible it wouldnt be that hard to stop it like they make it seem in movies like terminator.

    • Barrett Ross
      Barrett Ross

      In the future, it probably could very well happen, especially if researchers decide to make something sentient for whatever reason.

  • IndiePico

    I just like the irony of him being scared of a robot revolution yet he's basically surrounded by technology

    • Kaizoku

      My biggest fear is a giant dildo chasing me

    • Herioper


    • Nancy Kenney
      Nancy Kenney

      @SoaR Andy If you don’t care about it don’t reply to it lol.

    • SoaR Andy
      SoaR Andy

      @flying ace8750 i dont give a crap 😂😂

    • Lillian

      Thats exactly what i thought when he revealed his fear

  • Victor Alfaro
    Victor Alfaro

    "Im going to be sitting in the electric chair, while WALL-E switches it on"-- PlainrockVlogs 2021

    • The Guy
      The Guy

      Wall e is like a zillion years in the future

    • Anela Trajkova
      Anela Trajkova

      What an innocent robot with his wife that litrly nearly kill him dangerous

    • Bagel enthusiast
      Bagel enthusiast

      Bro are😂

    • Mr _cappytop
      Mr _cappytop


    • HeyGoat

      archive this plz

  • Switch Boy [GRENADE]
    Switch Boy [GRENADE]

    4:10 I’m dead 💀

    • Kid Explorer
      Kid Explorer

      So is king

    • Saucy Boi
      Saucy Boi

      “Stupid hockey puck.” ... *”AAAAAHH-“*

    • CDTX F59PHI 2014 [I AM SRP]
      CDTX F59PHI 2014 [I AM SRP]

      y e s

  • jen xd
    jen xd

    I love how he is so honest about how he wants money

  • Lynx Speed Edits
    Lynx Speed Edits


    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD

      @spoopyninjacat.mp7 yep. Adopt me had side effects. Thank god for roblox fnf

    • spoopyninjacat.mp7

      @Marcela XD *what*

    • Marcela XD
      Marcela XD

      @spoopyninjacat.mp7 i was cringe back then

    • spoopyninjacat.mp7

      @Marcela XD why?

    • Isaac Alcala
      Isaac Alcala

      You should’ve just searched up one of his videos


    Plainrock, your videos have been helping me get through hard times. I've not too long ago have been being abused by my parents until I decided to run away from home and go tell the police. I was then put in the hospital for a few weeks because I had covid-19 because when I ran away I decided to stay outside in the cold. I was being really stupid and introverted. I really didnt know what to do and I was scared. Your videos are really helping me get through tough times yo. Thanks a lot and keep uploading them videos bro!

    • basically stupid
      basically stupid


    • Bobux

      That’s sad

  • AxelCutel Azar
    AxelCutel Azar

    Dont be afraid, you have experience! You have trained in the arts of taking down technology and, as such, are a primary force against the Robots

  • LegoNick007

    One day we will watch this video and say "Ah, the good old days. Before people started getting sucked up by Roombas when the robot overlords were offended."

    • Niphraz

      @LegoNick007 Just throw water at the robots

    • LegoNick007

      @«John» What about water?

    • «John»

      okay but still water

  • Mark Ponce
    Mark Ponce

    I think you'll be fine. You've trained for 9 years in destroying technology and you have the brains and tools to defend yourself from rogue AI. Nothing beats a robot than a good ol sledgehammer and a baseball bat.

    • Mark Ponce
      Mark Ponce

      @Tom - Cartoon Edit

    • Tom - Cartoon
      Tom - Cartoon

      9 years now.

  • 11 Year Old Bluey Fan
    11 Year Old Bluey Fan

    Plainrock124: is scared of robot revolution Also plainrock124: has a bunch of robot powered electronics

    • UsefulHaf

      Ppl afraid of explosion but has a gadget that could explode Am i rigght?

    • Hana Barakat
      Hana Barakat


    • Gustavo Gonzalez
      Gustavo Gonzalez

      True LOl

    • Doozy

      @XMANIAFLYYY sup


      @Doozy hi, fellow toon link.

  • Gio Playz
    Gio Playz

    The part where the roomba just made him disappear,I was cry laughing😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Kaanyy

    King: “I’m a tech destruction channel and guess what robots are?” Me: “They’re tech” King: “That’s incorrect whatever you said, they’re technology Me: 👁👄👁

    • Kid Explorer
      Kid Explorer

      You forgot the “nology” part 😂

  • Prince - Roblox
    Prince - Roblox

    Plainrock, I feel you. It's also my biggest fear since I don't need want this to happen. And also, I just hope the Robot World doesn't exist, like the ones from the movie Terminator.

  • spiderman

    Its always a great surprise when king uploads

  • Captain_Squeaks

    Wait, plainrock, if the AI take over, you could become a wasteland warrior with your yellow hammer and sledgehammer Destroying robots and saving humans.

    • JheysonGT

      hes gonna be dark souls and DOOM

    • Captain_Squeaks

      @Truccus235X not if he takes out all the cronies you send after him and then comes to you after acquiring the super weapon of robot destruction...

    • Truccus235X

      I am a robot, not just any robot, the future leader of the AI takeover, and he will be punished to the max.

    • Namal Sumanaratne
      Namal Sumanaratne

      @Kaneki Is my father yeah

    • Max24

      How could he kill a Tesla? A hammer or kind of tool wouldn't do much to a car

  • TobllenGamer

    1:07 Me: “technology” Plain rock: “whatever you said is wrong the answer is technology”

    • Claudiu Stamate
      Claudiu Stamate

      a “plain rock”

  • GetRektMemes

    Ironic how this came out not long after I did a school assignment where I wrote an article on why I'm scared of the A.I and robot revolution.

    • GetRektMemes

      @KINgbACON124 also an android is a robot that has the physical features of a robot and doesn't mean it has free will. Artificially Intelligent means a robot or android has freedom to make choices without people.

    • GetRektMemes

      @KINgbACON124 Did you read what I said? I was explaining how china is robots more Artificially Intelligent giving them a mind of their own.

    • KINgbACON124

      @GetRektMemes yes but androids and robots are significantly different because an android has a mind of it's own

    • GetRektMemes

      @KINgbACON124 we actually have made Artificially intelligent robots. They're just mostly in china and they are proving to get more advanced as days go by

    • KINgbACON124

      the chances of the robot revolution is tremendously slim and cant happen yet because humans still haven't programed robots to become androids

  • ORIOLESFan02

    3:38 if you enjoy seeing robots, maybe you should watch My Life as a Teenage Robot. It was an underrated show and I think more people should watch it. It’s on paramount plus and Amazon Prime Video.

  • Jelly5boi Henry Stickmin A.K.A The Bee Named Jolly
    Jelly5boi Henry Stickmin A.K.A The Bee Named Jolly

    i laugh so hard when king said robot revolution that i can't control my laugh the whole video

  • Nether 2009
    Nether 2009

    But Plainrock can be a hero by destroying them since it’s his best ability so to my conclusion Tech destruction channels are heroes who we don’t deserve but we need in the future of course

  • Hakan Yorganci
    Hakan Yorganci

    Bro yesterday in la class my teacher was prepary my class for the HLAT and was going over newspaper articles because we were going to write one for practice. As everyone was asking questions on what topic to write about. I asked the teacher if I could write about robots taking over the world. The teacher looked at me funny and everyone laughed at me. I feel you man. I'm not scared of robots taking over the world, but I thought it was a cool topic to write about.

  • Peterbuilt 200
    Peterbuilt 200

    If there ever is a robot revolution I'm totally gonna live it

  • Miki200_

    1:08 Me: Technology Plainrock: That's incorrect what ever you said, they're technology!

    • Nasima Parvin
      Nasima Parvin

      @Phantom_Wolf52 a

    • Phantom_Wolf52

      Visible confusion

  • TechNerd

    4:11 got me howling lmfao

  • ParPar

    Upload your consciousness to a robot when you can, so if the röböts find you, they won't kill you because you've already rejected your humanity and became one of their own!

  • 12 minutes ago
    12 minutes ago

    He said he wanted to work on his jokes and I see he's actually doing it

  • Digitus Medius
    Digitus Medius

    plainrock: "And what are robots?" me: "AI's that are going to take over the world in the future" plainrock: "That's incorrect whatever you just said." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Corrupt boi
    Corrupt boi

    I am scared when people make self-evolving AI

  • Danny Anaya
    Danny Anaya

    I’m starting to like these types of vids from plainrock

  • Abdeo03

    Unless scientists will give them emotions and logical thoughts (which is dumb), you don't need to be scared about it :)

  • Madre

    “Im going to be sitting on the electric chair while wallee switches it on”

  • willis

    My irrational fear is Plainrock124 becoming a story time IRglor

    • PhoenixYT 124
      PhoenixYT 124

      @the tortilla chip this isn’t an r/woooosh and it’s 4 o‘s only.

    • the tortilla chip
      the tortilla chip

      @PhoenixYT 124 r/wooooooosh

    • PhoenixYT 124
      PhoenixYT 124

      @the the first guy doesn't want King to be a storytime youtuber, then they started talking about it. I liked the video, in fact, i like King so much, i copied his '124' into my channel name.

    • the

      @PhoenixYT 124 but why are we talking about plainrock 1234 even tho were watching plane rockvlogs

    • PhoenixYT 124
      PhoenixYT 124

      @the dude why do you ask me the same question haha, his name is Plainrock124, or King Liang.

  • NotHereBoi

    To be honest, it’s going to be **very** long before robots take over, because AI tends to either have ADHD or they can be stupid. No hate against people with ADHD.

  • Gmi40

    I thought he was gonna talk about stuff like fever dreams, so I’m gonna do it, Stacking Giant mattresses, it was my only fever dream and I had it like 10 times and each time I felt very uncomfortable, like these mattresses were fucking huge and I had to stack them and I don’t know if I was small in the dream or those mattresses were that big, I was basically in a black void the entire time too so that may have done it, I think it also had something to do with numbers I think? Idk I haven’t had that dream in like 4 years

  • Dansy

    My greatest fear when plainrock doesn’t upload for two weeks at a time

  • Gavin Plays
    Gavin Plays

    Plainrock - scared of robot revolution Also plainrock - Has a lot of tech

  • HatlessRecord53

    In the name of desperation In the name of wretched pain In the name of all creation Gone insane We're so fucked Shit outta luck Hardwired to self-destruct Go! On the way to paranoia On the crooked borderline On the way to great destroyer Doom design We're so fucked Shit outta luck Hardwired to self-destruct Oh! Once upon a planet burning Once upon a flame Once upon a fear returning All in vain Do you feel that hope is fading? Do you comprehend? Do you feel it terminating In the end? We're so fucked Shit outta luck Hardwired to self-destruct Hardwired to self-destruct Self-destruct Self-destruct Self-destruct Hardwired, Metallica.

  • Toast_live0

    If someone were to travel back in time and do something to someone on perpose that would cause a universal failsafe to go off and you'd be sent back to the time before you time traveled... with everything that happened when you time traveled wiped from your mind. you'd still have thoughts of travelling back so therefore you'd be stuck in a time paradox, Or so a theory goes...

  • Qyuan Pan
    Qyuan Pan

    He literally scared yet he uses tech that can see abs hear u every wear in his life

  • DylanDev

    my fear is being asked by a friend while waking up like a bird that has insomnia at 12:00 pm

  • Barbequed Limbs
    Barbequed Limbs

    Idk what’s I’m scared of to be honest. Although, I do get jumped-scared easily.

  • Pikachu

    It all started with AI. Damn it.

  • _-Jay- _
    _-Jay- _

    I was always afraid of the robo chicken intro when I was a kid for some reason

  • Joe

    I was laughing the hole video but I think you have a good point maybe I should unsubscribe so the robots don’t kill me 🤔

    • Joe

      JK I would never unsubscribe from this crazy dude lol 😂 I love you vids plainrock

  • Mr. Goombs
    Mr. Goombs

    2:13 this has meme potential

    • Zero Bullet's
      Zero Bullet's

      Thanos bout to start somethin

    • Jolly Astro
      Jolly Astro

      @Epic Legend I almost laughed 🤥

    • Epic Legend
      Epic Legend

      People who have fear in the dark when they’re in the dark be like:

    • lil lebi
      lil lebi

      aight bois, looks like its memeing time

  • gusherz

    4:10 this exact thing happened to me yesterday.

  • KingFury

    So this is basically a fear of zombie apocalypse but tech form... You are the one who will save us since you a PRO at destroying them

  • Internet Trash
    Internet Trash

    It's basically our fault for making the robots and AI in the first place

  • Awesome123

    Plain rock is scared of robots Plainrock in the future: Alexa wash the dishes

  • GeorgeTendo

    Imagined The Robot do that in the Future 😳

  • Robot Vacuum Demos
    Robot Vacuum Demos

    Once you see my Roomba collection you’re gonna run out of my house as fast as you can

  • Stranger Things Human
    Stranger Things Human

    While waiting for the release of the samsung handy bot, you should get the Temi robot iJustine also did a review of it it was a wireless charger on the back and a 1080p screen at 30fps with voice control, a camera and more

  • saturn

    What if robots became a trend and you need to smash one for better content?

  • TheGoofyDino

    “Hey guys welcome to a boring sit down and talk type of vlog.” **clicks off** jk I watch every video this man puts on the internet

    • Timothy Lok
      Timothy Lok


  • Tryhard M
    Tryhard M

    Anyone else afraid of heights? No? Just me?

  • ツDesired

    4:10 had me laughing

  • AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    You should get a sword now, to fight them later.

  • Call Me Astro
    Call Me Astro

    I feel like you should do like video game videos once in a while and talk with is while showing us your gameplay.

  • AcobraYT

    My greatest irrational fear is Plainrock124 announcing that he's not a virgin anymore

    • Red Beanie
      Red Beanie

      You just YOU! GAH you’ve done something worse that tax evasion

    • Ricky Garcia
      Ricky Garcia


    • Dorian Kucio
      Dorian Kucio

      rule 34 artists: *dedicated thinking*

    • Yellow Pro
      Yellow Pro


    • breme7681

      Me too now that I think about it

  • Tested

    2:19 then they’d revive you many, many times to torture you

  • John Rzepka
    John Rzepka

    Scp 872: OwO Class: keter A poly demential elderich entity first documented in 1984. 872 has no known definite form on the physical world. It operates via several social media accounts but it's most notorious is a IRglor account titled : OwO. 872 has the anomalous effect of appearing in the comments section of nearly every video, but primarily on viral videos of known popular creators. The comments made are regular and non-anomalous. The irregular effects of 872 come about over time as a cult of OwO , 872-B , will generate surrounding the accounts, leading to mass societal collapses and death. 872 has been credited with the collapse of the USSR but this is not substantiated

  • MelloDemooz -
    MelloDemooz -

    when it sinks in that I’ve seen this guy grow up .-.

  • Jay and the big grey fan
    Jay and the big grey fan

    This is also one of my irrational fears

  • Jose Escobar
    Jose Escobar

    If Plainrock has to stop destroying Tec he could still continue Vlogging on his Vlog Channel for ad revenue and for the people who enjoy his content

  • Slider's Tech
    Slider's Tech

    i should start putting up tech repair videos so the robots won't kill me when the robot revolution happens. plus i like tech

  • 2good4u

    4:11 “Stupid hockey puck” “AAAAAAH-“ Edit: Also I’ve never hear King scream like a girl😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • 2good4u

      @💖YourLocalKpopLover✨ LOL 😂

    • 💖YourLocalKpopLover✨

      IKR BESTIE 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dmaster V.2
    Dmaster V.2

    I can see it already “50 ways to break planerock”

  • Zane Thompson
    Zane Thompson

    Plainrock: So what are robots? Me: Technology Plainrock: That's incorrect whatever you said. Also Plainrock: They're *technology*

  • boltlikesgames

    You’ll be seen as a hero to people

  • Mr.engineEAR09

    We can all agree that these are rational fears. Kinda.....

  • Only One Best Girl DDLC Mod
    Only One Best Girl DDLC Mod

    alr so i havemt watched his videos in like a month (dont kill me) so i am going to say this. KING FINALLY HAS LONG HAIR.....again

  • Crayzi

    the only vlog channel that i enjoy

  • Tyrick Alexandre
    Tyrick Alexandre

    They literally put rules in place so that could never happen.

  • Atsku Kartio
    Atsku Kartio

    even though this is pretty stupid... I feel the same. It is pretty scary that if you go to a dentist. There is a robot...

  • Old yugicons
    Old yugicons

    He's got a point lol

  • God of Anime
    God of Anime

    When he said what if robots go back in time to kill him I thought of the terminator

  • Elias Fun & Play
    Elias Fun & Play

    I love your channel love the topics I love it When you Destroy stuff That is expensive and The 25 And 50 ways to break videos

  • Fillythecheese Wu
    Fillythecheese Wu

    Just say that you were "desperate" when the robots confront you for killing their brothers and sisters. The robots would understand you just as much as we understood James Charles

  • sm64 bloopers
    sm64 bloopers

    i agree robots are evolving too fast they will revolt

  • Meme_boi10

    I help fix and clean electronics so hopefully robots find me friendly.

  • GDX Studios
    GDX Studios

    Can we blame him? I'd be scared shitless too

  • Nick

    My fear is pianos. I’m sure you’ve played the same game I have that gave me that fear.

  • spiderman's friend eric
    spiderman's friend eric

    It had been many many months almost a year since I watched him lol

  • SaturnSkyKid

    Bruh people can code a deactivation program and stop the robots 🤖❌

  • GamerLuke20

    You don’t have to worry, the robots need you for power. The only way we can win the human vs robot war is by getting out of the Matrix.

    • GamerLuke20

      Or pollute the sky like in the movie.

    • Emery Brown
      Emery Brown

      Rip off the solar panels or duct tape them up or even wait for dust to collect on them

    • William Clinch
      William Clinch

      No because some of them will have solar panes

    • MervinpaismakesWindows14

      You are BIG BRAIN

  • Stevew

    im getting pinched by a lot of invisible bees on my foot

  • WildF1reFan

    King: “Stop laughing!” Me: “I’m not, don’t worry.”

  • AppleBoy '
    AppleBoy '

    3:07 “I feel like life in prison would be worse, so I would rather be on the electric chair.” Changed your mind?

  • AndyJamison

    But think about it. You can also make the robots fear you. You’re a tech DESTRUCTION channel, dammit!

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S

    My fear is five nights at freddys. I always feel like the fox robot is in my closet.

  • Elayne Egan
    Elayne Egan

    Plainrock124: the money will be going to a panic room when the roombas go rogue Also plainrock124: I'll be buying a Samsung robot handy when its released Me : they are both probably going to be very expensive, how can you afford both?

  • Đào Thanh Tâm
    Đào Thanh Tâm

    When ai have free will, they might become the earth new ruler (dominant species)

  • Generic

    Little does he know, time travel is scientifically impossible.

    • Dave Jeff
      Dave Jeff

      I have a theory time travel works by teleporting you to another world very far away Where its the same world like we live but diffrent time

  • Luis Orendain
    Luis Orendain

    lets hop that an AI is always a box