By shattering children's dreams by buying up all the toys in stock in town for his toy channel.

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Andre Q.



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  • Damian Justice
    Damian Justice

    Hey Plainrock! I just want to say, whenever I'm bored, stressed, upset, or depressed. Your videos are the main things that cheer me up. (Especially when you upload a new video) I will be glad to meet you someday. You really seem like a cool guy. Keep up your magnificent work!

    • Wolf Pac
      Wolf Pac

      @buddy you don’t gotta know

    • buddy

      why would yoube deppressed

  • Pe6ce

    the more I watch old videos for the 4th the more I worry if king is eventually gonna become a Man child toy channel but let’s be honest, we would still watch him

    • Noobis- Gaming
      Noobis- Gaming

      king toy reviews

    • Trickyfriend771 YEET
      Trickyfriend771 YEET


    • XxKnifeDays


  • pokotendo

    “What if I just become a toy channel?” Couple months later we got plainrocktoyz

    • Mr. sir. Fortnite
      Mr. sir. Fortnite

      @loc vu wtf?

    • something

      Bord smashing Ryan Fbi open up

    • loc vu
      loc vu


    • Warrick Franklin
      Warrick Franklin

      Well from

    • c00lk1d86

      On his vlog channel

  • Mzsked

    He really went through all that just for some pins 😂 Ay, gotta love the commitment 👍🏼

    • INF3RNØ

      @MrBeast5998 what was that for

    • HorizonPlays

      @Pro999 XD u correct

    • HorizonPlays

      @MrBeast5998 exactly

    • Pro999 XD
      Pro999 XD

      @MrBeast5998 why do you have to be so aggressive

    • MrBeast5998

      Hi And FUCK OFF

  • xX Emo_Wolfy Xx
    xX Emo_Wolfy Xx

    8:32 I have a feeling that the gamestop employees are used to him doing crazy/stupid sh!t like this.

  • WilliamJ1k

    I love how honest he is

  • Ayden Jones
    Ayden Jones

    Just wanted to mention that one time I opened up a small cardboard question block with random figurines in it for the first time ever, I got the small golden mario. Yup.

  • Meep Mew -Mostly Dead Account-
    Meep Mew -Mostly Dead Account-

    10:56 ...Those pins, you ask? Well, they stayed on that hat for the rest of time. The end.

  • Suleman Ganchi
    Suleman Ganchi

    This guy is a master at feeling up nitendo characters

  • Butter Boy
    Butter Boy

    Seriously i love your content and your the total opposite of a nowadays youtuber. First of all your not scared to make offensive jokes and be racist which is super funny. Don't get me wrong your joke are hilarious and your always breaking fourth wall in a way and not acting like "ok guys let's go to target to try to find amiibos, and hopefully we find it so we didn't just waste all this time. Your my favorite youtuber.

  • Gameer Man
    Gameer Man

    I bet the 9 year old were crying walking into the store and seeing king by all the pins they saved up for lmfao

  • Dylan Findlay
    Dylan Findlay

    You are actually one of the funniest IRglors I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!

  • BbMicroshoter

    10:38 Why does it sound like an Animal Crossing character talking to you when you interact with them?

    • Taylor damian
      Taylor damian

      Plainmil: ED FC DT CR ETF DC YHD

    • Windows 7
      Windows 7


    • re echo
      re echo


    • whyismaltehere


    • Hedge

      @recardo i Gaster? Who’s that?

  • Envisionex

    4:28, that fall though

    • Victoria the green cheek conure
      Victoria the green cheek conure

      His teeth wee bleeding idk if it was because if that

  • ArticNexas

    I know how he got a lot of them right from opening He just feels

  • PhillySportspassion 85
    PhillySportspassion 85

    I have to say you’re vids are entertaining enough to watch.

  • Banksb9

    Every time I go to the store I want to buy MARIO stuff and it’s all gone I WONDER WHY

    • Peach

      i am a splatoon fan and i keep buying splatoon merch

    • AMNtuber

      Bruh king took them all duh…

    • FriendlyOmnic

      well if you live in Arizona there’s your answer

    • JoshyyyLoll

      @Goku Black Rose R/Ihadastroke

    • Goku Black Rose
      Goku Black Rose

      Because king took it because he is rich that is why he call king go king! If you are even reading this

  • GachaWolfMoon

    He kept guessing the right pins in each box good job! :)

  • Yin yang Yt
    Yin yang Yt

    I miss when king took rode his boasted board everywhere

  • Ice Cube Minecraft
    Ice Cube Minecraft

    We should pay attention to how beautiful the day he recorded this was

  • Banksb9

    Things plain doesn’t destroy: electric skateboard,his glasses,his helmet, Mario stuff,and his IRglo channel

    • Ladi Goos
      Ladi Goos

      He’s actually destroyed a few mario things before

  • A4 Paper
    A4 Paper

    Plot Twist: Forgets backpack on purpose to stretch video to ten minutes

  • GhostInVR

    4:37 damn that fall must hurt


    this whole thing was adorable

  • Michael Wonsala
    Michael Wonsala

    Notice how the boosted board blends into the wood floor

  • charmeleon evolves
    charmeleon evolves

    9:02 looks like his board is cut in half cause it matches with floor

    • staticmars


    • Blake Lilley
      Blake Lilley


    • EgyGDI


    • Ross Hoover
      Ross Hoover

      omg yes

    • NateChenheng13


  • Bailey Story Fiverr
    Bailey Story Fiverr

    the 2 dislikes were from Microsoft and sony

    • Ra Fa
      Ra Fa

      @Zachary Fayant hi i'm from the future and they get rd of the dislike button

    • C O M E D Y
      C O M E D Y

      Have any of you guys realized that you guys replied A YEAR AFTER THE COMMENT GOT POSTED and that maybe 335 more people have disliked. I mean like of course he didn't mention those he's not a time traveller

    • zUltra

      and the rest are the fans

    • mr.cheesy

      unknow n wow they have like 300 boots :0

    • Jacob Shone
      Jacob Shone

      unknow n what about the other 335?

  • 500_TheKiller

    You could spray the duplicate Mario's into the gold Mario

  • William The gamer
    William The gamer

    4:38 He’s got blood on his tooth. I’m guessing that also happened during the fall… RIP

  • TheDancingTuber161

    Looks like the spin of luck came in for the Mario kart 8 pins

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe

    As a reminder some stores just buy the same thing so most of the time you won't get those characters

  • Nuuuhtz

    I spent $200 cad on bearings for my longboard and it goes probably 30-40 km/h (weird flex) but I’m fine with boosted boards they’re cool

  • aMelonGod

    Target employee:how many boxes of pins would you like? Plain rock:yes

  • Tiffany Li
    Tiffany Li

    “I think this is bowser. Nope, it’s wario, who is equally as large “😂

  • Dave N
    Dave N

    I'm so excited to play with a Box one! 8:40 lol

  • B1rtek

    2:30 that applies to electric scooters too.

  • UnityTrap

    I would wear these at school 😂

  • BlizzCat

    I'm a fan and Nintendo fan too I have been watching your videos for 3 years keep up the good work👌😂

  • Christian White
    Christian White

    Usually on the bag in a code on the back a number in the code tells you what one you’re gonna get

  • MrNeedleMouse1991

    1:15 He said amiibo, not pins 😂

  • Mr Frog
    Mr Frog

    Legend has it that the fidget spinner is still spinning

  • Christina Lei
    Christina Lei

    3:15 I love how he’s just aiming the cam at a stranger

  • Anthony Balleza
    Anthony Balleza

    9:22 is the part you came for

  • Vehiel Phantom
    Vehiel Phantom

    3:56 literally it looks like your in a train

    • Basic Videos
      Basic Videos


    • O_O

      @Kozmoze! fuck

    • 2besss

      @kitty's channel 4 times, not 3...

    • O_O

      @Olga Maldonado go to hell b****

    • thatstheguy 2003
      thatstheguy 2003

      kitty's channel like beggar

  • On switch Micah FORTNITE
    On switch Micah FORTNITE

    1:38 OG meme

  • Tay

    I want a boosted board now.

  • Brian’s Brain
    Brian’s Brain

    2:16 the clouds look so beutiful that they look like someone ripped them out of a video game

    • Crazy Cannon
      Crazy Cannon


  • Mackenzie Hopkinson
    Mackenzie Hopkinson

    I like imagining all the people that want to get them and then walk into the store and say "damn plainrock 124has been here "

    • Darkiplier

      mackenzie hopkinson lol XD

  • Luke Melo
    Luke Melo

    7:34 who noticed stevie wonder playing in the background 😂

    • SunkistMcDunkist

      There is n Steve bruh

    • Maria Salmeron
      Maria Salmeron

      I knew it

  • Omar Ruvalcaba
    Omar Ruvalcaba

    bro this video was very entertaining and original. the commentary was great

  • SmashFan2018

    I used to buy these little Nintendo Super Mario figures blind bag to get all of them, but sadly did not get Princess Peach as the last one

  • Chase Arvidson
    Chase Arvidson

    This video should have been called "Toy collector spends 75$ on pins

  • GreenVidsYT kaka
    GreenVidsYT kaka

    is no one gonna talk about how he predicted some of the pins?

    • Denny

      Square Spoon he felt it on how big it is

  • Izabella German
    Izabella German

    "Hope I didn't break one of the motors" meanwhile on his channel "50 Ways to break a switch lite!"

  • tced3

    10:38 when my teacher calls me to the board to show math

  • Licey boi
    Licey boi

    4:38 is not just his tooth bleeding its also a "NO you broke eh eh whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" shot

  • Cameron Bhatti
    Cameron Bhatti

    Theses videos are the only things keeping me sane right now. I'm about one Shawn Dawson documentary away from a serious mental breakdown.

  • Nautical Novice
    Nautical Novice

    I love his older videos they're Fantastic

  • Petar K
    Petar K

    9:03 is it only me that i got tricked that the only thing there was the motor?

  • Mavan Delet
    Mavan Delet

    9:03 the board blends in with the floor lol

  • mo_chip2

    8:31 *“You still have drunk right?”* bruh

    • dominoes64

      @BraderzMATE Vlogz no

    • BraderzMATE Vlogz
      BraderzMATE Vlogz

      No it's u still ah have drugs right

  • Denzel Ayala
    Denzel Ayala

    Went from a skate board to a Tesla 🔥🔥🔥

  • Scott McLinden
    Scott McLinden

    This guy is great! New Subscriber

    • Doo Doo Soccer Skin
      Doo Doo Soccer Skin

      Scott McLinden good point

  • MashGaming

    Darn he got $4,800 I think he definitely got the money back


    I'm slowly turning into a Nintendo fanboy... Save me

    • Tweaky

      nope being a Nintendo fanboy is fun keep it up

    • Itz Nessa Playz
      Itz Nessa Playz

      Hid ur money

    • Tier Boosted E-Drag
      Tier Boosted E-Drag

      Being a Nintendo fanboys fun

    • Mr. Birdnest
      Mr. Birdnest

      That’s good

    • SuperBlueBlurro


  • Chantal Anderson
    Chantal Anderson

    He’s so lucky

  • BonnieO50

    I love this dude

  • Epic Channel
    Epic Channel

    In this channel you call a: Skateboard = *car* Helmet = *Seat belt* *_Now this is a quality content_*

  • Keith The Hoe
    Keith The Hoe

    If I had money I would buy every Supernatural Pin there is Oh and stickers too!!!

  • chill Zone
    chill Zone

    He's so calm it make me feel like a anime guru

  • Brathis 04
    Brathis 04

    I liked the part where he tripped

  • _matthew_4444

    In the video when he’s talking about getting a lot of the pins he reminds me of Sammy classic sonic fan

  • Ravi Sam
    Ravi Sam

    75 dollars for pins ... this is how i feel A PERFECT PURCHASE A LE EPIC PIRCHASE

  • Koda myran Boss
    Koda myran Boss

    4:37 anyone notice his teeth! I hope he’s ok

    • 伍祖辉


    • Adamgamer0822

      I noticed it.

    • dumbcarnerd

      @Haydenzoned231 blood, he fell on a train track, Luckily no train was coming Or he might have bored smashed it LOL

    • dumbcarnerd

      He trips over a train track, That's gonna hurt

    • SBQ Studios
      SBQ Studios

      Yea lol

  • Nicky Squall
    Nicky Squall

    There is absolutely no way this was 3 years ago I remember this like it was yesterday

    • BENJIO

      IT NOW 4 YEARS😐

  • JohnathanTAF

    Mans has entered God mode bruh he guessed all of them right but not wario

  • Emilie Abeyta
    Emilie Abeyta

    8:43 look at the right it’s a box one

    • Blake Lilley
      Blake Lilley


    • Ded&Dj

      @lukethepro45 what joke? That’s the past, you still reply to the past. I’ve changed along the way. So now,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Ded&Dj

      @Ernie Gaming ??. What are you talking about?

    • Ernie Gaming
      Ernie Gaming

      @Ded&Dj that’s the joke

    • Ded&Dj

      The Immortal Force what’s not a joke, and what’s not funny?

  • Veer

    You are the one who changed me from PS4 to Nintendo switch

  • Jojiram

    Its been a long time since I've watched your videos plainrock. Its nice to watch the new uploads :)

    • Colemightrage

      Well it ain’t new now

    • Nazma Chow
      Nazma Chow

      Joj Tvj

    • Flixxy

      CyberSanic Same

  • Chantal Anderson
    Chantal Anderson

    I love it when he cusses

  • Alternative8208

    6:55 how the poor kids mic be sounding like in the zoom call

    • bruh

      Damn lol

  • zeus 69
    zeus 69

    I never seen somone have the tuffest time trying to get to a store

  • Khris Lopez
    Khris Lopez

    4:24 he was like man i am rich

  • FireFox Gamer
    FireFox Gamer

    I just wanna make sure I didn't damage this thing even more Captions: I just want to make sure that I did damage this thing even more

  • Cinder896

    4:37 was he fine his tooth had blood on it Edit: I kept estimating time and getting it wrong lol

  • NoQuemaLIVE

    Just imagine if I bought my teacher a whole apple desktop like a power Mac g5 a Cinema Display and a nice keyboard and mouse for her macbook

    • Fishy Austin
      Fishy Austin

      Do it brother

  • IForst

    Man's puttin mario pins on a sonic cap , is that a declaration of war ?

  • Loudhouselover2019

    When he Said that He had to buy apples and bananas, I started thinking about Pico's school 😂

  • ViiZLX

    i kinda thought this was gunna be a story time

  • Phosbat

    That red rob amibo is rare :/

  • Tajir Grant
    Tajir Grant

    Your vids are so cool keep it up

  • jordan lucero
    jordan lucero

    So this is where the Patreon money goes?

    • P S
      P S

      Angry Ninja actually from all the money he gets from IRglo. Him buying something and smashing it is actually him making more money then what the thing he smashes is worth.

    • Nazma Chow
      Nazma Chow

      Jordan Lucero Poor jskskdoskslslssszlkskzkskskskskkmsmsmsllslskskskskskdksksjzssislssgsksgzoiuiiiiiiiiiiiiagKGzkzgJzgsjBsbxjxjdjjdjxjxxuuuuuuuzhzuzjisosiiislzlllllzlzlzllllzlzlzllllaaapaapapappppppppppppppppppppaaaapppaaaappppaaaaaapppppUsgskzlsokqskdkxk

    • Connor Duffus
      Connor Duffus

      To be fair, that money is helping to make content. Technically. Lol

    • W0RY0

      there's no quality

    • Daniel Zavaruhins
      Daniel Zavaruhins

      Probably to himself to make higher-quality videos...

  • Nerf Elites
    Nerf Elites

    Your boosted board should have a alternator to charge the battery instead of wasting time lol

  • BrianTheBoyGenius

    His tooth wasn’t busted it was just his gum if it was then it would of fallen out

  • Johny boy
    Johny boy

    That must be really annoying going back to get your charger

  • Loomie

    Stores Where he buyed the pins: Omg were out of mario pins! AGAIN.


    You could have probably gotten gold spray paint and then gold spray painted one of the Mario's to make it a golden mario

  • Iflyguyi 2p0
    Iflyguyi 2p0

    I like how there’s blood on his tooth

  • Raul Peña
    Raul Peña

    If this man became a toy dude he would DESTROY Ryan’s sucky toy review

    • Cesar Ytem
      Cesar Ytem

      Paulapenio Gaming true

  • Restricted

    This is what I watch in quarintine